The 18 Absolute Best Golf Drivers [Ranked & Reviewed]

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The Driver is perhaps the most important club in your bag, allowing you to hit long off of the tee and set yourself up with a good approach. In this guide, I will share my experience hitting the best golf drivers today.

These drivers, like the TaylorMade Qi10 and the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke will give you good distance and control off the tee, no matter what your handicap is.

Below, we go over:

  • The best golf drivers you should look at
  • New technology in drivers that we are excited about: Titanium vs Carbon Steel
  • How to buy the best golf drivers

Modern driver can send the ball more than 300 yards in the air – a distance that was considered impossible in the past. Follow along with us as we show you which drivers give you the best chance to do this.

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What are the Overall Best Golf Drivers?

  1. TaylorMade Qi10 (Best Overall)
  2. Callaway Paradym AI Smoke (Premium Option)
  3. TaylorMade Stealth 2 (Last Years TaylorMade)
  4. Callaway Paradym (Last Years Callaway)
  5. Callaway Rogue ST MAX D (Best Driver for Slicers)
  6. Cobra LTDX (Most Forgiving Driver)
  7. Titleist TSR3 (Highest Quality Design)
  8. Mizuno ST-Z 230 (Best Balanced Driver)
  9. Mizuno ST-X 230 (Best for Slow Swing Speeds)
  10. TaylorMade M6 (Best Discount TaylorMade)
  11. Cleveland Golf Launcher HB (Best on a Budget)
  12. Callaway Rogue (Best Driver for Beginners)
  13. Callaway Epic Flash (Best Driver for High Handicappers)
  14. Callaway Mavrik Max (Most Forgiving Driver)
  15. Cobra King Speedzone (Best Driver for Seniors)
  16. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D (2nd Best for Slicers)
  17. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (Innovative Driver)
  18. Cobra Golf Speedzone (Best Cobra Driver)

The Best Golf Driver Reviews

TaylorMade Qi10 – Best Overall

taylormade qi10 driver review

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The TaylorMade Qi10 Driver, part of TaylorMade’s innovative Qi10 series, is designed to redefine distance and stability for golfers. When I hit this golf driver, I immediately noticed the lower center of gravity and higher moment of inertia than the Stealth 2.

I also think the Qi10 has an awesome design, with a distinctive blue face.

The Qi10 series caters to a wide range of golfers with its three models:

  • Qi10 – balanced forgiveness and versatility
  • Qi10 Max – exceptional forgiveness
  • Qi10 LS – low spin and high performance

As you can see above, each model caters to a different type of golfer.

Other key features in the Qi10 are the third generation 60X Carbon Twist Face for enhanced energy transfer, the New Infinity Carbon Crown for optimal weight distribution, and Twist Face Technology for straighter shots.

What I think stands out about the Qi10 over competitors is its superior stability and lower spin rates. This results in a more penetrating ball flight and extended distance off the tee.

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Callaway Paradym AI Smoke – Premium Option

callaway paradym ai smoke vs paradym 2023 model

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The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Driver is my favorite premium golf driver this year. At the heart of this driver lies the AI Smart Face, a marvel of artificial intelligence that tailors launch conditions, spin rates, and sweet spot precision to each golfer’s unique swing.

This feature alone propels the Paradym AI Smoke into a league of its own, promising unmatched forgiveness on off-center hits.

The chassis on the AI Smke is crafted from a 360° Carbon matrix, a 15% reduction in weight compared to the first Paradym.

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke is not just a tool but a statement piece. Its blue accents appeal to me, though some golfers will probably find it tacky.

In this era of golfing excellence, the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke stands as a monument to progress, blending the art of design with the science of performance to offer an unrivaled driving experience. For those ready to embrace the future of golf, the Paradym AI Smoke is a great choice!

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TaylorMade Stealth 2 – Last Years TaylorMade

taylormade stealth driver alternative angle


The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver is the latest club in the company’s driver collections. The Stealth was a big hit in 2022 and the redesign for 2023 is designed for golfers at every level. There are still three different models to make everyone happy.

TaylorMade has made some lofty claims about the new Stealth 2 club, promising:

  • Extra carry distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • More ball speed no matter what your swing speed is
  • Less off cenre hits

The red, carbon fibre face has received a lot of discussion in the golf industry since it released early 2022.

