The Absolute Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speed [Reviewed]

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Finding the right golf ball for your game is just as important as finding the proper driver or pair of golf shoes. A golf ball that is not properly fit to your game is going to make it more difficult to score and get the results that you need from the golf ball. If you are in the market for the best golf ball for a high swing speed, we have some options that will work for you. 

A high swing speed for golfers is considered one of the surest signs of an advanced player. That's why they need a ball, which could travel an amazing length of distance without losing stability in-flight or moving sideways. That enables the golfers to shoot excellent scores.

In this post, we will be looking at the best golf balls in the market today for golfers with amazingly high-speed swings.

Our Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speed in 2021

  • Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls (Best Overall)
    "We picked Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls as the best golf ball for high swing speed. That’s because these golf balls are specifically made to enhance the facets of the golfer’s game and offer higher forgiveness and a better, more consistent feel.

    Enhanced control and feel each stem from its soft SlipRes cover formulation mixed with awesome SlipRes urethane cover. This golf ball is made along with its proprietary Seamless Cover Technology, which makes each ball design a piece of art. That guarantees you get the best performance out of your balls and make use of your fast swing."
  • Snell MTB X Golf Ball (Best on a Budget)
    "Are you currently looking for a high-performance ball? Then the Dean Snell MTB X Golf Ball might be a great choice for you while staying on a tighter budget. The smaller core providers faster speeds and low driver swing. You will also find a thicker, firmer mantle layer for improved mid and short iron approach shots."
  • TaylorMade TP5 x Golf Balls (Upgrade Pick)
    "A golf ball that provides a massive speed and progressive compression on full shots and is designed for more playability."
  • Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Great Alternative)
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X (Also Popular)

Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speed

High swing speeds balls have a remarkable balance of soft feel, low spin rates, and low compression. These days, golfers have a wide array of options for high swing speed golf balls.

We have reviewed below the best swing speed golf balls to help you get ready and organize your golf game most efficiently.

Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Best Overall


  • Dual dimple technology lowers drag
  • The technology enhances the ball's flight
  • Lowered driver spin helps you hit more fairways
  • Robust
  • Excellent quality
  • The ball may not hold up like other Bridgestone offerings

Are you currently in search of golf balls that will help you strengthen your accuracy, speed, distance, and entire ball control? Maybe you are wondering what balls to pick. Whatever your case may be, Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls are the best options for you! 

Keep in mind that the B RX golf balls are intended to enhance the above aspects of your game. Its goal is to offer better forgiveness and a greater, more consistent feel. All twelve balls involved in this set feature a dependable gradational core made to add distance, lower sidespin, and boost initial ball speed to offer you each benefit when playing on the course.


Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls are made with a proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. The Seamless Cover Technology also lowers drag and increases ball trajectory meaning that the user is left with a ball that offers added yardage, performance, and consistent flight. That is all achieved through the combination of all the innovative design and technology of BR X.

All that awesome technological functionality comes at a great cost. The Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls are no doubt in connection with the title of the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed.

This golf ball is sought after for its solid feel. Its REACTIV cover functions as an impact modifier. What that indicates is that the cover works as a shock absorber for shorter shots, making more spin. The cover keeps more resilience on higher impact shots such as woods and long irons for a more solid feel. Hence, the Tour B RX feels soft and nice from putter to mid-ish irons.

Overall, this golf ball is worth considering if you are a player with more moderate or greater swing speeds seeking premium performance. It is an excellent distance ball with enough spin and control where you need it.

Snell MTB X Golf Ball

Best on a Budget

Snell MTB X Golf Ball


  • It has a very comparable feel to high end brand names
  • Great performance
  • Excellent for players with a slower swing speed
  • Feel awesome off the driver’s face
  • Lacks the credibility of the mainstream brands
  • Low spin on long games might be a problem

The Snell MTB X Golf Ball is a great set of balls, which provide high-end features in a soft ball. Compared to the original Snell MTB Balls, this one has a much softer feel. That means they are much friendlier to golfers with greater speed and provide better greenside performance.

The great thing about the Snell MTB is that they have just enough firmness to help players get distance. The same cannot be said for other high speed golf balls that tend to feel a bit soft to the higher swing speed player. Normally, distance is what the brand is after, especially when the ball comes out on the firmer side of things. That looks to be the case with this ball.


It does not disappoint off the tee as well. The ball feels hot off the face. Moreover, the ball felt powerful off the drivers, and anybody could play with total confidence as it will drive through the wind without potential problems.

Overall, for its price point, this is an awesome ball. This is the ball for players who want a slightly firmer and clicker feel. It performs awesome through the bag in the long game but still offers the control and response around the greens for both the serious and average golfer.

