The 23 Best Golf Clubs to Buy: Your Ultimate Guide

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When purchasing a new set of golf clubs, most golfers want to make sure that they choose the best golf clubs on the market. In this ultimate guide, we show you the best golf clubs that you can buy today.

Certainly, with the initial investment cost and the potential to take your game to the next level, purchasing the best golf clubs is an important task. Understanding what makes a golf club great is a significant part of this process.

Below, we review and rank the best golf clubs on the market, the best brands, and some helpful tips for making sure that you get exactly what you need out of your next golf club purchase. 

The Best Golf Clubs to Buy in 2022

The Best Golf Drivers

Golf drivers are almost all going to be large at this point in time. The legal USGA limit is 460cc, and all golf manufacturers take advantage of the size that they have to use. Golf drivers are very often adjustable, and they are built to give players lots of high flying ball flight and plenty of distance. 

Golf companies are changing the interior components of the driver’s club head to get higher performance, lower spin, and better sound and feel as well. Golf drivers tend to change every year or so, but for the most part, the newest release on the market are some of the longest that golf has ever seen.

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Best Premium Golf Driver

taylormade stealth driver alternative angle


The TaylorMade Stealth is TaylorMade’s newest golf driver in 2022. The Stealth is the successor to the TaylorMade SIM line of clubs and with it brings a whole new golf driver technology. The face of the driver is now made from carbon, which makes it substantially lighter than previous Titanium driver faces.

The all new 60x Carbon Twist Face is 44% lighter than the SIM driver while also being 11% larger. This results in a massive sweet spot and maximum distance off the tee. 

The Stealth features a 12-way adjustable hosel with lofts of 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees. The left-handed option has a 9 and 10.5 degree option. There is also 3 different versions of the Stealth driver:

The Stealth is the standard model of the driver and would be most suitable for amateur of mid handicap players. The Stealth Plus is the lowest spinning driver and is more suitable to golfers who want a little bit more control of the club. There is a 10 gram sliding weight on the sole, allowing you to adjuster your shot shape. The Stealth HD has the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of the three and also has a High Draw design, which will help minimize your slice and give maximum forgiveness.

Click here to read our complete TaylorMade Stealth driver review.

TaylorMade M6 Driver

Best Middle Tier Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver best golf clubs


The TaylorMade M6 driver is one of the longest that golf has ever seen. This is a very reliable driver, and although the TaylorMade SIM Max is a newer release, it is also priced quite a bit higher.

The M6 has the Hammerhead and Twist face technology that helps players improve launch and distance as well. This is a driver that is going to maintain it’s relevant technology for years to come. Until the carbonhead technology in the Stealth driver takes off, the M6 is still the best golf club for most players.

Learn more in our TaylorMade M6 Review

Tour Edge Hot Launch E521

Best Budget Golf Driver


For golfers on a budget that are looking for a more affordable driver option, you will definitely want to check out the Tour Launch E521 Offset driver. Tour Edge advertises a Houdini Sole design that concentrates the mass on the edge of the sole. This design positions the weight of the club head lower which will optimize launch off the tee.

The club head also has a slice-fighting design which allows the face to square up at impact for a straighter strike and more distance.

The club is also equipped with a control length shaft. What this means is that the Tour Edge E521 driver is equipment with a 44.5 inch shaft. This is about a half inch to one full inch shorter compared to all other drivers on the market. Shorter shaft length on your driver will greatly improve your accuracy and center strikes on the ball.

For a budget driver, this is definitely my choice.

The Best Golf Hybrids

Hybrid golf clubs have revolutionized the game of golf. With a hybrid golf club, players can get out of the rough, approach greens, and even hit tee shots on long Par 3 holes. A hybrid is a club that most players are going to want to keep in their bag. New technology has made the hybrid one of the best golf clubs to buy today. 

When you choose a hybrid, look for one that has a low center of gravity and a forgiving sole. The club’s sole will often help the hybrid cut through the thicker grass and send those difficult shots flying towards the green. If you are in the market for a new hybrid, the TaylorMade SIM Max is a great choice to consider. 

TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

Best Hybrid

TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid best golf clubs


The TaylorMade SIM Max hybrids feature the new V Steel sole. This is a technology that TaylorMade has had around for quite some time, but it has been improved and perfected.

The SIM Max hybrid is considered a game improvement club, and it comes in a wide range of loft options. If you hit the ball in the rough and need the SIM Max to help you get out, it should be no issue at all. Regardless of your golf handicap, you are going to quickly understand why the SIM Max hybrid could be an excellent choice for your game.

