Top 3 Best Ping Driver – All time favorite!

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On the golf course, a driver is a necessity. It allows you to hit the ball a greater distance off the tee. Consequently, reaching the hole is going to be easier than ever.

When you look at the driver's construction, you will realize that not every driver is the same. The loft angle, construction quality, brand, and even the forgiveness varies from one driver to another. 

With the importance of a tee shot, it is essential to choose a driver that is a well known and high performing option. 

One such well-known brand is Ping. However, Ping offers multiple drivers. Rather than choosing anyone, you can go through our list below. Our list consists of the top 3 best Ping drivers; breaking these down will give you a better idea of what you should purchase the next time you need a new driver.

Our Best Ping Driver in 2021

  • Ping G410 Plus (Best Overall)
    "There are numerous reasons why this driver is on top of our list. We will highlight the reasons: excellent forgiveness, aerodynamic design, long lifespan, easy to use, low center of gravity, optimum ball acceleration."
  • Ping G400 (Best on a Budget)
  • Ping G410 SFT (Upgrade Pick)

Best Ping Driver

Ping G410 Plus

Best Overall


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Loft angle of 10.5°
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Offers excellent ball acceleration
  • High forgiveness
  • Very recent technology

At the top of our list is the Ping G410 Plus. Unlike other brands that release golf clubs every season, Ping tends to hold out and only releases them every few years. The Ping G410 Plus was a highly anticipated release, and most find it was well worth the wait. 

The Ping G 410 Plus consists of a tungsten clubhead. The back center of gravity means that you can easily hit the ball in the direction you want.


Not only that, the lightweight and aerodynamic design allows you to achieve higher swing speed quite easily. You will not have to apply a significant force to get the speed that you need. The graphite shaft increases durability as well. With the help of precision forging, you can be sure that accelerating the ball will not be a problem. The combination of all these features is one of the main reasons G410 plus is on top of our list.

Loft angle of 10.5°

You might be wondering, is this loft good enough?

The answer is yes. 10.5° loft angle allows you to hit the ball closer to the ground. However, if you want to hit it higher for some reason, that is possible as well. 

The loft angle is just about right. With this loft angle, you can easily maximize the distance over which the ball travels. Consequently, reaching the hole is not going to be a problem. The Ping G410 plus also has adjustability that will allow you to fine tune the loft.

Aerodynamic design

Many players who are just honing their golf skills cannot swing the driver at a higher speed. They need the practice to achieve these high speeds. The lack of speed can undoubtedly reduce the distance which the ball covers. It will also reduce the swing speeds. However, with this driver, you will not face the same problem.

The aerodynamic design ensures that you can make the ball travel a greater distance. Due to the same, the amount of force you will need is also on the lower side. That is one of the main reasons g410 plus is suitable for amateurs, intermediate, and professional players.

Excellent ball acceleration

When you look at the construction, you will realize that it consists of a machine forged clubhead. The head undergoes heat treatment. Owing to this very reason, the impact area is thinner and hotter. Such an impact area allows you to hit the ball quite easily. It will also hold up well over time. Ping is known for its longevity and durability in the clubs they make. 

The precision design of G410 plus means that you can accelerate the ball with minimum effort. The head's shape is such that you can get the sound and the feel of hitting the ball. Instantly, you will know whether you have hit the ball in the right direction or not. Consequently, you can improve your game with this feedback.

Low center of gravity

If you look at the center of gravity, it is on the backside of the clubhead. The advantage of the same is that swinging the clubhead will be easy. You can also control the ball's height more easily due to the low center of gravity.

If the center of gravity were higher, you would often achieve the height but not the distance. Since the driver's purpose is to make the ball cover a greater distance, the low center of gravity certainly helps. The low center of gravity reduces the learning curve.

Heavy-duty construction

When you look at the materials in use, you will understand how durable G410 plus driver is. Firstly, it consists of the graphite shaft. Weather won't affect it. It can handle regular wear and tear as well. Both these features ensure that you will not have to worry about replacing this g410 plus driver anytime soon.

The clubhead is the part of the driver which comes in contact with the ball. It also faces maximum wear and tear. The tungsten head means that you will not have to worry about the clubhead's wear and tear, either. Owing to this very reason, once you buy G410 plus driver, there is no need to replace it anytime soon.