TaylorMade TP5 x Golf Balls

Upgrade Pick


  • The high trajectory for longer distance
  • Thick cover yet soft feel
  • Made with five pieces
  • Straight shots
  • Ideal for lower launch with lesser drag
  • Robust dual cover

TaylorMade TP5 x is another awesome premium golf ball for low handicappers. This golf ball became highly famous among other golfers after the five-piece TP5 x of TaylorMade came to the scene in 2016. It’s claimed to present fantastic performance with its ninety compression.

One of the best things about this high swing speed golf ball is its fifth layer. A golf ball with five layers adds so many levels of performance it is hard to compete against.

The five-layer golf ball design boasts a Tri-Fast Core and Dual Spin Cover. In case you didn’t know, that adds more to this golf ball’s playability. That stunning design makes it the best golf for high swing speed, along with each golf club face inside your golf bag.


It’s worth mentioning as well that the Tri-Fast Core provides a distinct three-layered core system, offering massive speed, maximum energy transfer, and progressive compression on full shots. Such features make it the most amazing tour balls. You need to acknowledge its Dual Spin Cover as well! That’s because the cover is the major reason you can feel all shots you make with.

TaylorMade TP5 x. What’s more, the semi-rigid inner cover and ultra-soft cast urethane enable maximum interaction between the cover and golf club face when mixed. The stunning design leads to great spin performance with complete wedge shots. The control it offers around the green is awesome as well. 

To sum up, the TaylorMade TP5x is sought to present long distances along with excellent trajectory. Yet, keeping the softer feel and excellent control. Along with ninety compressions, you can anticipate lesser drag and higher launch. You’ll surely be hitting the green even in greater ball flight conditions and much steeper descent angles.

 Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Great Alternative

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls


  • Designer for higher performance
  • A true all-rounder
  • Improved and new sound
  • A league of its own
  • Uses patented urethane design cover
  • A bit pricey

It probably comes as no surprise that the Titleist Pro V1 is one of the highest performing golf balls on the market.  In fact, their Pro V1 golf balls are the best to use if you are seeking maximum performance. The ball is made for optimum performance at 90mph speed but works great for faster. That makes the best option for players of all abilities, particularly those with higher swing speed.

Remember that the Titleist Pro V1 is a 3-piece constructional ball. The dual-core of the Titleist golf ball boosts the feel and performance of the ball. It also offers golfers improved distances through their bags and the benefits of one of the best golf balls. The Pro V1x is the big brother of this golf ball and would be another great choice. The V1x is by some considered the best overall ball on the market and tends to be good for those with the highest ball speeds.


Do take note that the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are made for both amateur players and the best golfers in performance from this ball if you have a low handicap, but it’s still an excellent all-rounder and a ball you can grow into as you build your short game.

What we love about this Titleist high swing speed golf ball is that it provides performance, which is unsurpassed within the market while being a versatile choice for golfers with different skill levels.

When we talk about the ball’s feel, the Pro V1 has the Thermoset Urethane elastomer cover. That makes the golf ball substantially softer. However, it does not take away from the ball’s durability. Moreover, the Pro V1 model was designed to be substantially weaker than the V1X. The difference is extremely perceptible.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls also feature enhanced painting systems, and the cover provides improved durability. Did you know that a standard ball can last seven rounds before noticeable signs of wear? However, you can be confident that getting Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls is one of the most durable.

You may notice a few dents from time to time, as with all golf balls. However, you can put them back into the course immediately after a bit of washing.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Also Popular


  • All around performance makes it one of the ideal golf balls for high swing speed
  • It prevents close to the pitch mark
  • Soft feeling on the golf clubs face
  • Available in soccer ball Truvis print
  • The softest feel on the list

Ultimately, we also have Callaway Chrome Soft X, which is the most sought-after golf ball at shops. This one is made specifically for golfers with a high swing speed. A decent number of high swing players favor that golf, as it has low compression balls and guarantees a softer feel around the greens.

The soft golf balls assure fast ball speeds and lower spin. Moreover, they feature an ultra-soft feel and provide control and distance through the bag.


The Callaway Chrome Soft X, without a doubt, has the softest feel of all. The softer cover and mantle layer provides it a pliable feel on greenside shots. It is nearly too soft for others, whether harsh or otherwise. 

Its manufacturer utilized a 4-piece design with a harder Dual SoftFast core to get the ball as you go as straight as the Chrome Soft. However, it goes further and presents more control over the shot shape, especially if the high ball speed contacts the ball.

Besides, a lower compression of ninety makes it similar to the Pro V1. Nonetheless, the Callaway Chrome Soft ball boasts hexagonal dimples. The width is ideal for visualizing a line through the ball to the hole. The colors also contrast strikingly without being a big distraction.