The Best Golf Fairway Woods

A fairway wood is a great choice for your golf bag because you can use it both from the tee and from the fairway. A fairway wood is a great option for those that need extra distance to get around the golf course. 

If you struggle with distance or accuracy with your driver, the fairway wood is a perfect solution. When purchasing a fairway wood, be very careful to look for the size of the sweet spot on the club head and the incorporated forgiveness. The best golf clubs that are fairway woods will have a low center of gravity and a very easy launch as well. 

Callaway Mavrik

Best Wood

Callaway Mavrik - best golf clubs


The Callaway Mavrik fairway woods were created using artificial intelligence and flash face technology. If you have ever wanted a combination of both feel and performance in a fairway wood, this is the club that you should put in your golf bag.

The Mavrik has tremendous ball speed and distance and is considered to be a game improvement type club. If you are looking for super game improvement, the Mavrik Max fairway is another excellent choice. Both clubs have a very clean leading edge that helps players get the ball up in the air and heading towards their target.

The Best Golf Irons

When you choose a set of irons, there are a lot of difficult decisions to make. Irons can be cavity back, forged irons, or blade irons. Each set of individual irons will have different capabilities. The most important thing to look for in golf irons is forgiveness and accuracy. However, distance is also a factor too.

Ultimately with an iron, you need to be able to get the club close to the hole.

Years ago, golfers’ sets would be completely filled with irons. Today some golf sets don’t go above the 7 iron. With the introduction of hybrids and the effortless performance they offer, the iron is a club that is starting to take a less critical role in the bag of a golf player and the best golf clubs that they might choose. 

Callaway Mavrik Max

Best Iron

Callaway Mavrik Max


When you miss the center of a golf iron shot, you will usually know it. However, with the Callaway Mavrik game improvement irons, you will find that you can still get some great results even with a poor swing.

The Mavrik Max irons make golf a bit easier and more fun for a wide range of players. Although the Mavrik Max is by no means a player’s iron, the large majority of amateur golfers are going to see the benefit that these clubs have.

Cleveland Launcher XL

Best Game Improvement Irons

cleveland launcher xl best golf club game improvement irons


Game improvement irons are usually designed with a larger club head which will give more forgiveness on your ball striking and a more consistent strike. Beginner golfers will definitely benefit using game improvement irons, and the Cleveland Launcher XL irons is my pick for the best.

The Launch XL clubs have a larger club head and also an 8 gram weight at the end of the shaft that provides added control to your swing. The v-shaped sole helps you maintain speed and power, even on mis-hits. 

Blade irons need to have a very consistent center strike every time to ensure the ball flies correctly and on line where you want it to. With the larger club heads on game improvement irons, you can have mishits and still have the ball end up where you want.

On the Cleveland Launcher XL irons, the 4 through 7 irons have wider, flatter grooves to promote launch. The 8 iron through gap wedge have thinner, deeper grooves which will promote more spin on approach shots and around the green.

The Best Golf Wedges

Golf is an ever-changing sport, and one thing that is becoming more and more apparent to players is the importance of the short game. Golfers that want to score low and play well need to have several wedges in their golf bag.

Most golfers will carry at least a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. However, many golf players are also carrying a lob wedge and a gap or approach wedge as well. When you consider that up to four out of your 14 clubs are going to be a wedge, it certainly makes sense to choose great ones. One tip of advice is to look at Cleveland golf wedges. They are affordable and offer players lots of different options.

Cleveland RTX Zip Core

Best Wedge

Cleveland RTX Zip Core


The Cleveland RTX Zip Core is a brand new release that has an incredible feel and precision. The Cleveland wedges are very well known for being able to spin and perform around the greens. The RTX combines a bit of the forgiveness on previous models with lots of feel. 

The RTX is available in three different sole grinds, and it comes with a spinner tour issue shaft that helps to establish some stability and control on shorter shots. Chances are the performance of this wedge is going to have you looking into an entire set of Cleveland irons.


Regardless of your handicap, the putter is the most important golf club in the bag. Without a high-performing putter, you won’t have a chance to score low. Ask any professional, and they will tell you that stability and consistency are the most important things about a putter.

Choosing a putter that looks and feels good to you can take a bit of time. Players are learning that there are some custom fitting applications that make quite a bit of sense for putting. You must make sure that your putter fits your stroke and your preferences.

TaylorMade Spider X

Best Putter

TaylorMade Spider X


Although the TaylorMade Spiders are some of the more expensive putters on the market, they offer a ton of stability at impact. This putter has an incredible feel and almost no vibration on a put that is struck well.

When you turn on the professional golf tournament and see payers using the Spider X, you will understand why it is so great. This is a putter you will learn to trust and depend on. The money you invest in your short game will certainly pay off.