In addition, the resale value on a Ping driver is always quite high.

High forgiveness

High forgiveness is another advantage of the G410 plus driver. The forgiveness is due to the thinner face. Also, the low center of gravity certainly adds to forgiveness. The high forgiveness means that even if you're not able to hit the ball with precision, you can make it travel a greater distance.

With features like that, there is no reason why the G410 plus driver shouldn't be on top of our list.

Ping G400

Best on a Budget


  • Forged face design
  • Long lifespan
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Maximum energy transfer on offer
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent feedback

Do you prefer a driver that provides you with excellent feedback?

If yes, Ping G400 max driver should be on top of your list. The sound and the impact feedback which it can provide you is excellent. You can know whether you have hit the ball right, almost instantly. 

That certainly helps players make changes and understand their swing. The streamlined design is another reason why you should go for it. The streamlined design certainly reduces the drag. In turn, it helps you achieve maximum ball velocity. In a nutshell, when you're going with G400 max, hitting the ball faster and over a longer distance is undoubtedly possible and easy.


Streamlined design

You might be thinking, what do we mean by streamlined design?

We mean that it is aerodynamic in design. The aerodynamic design ensures that swinging it through the air requires little force. Even if you cannot achieve maximum swing speed, you can still hit the ball a greater distance due to the aerodynamic design.

Moreover, the aerodynamic design also means that the drag is on the lower side. The thinner face is another factor behind its aerodynamic design. The thinner face ensures that you can transfer maximum energy to the ball. That, once again, will help you make the ball travel a greater distance.

Deep center of gravity

One thing that is pretty clear in G400 max is that the center of gravity is not on the driver's face. It is closer to the back.

The center of gravity will help in precision swinging and a higher launch; even though this is the older model, you can still get quite a bit of performance and forgiveness from this driver. 

Consequently, it ensures that controlling the direction of the ball is easier. You will not have to put in a lot of effort for the same. That will allow you to reach the hole faster. It is why you need drivers in the golf game.

Forged face

When you're buying a driver, it is always a good idea to look at the same construction quality. This one has a forged face. Are you wondering how does that help?

The advantage is that wear and tear is not going to be a problem. Moreover, the forged construction means that you get the sound and feel feedback almost instantly. The feedback reduces the learning curve. The next time around you hit the ball; you can easily use the learning to hit it more accurately.

Tungsten clubhead

Without a durable clubhead, buying any club will be a mistake. The tungsten clubhead means that you will not have to worry about wear and tear at all.

Moreover, the fine-tuned design means that accuracy is not going to be an issue either. Forgiveness is excellent due to the design of the clubhead. Whichever way you look at it, the clubhead will not pose a problem for you

Dragonfly technology

The dragonfly technology is another advantage of g400 max. The dragonfly technology helps it have a thinner face. The skirt is also thinner. Both these features ensure that the weight is on the lower side.

The dragonfly technology also enables locating the center of gravity towards the back rather than towards the front. The dragonfly technology ensures that the energy transfer is maximum. When that is the case, the travel distance is also on the higher side.

Moreover, the thinner face ensures that forgiveness is higher. In a nutshell, the entire performance is enhanced due to the dragonfly technology.

The dragonfly technology, heavy-duty construction, and the deep center of gravity is the reason why you should go for it.

Ping G410 SFT

Upgrade Pick

Ping G410 SFT


  • Heelside center of gravity
  • Incorporates straight flight technology
  • Maximum energy transfer on offer
  • Precise construction
  • Heat-treated design
  • Ping Straight Flight Technology

In case you do not mind shelling extra for the best Ping driver, you should consider this option. It has a few unique features which set it apart even from the other drivers.

SFT stands for Straight Flight technology. The straight flight technology also means that the ball can travel at a greater distance. Consequently, it will be easier for you to hit the ball in the direction which you want. 

Not only that, the heel side center of gravity ensures that you can swing precisely as well. Couple that with the 455 CC head, and you have one which you can use in the tournaments easily. Thus, if you want to go with the best golf drivers, which you can buy irrespective of the budget, you should consider this option.


