The 17 Best Golf Irons to Buy Today [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Picking irons that give you good distance, quality, and control all the way down the line is tough. In this guide, we review the best golf irons available today that you should consider adding to your golf bag.

We’ll review the best irons for golfers, including average players, beginners, and semi-pros.

Find out the best forged irons, blade irons, and what the tour pros use. Each iron in our list has gone through rigorous testing and truly stands out from the crowd.

If you purchased new irons this year, we want you to comment down below and let us know what you bought!

What are the Best Golf Irons?

  1. Callaway Paradym (Best Premium Irons for Mid Handicappers)
  2. TaylorMade P770 (Best Forged Irons)
  3. TaylorMade P790 (Best Players Distance Irons)
  4. Cobra Aerojet Irons (Most Forgiving Irons)
  5. Callaway Rogue ST (Best Golf Irons for the Average Golfer)
  6. TaylorMade Qi (Best Golf Irons for Beginners)
  7. Mizuno Pro 221 Irons (Highest Quality Irons)
  8. Srixon ZX7 MK II (Best Non-Premium Players Irons)
  9. Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max Fast Irons (Best Golf Irons for Slower Swing Speeds)
  10. Takomo 201 Irons (Best Budget Performance Irons)
  11. Ping Blueprint S (Underrated Player’s Iron)
  12. Cobra King Tour Irons (Underrated Option)
  13. Cobra Speedzone One Length (Best Game Improvement Irons)
  14. TaylorMade Sim 2 Max (Best for Mid Handicappers)
  15. Mizuno Pro 225 Irons (Best Tour Golf Irons)
  16. Cleveland Launcher UHX (Best Driving Irons)
  17. Callaway Mavrik Max (Most Forgiving Irons)

Callaway Paradym (Best Premium Irons for Mid Handicappers)

Key Features

  • A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face
  • Hollow Body Construction
  • Dual Tungsten Weighting

Key Drawback

  • High price point compared to other brands

The Callaway Paradym golf irons are a remarkable addition to the players’ distance iron category. With their combination of forgiveness and game improvement features, these irons are designed to enhance the performance of golfers with low to mid handicaps.

One of my favorite features of the Callaway Paradym irons is their A.I. design and high-strength forged 455 steel construction. Additionally, the jacked lofts contribute to longer shots, making these irons one of the hottest in the players’ distance category.

The Callaway Paradym irons also incorporate two pieces of tungsten strategically positioned to optimize launch and ball speed. This ensures that golfers can achieve consistent distance with their shots.

However, these irons may not be the best fit for high handicaps, as they are specifically recommended for low and mid handicaps. Additionally, these irons’ prices are higher than others in the same category.

TaylorMade P770 (Best Forged Irons)

Key Features

  • Compact shape
  • FLTD CG (Flighted Center of Gravity)
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

Key Drawback

  • Upgrade may not be worth it over previous models.

The 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons blend traditional design and modern technology, offering golfers the best of both worlds. These irons are aimed explicitly at low-handicap golfers who value forgiveness and distance without compromising the classic appearance.

With their compact shape, thinner topline, and reduced offset in the longer irons, the P770 irons exude a traditional look at address. However, their performance is anything but conventional.

The FLTD CG technology ensures improved launch and playability, providing golfers consistent performance and lower spin rates. The incorporation of SpeedFoam Air reduces density and dampens sound.

Despite their weaker lofts than the P790, these irons deliver higher launch, more spin, and predictable distance. The consistent ball speed across the face ensures precision and accuracy with every shot.

While I wouldn’t recommend these irons for higher handicaps, these irons combine traditional aesthetics and modern performance.

TaylorMade P790 (Best Players Distance Irons)

Key Features

  • SpeedFoam Air Technology
  • Intelligent Sweet Spot
  • Optimal Center of Gravity Placement

Key Drawback

  • Upgrade from the previous model may not be worth it.

The 2023 TaylorMade P790 irons are excellent for low-handicap golfers seeking forgiveness and distance in a classic-looking iron. These irons have a clean, sleek appearance, matte finish, and futuristic font. The size and shape are consistent with previous versions, featuring progressive offset and average blade lengths.

One of the key upgrades in the 2023 version is the fine-tuned center of gravity, which enhances launch and playability. The FLTD CG technology allows for varying the center of gravity position, providing more control and spin across shorter irons and improved launch and forgiveness in the longer clubs.

