The 5 Best Golf Club Sets in 2020 (for All Player Types)

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Club Sets on the market today; including our top pick, five golf club set comparison table, detailed reviews, and FAQs. Thanks for reading!

Your golf club set is your best buddy when playing a nice round of golf. The vast green scenery and the fresh air are something that you’re always excited to look up too. Your imagining that everything is perfect out there, the weather, your outfits, and your golf friends joining you on the course. But of course, all of this will not be complete without your best golf club set with you. 

Buying a new golf club set is both exciting and rewarding. You’re quite nervous about what to choose from a wide array of products in the market, especially if you are just a beginner and don’t know yet how to mix and matched those golf clubs. Buying a complete set can save you from those worries.

Buying a golf set can help you make sure that you have everything that you need in your bag to start your game. Can’t wait to get your hands on your new sets or confuse which one to buy? Then brace yourself up. This list is for you. We will uncover the top 5 Best golf club set in terms of budget performance and forgiveness and describes what includes within the set for you to decide if it is the one you want!

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice:

Our pick
Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set
Best Golf Club Set

The Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set consists of all the clubs that you will need in the game. This set has features that make it suitable for all kinds of golf players, from starters to intermediate players who are ready to upgrade their equipment. The feel, accuracy, and performance of this club set is also a good value for your money.

Best Golf Club Set - Comparison Table

If you see a golf club set you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our reviews.

Callaway Strata Complete Golf SetBest OverallCallaway Strata Complete Golf Set
Wilson Ultra Complete Golf SetBest on a BudgetWilson Ultra Complete Golf Set
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf SetBest Golf Club Set for WomenCallaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set
Nitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf SetBest Set for BeginnersNitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf Set
Wilson Profile JGI Junior Golf SetBest Set for JuniorsWilson Profile JGI Junior Golf Set

Best Golf Club Set - Detailed Reviews for 2020

1. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

Best Overall

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set is the best overall golf set. Beginner or professional player? You can surely use this set as your start-up set or if you wanted to upgrade your sets.

This set will surely fit you. You don’t have to mix and matched what’s in your bag. All you need for the game carefully selected for you and is already this set.

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

The sets come in blue and red color. The bag is simple, yet it still looks lovely. This 12 set comes with a driver, 3-wood fairway, 4-hybrids, a set of four irons/wedges, a putter bag, and two headcovers.

The driver of this set is a 460cc forged driver. It has a large sweet spot that will help you quickly hit the ball from the tee for a precise stroke. The forged driver and the large sweet spot is very forgiving and help you send the ball away from the tee. The aerodynamic head design of the fairway woods will help you with your long shots. It also comes with hybrids for better playability.

The iron/wedges are made from steel, giving you more control over your ball. While the putter in this set is a mallet shape with a T-alignment design, this is good if you have a straight swing and want to have a better alignment of the ball.

The Callaway Strata Complete set comes with a sandbag with a five-pocket and a rain hood to protect your bag. Headcovers for your driver and fairway woods come for free for your clubs' protection.

2. Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

Best on a Budget

This set aims to help beginner players with their game early on. Love yellow?

You will surely fall in love with the Wilson Ultra Complete Set. It comes in a beautiful yellow color and will look and play great if you’re starting out and just testing the waters. (Hopefully only figuratively) You don’t want to spend on too expensive clubs but regret it later.

Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

Aside from being beginner-friendly, Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set is also generous on pockets, affordable, and still delivering an excellent performance.

It has a sizeable 460cc Titanium matrix driver. The shaft is made of graphite material. This is a lightweight driver that will help you launch your ball with distance and accuracy.

The #6, 7,8,9 iron set left us a little disappointed because there is no #5 iron included. However, the hybrid might be a better choice for beginners anyways. It also has a significant perimeter weighting features making it forgiving during the game.

The set comes with a forgiving heel/toe putter, which will help you get the maximum moment of inertia and send those balls on the hole with ease. It has a soft paddle grip. It is very comfortable and will help you aim more successful shots.

All in the bag of the Wilson Ultra Complete set weighs 3 lbs making it easy to carry around if you want to. It also has seven openings in the top and four closed pockets.

3. Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set

Best Golf Club Set for Women

For all women wanting to have all clubs they could ever ask for in their bag, this is a set that is perfect for them.

Callaway Strata Ultimate is a 16-piece set that will surely meet every woman's needs in golf clubs. It is available in a teal and vibrant purple color that will surely compliment every woman's outfit.

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set

The clubs' design shoots for ultimate distance and performance. The driver is made of titanium and has a large sweet spot. It has a long-distance 5-wood with an aerodynamic shape head. With the full titanium head and aerodynamic head, you will be surprised by how lightweight it is, giving you more room for forgiveness in your game.

Irons are made from stainless steel and built with high flight technology. Plus, the putter is precisely milled for better accuracy and control over your putting.

