Best Titleist Irons – Which iron is right for your game?

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Titleist irons have always been known as a premium choice; however, Titleist irons have become more and more forgiving for many years. Titleist is working towards being a brand that everyone can hit, not just the lower handicap players. The latest T series by Titleist is probably the most technologically advanced that we have seen from this brand. If you think you may become a Titleist person, we have all the info you need. 

Titleist is an American brand under the Acushnet Company, makers of some of the best golf equipment around the world. This brand was established in 1932 by Philip E. Young in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States. "Titleist " is a term that originated from "titlist," referring to titleholder. Titleist irons have established a good reputation as a golf equipment manufacturer. Many enthusiasts seek new innovation every now and then, so if you are one of them, take time to read and choose your best Titleist iron below.

Our Best Titleist Irons in 2021

Best Titleist Irons

Titleist T400 Irons

Get the Most from Every Swing


  • High profile head shape
  • Forgiving
  • Super thin blade installed on the face of the golf club

Titleist T400 is a well-engineered iron that gives a "forgiveness" play to maximize your performance. The Titleist T400 Iron lets you launch further and reach the highest arc in your ball flight. This club set was designed to help moderate swing speed golfers to score lower. Modern technology for the better play was applied to achieve max forgiveness possible while launching it farther and higher.

Up to 100 grams of high-density tungsten weighting was added to the toe and heel of the 5, 6, 7 irons in order to relocate the center of gravity. Hence launching higher and longer was the result.


The split sole design of Titleist T400 sustains a solid performance and improves turf interaction having the advantage of a wide-body construction. Thus, making a smooth and more forgiving strike even stroked on various points of the Titleist golf clubs.

The Titleist T400 has the greatest forgiveness among the Titleist irons because of its hollow construction, which allows the weight to be shifted back and increase the MOI. As a result, shots are longer and higher, even if they are not stuck on the center of the face giving extreme forgiveness on launches.

A Super Thin blade-like L-face insert installed in the face of the Titleist golf clubs and was positioned around the sole aids in maintaining speed even shot on the lower portion of the face. Titleist T400 has a high profile head shape that induces confidence and makes a faster feel effortless.

Titleist T300 Irons

Raise Your Game


  • One of the more forgiving golf irons.
  • It comes with a progressive set design.
  • It offers an easier launch and a lower center of gravity with its good tungsten weighting.
  • It offers the player to have more control over the distance as well as the speed with its Max Impact technology.
  • It comes with a fast and mid-sized design.

Max impact technology on the Titleist T300 Irons can bring more great shots to your game by making it possible to render a maximum speed without compromising forgiveness among Titleist T300 mid-sized face. In cooperation with Titleist golf R&D, a special polymer core was developed to improve the sound and feel of the impacted club and also help tour players score lower.

The Titleist T300 was designed primarily for maximum speed to get along with extreme forgiveness giving a longer range and straighter flight aimed to score better on every round. The reason behind this was the expertly balanced tungsten weighting in the toe and the increased MOI of longer blade length. This moves the CG to the most favorable spot for a good spin of the golf ball.


The fast-feeling cavity back design of Titleist T300 looks great for a classic look with a slim top line, feel, and sounds good. Like most clubs formed for the players, Titleist T300 cavity back design is a great improvement for the iron of different variations from short to Vokey wedges.

The performance increases a two mph ball speed and 600 rpm spin giving an extra 7 yards with 7-irons. Of course, you will have to compare this to the clubs you are currently playing to be sure of the distance increases.

Striking Innovation

Each innovation Titleist underwent was made to ensure the optimum experience of a player. Each iron in T-Series is designed to give the players a lower number on their cards.

Maximum Forgiveness and Maximum Speed

The Max Impact technology offered by Titleist T300 enables every player to enjoy the maximum speed without compromising its forgiveness feature. The Titleist ball R&D made a unique polymer core that offers the Titleist T300 iron to have more dampening qualities and precise sounding. In every swing you make, you can expect more upright and longer launches enabling you to achieve the highest score in every game you are in.

Tungsten for Maximum Forgiveness

T300 iron has a longer length of the blade, which is ideal for improving MOI that is balanced with density tungsten weighting in the toe professionally. This maintains a balanced center of gravity, helping you to have a more consistent performance.

Titleist T200 Irons

Attack Every Green

Titleist T200 Irons


  • Tour-inspired feel and look
  • It comes with a progressive set design.
  • It offers a higher launch and a lower center of gravity because of its density of tungsten.
  • It offers you more distance control and maximum speed because of its Max Impact technology.

Titleist T200 is an excellent golf club most likely identical to AP3 but has surpassed it a little bit more in some aspects, including technology. As the previous AP1s got longer and AP2s headed to the tour, more people anticipate something in the middle for golfers to opt from.

Powered by Max impact for max speed and distance control launches. A decent mid-size head extends to reach down handicap levels to lower single figure golfers.