The TaylorMade P790 irons offer a medium-soft feel due to the incorporation of SpeedFoam Air, which reduces density and dampens sound. These irons deliver fast ball speeds, making them one of the longest in golf.

While the 2023 TaylorMade P790 irons are designed to cater to low-handicap golfers, they may not be suitable for higher handicaps. The irons are known for their power and speed but might lack control regarding left-to-right dispersion. However, for golfers with low handicaps, the TaylorMade P790 irons are an excellent choice to enhance their game and take their performance to the next level.

Cobra Aerojet Irons (Most Forgiving Irons)

Key Features

  • PWRSHELL Insert
  • PWR-BRIDGE Weight Design
  • Incredibly forgiving

Key Drawback

  • Not the greatest feel

The new Cobra Aerojet irons have overtaken the golfing world with their exceptional forgiveness and performance. These irons are specifically designed to cater to golfers who prioritize forgiveness and consistency in their game.

One key feature that makes the Cobra Aerojet irons forgiving is their cavity-back design. This design allows more weight to be distributed around the clubhead’s perimeter, resulting in a higher moment of inertia (MOI). As a result, even if you don’t strike the ball ideally, you can still achieve solid distance and accuracy.

Additionally, the Cobra Aerojet irons feature a deep undercut cavity. This cavity allows more weight to be moved lower and deeper in the clubhead, which helps lower the center of gravity (CG). A lower CG promotes a higher launch angle and ball flight, making it easier to get the ball up in the air and land it softly on the green.

Overall, the Cobra Aerojet irons deliver exceptional forgiveness by combining a cavity-back design, a deep undercut cavity, and a thin clubface. These features work together to minimize the impact of off-center hits and maximize forgiveness.

Callaway Rogue ST (Best Irons for the Average Golfer)

Key Features

  • Made form high strength 450 steel
  • Precision tungsten weighting gives you huge loft and power
  • Other models for beginners or tour players

Key Drawback

  • Higher price point


Callaway is promoting their new Rogue ST irons as the “longest ever, ” which is a pretty heavy claim. However, many of the features and specs in the new irons are made with distance in mind.

Callaway has designed the clubs out of high-strength 450 steel, urethane microspheres, and precision tungsten weighting. The combination seems to work for the most part to add distance no matter what your golf handicap is.

Callaway has designed these irons for the regular golfer, offering forgiveness, performance, and high quality without a ton of effort required.

Up to 62 grams of tungsten have been added to these irons, depending on your chosen model. Tungsten gives you stronger lofts and ball speed by adding weight underneath to the part of the irons that makes contact with the golf ball. 

Callaway has built a high-quality set of irons for the regular golfer. They aren’t as fat on the bottom as the new Stealth irons (see below), so they are more enticing for the regular golfer.

Click here to read our full Rogue ST irons review.

TaylorMade Qi Iron Set (Best Golf Irons for Beginners)

Key Features

  • High-launch design
  • Precision weighting and maximum forgiveness
  • Incredibly forgiving

Key Drawback

  • Feature slightly weaker lofts compared to other options.

The TaylorMade Qi golf irons are great game-improvement irons. They feature design elements to help deliver exceptional forgiveness and performance. These irons are engineered to be extremely forgiving. The cap back design is super easy to hit far. However if you have a faster swing speed, your descent angle will be far too low and you’ll miss most greens.

The integration of FLTD CG technology ensures that the center of gravity is positioned uniquely for each iron, optimizing launch and spin to aid in more consistent shots. The Qi irons feature a longer blade and a larger face area, enhancing forgiveness.

TaylorMade was looking to build on the momentum of the Stealth irons, and I can confirm that the performance and looks of the Qi irons live up to that.

The one downside to the Qi irons is that they are slightly thicker, like the Stealth irons. These irons feature slightly weaker lofts compared to other options on the market. But, if you are a beginner looking for maximum forgiveness with your irons, these are an excellent choice.

Mizuno Pro 221 Irons (Highest Quality Irons)

mizuno pro 221 irons review

Key Features

  • One-piece grain flow forged manufacturing process
  • Soft copper underlay, which allows you to add spin and control
  • A wide center of gravity

Key Drawback

  • Less forgiving than other irons on this list


The Mizuno 221 irons are a traditional muscle-back blade iron. They are forged from a single piece of 1025E pure select mild carbon steel with the Grain Flow HD forging process we mentioned above. This gives them a dense hitting area, which gives the distance to average golfers. The new 221 irons replace the old MP-20 lineup from Mizuno.

