Best Senior Golf Clubs & Sets for 2021 – Reviewed

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The senior years are the ideal time to become a golfer. Most seniors have some extra time on their hands and plenty of room for a hobby like golf. Luckily golf club manufacturers know that many seniors are looking for equipment that will help them improve their game and make golf more fun.

Senior golfers need a golf club that helps them swing faster and gain extra distance and forgiveness. We have put together our favorite golf clubs for seniors, both in complete set options and individual clubs as well. If you are a senior golfer looking for new golf clubs, you are in the right place. 

Our Best  Senior Golf Clubs in 2021

  • Wilson Profile SGI Set (Best Overall)
    "The Wilson Profile SGI set offers a great mix of technology, distance, forgiveness, and it comes at a very fair price."
  • Callaway Strata (Best on a Budget)
    "The Callaway Strata set was not designed just for senior players, but it is perfect for those with a slower swing speed that want lots of forgiveness". 
  • Cobra Airspeed (Upgrade Pick)
    "The Cobra Airspeed complete golf set was designed, manufactured, and produced all to appeal to the senior golfer. This set is as lightweight and high performing as golf clubs get."

  • Cobra XL Speed (Best For Lower Handicapper)
  • Tour Edge Bazooka 370 (Best For Beginner)

Best Senior Golf Clubs 

Wilson Profile SGI

Best Overall


  • Great set makeup for seniors
  • Comes with a hybrid and a fairway wood
  • The high-quality sand wedge
  • Slightly larger golf grips
  • Not the best feeling if the senior golfer was a lower handicapper before switching to senior golf clubs

Wilson is excellent at making affordable and forgiving golf clubs for a wide range of players. The Wilson Profile SGI is a very lightweight but high performing set of senior graphite flex golf clubs.

Each club is equipped with a slightly oversized all-weather grip. Senior golfers that struggle with some pain or arthritis in their hands will like this feature quite a bit. The SGI set is designed to be a super game-improvement set of clubs that offer the most forgiveness and distance possible. 


One thing we like about this set is the sand and pitching wedge that are included. Not all of these complete sets come with a sand wedge, and it is a club that you need to have in your bag. Especially as a senior golfer.

The short game is an area where seniors can compete with players of any level. 

Callaway Strata

Best on a Budget


  • Very forgiving and easy to hit
  • Lightweight stand bag
  • Shafts are very flexible and will help golfers get more distance
  • Low center of gravity on the cavity back irons
  • Does not come with senior-specific shafts

The first thing that we should mention about the Callaway Strata set for seniors is that it will not come in a senior golf shaft. The Callaway Strata comes in a regular flex graphite shaft, but it will work just fine for the senior player.

In fact, many senior golfers that decided they wanted to switch to a more forgiving and easier to hit golf club, have had great success with the Strata. The Strata set can be ordered in several different ways. Each set makeup has a varying amount of golf clubs, and they come with a lightweight stand bag as well. 


Make sure that as a senior golfer, you are choosing the set that has graphite shafts. Also, pay attention to the Strata set makeup as some come with the pitching wedge and no sand wedge.

Overall it is hard to beat all that a Strata set has to offer for the money. That is what makes this the best value for complete golf set for seniors. 

Cobra Airspeed

Upgrade Pick


  • Premium quality
  • Larger sweet spots
  • Higher launch irons
  • Comes with two hybrids and two fairway woods
  • Lots of distance
  • Cost is high (but the quality is excellent) 

The Cobra Airspeed is the best premium set of senior golf clubs on the market. The Airspeed is one of our favorite options because it comes with two fairway woods and two hybrids as well. This is truly the perfect set makeup for a senior golfer to be able to succeed.

The Driver is a 460cc titanium driver built to give seniors the distance they want in their game again. Even the grip is lighter so that players are getting high levels of clubhead speed. The large sweet spot helps if you miss the center of the golf club just a bit. 


Senior players tend to enjoy a golf club that is slightly offset as well. The offset club helps to square up the clubface and make sure that you get a straighter shot both off the tee and from the fairway as well.

Another great thing about the Cobra Airspeed is the golf bag. This is a cart bag with tons of storage and plenty of quality. The bag is a nice looking and premium addition to your golf game. 

Cobra XL Speed 

Best For Lower Handicapper


  • High end set for the price
  • Titanium driver
  • Set includes two fairways and two hybrids
  • Classic styling and design
  • Can be a little heavy for the golfer that struggle with club weight

The Cobra XL Speed Complete is another high quality set by Cobra that is just a few years older than the Airspeed. The good news about this being a bit older is that the price is also a bit easier to deal with.

