Top 5 Best Callaway Driver – Expert Review

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Our Best Callaway Driver in 2021

  • Mavrik (Best Overall)
    "The Callaway Mavrik Driver takes all the great things about the Rouge and the Epic Flash and put them into one of the highest performing golf drivers that the game has ever seen."
  • Epic Flash (Best on a Budget)
    "The Callaway Epic Flash was one of the best drivers that Callaway has ever released. When the Mavrik line came out, the Epic Flash dropped in price, but it certainly didn’t lose any of its high performing technology!"
  • Mavrik Sub Zero Driver (Best For Low Handicapper)
  • Women’s Reva (Best For Women)
  • Big Bertha B21 (Best For Forgiveness)

Best Callaway Driver

Callaway Mavrik

Best Overall


  • Better distance
  • Large sweet spot
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Lots of accuracy
  • One of the lowest spin drivers on the market
  • Titanium Face
  • No adjustable weights on the standard Mavrik club head

The Callaway Mavrik driver has some of the fastest ball speeds that you will find in a driver. Since this club combines the Flash Fase SS20 architecture, the Cyclone Aero shape, and the Triaxial Carbon Crown, there is not much more you could ask for when it comes to speed.

The entire line of Callaway Mavrik drivers was made using artificial intelligence to help them be even more productive for a golfer. What we love is that Callaway did not try to reinvent the wheel with this driver. They simply took all of the great things about their golf equipment in the last three or four years and combined it into one driver. 


The Mavrik is an adjustable loft driver that will allow you to get a perfect setting before you even swing the club back. The Mavrik Max Driver and Mavrik Sub Zero have interchangeable weights. However, the Callaway Mavrik has a fixed center of gravity to ensure that the driver is optimized for the best launch and low spin.

If you have always played the Callaway golf driver and want to be impressed with forgiveness and distance, the Mavrik is a great choice.

callaway Epic Flash

Best on a Budget


  • Great model for the mid handicap player
  • Epic Flash is a distance driver
  • Low spin and high MOI coming off the club face
  • First driver with flash face technology
  • High ball speed

There is no question that some of these drivers from Callaway are high performing, but they are also quite expensive. Golfers sometimes have to decide if a golf club is worth the price for the features that it has to offer. The Callaway Epic Flash is the best Callaway if you are looking for a great deal.

The price on this club has dropped more than $200 since it’s original release. The Epic Flash drivers were the first to offer both Jailbreak and Flash Face technology. If you are a lower handicap player, the Epic Flash Sub Zero driver will likely be the best choice for you. 


The Callaway Epic Flash will help golfers to increase swing speed and distance. As an upgrade from the Rogue driver of previous years, you will instantly notice the improved sound and feel with this Callaway Driver. 

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver

Best For Low Handicapper

Mavrik Sub Zero Driver


  • High performing titanium face
  • Flash Face ss20
  • Lower launch for low handicappers
  • Great for fast swing speeds
  • Adjustable weight
  • Not very forgiving

Callaway makes products for low handicappers as well. Any of the Sub Zero clubs are built to give great players the distance and feel that they need. The features on this Sub Zero allow the better players to feel like they have a custom fit and can work the ball; however, they need to.

With the success of the Epic Flash Sub Zero, Callway had a tough job ahead of them to come out with a product that was even better. With the Mavrik Sub Zero, they have somehow surpassed the performance that we thought was possible on a driver for low handicappers.

The Mavrik Sub Zero has a very hot club face, lots of adjustability, high MOI, and some of the best feel around. There is a misconception out there that lower handicappers don’t need speed because of their swings. This is just not the case. Low handicappers need distance and fast ball speeds, just like any other player. 


The best drivers for low handicap players are those that also allows for great feel. Golfers don’t always want to hit their driver straight. Many times they want products that offer the ability to draw or fade the club. This is something that the Mavrik SZ will allow to happen.

