5 Best Golf Drivers – Reviewed for 2020

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Driver on the market today, including our top pick, best five club comparison table, detailed reviews, and your frequently asked questions (FAQs). Thanks for reading!

According to the history of golf drivers, drivers were once small-headed clubs made from wood. But today they are 460cc monsters made from some of the most advanced metals in the world. Modern drivers can send the ball more than 300 yards in the air – a distance that was considered impossible in the past.

Considered as the "most powerful club in the bag," manufacturers continue to innovate to provide the best golf drivers to the golf enthusiasts. They are the best engineer to continue to explore and design the best golf driver. Designers continue to add new features and look for materials for more forgiving experience while playing.

The allowed biggest driver head is 460cc, measured by volume. Drivers vary by material and can be made from titanium and carbon composite because they are much lighter than steel.

Frustrated at not being able to hit the ball far off the tee? Golf drivers can help you hit the ball as far as you can.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice:

Our pick
TaylorMade M6 Driver
Best Golf Driver

This driver is the bomb! It is stylish and lightweight. It will seem effortless hitting the ball on the farther distance with high accuracy. Get ready to be playing your best game with this golf driver.

Best Golf Drivers - Comparison Table

If you see a club you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our reviews.

TaylorMade M6 DriverBest OverallTaylorMade M6 Driver
Cleveland Golf Launcher HB DriverBest Driver on a BudgetCleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver
Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset DriverBest Driver for BeginnersCobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver
Callaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero DriverMost Innovative DriverCallaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver
Srixon Z 585 DriverMost Forgiving DriverSrixon Z 585 Driver

Best Drivers - Detailed Reviews for 2020

1. TaylorMade M6 Driver

Best Overall

Among the top 5 drivers, TaylorMade M6 Driver is the best golf driver.

Fujikura Atmos manufactures the shaft, and it comes in Orange/Black with four flex options: regular, stiff, senior and x-stiff. The TaylorMade M6 Driver has a speed injection design to maximize ball speed, allowing you to achieve a longer distance with maximum forgiveness.

TaylorMade M6 Driver

This driver is indeed the best golf driver. It even got the approval from the best known and most accomplished athletes of all time, Tiger Woods. According to him, "what TaylorMade has done with the Speed Injected Twist Face is allow us to have a hotter face that feels more stable.

The fact that it is at the legal limit and it is as fast as you're going to get. TaylorMade Drivers are going to be far superior in speed and consistency with all the other products. They’re legal and hot."

It is very light, forgiving, and easy to swing. It also has a refined, stylish look with the black finish. There are four options to choose your flex: Regular, Stiff, Senior, and X-stiff. It gives you more freedom to choose what you're more comfortable with.

With this driver, TaylorMade introduced the speed injected twist face. Every face is injected with a resin behind the red screw to create a face as close to the legal limit as possible while maintaining its forgiveness. An improved face curvature changes the face angle on off-center hits, which reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots.

The driver also features an aerodynamic sole design with an Inertia generator, providing increased clubhead speed for more distance.

It also has a 460cc head size and hammerhead 2.0 to produce a larger sweet spot.

Michael Hopley of Golfalot, who did a review, even approves of the TaylorMade M6. According to him, it delivers that extra performance through an optimized face and lower spin set up.

2. Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver

Best on a Budget

The Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Driver is the best affordable driver. This club is the result of the evolution of Launcher and HiBore technologies combined for extraordinary speed, distance, and control.

The value of the driver is appealing to everyone. Senior golfers love this driver mainly, as it helps them with their often lower swing speed and gives them better distance and accuracy. This driver can reliably hit the ball high and straight.

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver

Cleveland Men's Launcher HB Driver features a lightweight hiBore Crown, Flex-Fin technology, and Cup Face Technology.

3. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver

Best Driver for Beginners

The Cobra Golf F-Max Superlite is the latest of the F-Max series. It adds quality to your golf swing and comes recommended for ladies, seniors, and beginners.

Cobra Golf re-engineered this club with a 6 gram lighter clubhead, a 7 gram lighter grip, and a 5 gram lighter shaft, making it one of the lightest drivers on the market today. With the 18 grams of weight saved, the club now weighs 287 grams overall.