We love that the XL Speed Complete comes with the 3 wood and the 5 wood and two hybrids. When seniors start losing some distance off the tee they will need these clubs to help replace it. 


Another great feature of the XL Speed is that the irons are a traditional looking and feeling set of cavity back irons. If you have played with very standard and conventional golf clubs during most of your golfing career, you will enjoy this set of golf clubs.

The putter is a premium blade style design that makes sure you can develop some accuracy and get the proper speeds in place as well. Just like we mentioned with the Airspeed set, the XL Speed comes with a premium cart bag complete with a 14 way top and a cooler pocket as well. 

Tour Edge Bazooka 370

Best For Beginner


  • Each golf club designed for forgiveness
  • Comes with a very easy to hit 4 hybrid
  • 460cc titanium driver
  • Great for medium to low swing speed
  • The golf bag would be nicer if it was a stand bag

Not all senior golfers are switching from regular or stiff shafted golf clubs into the senior set. Some senior players are brand new to the game of golf. A brand new golfer needs different things in a set than an experienced player.

Everything but the putter in the Tour Edge set will come with a lightweight and forgiving graphite shaft. There is a 4 hybrid that will most likely become your favorite club in the bag as it has a low center of gravity and lots of launch and forgiveness. 


The irons are a brand new cavity back design from Tour Edge,, and they are more heel-toe weighted. This will give the irons increased accuracy and a much higher launch. If you are worried about being able to hit irons solidly, these Bazooka set will certainly help put you at ease.

The set includes a standard blade style putter that has lots of great feel and will work for a variety of putting strokes. If you have an arc or a straight back and straight through, the 370 putters will do the trick. 

What If I Don’t Want A Complete Set? 

Not all senior golfers are going to need to buy a complete set. Sometimes just upgrading a driver, fairway wood, or a set of irons is all the senior golfer needs to get their golf set in top condition. If this applies to you, we have basic information about some of the best individual golf clubs for seniors.

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  • High performing CNC milled face
  • Highly adjustable
  • High performing UST Helium lightweight golf shaft
  • Comes with Cobra Connect technology

The Cobra Speedzone Driver is one of the best golf clubs for seniors. This Driver is bothlightweight and high performing, and it is very adjustable. The Speedzone is an upgrade from the F9 Speedback driver of last year.

The Speedzone has a large sweet spot and some great launch. The F9 was one of the highest performing drivers of last year, and the Speedzone has improved both feel and sound from last year. 


When Cobra created this driver, they focus on power and speed. The Carbon wrap crown is to help create a much lighter and more aerodynamically designed club head than Cobra has ever released before.

Cobra has been known for creating consistent and forgiving golf clubs but this one helps golfers with lots of swing speeds get more distance. 

TaylorMade SIM MAX

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

TaylorMade SIM MAX


  • Twist face technology 
  • Available in several lofts
  • High performing graphite shafts
  • V Steel Sole

As we mentioned, one of the most significant issues that seniors will face is a loss of distance. As people age, their swing speed naturally starts to slow down. The best golf clubs for seniors will make it easier for seniors to regain some of their clubhead speed back.

The TaylorMade SIM is all about speed. You can get these fairway woods in four different lofts, and they all come with the Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft. The SIM Max has a C300 steel face that helps the ball jump off the golf club. 


The V Steel Sole helps to improve turf interaction both in the rough and off of the fairway. When you try and hit a 3 wood off the turf, you need all the turf interaction help that you can get. These SIM Max fairway woods have large sweet spots and higher launch. You will have a hard time finding a fairway wood that is going to fly further than this for a senior. 

TaylorMade SIM MAX

Best Hybrid for Seniors


  • Great replacement for those that struggle with long irons
  • Incredible distance
  • Easier to hit from the rough than irons
  • Twist face technology
  • V Steel sole

Although we try and vary our club selection when we pick the best clubs on the market, the SIM Max wins for the hybrids category as well. Again, the reason the SIM Max makes it to the top is the ball speed.

The SIM Max hybrids come with premium graphite shafts and the same V Steel sole design that you will find in the fairway woods. These hybrids are not cheap, but they come in five different lofts and have been an excellent solution for many senior golfers. 


