The 5 Best Junior Golf Clubs: Top 5 Sets Reviewed

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When a child wants to learn the game of golf, choosing the right equipment can make all the difference. If you give kids golf clubs that do not fit their strength or height, they will quickly get discouraged. With how hard this game is, who can blame them! If you want your kid to get off to the right start and fall in love with this game, we have you covered. Here are our favorite junior golf clubs.

Our Best Junior Golf Clubs

Best Junior Golf Clubs

US Kids Ultralight 42 4 Club Set

Best under 6


  • Perfect set makeup for this age
  • Easy to launch golf clubs
  • Very flexible shafts but high quality
  • Lightweight
  • A hybrid would be a nice addition to the set

For kids under the age of six, the most crucial feature in a golf set is the club's weighting. For children this age, the combination of coordination and strength needed to make golf possible is quite tricky.

US Kids certainly knows a thing or two about making high-quality kids golf clubs. If you want a set that will last not just through one child but a few, you will like the US Kids products. The shafts on this set are very lightweight and flexible. The clubhead is also quite light and plenty big enough to ensure solid contact. 


Another essential part of the golf set for younger children is getting the ball up in the air. Rolling a golf ball along the ground all day gets really boring, and your junior player may quickly look for his soccer ball instead of the golf club. The Ultralight sets have plenty of launch to help make sure that at least some of the shots are getting up in the air.

The set makeup is just four clubs, which is certainly plenty for a player this age. It comes with a Driver/Fairway wood, a seven iron, a pitching wedge and a putter. We love the focus on the short game by including that wedge. Everything comes in a stand bag, just the right size for a young player to carry on their own. 

Cleveland Golf Junior

Best for 6-9


  • The sand wedge is just like the adult quality
  • Best golf clubs set for short game for kids
  • Nice styling
  • Six club set makeup

The Cleveland Golf Junior Set is a great option for the 6-9-year-old golfer. This set is available in several different sizes, so you will have to make sure you are choosing the proper one for you when you purchase.

We like that the set for the 6-9-year-old includes six clubs and the stand bag. At this age, unless your child is really showing some promise as a golfer, six clubs should be the perfect amount. Having more clubs than this could cause the bag to get a little heavy. Plus, there won't be enough difference between the distances the junior can hit each club.


This set includes a Driver, Hybrid, 7 & 9 iron, wedge, and a Putter. The lightweight stand bag is not only easy to carry, but it has some nice Cleveland styling and logo on it as well. The irons are a cavity back design, and they will help the junior clubs get plenty of launch and forgiveness. If your child is ages 9 and under, they will have some great times with this particular kid set.

Keep in mind that the Cleveland set of clubs is available in small, medium, and large. Between these three set lengths, you can find something for a four-year-old to a 12-year-old. All of the clubs come with graphite shafts and some great wedges and tour style putter options. 

Tour Edge HL-J Junior

Best for 10-13


  • Driver that gets plenty of distance
  • Easy to use putter
  • Lightweight stand bag
  • Some kids this age may need less of a beginner junior golf clubs set

The Tour Edge HL Junior Complete set comes with a Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, two irons, a sand wedge, putter and a golf bag. This is a great set makeup for the 10-13 or even a child ages 9-12. The most important thing is to measure your child's height before you buy them a set of clubs.

If you find that your junior fits in the height range of this set of clubs, you will be quite pleased with the performance you get for the price. The driver on the Tour Edge HL Junior Complete is a real high-quality design. If your junior golfer is starting to want to get some distance out of their junior clubs, this is a great set to try it. 


Of course, if you have the best junior golfer in the State, this may be too much of a forgiving beginner set. Each of the clubs comes with graphite shafts and an oversized head with a large sweet spot.

The mallet-style putter that this Tour Edge HL set comes with is an excellent option for learning how to control the distance and line a putter up correctly. If you are wondering what the HL stands for on this set, it means High Launch. The clubs have plenty of loft to help the kids' golf clubs get up in the air. 

