The 6 Best Ray Cook Putters Available Today (Reviewed)

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Are you looking for a good quality putter at a good price point? In this guide, we will be giving a review on Ray Cook putters and whether they are worth it or not for your golf game. 

They may not have the same name recognition as TaylorMade or Odyssey, but Ray Cook can be a great putter alternative for the budget-conscious golfer.

We will be going over:

  • Six different styles of Ray Cook putters
  • Key features of each putter
  • Frequently asked questions about Ray Cook

Let us know down below if you have used Ray Cook putters and if you would recommend them or not!

The Best Ray Cook Putters

best ray cook putters

Best Ray Cook Putters

Silver Ray SR500 

Best Overall Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features

  • Slick black, red and white finish with easy alignment lines
  • 350g putter head that provides easy stability throughout the entire putting stroke
  • Mallet head that rivals the TaylorMade Spider but for a fraction of the price
  • Midsize grip that is comfortable and easy to use right away

Key Drawback

  • Paint seems to chip very easily


The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 putter is a great putter alternative for the budget-conscious golfer. The aluminum head is very similar to the TaylorMade Spider, but for a very small fraction of the price. This is a great putter for a golfer wanting to try out a mallet-type putter without wanting to spend a lot of money. 

We found it to be the best overall Ray Cook putter as the 350 gram weighted head provides great stability and a consistent roll. It has a slick black finish with easy to use alignment lines. This putter also comes with a Center Shafted version where the shaft is at the center of the putter. This will come down to personal preference on shaft location for your putter. 

The Silver Ray SR500 also comes in different Limited Edition colors such as red, blue and green. The only downside I found was that the paint chipped somewhat easily, so just make sure to keep the head cover on as much as possible. 

Silver Ray SR800

Best Mallet Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features:

  • Rounded fang mallet-head putter that comes pre-installed with a midsize tour grip
  • Standard 35” length putter with matching headcover
  • Tour weighted putter head that provides optimum distance control and consistency
  • Easy white alignment lines to line up each putt on line


When it comes to an easy to use standard mallet putter, the Silver Ray SR800 is about as good as they come. This putter is great for golfers who want to try a mallet putter, but do not want to spend a lot of money doing so. It is very budget-conscious but does not lack any quality or feel. 

The aluminum head is tour weighted and provides a great sound at impact. The distance control is very easy to get used to and the consistency of each putt is great. We would highly recommend trying out this putter if you are used to the blade putters and want to try something different. 

The pre-installed midsize grip is comfortable, but you always have the option of putting on your own grip as well for maximum comfort and familiarity.

Silver Ray SR300

Best Beginner Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features:

  • Evenly weighted putter head for consistent pendulum putting stroke
  • Slick black finish with crisp white and red alignment lines on top
  • Extra-stiff shaft with pre-installed midsize grip that is comfortable and easy to use right away

In terms of picking up a putter and hitting great, consistent putts every time, the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR300 should be right up your alley. It doesn’t have any crazy bells and whistles or flashy weights that the premium putters do. But, it has a consistent feel and comfortable grip. 

The tour weighted head provides a consistent putting stroke every time. The distance control is easy to get used to. This putter is great for beginners as it is very cost-friendly and very easy to use. Easily line up your putts with the red/white alignment lines on top of the putter head. 

At its nice price point, you will definitely be satisfied using this putter.

Blue Goose BG40 2.0

Best Blade Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features

  • Double milled grooves in the putter face to provide perfect flatness and easy roll
  • Weighted in the heel and toe to provide maximum control and stability
  • Slick blue finish with easy to see white alignment line
  • Midsize tour grip comes preinstalled


The Ray Cook Blue Goose BG40 2.0 is a great and easy to use blade putter offered by Ray Cook. It has a slick metallic blue finish with weighting in both the heel and toe that provides maximum distance control and stability. 

This is a great putter for golfers who are used to the blade-type putter heads. The double milled grooves ensure a perfect roll every stroke. It does come with a pre-installed midsize tour grip, but we did find that can feel slippery in your hands at times.

If you have a different grip to install, we would suggest doing that for the absolute best feel. Other than that, this is our pick for the best blade putter that Ray Cook offers and for a great price!