The speed pocket technology that TaylorMade used in the entire SIM Max series makes up for any difference in swing speed that a senior golfer may be experiencing. When it comes to forgiveness, the SIM Max hybrids have twist face technology. This allows for a much larger sweet spot than some hybrids in the past. 

Callaway Mavrik Max

Best Irons for Seniors

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons



  • Comes with Project X Catalyst Graphite Shafts
  • Great for slower swing speed
  • High launching irons
  • Forgiving Face Cup Technology 

Mavrik is an entire line of clubs made by Callaway that were created using artificial intelligence. If you appreciate golf technology, these are the irons to go with.

For seniors, irons become one of the more difficult clubs to hit because of the smaller clubhead and smaller sweet spot. The great thing about the Mavrik set is that it has a very low center of gravity and the 360 Face Cup technology. The Face Cup flexes and releases and to give players more distance and forgiveness at impact. 


The Callaway Mavrik golf clubs also have some great feel and sound as well. This is where they have made a large improvement from the Rogue irons of last year. If you have always played with a forged golf club, this cavity back feels quite like a forged set of irons. 

Cleveland CBX 2

Best Wedges for Seniors

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge


  • Tour Zip grooves
  • Forgiveness because of cavity back design
  • Great for lower swing speed
  • Available in a wide range of lofts

Ninety-nine percent of senior shafted golf clubs are going to have a graphite shaft in them. Even with this being the case, most golfers just purchase the steel shafted wedge off the shelf. Senior golfers should be using a wedge with a graphite shaft. This will help make things more consistent from one club to the next.

It can be hard to find a pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge in a graphite shaft without having to order a custom golf club. Luckily Cleveland golf makes some really good wedges that come stock with the graphite.


The CBX 2 wedges are a cavity back design that will allow you to hit shots both around the green and with your full swing as an approach shot. There is no reason that a senior cannot be just as good as a scratch handicap player around the greens.

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

Best Putter for Seniors

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

When it comes to the best putter, it is crucial to choose something that feels good to you. Putters are more about being comfortable than they are bout technology. Generally speaking, the mallet putters are more forgiving than the blade. The blade putters are better for fast greens.

For senior golfers, long alignment lines on the club head can make lining up much easier. An oversized or midsized grip is also a good idea for the senior golfer that wants to develop a more consistent putting stroke. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When Should A Golfer Switch To Senior Golf Clubs?

Switching to senior golf clubs can be a tough transition for some people. Although we can understand that this change will represent a new era in your golf career, it is one that you should welcome. Senior golf clubs are designed to help extend the length of your golf career. They have just as much technology, performance, and playability that men’s regular or stiff shafted clubs have.

A golfer will know that it is time to switch to a senior shaft when they start noticing major changes in their golf game. They will notice problems with consistency of shots, loss of distance, and most of the time, the prevalence of a slice.

If you play the same golf course repeatedly and notice that you keep coming up short, chances are your swing speed has started to slow down, and it's time to look at a lighter and more flexible golf shaft. Most players will know when their game is really starting to take a turn. 

What Is The Best Set Makeup For A Senior Set of Golf Clubs?

Since many senior golfers start struggling with swing speed, the best set makeup includes several hybrids. Senior golfer trying to hit a four iron out of the rough will have some inconsistent results.

Senior golfers that play with four, five, and even six hybrids will have a much easier time both out of the rough and the fairway. 

Should Seniors Use Long Irons?

No, seniors should not use long irons. Seniors are not the only golfers that should not use long irons. Middle to high handicappers and beginners should also not be using long irons. Golf has changed quite a bit since the introduction of the hybrid.

When you have this technology available to you, you should use it. The only real downside to a hybrid is that it usually costs quite a bit more money than an iron. Since the hybrid is more like a fairway or a driver, the pricing is quite a bit higher. Senior golfers should save some room in their budget to add hybrids into their set. 

How Many Wedges Should Senior Golfers Carry?

Some senior golfers feel as though a sand wedge and a pitching wedge is enough for them. This is not the case. Senior golfers have a tremendous opportunity to outplay other golfers when it comes to the short game.

Nothing is limiting a senior player from outplaying other golfers when it comes to chipping and pitching. Senior golfers should carry four wedges. 

  • Pitching WedgE
  • Gap Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Lob Wedge

The lob wedge and sand wedge are excellent for very close shots that need to get up quickly and stop quickly. Both the sand and lob can be used out of the bunker as well. The gap and pitching wedge are great for longer pitch shots into the green and full swing approach shots as well.