The face of the driver consists of 60 sheets of carbon fiber topped by a layer of polyurethane, which increases ball speed. This makes the Stealth have a favorable strength to weight ratio. As soon as you pick up the Stealth to enter a course, you will immediately feel the weight savings. It’s sleek, light, and flexible. It features the same asymmetric sole panel that the SIM2 drivercomes with, which means there’s even extreme rear weight.

Overall, this new club offers increased performance while still providing great forgiveness, impressive distance and ball speed. 

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Callaway Paradym – Last Years Callaway

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The Callaway Paradym is Callaway’s all-carbon look. The use of carbon in the sole allows Callaway to pick and choose where the weight of the club is. This makes it a bit easier to swing and get momentum with overall.

Compared to a standard driver face insert, Callaway paired the powerful and forged titanium face with the face cup to achieve higher energy transfer to the ball.

The driver features a 360° Carbon Chassis midsection that eliminates titanium to get you extra stability and optimized weight. The weight savings means more efficient forgiveness that different types of players need.

Click here to read our complete Callaway Paradym review.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX D – Best Driver for Slicers


The Callaway Rogue ST Driver is the latest driver collection released by Callaway Golf. It is a collection of drivers with four different models available. Instead of having the same head with movable sliding weight options, each model has a distinct design for different player types. 

Callaway is promising many things with the Rogue ST Driver, including:

  • Fastest, most stable driver yet
  • High MOI from an all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge design
  • Jailbreak speed frame provides extra stability and speed
  • Low spin, high distance

Each of the four Rogue ST models have different distinct designs, depending on what type of golfer you are and how you approach your shots off the tee. Each driver head has anywhere from a 20g to 26g Tungsten Speed Cartridge Structure head, all differing with different launch angles, spin and more. We will go over each of the models in more details down below. 

The Rogue ST MAX D driver is designed for golfers who want high launch angles, as well as maximum forgiveness off the tee. This model is great for a variety of golfers without looking at particular skills.

The ST MAX D has internal and external draw weighting that aims to help golfers hit a high draw shape off the tee rather than the very common slice that most amateur golfers have. Compared to the other 3 models, the MAX D is definitely larger while looking at from above. Having such a big head does inspire some confidence off the tee, as it should give you distance even on mis-hits. 

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Cobra LTDx – Most Forgiving Driver


The LTDX driver is brand new for 2022. It is a lineup of five different models, plus a few different spinoff models and special additions. Each model is made for a different type of golfer.

Cobra Golf promises a few things about the LTDX driver, including:

  • Ultimate distance on every hit
  • Zero center of gravity, meaning that the entire club face is a “sweet spot”
  • Very low spin in order to maximize distance and reduce slices and hooks

The LTDx has a combination of well placed internal and external weights that help to reposition the weight as low as possible and create an ultimate distance machine.

Cobra claims that they’ve reached zero center of gravity in the LTDX driver. This means that there is high forgiveness and a sweet spot that covers the entire face of the club. Cobra calls this PWR-COR technology.

It accomplishes zero CG with a tungsten back weight installed in the bottom of the club. The club also has a stronger titanium chassis.

Titleist TSR3 – Highest Quality Design

titleist tsr3 top view


Key Features

  • Full titanium design made with the highest quality materials
  • Fully adjustable SureFit hosel design
  • Tour proven, used by the world’s top golfers

The TSR3 driver from Titleist is already one of the most popular drivers on the PGA Tour. Leading up to its release date, this driver was used by four PGA winners in a row – the perfect advertising for Titleist.

The key feature in the TSR3 is the Speed Ring club face. Speed Ring starts with a thicker perimeter layer combined with a thinner face. This means that the Speed Ring face is optimized for center face contact and not to level ball speed across the entire face. If you make center contact with the TSR3, the ball will fly.

Located at the back of the driver is the TSR3 four-position weight track. It allows you to unscrew the track and ride the weight up or down, depending on how you want to focus the weight on the head.

The Titleist TSR3 driver is a mid-to-high launch, low spin driver. It is still reasonably forgiving and is built to quarterback your golf bag for the next five years or more.

The TSR3 is equipped for low and mid handicap players wanting maximum distance off the tee.

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Mizuno ST-Z 230 – Best Balanced Driver

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Key Features

  • CORTECH Chamber for more ball speed
  • Forged beta titanium face
  • Balanced flight bias for better concentrated mass

The Mizuno ST-Z230 Driver is available in 9.5 and 10.5 degrees of the loft by default. A quick switch hosel allows you to adjust the club how you wish quickly.