Mass has been shifted from the heel of the irons into the entire muscle pad. It also has a narrower top line, but there is no mass loss in the upper blade, which is nice.

The 221 has a wide center of gravity, which I felt was consistent when I tried these irons out. The new Mizuno 221 irons are a replacement for the previous MP-20 irons. They are certainly easier to hit than the MP-20s, which average golfers will like. They are also a bit shorter and more compact in appearance, which might throw Mizuno experts off a little bit.

One big drawback about the 221s is that they, like the previous MP-20s, are only available in right-hand.

The Mizuno Golf Pro series irons are a premium selection of clubs for good players looking to become better. The concept of Mizuno Pro is to incorporate the latest technology into a sleek and simple-looking design shape. Mizuno is known for using high-quality materials to develop all its irons.

Srixon ZX7 MKII (Best Non-Premium Players Iron)

Key Features

  • New PureFrame Technology
  • Tour V.T Sole
  • New laser progressive grooves


Srixon didn’t need to make massive changes with the new ZX7 irons, as the previous ones were trendy among some of the best golfers in the world. They did tweak a few things that will push these irons over the edge into some of the best player’s irons available on the market.

Included in the new ZX7 MKII irons is a new PureFrame technology. This PureFrame ridge is forged as an 80% thicker piece of steel and is placed right behind the sweet spot on the iron where most good golfers can strike the ball. You can see where it is on the iron and notice a difference when hitting the ball. It helps to provide a very soft feel.

Srixon also still has its dynamic Tour V.T. Sole. This sole ensures a higher bounce on the leading edge and prevents digging into the ground. They have a lower bounce on the trailing edge, which curves away from the ground, allowing you to work the ball however you want.

After review, the Srixon ZX7 MKII Irons are an excellent choice for low-handicap golfers who want a sleek blade iron while still getting maximum performance and workability. The forgiveness on off-center hits isn’t great, but if you are playing these types of irons, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

The Srixon ZX7 MKII Irons are available in one shaft, the Nippon NS. Pro Modus3 Tour 120. The stock grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max Fast Irons (Best Golf Irons for Slower Swing Speeds)

Key Features

  • Optimized for slower swinging golfers looking for more distance
  • High-launch design
  • Modern hollow body construction

Key Drawback

  • Very lightweight feel

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max Fast irons are intelligently designed with a focus on optimizing swing speed and increasing launch. I think these are the perfect golf irons for golfers with slower swing speeds.

The deep cavity back construction and tungsten weighting make these really easy to hit. These irons also have a longer blade length to ensure a low, deep center of gravity and high ball flight. The advanced AI Smart Face promotes maximum distance and good ball speed no matter where you make contact.

The AI Smoke Max Fast irons also feature a Dynamic Sole Design that enhances turf interaction, providing exceptional forgiveness. The combination of these features makes these irons a confidence-builder for beginner golfers.

The only drawback to these irons is that they are made to be relatively lightweight, which some golfers may not be a fan of. For a game improvement iron though, these are worth checking out.

Takomo 201 (Best Budget Performance Irons)

Key Features

  • Precision-forged S20C steel
  • Cavity-back design is highly forgiving
  • Very budget-friendly

Key Drawback

  • You must order online before testing

The Takomo 201 golf irons are our number one pick for budget performance irons on the golf course. Takomo is a direct-to-consumer golf brand that ships clubs directly to your door without using a distributor in the middle. This allows Takomo to sell its golf irons for around 30% less than other similar golf clubs.

The 201 irons are precision-forged using S20C steel. I think these irons have a really soft and smooth feel, and they feel great on every hit. The iron’s cavity back design provides forgiveness while retaining workability.

The 201 irons are tailored for low or mid handicap golfers. I think they have awesome playability for spin and control around the green.

Priced at $589.00 USD, the Takomo 201 irons provide exceptional value without compromising on quality. They feature premium components and a selection of KBS shaft options. The irons are also customizable to individual specifications, with an estimated assembly time for custom orders ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

The only downside to the 201 irons is that you can’t try them in a store before purchasing them. They must be purchased directly online. But if you do trust online customer reviews, everyone seems to be raving about these clubs.