The clubhead is slightly smaller than the more forgiving Mavrik, but the ball flight, loft angle, and distance are unmatched when the club is hit on the sweet spot. If your handicap is ten or less and you like to control the ball with your Callaway driver, this club is a great choice. 

Callaway Women’s Reva

Best For Women

Women’s Reva


  • Forgiving model
  • Less side spin
  • High launch
  • Better feel and sound than the Rouge
  • Impressive ball speed
  • A little lightweight for the faster swing speed golfer

Callaway has always made drivers that will work for female golfers. The Callaway Reva is a brand new driver, and it has tremendous ball speed and performance for the woman golfer. If you enjoyed the Callaway Rogue, but you want something with better feel, sound, and ball speed, the Callaway Reva is a great choice.

The Callaway Reva driver sits at the top of our list because this is a driver built specifically for women. Women don’t have the same ball speed and swing speed that men do, so they need technology that is built specifically for them. 

Many companies will put out a new driver and simply put a women’s shaft in the club. This new Callaway Reva is a golf driver built specifically for women. The club is a draw bias design that will also help golfers to eliminate their slice. 


Perhaps the most important thing about the Reva drivers is that they combine the jailbreak and the new flash face to give women golfers the best technology for distance. If you are playing with a club that is a few years old and feel like the ball does not travel as it should, the Reva can help.

When deciding between the Callaway Mavrik and the Callaway Reva for women, choose based on feel and handicap. The Mavrik is going to be more for the mid handicapper, and the Reva will be for players that struggle to get their game out of the high handicap zone.

Big Bertha B21

Best For Forgiveness


  • Jailbreak technology
  • Features include a draw bias head
  • Designed so that anyone can get distance and accuracy
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Adjustable loft
  • Mostly built for higher handicappers, not great for lower handicap players

The Big Bertha B21 is brand new technology that Callaway has just released. This is the most forgiving model that Callaway has put out. If you happen to struggle with mis hits when it comes to a driver, the B21 can give you the distance and accuracy that you need.

If you are a golfer who struggles with a slice, then there is no question that the brand new B21 is one of the golf clubs you should consider. Fixing a slice and eliminating the side spin that comes off the club are some of the most challenging flaws when learning to play great golf.

The B21 is a distance driver, but it still offers high launch for those players that need to get the ball up in the air. Another great thing about this Callaway B21 is the fact that it is draw bias. A draw bias driver is one that will allow players to hit a right to left drive as opposed to a left to right shot.


The face of the B21 has been stepped up from the SS20 to the SS21. It is also one of the features that artificial intelligence has helped to create. For the most part, the B21 is a driver for higher handicappers that need help getting back to the fairway on the golf course.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 is a light weight driver that also helps golfers get the club head speed that they need. With the combination of distance and forgiveness, this is one of those products that Callaway will be selling out of rather quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few questions that golfers tend to ask about the Callaway drivers. Many of the features that Callaway tends to offer are unique to their brand. It is a good idea to understand both the pros and cons of Callaway drivers before choosing the best club for you.

What Is The Best Callaway Driver for an Average Golfer?

The best current driver Callaway offers for the average golfer is the Mavrik. Mavrik has the forgiveness and the distance that a golfer needs to make sure that they can get the shots they want out of the club.

The two previous models for average golfers are the Rogue and the Epic Flash. The Callaway Rogue Driver is a great choice if you want distance and simplicity in a club. The sound and feel have been improved with the Callaway Epic Flash drivers. Although the Callaway Rogue is certainly not a bad driver, it is not the best driver that Callaway ever released. We recommend trying all of the Callaway drivers to make sure you find a fit that will work for your golf game. 

Is A Callaway Driver or A TaylorMade Driver Better?

Callaway drivers tend to focus a bit more on forgiveness than the TaylorMade driver. Taylormade is very strong when it comes to ball speed. Although the Callaway Drivers have plenty of speed, the innovation in the drivers Callaway has recently released has more to do with improving the sweet spot and the launch.