The Z230 has a new CORTECH Chamber, which Mizuno claims is the missing piece from their drivers. This through-slot design is right behind the driver face and allows for even more compression and faster ball speeds. They have also kept their Beta Titanium Face, and that material makes the face more durable and resilient to every single hit.

There are three stock shafts available at launch for the ST-Z driver:

  • UST-Mamiya LINQ Red (High launch)
  • Mitsubishi Kai’Li Blue (Mid launch)
  • Project X HZRDUS RDX Smoke Green (Low launch)

The driver retails for $499 USD, which is about $100 cheaper than the premium brands such as TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 and the Callaway Paradigm.

The one thing I loved about the Mizuno ST-Z 230 Driver was the consistency it provided off the tee. Each shot was consistent in its impact, ball speed, and flight. The sound is a little muted, but it provided excellent feedback on every drive. This driver has great aesthetics to it. Nothing is too fancy, but it fits in with all the other drivers available today.

Mizuno ST-X 230 – Best Driver for Slow Swing Speeds

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Key Features

  • CORTECH Chamber for more ball speed
  • Forged beta titanium face
  • Slight draw bias for amateur golfers

The Mizuno ST-X is a serious player in the driver market for the upcoming 2023 golf season. With the inclusion of their CORTECH Chamber and Beta Titanium Face, the ball seemed just to launch off the driver face with ease. With the ST-X, I loved how square the face sat in the neutral position and how easy it was to turn the ball over for that slight draw. If you are a golfer in control of their swing, the ST-X might be your driver.

There are three stock shafts available at launch for the ST-X driver:

  • UST-Mamiya LINQ Red (High launch)
  • Mitsubishi Kai’Li Blue (Mid launch)
  • Project X HZRDUS RDX Smoke Green (Low launch)

After taking a few swings with the ST-X, you can immediately feel the difference when Mizuno says there is a slight draw bias. It was very effortless to draw the ball with this driver and my ball speed and distance didn’t suffer even in the slightest.

The new Mizuno drivers are $100 USD cheaper than the premium brands such as Callway and TaylorMade and that is quite a big deal, especially when you may end up getting the same or even better results with Mizuno.

TaylorMade M6 – Best Discount TaylorMade

TaylorMade M6 Driver



  • forgiving
  • large sweet spot
  • lightweight

The combination of looks, sounds, distance, and forgiveness makes it to our list as the best golf drivers on the market today. This driver was designed to increased club head speed without sacrificing the feel and forgiveness. Even the most accomplished, Tiger Woods, has used this driver. He’s confident and vouches for M6 as one of the best golf drivers in the market.

TaylorMade M6 has a 460cc head size with hammerhead 2.0 slots. It was meticulously made and tested individually tested. It also has a refined, stylish look with a black finish. The combination of matte black and silver color with an orange accent makes the club more appealing. These drivers come with different shaft, the Fujikura Atmos Orange, Fujikura Atmos black, and Fujikura Atmos orange.

With this driver, TaylorMade introduced the speed injected twist face. Every face is injected with a resin behind the red screw to create a face as close to the legal limit as possible while maintaining its forgiveness. An improved face curvature changes the face angle on off-center hits, which reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots.

The driver also features a sole aerodynamic design with an Inertia generator, providing increased club head speed for more carry distance. The fact that it is at the legal limit and it is as fast as you’re going to get. TaylorMade Drivers are going to be far superior in speed and consistency with all the other products. It is very light, forgiving, and easy to swing. It also has a refined, stylish look with a black finish.

Being a 2019 version, the M6 is now very reasonably priced and you can have it in yuor bag for cheap. It is our choice for best discount TaylorMade driver.

Learn more in our TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB – Best on a Budget

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver



  • great price
  • high launch angle
  • hit higher and straighter shots

The Cleveland Golf Launcher HB is the best affordable driver. It is very lightweight and features a lightweight hiBore Crown, flex-fin and cup face technology. This club results from the evolution of Launcher and HiBore technologies combined for extraordinary club head speed, distance, and control.

The value of the driver is appealing to everyone. Even senior golfers love this driver. It helps them with their often lower swing speed and gives them better distance and accuracy. This driver can reliably hit the ball high and straight.

Cleveland Launcher HB driver is perfect for mid to high handicappers looking for a new driver to improve their drives and add more yardage with their shots.