Ping Blueprint S (Best Player’s Distance Iron)

Key Features

  • Forged 8620 Carbon Steel
  • Compact head design
  • Precision-machine face and grooves

Key Drawback

  • Only made for highly skilled golfers and not mid-to-high handicap golfers.

The Ping Blueprint S golf irons are the best forged irons that Ping has ever released. I think that these golf irons provide more shot-making precision and performance demanded that most other big-name clubs this year. The Ping Blueprint S irons is my top choice for the best player’s distance iron set.

Featuring a fully forged 8620 carbon steel head with a compact shape, thin topline, and minimal offset, these irons offer a pro-preferred look. The irons also boast a patented Precision-Pocket Forging technique, creating a pocket in the cavity of the 3, 4, and 5 irons to save weight and increase forgiveness. At the same time, an elastomer insert gives these a solid feel and sound.

Precision-milled grooves and a narrow sole ensure consistent turf interaction. I love the launch and spin you get on every shot. These irons are made for the best golfers who want workability and control. They are not made for slower-swinging golfers or golfers who struggle with ball striking.

The Blueprint S are a great choice if you are an excellent golfer looking for the best irons.

Cobra King Tour Irons (Underrated Option)

Key Features

  • Improved shape from the King Forged TEC irons
  • CNC Milled Undercuts to improve launch
  • TPU Inserts for a better feel and sound


The Cobra King Tour Irons are a brand new player’s iron. Cobra took what they did with their previous King Forged TEC and King Tour MIM irons and built upon that in better ways. They made a thinner topline, less offset, and made them a more compact blade look. The result is a great iron that will work for several golfers and increase distance due to the lofts being strong-lofted by 2 degrees.

Traditional irons usually utilize a 4-step forging process, but Cobra takes it one step further for an even better feel and precision in the fifth step. On the back of each King Tour iron, there are CNC-milled undercuts that allow them to reposition weight to a lower center of gravity which helps improve the launch on every shot. The lower CG also helps add forgiveness on mis-hits.

These CNC-milled undercuts are then filled with a TPU material, which helps to soften the blow on every shot and provides an exceptional feel and a great sound. After using the King Tour irons, I can confirm that the feel of every shot is incredible. It was so effortless to square up the ball and send it into the air, and the compact blade-like helped with spin and workability around the course.

If you are a lower handicap golfer who doesn’t like the feel of traditional blade irons, I highly recommend checking out the Cobra King Tour Irons. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

TaylorMade Sim 2 Max Iron Set (Best for Mid Handicappers)

taylormade sim 2 max irons review

Key Features

  • Lots of distance
  • Very forgiving 
  • Feels forged
  • Easy to launch long irons

Key Drawback

  • The top-down look is very thick


The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max irons stand out as the best irons of mid handicappers. It is one of the best cavity-back golf irons I tried because they almost feel like they don’t have that cavity in the back.

TaylorMade has worked very hard to take their distance technology and their forgiveness and make it feel suitable for the average golfer. It uses its revolutionary speed bridge technology. Speed bridge makes SIM 2 max to have an explosive carry distance, forgiveness, and even sound and feel.

With the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max irons, you will see one of the best golf irons with the highest ball speeds. The speed pocket technology has been part of the Taylormade golf irons for several years now, and it just keeps improving.

TaylorMade combined this speed technology with a large and forgiving club head and added their echo-damping technology. This is what helps to eliminate the majority of vibration at impact. When you take this vibration away, golfers will get a much better feel, even on those shots that slightly miss the sweet spot.

Cobra Speedzone One Length Irons (Best Game Improvement Irons)

Cobra Speedzone One Length

Key Features

  • easy to hit and launch
  • PWRSHELL face insert
  • very forgiving
  • excellent for high -handicappers

Key Drawback

  • It’s chunky


The Cobra King Speedzone One Length iron is ideal for beginners and high handicappers looking for game improvement iron. The irons set are all in 7-iron length to promote repeatable setup for players to be consistent regardless of the iron you are hitting. Speedzone One Length irons were available in graphite or steel shafts with different flex options.

If you’re going to look at the One Length, it is almost identical to the Speedzone standard. The standard has a dynamic gold, while this club has a blue color. We like this iron; aside from forgiveness, it has exceptional sounds and feels. The only drawback we found about this iron is that it’s chunky, which other golfers also complained about.