This Titleist iron appeared more likely a traditional cavity back that focuses weight on the toe area, a progressive set design that helps golfers make lowers scorecards.


Compared to AP3, this Titleist T200 seems more of the conventional cavity back iron since its weight likens the toe area. The Titleist iron's body was cast and forged irons on its face featuring an L shape that covers the sole of the club, eliminating a circular muscle on the center section, which gives a cleaner and decent look. This improves the feel incredibly and increases speed on shots on the lower portion of the clubface resulting in a superior flight.

This excellent face and body setup and a unique core developed by Titleist golf ball R&D improves the acoustic sound and dampens its quality. A more solid and noticeable sound exists in longer irons.

The short irons have plain cavity backs appearance; however, the technology comes in 7-irons and up. High-density tungsten weighting makes a tighter shot dispersion. The Titleist T200 iron consists of 90g of tungsten on mid to long irons. Over thirds of the weight composition of the clubhead was positioned on the heel and toe for a strategic and outstanding MOI.

Striking Innovation

Titleist T200 iron is a great example that shows how precise and accurate the TSeries make their irons. Each model of iron included in the TSeries is equipped with the finest specifications and technology. All the innovations went through by the TSeries are made with one goal in their mind, which is to help the beginners to improve their game and overall performance.

Get More Consistent and Better Distance

The T200 iron uses the Max Impact technology offering every player the optimum speed on any area of its face. It is packed with dampening qualities and more precise sound with its unique polymer core that was constructed together with the Titleist golf ball R&D. In connection. It gives the player to make the repeatable distance in each shot. Try this T200 iron and see how it will change your overall experience and performance.

The Higher the Tungsten, the Tighter the Shot Dispersion

Compared to the other Titleist irons included in the T-Series, this T200 iron is equipped with higher density tungsten with an approximate weight of 90 grams from its mid to long irons. This is more than 1/3 of its clubhead’s overall weight that is located on its toe and heel, giving you the maximum MOI.

Titleist T100 Irons

Get the Optimum Performance


  • It helps you to have an enhanced turf interaction with the help of its tour-refined shape.
  • It maintains stability with its co-forged high-density tungsten.
  • It comes with a more responsive and thinner face.
  • It enables the player to have more consistent control over the iron with its fully-forged cavity construction.

Constructed to fit the player's sight and helps the athlete to score lower. T100 was designed for a player looking for true tour iron play. It launches a long, precise distance shaping the Titleist signature feel.

If you want the true Titleist experience with a bit of distance incorporated, the T100 is the smartest choice you can make. 

Forged to suit the player’s eye. T100 offers you a more accurate and farther distance, making it an ideal piece of equipment to have a more imaginative and daring play. It has the Titleist irons feel and tour-level shaping. Designed to help the participants score lower.


High-density tungsten weighting stabilizes and controls CG by focusing weight on the heel and toe of the iron to create perfect progression. The co-forging process of high-density tungsten inside the head set up produces exceptional stability for a solid feel possible.

The forged cavity setup is responsible for consistent control and responsive face. The tour level shaping of the T100 Titleist improves interaction by a clean and fast movement through the turf.

The MOI is developed by a co-forged dual-density tungsten weight in the heel and toe of the head, also only comes in the 3 to 7 irons.

Perfectly Balanced

The T100 Titleist irons use only high quality and the technology of tungsten weighting located in its toe and heel. This is true in the longer models of T100 irons. The density tungsten of this Titleist iron is designed to give the player more control over its Center of Gravity and allow them to perform more accurate progression. Its co-forging feature helps the iron to create a more solid and stable feel as possible by fusing the tungsten inside of its head.

The Solid Feel of Forged Steel

Just like the other golf swings out there, a fewer moving parts of the iron gives the equipment a better feel. The Titleist iron T100 comes with fully-forged construction, offering a more controllable, consistent, and solid club that offers the same performance, just like that expert golfers worldwide.

Smoother and Faster Turf Interaction

When we test this Titleist iron, we are amazed at how clean and fast this iron moves throughout the turf. That being said, we consider this T100 iron to be a good example showing the top performance offered by the Titleist in each detail. This T100 iron features a blended and improved re-wear design as well as offer more camber..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Titleist Irons Are The Most Forgiving?

Titleist T400 Irons

The Titleist T400 Irons is on the top of the list for the most forgiving irons. The hollow head construction, reinforced by a high-density tungsten weighting, launches the highest possible hit and high flight trajectory. This Titleist iron helps handicap golfers to score lower on each game in every course.

  • Have max distance strike in Titleist iron series
  • Maximum forgiveness and high-speed iron in Titleist range
  • Split sole design for a solid performance and improve turf interaction

Titleist T300 Irons

Titleist T300 also serves as one of the most forgiving Titleist irons in consideration of the maximum speed powered by Max Impact technology to help any player to score lower.