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver

It is so forgiving that even beginners will see a reduction in the mis-hits that they will no doubt have early on. As we grow older, we see some changes to our speed or the way we play. Luckily, this driver is also suitable for seniors. It has a senior flex option to adapt precisely to those changes of aging. Since it is lightweight, you can swing your clubs at a moderate speed while maintaining consistency.

One of the more interesting features of this club is that it has a back and heel weighting that promotes higher launch and straighter ball flights. This is an ultra-forgiving feature.

The shaft is made of graphite and has a configuration of 9.5 degrees. 10.5 degrees, or 11.5 degrees. The crown has a subtle alignment design that gives visually pleasing detail.

Golfers can choose between an offset design or a straight neck design for those that prefer a traditional look.

No matter if you're a beginner or a veteran golfer, you can have more fun on the golf course with this Cobra driver.

4. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Most Innovative Driver

Callaway has a ton of hype around their drivers. And as always, Callaway engineers never stop designing the best golf drivers for everyone. Today they’ve come up with a new Callaway Golf epic flash designed by AI. This is the first known instance of using Artificial Intelligence in the golf industry.

Engineers used a supercomputer to create the design, making the fastest ball faster and the longest drive longer.

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

According to AJ Voelpel, Creative Content Manager, the supercomputer cycled through nearly 50,000 virtual prototypes, learning from each one, to come up with the final design.

Moreover, their Jailbreak technology, two internal bars connecting the crown to the sole, generates more ball speed. The bars stiffen with motion, which results in a more stable crown and sole. The force at impact does not get diluted, giving a stronger impact load on the face.

Aside from speed, this driver's design allows you to have total control of the ball while being forgiving.

According to Callaway.com, this driver was awarded 20 out of 20 points in the 2019 Golf Digest Hotlist. It was also awarded Best Driver for Swing Speeds 106 MPH and Above by the GolfWRX expert panel featuring 13 top-ranked club fitters from around the country. Clearly an insane amount of research and innovation has gone into the design of the Callaway Golf epic flash, making it the easy choice for us as Best for Innovation.

5. Srixon Z 585 Driver

Most Forgiving Driver

According to golf.com, the Srixon Z 585 "will help more golfers hit shots off the tee that resemble the types of drives Tour players hit. Also, the Z 585 has the sound and feel many golfers adore—a muted but satisfying "clack!" at impact."

This driver has a triangular 460cc driver with Ti51AF Cup Face. It has a crown that's a mix of carbon fiber and is covered in a glossed black with silver detail.

Srixon Z 585 Driver

It has glue in the hosel, promoting a draw-biased shot shape to reduce slices off the tee.

The Srixon Z 585 driver is excellent in forgiveness and has exceptional speed, making it easy to launch high draws.

It is the best golf driver for almost anyone who wants all-around performance — best for mid-high handicaps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Golf Driver?

Like any other equipment, drivers also need the utmost care for maximum productivity. Dirt can affect the performance of your driver and make you unsatisfied with your game. Are you experiencing a change in your performance, even if you are using the same golf club? Maybe it needs a little bit of cleaning to function well again. You can use soap and a groove sharpener to get your club back in shape. Be sure to do this frequently, so dirt doesn't have a lot of time to sit. Don't also forget to clean your golf balls. Hitting dirty golf balls can damage your golf drivers' faces.

Quick Summary of the Best Drivers of All Time

TaylorMade M6 DriverBest OverallTaylorMade M6 Driver
Cleveland Golf Launcher HB DriverBest Driver on a BudgetCleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver
Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset DriverBest Driver for BeginnersCobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver
Callaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero DriverMost Innovative DriverCallaway Golf Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver
Srixon Z 585 DriverMost Forgiving DriverSrixon Z 585 Driver
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Drivers are used to launch the ball long distances. Golf drivers are constantly evolving and manufacturers and engineers continue to research how they can upgrade the one that they released on the market today and continue to meet the needs of the players of tomorrow.

Every golfer is unique. Try to find what works for you, with the increasing ball speed, feel, forgiveness, the accuracy.

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