Mizuno Pro 225 Irons (Best Tour Golf Irons)

mizuno pro 225 irons review

Key Features

  • Grain Flow Forged HD manufacturing process
  • Fast-flexing face insert for maximum control
  • Hollow-body design with included tungsten weights
  • Maximum quality

Key Drawback

  • Not for average golfers


The Mizuno 225 irons are hollow irons with a fast-flexing face insert and small tour-ready profile that provides distance, quality, and control. They feature tungsten weights in the bottom of the club head to help provide some extra launch on the club. A majority of PGA players has used Mizuno irons such as these have been ranked #1

The face thickness on the 225s are variable to promote quicker ball speeds for each club. The Hot Metal Blade design is very high quality.

The 2 through 7-iron features a 28.5g tungsten weight, while the shorter irons go without any weight placement because they don’t have any measurable benefit. The 8-iron, 9-iron, and wedges have a 1025E carbon steel face and 17-4 stainless steel cap over the muscleback area. Long story short, these features allow you to add spin on to your shots around the green.

Being hollow, the 225s feature a COR-forged hollow body design (except for that tungsten we mentioned above).

The new Mizuno 225 irons replace the previous MP-20 HMB irons. They should be picked up by a few PGA tour players this year to give them some extra legitimacy.

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons (Best Driving Irons)

Cleveland Launcher UHX

Key Features

  • Progressive design
  • Tour Zip grooves on the pitching wedge and short irons
  • Wider sole on the long irons for higher ball flight
  • Very fair pricing considering the technology

Key Drawback

  • The top-down look is still a bit thick for a lower handicapper to enjoy the look


Cleveland makes some of the highest-performing golf irons for the mid and high-handicapper. This progressive UHX iron offers incredible control in the short irons and lots of launch and distance in the long irons. That combination is hard to beat, especially for this price.

Our favorite thing about the Cleveland Launcher UHX irons is the progressive design. The pitching wedge is going to look a bit different than the four iron, and that is exactly the way a forgiving set of irons should be built.

The longer irons will have a wider sole, and they will help promote a higher launch and some better ball speed and flight. The short irons on this set are built with the Cleveland Tour Zip grooves to help golfers get the spin they need to stop the golf ball where they want.

The UHX irons are built for the mid-handicapper who is looking to improve their game, but they want to do so with a set of irons that rewards for good shots. The low center of gravity on the UHX will help you get some forgiveness should you miss the center of the clubface slightly, but you will also get rewarded when you hit a great shot with the UHX iron set by Cleveland.

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons (Most Forgiving Irons)

Callaway Mavrik Max

Buy It Now

Key Features

  • Amazing feel
  • Very low center of gravity
  • Higher ball flight
  • Large sweet spot


The Callaway Mavrik irons are an update and a significant improvement from last year’s Callaway Rogue irons. The Rogue was long, forgiving, and had a low center of gravity. The problem was that they didn’t look and or feel all that great.

Callaway went to the drawing board and, using artificial intelligence. It could develop a very high-performing replacement with golfers hitting the ball longer, straighter, and more consistent than ever before.

The Mavrik Max Irons are built with slightly higher lofts than some other game improvement irons on the market. The 360 face cup for better great speed. We love this fact about them. The golf iron set in today’s world keeps getting lower and lower lofts to increase the distances. For golfers working on their game, they need shot-making capabilities in addition to distance.

The extra loft the Mavrik Max provides allows players to get the ball in the air and hit the shots they need to score. This is a mid to high-handicapper iron with some performance benefits that golf has never seen before.

This is possible with Callaway Mavrik as it uses the tungsten in the bottom of the head that pulls CG to the center of the head.

Best Golf Brand for Irons


Best Callaway Irons

Callaway is one of the top golf companies known for their golfing equipment, clothing, and golf needs. It is one of the companies introducing some of the best golf irons ever made. The premium design of their golf iron set can captivate any golfer.

One of the cons with the irons Callaway is the price. But please don’t let this discourage you.


Best Taylor Made Irons

For years, TaylorMade irons have been one of the favorites of many golfers. Its iron is pack with innovative features that appeals to different handicapped players. Among its irons, the TaylorMade Sim 2 Max is one of the best golf irons ever made. It feels like forged iron compared to TaylorMade’s other cavity back irons.


