TaylorMade M6 Driver Review – 2021

Taylormade m6 driver

A driver that is built for maximum forgiveness. It is individually calibrated to make the ball faster yet still in the maximum legal limit of ball speed.

Want to win your next game of golf?

If yes, a driver is a must. The driver allows you to hit the ball a greater distance. It also helps you inflict more speed on the ball as well. In a nutshell, it can have a great impact on your next golf game.

The problem is that not every driver is the same. You have to choose carefully. Today, we will share some light on a driver that can aid your game. It goes by the name of Taylormade M6 driver. Our Taylormade M6 driver review will go into every aspect of this driver. Once you go through this review, it is easy to understand if this is a driver that you should buy or not.


  • High durability
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Large sweet spot
  • Easy to use
  • Low spin
  • Legally compliant
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Packaging can be better


1. Numerous options available

The driver is available in many variants. You can pick the one which is more convenient for you.

You got to choose between the left and right-hand variant.

The material of the shaft varies as well. You have options like regular shaft material, stiff material, senior material, and extra stiff material. The material that we will be speaking about today is the regular shaft material.

Are you wondering about the degree of the shaft?

It has three different shaft variants as well. These include 10.5°, 9°, and 12°. If you want to choose a middle option, you can go with the 10.5° one.

The beauty of this driver is that you need not worry about finding another one. This one itself has so many variants that finding a convenient option is undoubtedly easy.

2. Maximizes ball speed

The job of the driver is to make the ball travel a greater distance. For this, one needs to impart more thrust and speed to the ball. Just by applying more force, you cannot make the ball travel a larger distance.

The M6 driver Taylormade, which we are speaking about now, actually injects speed into the ball. The speed injected ball can travel a greater distance as well. Consequently, you will have an advantage over your opponent.

Also, because you will have to use limited force, the fatigue that you face is on the lower side. Consequently, you can reach the hole faster.

3. Aids straighter shots

When using a club, you need to control the direction of the ball. Since each shot makes the ball travel a greater distance, you have to control the direction precisely. If you hit it in a different direction, it will make you lose the game. However, when you're just starting, it is essential to choose a club to help you with precision. This one does that.

The M6 driver Taylormade consists of a face curvature. The twist face curvature consists of a corrective phase angle as well. The aim of this twist face curvature helps you control the direction of off-center hits as well. Also, it reduces the spin. When it does so, you can be sure that it will help you hit straight shots.

The ability to hit straight shots certainly works in your favor when you're using this Taylormade club.

4. Aerodynamic design

If the club has an aerodynamic design, it will move swiftly through the air. The air resistance will also be on the lower side.

The advantage of this driver is that it has a sleek design and an aerodynamic one. The speed of the driver Taylormade can easily increase due to the same. So, the ball can attain high speed. It will result in the ball traveling a greater distance as well. Once again, the aerodynamic design of the driver Taylormade M6 can provide you with an advantage.

5. Large sweet spot

While using any other club, the aim is to hit the ball appropriately. To hit the ball appropriately, you have to ensure that the club's sweet spot makes contact with the ball.

What if the sweet spot of the driver can be larger?

In that case, the accuracy which you will need can be lesser. Even if you're learning the game of golf, you can hit the ball with the sweet spot.

The Taylormade M6 driver has a large sweet spot with a hammerhead 2.0 design. Consequently, the accuracy which you need is comparatively lower. Even with less accuracy, you can hit the ball in the direction you want. The result of doing so is that you can reach the hole faster, which is the ultimate goal of the game of golf.

6. Inertia generator on offer

The driver Taylormade consists of aerodynamic sole. The all-carbon sole ensures that its weight is low and back due to the center's low gravity. The lower gravity of the center ensures that the direction control is better. It also results in better energy transfer to the ball.

This feature is also known as the inertia generator. The inertia generator can provide you a higher launch angle. Additionally, it ensures that the spin is on the lower side. When you look at all these features, it is easy to understand that it has been designed to precisely hit straight shots and control the ball's direction in a much better way.

7. Excellent durability

When you compare it with M4, it consists of 54% more carbon steel. The advantage is that durability is excellent due to the same. Moreover, wear and tear is minimal as well. Once you opt for this club, you need not search for any other. Due to this reason, this driver Taylormade M6 will outlast others.

8. Confines to legal limits

With so many features to increase the ball speed and the distance that it can travel, you might be thinking whether it is allowed in tournaments or not.

The good news is that it achieves the ball speed and the distance, which is just below the legal limit. Due to this reason, you need not worry about looking for another one for tournaments. It is entirely legal to use in tournaments as well.

When you're practicing with a particular club, using the same in the tournament is an advantage. Since it complies with the legal limit and legal requirements, you can now do so easily.

Once you go through the features, it is clear that the makers have put great thought into maximizing itd performance. Due to this very reason, it is second to none. We will now look at the construction quality and other such aspects of this driver Taylormade M6 review to help you provide a more holistic picture.

Our Taylormade m6 driver Review

Let us look at various aspects of this driver review.


One thing which you will notice is the sleek design. The sleek design also keeps its weight low and back. However, the lightweight design does not hamper the functionality.

It is much more efficient than any other club, which you will come across.

Construction quality

How about driver Taylormade M6 with high carbon steel content?

If you prefer that, this one will meet your requirements. The high carbon steel design ensures that wear and tear is not an issue. Similarly, it will certainly stand the test of time as well.

Additionally, the numerous shaft angles, left-handed and right-handed variants, ensure that you can choose the one that confines to your requirement's construction standards. So, not only do you get a durable club but also one which is exactly as per your requirements.