Callaway RogueBest Driver for Beginners

Callaway Rogue Driver



  • adjustable loft sleeve
  • lightweight
  • very forgiving driver

If you and your beginner golfers’re looking for the best golf drivers to add to your bag, then Callaway Rogue is worth checking out. The driver is one of the clubs that most golfers are fond of. And then enter the Callaway Rogue.

From the design to features, Callaway is working hard to produce an extraordinary driver for golfers, especially for beginners and high-handicappers looking forward to reducing its handicapped. This golf focus on increasing ball speed and carry distance. Callaway works together with Boeing, which results in exceptional ball speed upon impact.

The jailbreak technology helps to increase the ball speed off the club. It does not just have a large clubhead size, but it also has the largest carbon composite crown surface among Callaway driver. This driver does not sacrifice its forgiveness with more carry distance.

So, if you’re looking for a new driver to help you reduce your handicapped, Callaway Rogue is your guy.

Callaway Epic FlashBest Driver for High Handicappers

Callaway Epic Flash Driver



  • straigher ball flights
  • lightweight driver
  • higher MOI

With the previous driver’s success, the Epic and Rogue, Callaway still meets each golfer’s wishes – more distance. They have another driver that also creates a buzz in the market—the Callaway Epic Flash.

The shaft of this driver is made from graphite material. This is the modern shaft and is more lightweight compared to the traditional stainless steel. The crown was made from Triaxial Carbon Crown. The weight was distributed on the head for higher MOI and forgiveness even on off-center hits.

The design of the clubhead helps the golfers to control ball flights. It has an adjustable perimeter weighting. If you want to customize it to address your draws, fades, and straighter flights, you can easily do it by sliding the weight on the clubhead.

Callaway Mavrik Max – Best Discount Callaway Driver

Callaway Mavrik Max



  • adjustable weight sole
  • has a solid feel and more forgiving
  • can help slicers straighter shots
  • not good for golfers with a faster swing speed

If your one of the Callaway brand fans, you would be delighted with the Callaway Mavrik driver, the Mavrik Max. It has an adjustable weight sole. You can adjust its head to change the loft and lie. This can increase the MOI for a draw-biased that can help slicers straighten their shots.

The Max driver has a 460cc clubhead size. The large clubhead size makes it easier to hit. It has an adjustable weight, so you can adjust if you are not satisfied with your drives’ height and spin. What makes this driver stand out from the previous model? The Callaway Mavrik standard is more forgiving. The adjustable weighting will give you more stability.

The Mavrik has been replaced by the Rogue ST, so it is a nice discount for those that want a discount Callaway driver.

Cobra King SpeedzoneBest Driver for Seniors

Cobra King Speedzone



  • great design
  • CNC milled face
  • low spin
  • not very forgiving

Our next best golf driver for senior golfers is from Cobra king, the Cobra Speedzone. Then we age the swing speed changes. The swing speed tends to decrease over time, so it is also better to get something that would match their swing speed.

The Cobra Speedzone driver is the best driver for looking for a forgiving driver that can help them for better launch and spin. If you’re going to look closer, CNC milled face features make the ball possible to generate more ball speed. It has a 360 carbon crown that is distributed on the club body by about 50%. Since Cobra Speedzone features a traditional shape, the weight is distributed on the clubhead for optimal launch.

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Best Driver for Slice

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D



  • mid-spin
  • great value for money
  • stunning design
  • great ‘thud” sound at impact
  • multi-material construction

TaylorMade wanted to improve the driver beyond the traditional. The TaylorMade Sim Max D driver is different from the Sim and the Sim Max. This driver is larger with the reshaped sole to optimized clubhead speed. The sole makes this club stand out from the market because it was tilted towards the sole. If you’re looking for a driver with draw-biased and maximum forgiveness, TaylorMade Sim Max is your answer.

The “max” stands for maximum forgiveness, while the “D” stands for draw. TaylorMade Sim Max driver is made from carbon, stainless steel, and titanium face. The top of the driver is carbon with a very clean and net design. TaylorMade also uses its proven technology for this driver, the speed injection tuning and the twist face. But the main technology that is used for this driver is the shape in motion. This is the design that makes the club accelerates, not just on impact.