455 CC head

The legal upper limit of the clubhead is 460 CC. The 455 CC head means that you can use it in tournaments.

When you practice with the same driver as the one which you use in the tournaments, it becomes easy for you to perform at your maximum potential. This Ping driver certainly helps in the same.

Heelside center of gravity

The CG closer to the heel is another advantage. Are you wondering what benefit does it provide?

You will be swinging the shaft of the driver. When the center of gravity is at the bottom of the shaft, it will be easier for you to swing the driver with complete precision. When you do that, hitting the sweet spot is easier. Thereafter, you can be sure that the ball will travel not only in the direction you want but also at the desired speed. In that case, maximum energy transfer will take place.

Consequently, you can improve your game just by using this driver.

Precise clubhead construction

Another advantage of the Ping G410 SFT is that the clubhead construction is machine forged. That means that every dimension of the head is quite precise.

You also get a thinner and hotter impact area due to the same. In that case, maximum energy transfer certainly takes.

The heat-treated head ensures that wear and tear is not going to be a problem either.

With the thinner construction of the head, you get the feel and the sound right away. It is easy for you to know right away whether you have hit the ball right or wrong.

Straight flight technology

As we stated above, the club uses the straight flight technology. That is only possible because of the thinner design of the head. Also, the extremely precise construction aids the straight ball flight. The benefit of the straight flight technology is that it makes the ball travel in the direction you want. It offers fade and slice correction as well, which is why it is such a good one.

Simultaneously, it helps you hit the ball at a faster speed. In a nutshell, straight flight technology is the reason why you should go for it.

Thus, if you're looking for the best driver irrespective of the cost, you should consider this option.

Now that you are aware of the best Ping golf clubs available, we will answer some FAQs revolving around these drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ping Launching A New Driver In 2020?

No, Ping isn't coming out with any new driver in 2020. In the year 2019, it had multiple launches. Some of the 2019 launches are mentioned above in our list. Due to the same, it is not coming out with a new driver in 2020. In 2021 there will be new Ping releases.

Which Ping Driver Is The Most Forgiving?

The PING G400 Max Driver is the most forgiving Ping club. If you want to choose one only on the basis of forgiveness, you should go with this one. It is a bit more draw bias, higher launching, and has a large sweet spot.

What Is The Newest PING Driver?

The PING G410 Plus Driver is one of the newest drivers by Ping. Not only that, but the 410 SFT was also released as un-upgraded on these popular distance drivers. In a nutshell, if you're looking for recently launched drivers, you should consider these options.

How good is the Ping g410 plus driver?

The Ping g410 plus driver offers various features like excellent forgiveness, low center of gravity, heavy-duty construction, and optimum ball acceleration. Due to all of these features, it is certainly superior to many other drivers available out there.

Now, we will help you understand how you can pick between these 3 Ping drivers.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Once you consider the parameters below, it will be easier for you to choose between these drivers. You should compare on:

Construction quality

You have to always buy a Ping driver, which can stand the test of time. If it can stand the elements of weather as well, that is a definite advantage. Only, in that case, you can use it for many years. Ping is known for making high end golf clubs that last.

Face design

The clubhead should be precisely constructed. If it is machine forged, that is an advantage. The precise construction will allow you to hit the ball with the sweet spot. In that case, the ball can travel a greater distance as well.

Centre of gravity

You should buy a Ping driver with a lower CG. In that case, you can swing the driver more easily. Consequently, you cannot ignore this factor when you're comparing the different clubs.


To swing the Ping driver with maximum force, it should have an aerodynamic design. In that case, the air resistance will be on the lower side. Once that is the case, hitting the ball, a greater distance is certainly possible and easy. Only after considering this you can buy the driver.

Once you compare the top 3 best Ping drivers above on these four parameters, buying the right one will become an easy task.


Ping G410 PlusBest OverallPing G410 Plus
Ping G400Best on a BudgetPing G400
Ping G410 SFTUpgrade PickPing G410 SFT

Ping never has the largest selection of drivers on the market; however, they always offer something that is high performing and forgiving. The Ping G410 is priced at the top of the market, but you will get a good value when you put this golf club in your bag. Ping will offer some of the best feel in the game, and that is something that players of all levels can appreciate.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

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