Most golfers will become brand loyal to either Callaway or TaylorMade at some point. From one year to the next, these two companies will compete to have the top driver on the market. 

What Is the Benefit Of A Low Spin Driver?

A low spin driver will roll when it lands in the fairway. The drivers built for the higher handicap golfers are going to have lower spin rates to help improve the distance and to keep the ball flight a bit straighter as well. You will notice that most of the Callaway drivers are lower spinning, and they are combined with a golf shaft that also spins very little.

Are All New Drivers Adjustable?

Not all new drivers on the market are going to be adjustable. Most companies will put out adjustable drivers because they help golfers to get a better fit with the club they have in their hand. All of the new Callaway drivers have some type of adjustable technology. Depending on the model, you may be able to adjust weights and loft or just the loft.

What Is Jailbreak Technology?

Jailbreak technology is one of the things that sets Callaway apart. The Jailbreak bars are placed behind the club face of the Callaway drivers, and they almost work as a trampoline when the golf ball is hit. All of the recent releases, including the Callaway Rogue, Callaway Mavrik, Callaway Epic Flash, and even the Big Bertha features the Jailbreak technology.

If you are playing with an older Callaway Driver that does not have Jailbreak Bars, you may not see quite as much ball speed coming off the golf club. 

What Is A Triaxial Carbon Crown?

A triaxial carbon crown is a club head design on a driver that Callaway uses in their clubs. As golf companies get more creative with their weight of their golf clubs, they tend to bring in new materials. The Triaxial Carbon crown is a positive addition to the Callaway driver lineup, and it simply means that you will have an easier time getting the distance and performance that you need with this club in your hands.

Some of the terminology used in golf club creating can make things sound much more complicated than they truly are. 

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Hopefully, by now you know which Callaway Driver is going to be the best fit for your game. Now you just need to make sure that you order the perfect specifications in your driver. Here are a few essential factors that you should be considering when you purchase your Callaway Driver.

Shaft your shots’

The stock shafts that come with the Callaway drivers are very high performing. Make sure that you know your swing speed and purchase a shaft that matches the speed of your swing’s speed. If you want to lower the ball flight, make sure to choose a model that has a bit more weight to it. 


Most of the Callaway Golf drivers are going to come with adjustable loft. Having the ability to change the loft on your driver will give you much more control over your golf ball’s performance. The loft of a club is usually offered between 9-11.5 degrees.

From that point, you should be able to adjust the loft to get the exact setting that you need. Ensure you choose a loft that allows you to get any loft combination that could work for your golf game. Typically speaking, players with lower ball speed will need more loft. 


Even when you choose the best driver for your game, there are usually models that you need to choose from. For instance, the Epic Flash also comes in the Epic Flash Sub Zero. The Mavrik also comes in the Mavrik Max Driver. The most important thing to remember when choosing which model works for you is to consider the head size, forgiveness, and the center of gravity.

The SUB Zero models of a Callaway Driver are built for lower handicap golfers. The Max model of any Callaway Driver is going to have a larger sweet spot and a slightly larger club head as well. These clubs are built for the higher handicap range player.

You won’t make a mistake within the Mavrik brand when you choose a driver, but getting something that closely matches your handicap will be the smartest decision. Additionally, this is where you will see the best performance. 


MavrikBest OverallMavrik
Epic FlashBest on a BudgetEpic Flash
Mavrik Sub Zero DriverBest For Low HandicapperMavrik Sub Zero Driver
Women’s RevaBest For WomenWomen’s Reva
Big Bertha B21Best For ForgivenessBig Bertha B21

Finding the best Callaway Driver on the market can be a little tricky. With all of the top-performing releases in the last few years, it’s hard to say how much better one driver is from another.

The newest Mavrik driver stands out as the best overall club choice for golfers. You can get the Mavrik in a Mavrik Max or a Mavrik Sub Zero Driver. Between the three different choices for Mavrik, there is a driver that will, without a doubt, work for your golf game. 

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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