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior

Best 13 +


  • Good set makeup
  • Nice hybrid
  • Wedge is high performing
  • Could add a few more irons in the set

The Wilson JGI clubs are not just great for the older junior looking for a set, but this is also an entire line of clubs for young children to older children. We love the fact that from the JGI, a kid could go right into a Wilson adult beginner set and have a great experience with very little change.

Potentially one of the best things about all of the Wilson Golf Profile golf clubs for kids is the variation in the set makeup. You will get a driver, a hybrid, a few irons, a wedge, and a putter with each of the different options on the market. 


The ability to learn how to hit not just a golf ball but to hit a variety of golf shots is so essential for the junior player. The golf bag that comes with this Wilson Golf Profile JGI is lightweight and has the easy carry strap so a kid can walk and carry their golf bag. Overall this is a great value set that can be passed down from one kid to another.

Callaway XJ Junior Set

Best to grow with your Kids


  • Great set progression
  • Perfect set makeup for each age
  • Quality cavity back irons
  • Lightweight golf bag
  • Clubs can spin and launch well
  • These junior clubs are priced slightly higher than some others

There is no questioning the fact that Callaway knows how to manufacture a great set of clubs. These Junior clubs are our favorite set progression that is currently available for kids. You can purchase one of these junior sets for a 38-inch tall child all the way up to a kid who is taller than five feet.

We love that when your junior gets used to their club, they won't have to change to something completely different as they get taller. Think about all the factors in golf and how hard it is. Now imagine growing a few inches a year. 


The Callaway Golf XJ Set comes with graphite shafts and a cavity back, forgiving iron. The older and taller your child gets the more clubs that come in this golf club set.

For the young junior, the set has four clubs, and for the largest set, there are ten clubs. With these junior golf clubs, Callaway did not skimp when it came to distance and performance. If your junior golfer gets a hold of one of these, the ball will fly a long way.

In addition to having some great distance, we noticed that this junior golf set also spins when it should. If your child hits a great shot onto a green, it should stop and not just roll off the back. The clubs are easy to launch, and the lightweight stand bag is great for when a junior wants to walk.

If the color of the junior golf clubs matters to you, there are two different options to choose from with this junior golf set. The one option is predominantly blue, and the other is primarily white. Although both look great, we are not sold on giving kids anything that is white, as it's likely not going to stay white for very long. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Age Should A Child Start Playing Golf?

Kids should start playing golf as soon as they are ready. For some kids, this is three years old, and for others, it is nine. When your child starts to show some interest in the game, this is the time to get them involved and give them the access they need.

Buying junior clubs for a kid that is not interested is a great way to waste money. Junior golf clubs are not cheap, and when you force a kid into playing golf, you are not doing them or yourself any good.

From a physical standpoint, most kids develop enough coordination to be decent at golf around the age of seven or eight. Playing at an age younger than this is wonderful as long as the child shows interest. 

How Do I Know What Length Clubs To Get Junior Golfer?

Luckily finding golf clubs that fit a junior properly is even easier than finding clubs to fit an adult. The best junior golf club sets are going to give a recommended height range.

If your child falls just short of the range for a golf club set, it makes sense to buy that set anyway. Kids grow fast, and you want to buy something they can grow into as opposed to something they grow out of in a matter of days.

It is much easier for a child to have to choke up on a golf club set than it will be to have them bend over and get into a poor posture. 

Why Do Some Junior Golf Clubs Have A 7/8 Written On Them?

A junior golf club set is not going to come with the same set makeup or the same clubs that an adult set has. Kids don't have very much club head speed. Since they lack club head speed, they cannot generate much distance, so the distances between the clubs in the bag won't be significant.

When manufacturers make junior golf club sets, they will usually sell them with just a few irons. This leaves you seeing things like ⅞ or ⅚. These are just ways of indicating that one club will function as long iron, and one will function as a mid-iron, and then sometimes, you will see a short iron as well. Don't feel the need to make sure your child has 14 clubs in the bag, that is entirely unnecessary. 

Should Kids Have A Driver In Their Golf Bag?

Some junior golf clubs are sold with a fairway/driver, and others come with a standard driver. If your child is getting closer to eight or nine years old and they can get some decent distance, it makes sense for them to have a driver in their bag. Prior to this, a fairway/driver works just fine and will save a little money for the parents as well.