The golf ball works great for 100 mph swing speeds. The only disadvantage we can tell about this golf ball is that it’s too soft. Anybody cranking out 105mph or much faster tends to blow up the core on such golf balls. That results in inconsistent results as the ball splats on the face. You won’t feel a thing at 99mph or so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may already have some questions in mind about golf balls for high swing speeds. Lucky for you, this section is here to answer some of your commonly asked questions.

How Far Should I Expect To Drive The Ball With 100mph Swing Speed?

It substantially depends on the stroke type and your age. However, the standard male golfer playing with a swing speed of around 100mph can expect to drive the ball around 200 - 250 yards. However, with the right technique and the optimal equipment, this could be even a little higher, and you could reach around 270+ yards.

Should You Purchase A 12.5 Degree Or A 10.5-Degree Drivers?

Keep in mind that this is depending on how quickly you are hitting the ball. A 12.5 degree driver enables for more forgiving and higher-lofted shots. For an advanced player, it is suggested to use and purchase a 10.5 driver. This applies to a more experienced players and can produce quick ball speeds of more than 100 mph.

How Far Do The Tour Professionals Drive Their Ball?

In case you didn’t know, the major hitter on the PGA Tour in 2020 was Bryan DeChambeau. He averages an enormous 337.8 yards on each of his drives. Amazing, isn’t it? The average tour professional drives the ball 295 yards.

What Is High Swing Speed?

Many pro golfers have a swing speed of at least 112mph compared to the low swing speed of the standard golfer clocking in at least 90mph. Keep in mind that your golf ball would present the best results, especially if it undergoes maximum compression. The core of your ball is what is in charge of that maximum compression.

The contact of the core along with the club is what distinguishes the distance the ball would travel at your certain swing speed. A compressed core would transport momentum massively. Hence, your ball would cover a higher distance.

You’d be losing distance when momentum isn’t sufficiently moved at the time of downswing or impact. You will find a power leak at that moment that will cut down on the distance the ball would otherwise have traveled.

What’s Compression, And What Does It Mean For You?

Keep in mind that compression is a measure of firmer feel and typically connected with feeling. The greater your compression value, the harder your ball tends to feel. Typically the faster your swing speed, the higher the compression you can handle. 

What is essential is seeking a ball that offers the perfect balance of performance for the game. At most, feel must be a secondary factor when selecting a ball.

What Golf Balls Should You Purchase?

What ball to purchase is often a more personal preference because it is extremely performance-driven. One of the essential things to remember is the only equipment that you utilize every shot with numerous clubface and playing a ball without having the best fitting is a huge mistake.

There can be balls made to offer the same performance, even for golfers with slower swings and higher swings. Getting the perfect one for players with high swing speeds can unleash untapped consistency and distance for each shot with each clubface. That can result in lower scores.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Remember that swing speeds of 100mph or more could be categorized as high swing speeds. Are you a golf player with a higher swing speed? Then it’s a great indication as it presents you have the swing for great game performance.

Nonetheless, one of the things you need to make sure of is to utilize golf balls, which are designed for high swing speeds. But, how can you pick such golf balls? Consider these factors first:

Spin and Distance

One of the important and first things you need to search for is a ball, which could travel a long distance once you swing it. In short, the golf ball you pick must enhance your driver’s distance. The golf ball must control any spin, which is made involuntarily apart from making the most of the swing’s distance.

You may be thinking about how you can get a ball that gets the most of your swing distance and control any sidespin as well. You can get one by searching for the following:

Construction of the golf ball

Golf ball construction does come into play; it’s important to choose a ball that can properly compress and spin when you need it to. The reason for that is to help you learn how golf balls work and what helps to accomplish maximum distance and accuracy with them.

After that, you need to consider the golf ball’s construction. Determine the types of its construction: 2-piece and 3 to 5-piece balls.

2-piece golf balls

These are made up of a large rubber core and features urethane covers or ionomer covers. These are cheap and utilized for a lower spin and lots of distance. 

3-5-piece golf balls

These balls provide numerous opportunities for a higher speed during the swing. That’s made possible through the components utilized to make such balls. You will find four-piece tour balls in this category, as well as 3-piece hybrid balls. Both are perfect for golfers, along with a higher swing speed.


Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf BallsBest OverallBridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls
Snell MTB X Golf BallBest on a BudgetSnell MTB X Golf Ball
TaylorMade TP5 x Golf BallsUpgrade PickTaylorMade TP5 x Golf Balls
Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsGreat AlternativeTitleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
Callaway Chrome Soft XAlso PopularCallaway Chrome Soft X

These days, you will find a plethora of the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed. That could make it challenging for golfers with a high swing speed to pick the perfect golf ball for themselves. Nonetheless, the products mentioned in this review should make it hassle-free and simpler for you to pick the perfect golf ball for your game.

So, what are you waiting for? Which is the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed that you will buy next?
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