Best Ping Irons

If there’s one brand that we can consider iconic and that has already made history with its irons, we can say it’s Ping. For decades, it continued innovating in producing the best golf irons ever. These irons became popular among amateurs and professional golfers.

Ping often plays catchup in popularity compared to Callaway and Taylor Made but has carved out its niche and popularity. Their new irons offer maximum forgiveness and high launch to appeal to most golfers.


Best Titleist Irons

Titleist is one of the brands that produces the best golf irons ever. They are known initially for their golf balls, but over time, they have produced some of the best golf irons for amateur and professional golfers. Their irons are packed with technology that can help golfers take their game to the next level.

Cobra King

Best Cobra Irons

Cobra King is one of the most sought-after golf brands in the market. Over the years, they introduced an array of the best golf irons ever in the market to help golfers advance in their game. They are one of the best golf brands that offer irons with the best value of money. Their irons will be pricy, but it is worth every penny.


Best Mizuno Irons

Mizuno is one of the brands you don’t want to miss out on. Mizuno irons have sleek and minimalist designs. Their irons have an exceptional feel.

The new Pro Series from Mizuno has a golf club for every kind of golfer, all manufactured using a high-quality forging process from Hiroshima, Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With all the iron choices on the market, golfers have many questions about which set to pick. We understand how overwhelming this can be. Here are a few of the questions we get asked most frequently about choosing the best golf irons on the market.

What Should A High Handicapper Look For In A Set Of Irons?

When choosing a golf club set for the high handicapper, it is ok to choose forgiveness over distance. Forgiveness will allow golfers to get better ball speed and flight and increase consistency.

High handicappers should stay away from blade-style irons, and they should look for something with a low center of gravity. If a higher handicapper struggles with distance, looking for a lighter shaft with a graphite design makes sense.

What Should An Average Golfer Look For In an Iron Set?

Average golfers who struggle with forgiveness should look for a cavity-type design with a low center of gravity.

Average golfers with very good iron performance can look into forged or blade-type irons. If your irons are the best clubs in your bag, you should play to your strengths and play with the highest-performing iron you can handle.

How Many Irons Should I Carry In My Golf Bag?

Most iron sets are sold as a 4-iron to pitching wedge. In recent years, with all of the loft changes done by golf companies and the popularity of hybrid golf clubs, these iron sets sold more in the 5-iron to gap wedge configuration.

Why Are Some Golf Irons More Money Than Others?

Most of the time, the higher-priced irons will feel much better than the lower-priced irons. If you are new to the game, this feeling will not make that much of a difference. As your game gets better and you are looking for higher performance in your irons, spending a bit more money on a set makes sense.

Who Should Use Hybrid Irons?

For many players, this is a great benefit, and it allows them much more forgiveness from the rough and much better ball flight.The only downside of hybrid irons is that you won’t have as much control over the shorter irons as you do with traditional irons.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Before you decide about the best golf irons ever set on the market, you should consider a few things. Making sure you purchase a set of clubs that fit your game both now and five years from now is a bit of a challenge. Here are the most important factors to consider.


If you are taller or shorter than average, it almost always makes sense to get fitted for golf clubs. The standard men’s golf clubs are made to accommodate 5’6” to 6’0” players. A fitting is probably unnecessary if you fall outside of this range.


Golf shafts come in two materials: graphite and steel. Irons also come in many different flexes. For men’s clubs, you will mostly see extra stiff, stiff, regular, and senior.

Your swing speed will tell you which shaft is the best for you. You will need a stiffer shaft if you have a faster swing speed. Slow swing speeds need lightweight shafts that have more flex to them.

Graphite shafts are best for distance but are not always as accurate as steel. Steel shafts are great when it comes to control, but they may cost you a few yards.

Cavity Back Vs. Forged Vs. Blade

Most of the time, blade irons will be saved for the lower handicap player.

Choose the forged irons if you want:

  • Better feel
  • Ability to hit more draws and fades
  • Ability to control ball flight
  • Very little vibration at impact
  • Ultimate forgiveness


Hopefully, our guide highlighting the best golf irons ever has helped you figure out the perfect set of clubs for your game. As we mentioned, purchasing golf iron sets can be overwhelming, which is very understandable for the average golfer.

Technology has come a long way, but golf irons don’t receive updates as frequently as golf drivers do. So, pick a set you are comfortable hitting, and you will be set for up to ten years.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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