  • The mid-sized club makes up a fast cavity-back design.
  • Max speed and distance control brought by Max Impact
  • High-density tungsten weighting for a low center of gravity for easier lunch
  • Progressive set design
  • Max forgiveness for golfing enthusiasts to experience

What Are The Best Irons For An Average Golfer?

If you are mid handicappers looking for suited irons on your level, check out the following list of irons for your reference. For instance, low handicappers may look for more professional iron clubs to upgrade their equipment. However, just make sure to avoid labels such as "muscle-back," "Tour, "MB", "players iron,” "blade" or "pro" because it just won't give the performance you are wanting.

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons (perfect for mid to high handicappers).
  • Excellent for golfers who hit lower on the toe
  • It reduces shot shapes to draw and go a straight flight.
  • High launches and glides for better turf interaction and...
  • Crisp acoustic sound at contact
  • Properly printed label on the bottom guides you to choose right wedges 
Mizuno JPX 919 irons (Mizuno type for mid handicappers)
  • Soft, forged iron feel and crisper sound.
  • The weight moved into the hill and toe of the clubface for speed and more forgiveness.
  • Classic look at address attracts purists
  • Loved by shot-shapers
Srixon Z 585 irons (golfers choice of forged irons for shot shaping mid handicappers)
  • Stable and superb performance across the face
  • Easy swinging for its lightweight
  • Low point center of gravity and lowered hitting spot for easier and firm contact.
Taylormade M2 Irons (suggested for budget mid handicapper)
  • A massive spot to have a pure hit every time
  • Easy to hit the ball high in the air
  • Mishits go an unusually long way.
  • Worry free and trustworthy club on every shot
Titleist 718 AP3 (for single digits mid handicappers)
  • Greater distance and accuracy
  • Feel superiority by telling people that you play Titleist irons
  • A very professional looking club with slight-game improvement characteristics
  • Sometimes hard to find with the recent releases of golf clubs

What Are The Best Irons In The Market Aside From Titleist?

TaylorMade P790 Iron

In search of the leading golf irons for over the past years, the frequently mentioned TaylorMade P790 to be on the top of the list. This player's iron is a total game-changer in the irons market. The TaylorMade P790 belongs to the most successful irons ever constructed. It is very appealing among golf enthusiasts because of its full set of long irons.

  • Preferred for a long-distance and straight trajectory flight technology.
  • The astounding combination of technology looks and feels.
  • High-strength forged carbon steel, soft steel body, and face wrapped construction create farther distance and forgiveness.
  • Strategically located low profile tungsten weighting increases MOI throughout the set for unrivaled playability.
  • Extremely-thin internal leading edges provide added forgiveness on impacts low on the face.
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology enhances performance across the face and elevates speed.

Callaway Apex Iron

It’s not surprising to found the Callaway Apex on this list. The whole Apex line redefined the strike distance category many years ago, and the Apex Iron continues to improve every year and be on top choice for many golfers.

  • Controlled Ball Flight and Workability From Precision Shaping
  • Fast Speed impact from Jailbreak Technology
  • Classic Design

Srixon Z785 Iron

Can we still call Srixon an underdog? They have garnered another major win this year at The Open Championship. Big thanks to Shane Lowry and the Z785 that helped Srixon build up significant iron market share for the past years.

  • Very forgiving with a soft forged feel
  • Works for all types of players
  • Great speed trajectory
  • The price of the quality of forging is fantastic
  • Combination of looks and great technology
  • Yields a consistent high ball speed across the face while keeping some slight spins.
  • The Srixon Z785 is designed for low and high handicaps with a very competitive price point.

Ping G410 Iron

Not surprised to find a Ping iron on the top 5 list. The Ping G Series irons are synonymously parallel with the original G2s. The G410 differs from its successor, G400. Ping cut on the footprint and upgraded turf interactions, and also increased the forgiveness level.

  • The Ping G410 iron has made improvements in sound technology.
  • A clean look from preceding models makes it on the top rank.
  • Great launch speed and turf
  • Maximum launch and spin profile for a lengthy hit and hold, a green

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Iron

The entire Mizuno JPX line revolutionized the way golfers outside traditional “Mizuno Player” envision the company. The 919 Hot Metal is an ideal example of taking a working club( the 900 HotMetal) and making small changes to get even better execution.


Titleist T400 IronsGet the Most from Every SwingTitleist T400 Irons
Titleist T300 IronsRaise Your GameTitleist T300 Irons
Titleist T200 IronsAttack Every GreenTitleist T200 Irons
Titleist T100 IronsGet the Optimum PerformanceTitleist T100 Irons

Hopefully, you now feel a bit better equipped to choose a set of Titleist irons for your game. Each of these irons is built for a different type of player. The result is that now every golfer has the chance to play with a Titleist club. These advantages should be a welcome change for most. The higher handicap players have been looking for the Titleist players feel for many years; now they have the chance to get it.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

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