Sim Max D driver offers shaft tuning and can adjust the loft sleeve at +/-2 degrees. Compared to its previous last year’s model, the M6 D driver this driver has a greater carry distance. It can increase its club head speed, and ball flight has a low spin rate resulting in more carry distance, thanks to the draw bias, you can have up to 20 yards more distance. The draw bias technology also helps the player eliminate the face or reduce your slices.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero – Budget Callaway Option

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero



  • great look driver
  • low launch and spin
  • can’t customized shaft

Callaway has a ton of hype around their driver. And as always, Callaway engineers never stop designing the best golf drivers for everyone. Today they’ve come up with a new Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero designed by AI.

Engineers used a supercomputer to create the design, making the fastest ball faster and the longest drive longer. The supercomputer cycled through nearly 50,000 virtual prototypes, learning from each one to develop the final design.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero uses jailbreak, two internal bars connecting the crown to the sole, generates more ball speed. The bars stiffen with motion, which results in a more stable crown and sole. The force at impact does not get diluted, giving a stronger impact load on the face.

Aside from speed, this driver’s design allows you to have total control of the ball while being forgiving.

According to, Epic Flash Sub Zero was awarded 20 out of 20 points in the Golf Digest Hotlist. It was also awarded Best Driver for Swing Speeds 106mph and above by the GolfWRX expert panel featuring 13 top-ranked club fitters from around the country. Clearly, an insane amount of research and innovation has gone into the design of the Callaway Golf epic flash sub zero, making it the easy choice for us as Best for Innovation.

Cobra Golf Speedzone – Best Cobra Driver

Cobra Golf Speedzone


Cobra Speedzone uses its CNC milled infinity face technology to maximize its distance with consistent ball speed. Compared to the other clubs, it has a traditional shape design in which you can adjust the CG either in front or back of the front of the driver.

Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Driver also has an Aero zone-speed back shape. It has an efficient body with a milled face perimeter that leads to edges and harnesses airflow—giving the ultimate precision to maximize power acceleration. This driver also has a low CG zone-speed back weighting, which has 69 grams of mass positioned for as short as possible.

This driver is one of the most efficient in transferring the energy to the ball and having a speed that golfers can relish every time they step on the tee.

The Speedzone works for a wide range of players. Since it is so highly adjustable, a beginner can set it with a high loft and a closed face. The better player can set the club slightly open and be ready for a bit more control of their shot.

Best Golf Driver Brands

Now that we already know the best golf drivers in the market let take a look at the best golf driver’ brands. Each brand has a different dirver’s model. Some models were made based on player’s profiles focusing on improving their handicapped, spin, ball flight, or club head ball speed.


Ping is one of the most known brands in terms of golf equipment. Over the years it years, it successfully launches different club category. Its core principle is custom fitting to get the best of your game.


When you heard the best golf drivers brand in the market, one of the brands that will pop up in your mind is TaylorMade. Pro and beginner players know this brand because the of advanced features they incorporate in their driver.


From bag to other golf equipment, one of the brands that always present on every list and review in almost all the categories of clubs and equipment…the Callaway. Their drivers can be a little bit pricier, but the quality and performance were exceptional.

Cobra King

Cobra King is one of the best brands in the market. Players are always looking forward whenever they introduce a new drivers in the market. We look over the with their different driver with great features, and the Cobra Speedzone has taken its number one spot as the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Driver?

Like any other equipment, drivers also need the utmost care for maximum productivity. Dirt can affect the performance of your driver and make you unsatisfied with your game. Are you experiencing a change in your performance, even if you are using the same club? Maybe it needs a little bit of cleaning to function well again.

You can use soap and a groove sharpener to get your club back in shape. Be sure to do this frequently, so dirt doesn’t have a lot of time to sit. Don’t also forget to clean your golf balls. Hitting dirty balls can damage your golf driver’s faces.

Why do High Handicappers need to pick the right drivers?

The driver and the putter are the most important club in the bag. It’s no surprise that there is great competition among golf companies to introduce a new product to the market almost every year. You may be tempted to go over with the high-end drivers you often see in PGA tours; however, this is not always the case if you are a beginner of high handicapped players. Those kinds of drivers are usually for low handicap players.

Beginners and high handicapped players have a slower swing speed, so it is essential to get drivers that can match their speeds. If not, the launch and the ball speed can be affected, which will result in poor performance. Remember that the drivers are for the distance tee shots. The right driver can actually add to more distance and can help you lower your handicap along the way.

Why do seniors need to pick the right drivers?

The best golf drivers for seniors is the one that offers more distance without sacrificing its forgiveness. As we age, the swing speed may not be as fast and solid as before. And that is where drivers with features that would be beneficial to senior golfers came into the picture, like the Cobra King Speedzone. The best golf drivers for seniors should be very forgiving and will give them control of the game.