When senior golfers put wedges in their bag, they should make sure that the clubs have graphite shafts and that they have enough bounce to give them the forgiveness they need around the greens. 

Are All Senior Shafts Graphite?

Yes, almost all senior shafts are graphite shafts. The graphite helps the senior player get the swing speed and ball speed that they need. Graphite shafts, in general, are going to allow people to hit the ball further, but they are not always as accurate.

Senior golfers need to adjust to the fact that their misses might be a little wider when they first switch to the graphite shafted irons. 

Are Hybrid Irons Good For Seniors?

We mentioned how we feel about hybrids in the senior golf bag. There is no reason a senior should be playing with a hybrid in their bag. Some golfers find that they play with hybrids better than they play with their traditional irons.

A few companies like Cleveland golf have put out complete sets of irons that are all hybrids. Hybrid irons are very easy to hit, they have a massive sweet spot, and they are great from the rough.

The downside to the hybrid irons is that sometimes they don’t spin as much as they should, and you will have trouble spinning the ball quite as much as you do with a traditional iron. However, many seniors have switched to the complete hybrid set of irons and have been very pleased with the results. 

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation


Although it may be an obvious choice to go with a senior graphite shaft, there are many shafts on the market. Some senior shafts are heavier than others, and some will have a high or low kick point.

Not all senior shafts are created equal. If you are a golfer with a faster swing sped or extra strength, it may make sense to go for a custom fitting before purchasing your next golf clubs.

If you are not sure about switching to the senior golf shaft, you can decide based on your distances. In general, if you are not hitting your seven iron more than 135 yards, you should be playing with a senior shaft. If you can still hit your seven iron more than 135 yards, there is a chance that the regular graphite shaft may work.

Another problem for golfers with the faster swing speeds is that they will get a lot of launch on their shots when they switch to the senior graphite shafts. If you already hit a high golf ball, you may need to look at a shaft with a high kick point to bring the ball flight down a bit. 

Custom Fitting

One major change in golf that has been happening over the last few years is the popularity of custom fittings. For some golfers, custom fittings are very important, and for others, it really won’t have any kind of effect on the clubs you end up choosing.

Golfers that are not sure if they are ready to switch to senior clubs may want to try a senior club on a launch monitor, but they may not need a complete custom fitting. Most of the time, players who are shorter than 5’6” and taller than 6’0” will need a custom-fitted golf club.

Our top-rated Wilson complete set for seniors is sometimes available in a tall option that comes one inch longer. This is an excellent thing to keep in mind for the taller senior golfers that need more length throughout their entire club set. 

Complete Set or Individual Clubs

Most golfers that are just starting out are going to be quite interested in the complete golf set option. These clubs come with a stand or cart bag, all the clubs you need, and a few headcovers as well. Most of the time, the complete golf sets are more affordable than putting a set together.

Complete sets help golfers determine a good setup for themselves as well. If you aren’t sure if you need a 3 wood or a 5 wood, the full sets make these decisions for you. The major issues that golfers will run into with the complete sets are the fact that the technology is not always quite as advanced as individual clubs.

The Cobra Airspeed set that we reviewed has quite a bit of technology, and you can see that the pricing is higher than the other complete set options. When you put a golf set together with all the individual clubs, you can spend well over $2000.

Senior golf clubs tend to be more money than some other clubs because they come with premium lightweight graphite shafts and graphite is a more expensive material overall.

There is no question that a $500 driver is going to be higher performing than a driver that is part of a set that costs $250 total. The question is, do you need extra technology if you are going to play golf every other weekend?

Don’t get into the mindset that cheaper clubs are not as good, this is not the case. Cheaper clubs offer fewer advantages, but they may have enough technology for your game.


Wilson Profile SGI SetBest OverallWilson Profile SGI
Callaway StrataBest on a BudgetCallaway Strata
Cobra Airspeed Upgrade PickCobra Airspeed 2020
Cobra XL Speed SetBest For Lower HandicapperCobra XL Speed Complete
Tour Edge Bazooka 370Best For BeginnerTour Edge Bazooka 370

There are a lot of senior golf clubs on the market to choose from. The best golf clubs out there are the ones that help you reach your golf goals. Sometimes this can be a $400 golf driver, and other times its a $30 wedge that you find on sale. The most important thing about picking out golf clubs for senior golfers is choosing something that is fitted properly.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.


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