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Ray Cook M1 Putter

Best Expensive Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features:

  • Half-moon mallet head with weights distributed throughout to ensure perfect control and impact
  • Slick black finish with 5 white alignment lines to easily line up your putts
  • Toe hang with short straight shaft hosel, which is perfect for hand forward set up
  • Pre-installed with a Ray Cook oversize grip


The Ray Cook M1 Putter is a perfect feeling mallet putter that has won many times on the PGA Tour. It is a half-moon mallet head with weights distributed throughout to ensure perfect distance control and striking. It is a toe hang putter with a straight down hosel that is perfect for hand forward set up. 

The sound of the ball off the putter face is crisp and the overall feel of the putter is great. It comes with an extra-stiff shaft that provides less torque at impact which will keep the ball straight and flat. There are 5 bright white alignment lines on the top to easily allow you to line up every putt. T

he M1 is my pick for the best expensive putter that Ray Cook sells, however at only $119 it is still not that much compared to some of the more premium putter brands such as Odyssey and TaylorMade.

Click here to buy the Ray Cook M1 Putter.

Billy Baroo Ladies M-300 

Best Ladies Ray Cook Putter

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Key Features:

  • Standard 33” length
  • Slick silver mallet head with purple accent colors including purple and white alignment lines to easily line your putts
  • New aluminum AL 6000 face insert features vibration dampening and causes over-spin on the ball towards the hole
  • Pre-installed with an oversized grip

For all of the lady golfers, Ray Cook also has this Billy Baroo M-300 putter available. This mallet putter has a slick silver head with purple and white accents throughout. The alignment lines are easy to see and will keep your ball on line the entire stroke. 

There is a brand new aluminum AL face insert that features vibration dampening on impact with the ball. It also causes over-spin on the ball to keep it hugging the green and on line towards the hole. 

This putter is easy to use and very easy to get used to. It is also very cost-friendly so you don’t have to worry about spending much money on a great putter. I would highly recommend this to all lady golfers!

Click here to buy the Ray Cook Billy Baroo Ladies M-300 Putter.

What Ray Cook putter would you recommend to your friends? Add the six putters above to your consideration.

ray cook golf putters

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ray Cook?

Ray Cook was an avid golfer and engineer and he came out with his first putter back in 1963, made in his own shop in San Antonio, Texas. His putters were used on the PGA Tour from the 1960s through the 1980s primarily, but there is some popularity to them today still.

Does Ray Cook make good putters?

Yes, these are good putters. Ray Cook Golf has always prided themselves with being an affordable golf club brand. Ray Cook putters are very cost-friendly, but also made with good materials. They are great alternatives for golfers wanting to try out different sized putter heads, but not wanting to spend premium amounts to do so.

Which tour players use Ray Cook putters?

Most player nowadays are using the premium branded putters, but Ray Cook putters were very popular from the 60s through the 80s. Popular tour players such as Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Nick Price, Billy Casper, Dave Stockton and Nancy Lopez have all used Ray Cook putters and attributed success to them.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation

When you are looking to purchase the best Ray Cook putter for your game, ther are different factors to consider. Here are the most important factors to remember when choosing a putter.

Quality of Materials

Since Ray Cook putters can be bought at a budget price, you want to make sure you are still getting high quality materials. Most putter heads are made from consistent aluminum.

Sound and Feel

Feel offered by each Ray Cook putter can vary between different models. A lot of putters offer a firm but soft feel, which enables for better accuracy with a better roll and spin. High quality aluminum makes the putter sound firm and consistent when you hit the ball.


If you are spending significant money on a new putter, you want it to last many years without breaking. The toughness of the construction mainly influences how long the putter will last and how efficient it’s going to survive daily use when you play regularly.


Ray Cook putters all come at a very reasonable price point. However, there are small differences in price based on some of the key features and materials used. Regular and seasoned players might decide to spend more than someone who seldom plays.


A Ray Cook putter is an excellent choice for those that are looking for consistency and stability in their putting stroke at a reasonable price. High and medium handicap golfers should consider Ray Cook when looking for some new clubs. I think that the Ray Cook SR500 is the best overall putter by this brand, but they have a lot to offer in all of their models.

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