Do I need to have the drivers that have the latest technology?

Best golf drivers in the market are competing and boasting their latest technology. However, you must bear in mind that each driver that uses the drivers were built with a certain golfer’s profile in mind. You should check the features first before jumping in, especially if you’re a beginner golfer.

What is the best head size of the best drivers?

If you are one of those, who are frequently asking which one works best? Is it the clubs that have smaller or bigger club head? The smaller drivers still do good, but most golfers often go with the larger club head. Why is this so?

The largest club, which is 460cc, is the most favored size of most golfers. A larger head size means it has a larger sweet spot and has a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for excellent performance.

What is the right length of the driver?

Although the driver’s shaft legal limit is 48 inches, most drivers in the market are around 43 and 46 inches. Some stores offer customization for the right length of the drivers. The head size of the golf club really depends on the players preference. A longer shaft sometimes will affect your control and the shorter one might affect your golf stance and balance.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation


The looks of the driver would always catch the eye. But it is also important to know that you should not rely on looks alone. You should go deeper on features to see if you can address the one you are looking for your best driver.

There are different sizes of clubs in the market, but the most common size is the 460cc. This is the largest club head size allowed. Larger club head size has a high moment of inertia that promotes more forgiveness on club driver even with off-center hits and mis-hits.

The best golf drivers in the market are made from stainless steel, carbon or titanium. Drivers that are made from stainless steel cheaper price than titanium. Some drivers are made for multi-material are lighter but more expensive.


A forgiving driver will not only help you level up your performance but will also add confidence and let you enjoy your game and go home with a smile on the face. It also allows you to improve your carry distance even with mis-hits.


Drivers can really can set the tone of your game. As you start your game, you want the ball to have more carry distance towards the green. The typical range of loft range from 8.5 degrees to 15 degrees. The degrees of your loft should also match with your swing type and speed. Beginners and high handicappers needed more loft.

Adjustable hosel

A golf driver with an adjustable hosel will help you enjoy your clubs for a long time. It allows you to adjust the lie angle to achieve the ball flights that you want.


If you’re wondering if the shaft would make a difference in your performance, the answer is yes. The kind of shafts can affect the spin, trajectory, and speed of your shots. Getting the right shaft in accordance with your speed can take your game to the next level and optimize your drivers’ features.

When you swing, the shaft flexes. When it does, there are some changes with the club head position. Too weak or too stiff shaft flex would either decrease your distance or won’t be able to release your shots properly. Shaft Flex in the market are often categorized as follows:

Extra Stiff (X Flex)

This flex is suitable for professional golfers or those with faster swing speeds. Tour players often use this kind. Most beginner golfers and high handicappers find this kind of flex uncomfortable.

Stiff Flex ( S Flex)

These are also for low handicapped players that just want to have enough stiffness on their shaft.

Regular (R)

These are the most popular shaft that is often used by average players.

Amateur or Senior ( A/M)

Compared to the regular shaft, this one has a weaker flex and suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Ladies Flex (L Flex)

If you want to have the lightest flex, then the ladies’ flex is perfect for you.

Player’s Profile

The last on our list is the skill level of the players. Yes, there are tons of drivers on the market; however, determining your skill level should be the first in your mind before adding that driver to your shopping cart. Beginner players needed more assistance if they want to get the best golf drivers for them. They should consider a driver that is best for beginner golfers like the Callaway Rogue.


TaylorMade M6 Best OverallTaylorMade M6 Driver
Cleveland Golf Launcher HBBest on a BudgetCleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver
Callaway RogueBest Driver for BeginnersCallaway Rogue Driver
Callaway Epic FlashBest Driver for High HandicappersCallaway Epic Flash Driver
Callaway Mavrik MaxMost Forgiving DriverCallaway Mavrik Max
Cobra King SpeedzoneBest Driver for SeniorsCobra King Speedzone
TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Best Driver for SliceTaylorMade SIM MAX-D
Callaway Epic Flash Sub ZeroMost Innovative DriverCallaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

Drivers are used to launching the ball for more distances. Golf drivers are continually evolving, and manufacturers and engineers continue to research how they can upgrade the one they released on the market today and continue to meet the needs of tomorrow’s players.

Every golfer is unique. Try to find what works for you, with the increasing ball speed, feel, forgiveness, the accuracy.

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