How Much to Spend On Golf Clubs For Kids?

You will see quite a bit of variation in the cost of junior golf clubs. Most of the time, a set is going to cost anywhere from $150 to $350.

If your child is brand new at golf, the cheaper clubs will be more than acceptable. If you find out they have some natural talent and ability, you can purchase the next golf club set to be much more high performing. It will take them a little bit to get good at the game, and they will be growing out of their clubs during that time. 

Can Kids Play With Adult Clubs Cut Down?

Golf clubs kids can hit are a relatively new addition to the world of golf. Not all that long ago, people would just cut down an old seven iron and call it a kids golf club. The problem with this is that when the club was cut down, the person turned a regular steel shaft into an extra stiff, extremely difficult to hit and launch club.

Most adults would not be able to get a golf club like this airborne. Today's kid's golf clubs are made with graphite shafts, they are flexible, and they are made with the child in mind. If you want to give your kid the best chance at becoming a golfer, give them a set made for kids. 

What Is The Most Important Club For A Junior Golfer To Have in Their Bag?

The best junior golf club out there is the sand wedge. If you can get a kid to love chipping and putting they will one day be a great golfer.

It's fairly natural for kids to love driving the golf ball. In fact, it's natural for adults to enjoy driving the golf ball. However, the best golfers out there are the ones that know how to score and how to make shots around the green. 

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Player Height/Age

If you look at the information provided with any of the golf clubs designed for kids, you will notice that there are age or height requirements for each one. If a set says that it is for a seven-year-old, it will probably also give a corresponding height.

You should start your search for clubs by narrowing down options for your child's age. Once you have this down, it is good to verify that they also fit in the height range. If your child is short or tall for his age, you may need to adjust which clubs you get.

Always make sure to get a set that is big enough for the child. Choosing something that they have almost grown out of is going to make learning golf much more difficult on them. If your child only has to grow a ½ inch to get to the next size up, purchase the next size up. 

Beginner Or Intermediate

You will notice that some golf manufacturers make two types of golf clubs for kids. Some are beginner level, and some are intermediate level. If your child has never had a golf club in their hand, then the best golf clubs will be a beginner set.

If your kid has been playing for several years and is starting to get some distance from the driver, can make some putts, has maybe even made a few pars from the junior tees, then it could be time to step up to an intermediate type set.

The golf club set for a junior with more experience is going to probably have an extra club, and it will also have a better feel. If your child is starting to keep score and make some real shots, then going with more of an intermediate set may be a good idea. 

Golf Club Set Makeup

The simple rule of thumb when it comes to golf club set makeup for kids is that the older they get, the more clubs they need. When a three-year-old decides to take up the game, they really only need three clubs—a driver or fairway, iron, and then a putter.

As kids age, you will want to introduce more clubs, so they start to get used to the feel and how these clubs work. It's important to get a wedge in your child's hand as soon as they seem serious about the game. We also love the hybrid technology for juniors, and they can make the game more fun for a kid.

Pay attention to the putter that comes with the bag you purchase for your child. A quality putter will help to give your child some confidence about their putting game. Who couldn't use a little extra putting confidence?

Not until your child gets closer to the teenage years do you really need to consider a set of clubs with the full golf club set makeup. At this point, they will have the clubhead speed to hit the shots the way they need to see differences in distance. 


US Kids Ultralight 42 4 Club SetBest under 6US Kids Ultralight 42 4 Club Set
Cleveland Golf JuniorBest for 6-9
Tour Edge HL-J JuniorBest for 10-13
Wilson Golf Profile JGI JuniorBest 13 +
Callaway XJ Junior SetBest to grow with your Kids

Getting your kids into golf is an exciting time. Every parent can only hope that their child falls in love with this game. Choosing the best golf clubs for your kid should not be that difficult. We hope that our guide and top picks have made it easier for you to choose a club that will work for your child.

If you want a great set, with a functioning and lightweight stand bag, the Callaway XJ Junior is really a great option. Your kid can get used to these clubs and then grow with them from one set to the next. The Callaway is high performing, has plenty of spin and makes a great set of kids golf clubs. 

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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