The aesthetics of this driver Taylormade are excellent due to Fujikura atmos design. The black design with a tinge of red certainly helps it stand out. The great finish also makes it aesthetically pleasing.

If you prefer your clubs to stand out from the other options, this one will not disappoint.


There are multiple features which provide it with excellent forgiveness.

The first feature is the phase curvature. It comes with the phase angle. The phase angle ensures that off-center shots also go in the right direction. The twist face curvature is also responsible for reducing the sidespin. In a nutshell, hitting the ball straight is undoubtedly possible due to this phase curvature.

Secondly, the over large sweet spot also allows you to hit the ball pretty well. You can make perfect contact with the ball almost every time due to the same. The learning curve is also pretty limited due to the large soft spot.

The ability to keep the center of gravity on the lower side also allows you to better control it. When you control it better, it is easier to hit the ball right. In case of any misconduct or off-center heads, you can still find the hammerhead 2.0 large sweet spot.

Whichever way you look at it, multiple features provides it with an advantage.

Overall Performance:

Basically, with the help of this club, you can hit the ball further. The speed injected ball covers more distance as well.

The larger sweet spot ensures that you need not worry about spin as well.

What more you need from a club?

 All these aspects certainly help it stand out. However, before you decide with this golf club, take a look at how it stands against its competition.

How does Taylormade m6 driver stand against the competition?

The closest competitor to m6 is the m5 driver

At first, M5 and M6 might look identical to you. Particularly, the phase. However, when you observe closely, there are tuning ports located in the twisted face of M6. Due to this reason, it can easily inject more speed into the ball. When that happens, you can hit the ball further as well.

However, if you prefer more adjustability, only, in that case, Taylormade M5 driver is better. The M6 however, balances that out by providing you with multiple variants. When you choose the correct variant right from the start, you need not adjust it often.

The problem with M5 however, is that it does not offer high forgiveness. You will have to go through a wide learning curve to start using M5 precisely. M6, on the other hand, has excellent forgiveness, which is what makes it easy for you to use it.

When you compare M5 versus M6 based on spin, M6 offers lesser spin. Thus, it will allow you to hit straight shots much more easily.

If you like to hit the ball further than anyone else on the golf course, then you have only one option from both of these. That is the M6 driver Taylormade.

Moreover, the high carbon content in the M6 driver Taylormade also works in its favor. In the longer run, you need a club that can stand the test of time. M6 Taylormade can undoubtedly fulfill that requirement.

As you can see, only when you're looking for more adjustability you can go with M5. If you compare both of these on any other parameter, you will realize that M6 is undoubtedly better. When you look at the individual design aspects of both as well, M6 stands out.

Is the Taylormade m6 driver suitable for you?

The good news is that this driver is usable by almost anyone. Irrespective of your current golf skills, it can help you improve your game. We will highlight how below.

  • For beginners, it has numerous advantages. It has a large sweet spot and can reduce spin. Additionally, it can add more speed to the ball and hit the ball a greater distance. The speed injected ball works to your advantage. With these numerous advantages, you can improve your golf skills soon.
  • For intermediate players, all these advantages stand out. There are additionally a few other advantages as well. The low center of gravity allows you to hit the ball precisely. When that happens, you can certainly hit the ball a greater distance as compared to your competitors. That will provide you with an edge.
  • The large forgiveness is normally not needed by the expert players. However, the ability to hit the ball at speed and distance just below the legal limits is what helps them. In that case, they can certainly score over the competition. This driver's conformity with the legal golf tournament requirements is what makes it suitable for expert players.

The versatility of this club is what helps it stand out in comparison with others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How good is the TaylorMade m6 driver?

TaylorMade M6 driver is as close to the legal speed limit as it can be. Moreover, with over 50% more carbon imparts high durability as well. The oversized sweet spot is another reason it is so useful and efficient. All these features make TaylorMade m6 a great golf club.

Is the TaylorMade m6 driver forgiving?

Yes, the TaylorMade M6 driver is certainly forgiving. The oversized sweet spot ensures that hitting the ball is easy. You can reduce the spin due to the same. Moreover, the inertia generator once again allows you to hit the ball easily. Combine that with the new twist face curvature, and it is easy to understand why it provides excellent forgiveness.

Which driver is better m5 or m6?

The M6 is undoubtedly better. That is because the construction quality is superior. Additionally, it has excellent forgiveness, which makes it easy for you to hit the ball. Combine that with the low spin and the larger sweet spot, and it is easy to understand why M6 is a winner.

Can you adjust TaylorMade m6 driver?

Yes, you can adjust M6. Doing so requires you to loosen the screw. Once you do so, you can rotate the club head according to your requirement. Also, you can fix it in the desired position and then tighten the screw. Once you do so, the adjustment is complete. The good news is that the adjustment mechanism takes a few minutes. You can adjust it multiple times if you wish to do so.

Is Taylormade m6 driver durable enough?

The Taylormade M6 driver consists of 54% more carbon than others. The advantage of the same is durability. There is nothing to worry about wear and tear. Additionally, it can handle any weather. In a nutshell, it is undoubtedly one of the best options available when it comes to durability.

Is Taylormade m6 driver bulky?

No, the Taylormade M6 driver is not bulky. In spite of the high carbon content, the aerodynamic design ensures that it is not bulky. Moreover, the wind resistance is on the lower side. Due to this reason, swinging it through the air is easier than ever.

Now that you know everything about this club, it is time to share our verdict with you.


The Taylormade M6 driver has numerous features, making it more efficient than its competition. The high carbon steel design also means that the durability is excellent. Couple that with the low spin and high forgiveness, and it is easy to use this one. Moreover, since it helps you hit the ball closer to the legal speed limit, it provides you with an advantage as a player.