The lightweight, durable bags that come with it complete the Callaway Women's Strata set and will help you better organize your clubs inside your bag.

4. Nitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf Set

Best Set for Beginners

Nitro Golf-Lades Blaster is a great starter set for women who are new on playing golf, while still featuring PGA certified clubs you can expect that to last long with proper care.

This set is not just only for beginner players. Beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players are suited to use this set. 

Nitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf Set

The clubs in this set focus on playability, control, and accuracy for every player. The graphite shafts result in the clubs being ultra-lightweight. Being friendly for all levels of players, Nitro Golf Ladies has a unisex flex shaft and oversized head club driver.

If you are a player who has trouble with their shots in the middle of the fairway, then this set might be just what the doctor ordered. It will help you have better control of your golf balls.

The putter also has a scoring line and perimeter weighting for better alignment and more putting.

The Nitro Lades set comes with one driver, one 3-wood, one hybrid, a six-piece iron set, one putter, bag, three clubhead covers, and one rain hood. Just a heads up, this set does not come with a sand wedge. You can only purchase it separately if you needed one for your game, which will be the case for most people but the earliest beginners.

5. Wilson Profile JGI Junior Golf Set

Best Set for Juniors

Kids seem to grow fast and will quickly outgrow their clubs. If you are looking for a golf set for your son, daughter, or grandkids, then you may consider the Wilson Profile JGI Junior.

Wilson understands that there’s a lot of young players out there that also love golf. So, they decided to create a collection that will meet your youngster’s needs.

Wilson Profile JGI Junior Golf Set

Wilson Golf Profile JGI is designed based on juniors swing speed and is excellent for beginners and even intermediate players. It is available in 3 sizes, large, medium, and small. Sizes come with different colors, large (blue and teal), medium (purple and yellow), and small (red only).

This set comes with Super Game Improvement Technology for better swing and forgiveness. It also has a heel/toe weighted putter for better alignment for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What clubs are included in the set?

Usually, these are the types of clubs that are included in the set and is essential for your game.

Driver/woods- This has the biggest club head in the bag, helping the ball launch to a great distance in the fairway and towards the hole.

Hybrid- This is the combination of wood and iron. Most players love to use hybrids as they are easier to hit. Designed for forgiveness, their playability is a crucial advantage and helps players regularly when they are on the rough or in the bunker.

Iron- Irons are in use for both long and short shots, but are most commonly used in the 5-iron up range, as hybrids have replaced lower number irons over the years. Their goal is often to get the ball onto the green from medium distances.

Wedges- Sometimes, wedges are part of an iron set. Use of a wedge often indicates a problem like playing out of the bunker. This club is an excellent help on bringing the ball back to the fairway

Putter- This can either be blade or mallet type and helps with short-distance shots on the green. A good putter enables you to reduce the number of putts it takes to finish a hole. It is designed with different alignment patterns for the player to have a better alignment of their ball towards the hole.

Should I buy a set or individual club?

Buying a set of a golf club can help you save from worrying whether these clubs match with your style or not. Manufacturers usually made a set of golf clubs, and they have the target market for the said design. If the features of the clubs match your needs and preference, then you can purchase this set. Sets are also a bit cheaper compared to buying individual golf clubs. You will also worry less about how you organize your club because it usually comes with the bag and other accessories to better take good care of your equipment. Set also helps you ensure that you have everything that you need for the game.

How Much Should You Spend on a Golf Club Set?

 If you are starting, you can start with a cheaper club set. This club set will help you better understand what kind of player you in the course. When you are already familiar with yourself and your stroke, you can now choose to upgrade your set and even have the custom set for you.

What is the best brand for the golf set?

Every company usually claimed that they are the best brand, and they have the best equipment that fits the golfers. For me, there is no best brand when it comes to golf set. It still depends on everyone’s preference and how they feel and how it affects their performance. But there are brands out there that are tested and used by different players and have made a name when it comes to golf equipment. Callaway, Wilson, Ping, Mizuno, and others. No two people are the same. In the end, you can say that it is the best brand for you if it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Quick Summary of the Best Golf Club set in 2020

Callaway Strata Complete Golf SetBest OverallCallaway Strata Complete Golf Set
Wilson Ultra Complete Golf SetBest on a BudgetWilson Ultra Complete Golf Set
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf SetBest Golf Club Set for WomenCallaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set
Nitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf SetBest Set for BeginnersNitro Golf Lades Blaster Golf Set
Wilson Profile JGI Junior Golf SetBest Set for JuniorsWilson Profile JGI Junior Golf Set
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Golf sets usually consist of the clubs that you need for the game. With plenty of golf set in the market, it is up to you to choose based on the color or the kind of set that meets your needs. If you have enough budget and want to level up your game, you can also purchase those individual sets that you think will help you improve your performance.

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