Best Golf Club by Player Type

As you will quickly learn, there are many ways to break down the different types of golf clubs on the market. Whether you want to choose the best club, the best brand, or the player type, is entirely personal. If you are looking for the best golf clubs by type of player, here are the choices that are available.

Beginner Golf Clubs

A beginner set of golf clubs will be for the player who is new to the game of golf. If you have never played before and you need equipment to get you out on the golf course, things can get a bit overwhelming.

The best beginner golf clubs are going to be sold as a package set. They will have everything from driver and fairway woods down to wedges and putters. These sets come with a golf bag, and the clubs are almost always very forgiving. 

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3

Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3


The best beginner golf clubs on the market are the Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 beginner golf clubs. This set offers excellent value and comes with high quality components for golfers.

The set makeup is exactly what a golfer needs as they first start. The Tour Edge has a great mix of woods and high spinning wedges as well. Overall this is an incredible complete choice that will keep the beginner golfer well equipped for years to come.

Senior Golf Clubs

Seniors need golf clubs that have lots of extra ball speed and are generally quite lightweight. The senior golfer tends to start to lose some club head speed as they age. Choosing golf irons and drivers that are graphite flex and easy to swing fast is undoubtedly the best choice for a senior player looking for the best golf clubs.

Seniors need to pay attention to the set makeup as well. A senior golfer does not need long irons in their golf bag as they require too much club head speed to hit well. Senior golfers, however, need high performing sand wedge and putter options to play well.

Wilson SGI Senior Complete Set

Best Senior Golf Clubs

Wilson SGI Senior Complete Set of best golf clubs


The Wilson SGI Senior complete set is an affordable yet effective set of super game improvement clubs for seniors. The set makeup and weight of the Wilson SGI is going to be something that most senior golfers will benefit from.

The grim on the SGI is slightly wider than other grips on the market to help players that may be starting to get arthritis.

Women’s Golf Clubs

Women golfers are almost always looking for more distance in the golf clubs that they choose. A large, forgiving head with a big sweet spot is essential for the female golfer. Forged irons and blade type players irons are not usually popular choices in the best golf clubs for female golfers.

Women should make sure that they have at least one fairway wood in their golf bag as well as a few hybrids. Making sure that women golfers have a wide range of options when it comes to distance is quite essential. Long irons are not the best choice for women’s golf clubs.

Callaway Solaire 11 Piece Set

Best Women’s Golf Clubs

Callaway Solaire 11 Piece Set


The Callaway Solaire is an 11 piece complete set of women’s golf clubs that will work well, not just for the beginner player. If you have been in the game a while and you want something with an excellent feel and lots of forgiveness, the Solaire is a great choice.

Since this is a lightweight set, women are finding that they get quite a bit of distance. Although the Callaway Mavrik is a bit longer than the iron in the Solaire, this set still offers a great value for the female player.

Junior Golf Clubs

More and more junior golfers are taking up the game of golf. Getting kids started with the proper golf irons and woods can make or break their future in the game. Junior golf clubs need to be a perfect size, and they must work well for the player that is new to the game as well as the experienced golfer.

Many junior golf club choices are based on height and not ability. If your child is a great player, you will have to consider this and look for golf club manufacturers that offer different types of kids irons. One of those manufacturers is going to be US Kids Golf.

US Kids Ultralight 42

Best Golf Clubs for Junior Players

US Kids Ultralight 42

The US Kids Ultralight golf clubs are built for players that need lots of distance and forgiveness. Some junior golfers have a great swing, but they just don’t have the power to get the ball around the golf course quickly.

US Kids golf clubs provide a great golf bag, a lightweight set of irons, and a fairway wood or too with the perfect loft for a junior golfer. If you want to give your child the best chance at becoming a golfer, this is the way to do it.

Best Golf Club Brands

Some golfers will choose to remain brand loyal. Indeed, once you find a company that can handle your golf club needs, it is essential to stick with them and support each of their next releases. Different manufacturers will have varying strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few things to know about some of the best golf brands on the market.


Ping Golf is known for making clubs in the game improvement category, yet also those that are going to appeal to the lower handicap golfers. With the Ping Golf Clubs, craftsmanship and quality are going to be the most essential features.

Everything Ping does is to help golfers improve their game while learning the importance of feel and precision as well. Ping is very concerned about proper fitting as well. If you are taller or shorter than an average golfer, the Ping clubs are a great choice.

Learn more about Ping in our Best Ping Driver and Best Ping Irons Reviews


TaylorMade is known as being the brand that incorporates lots of speed, with cool looks and an appeal to the younger player. TaylorMade makes both game improvement irons and blade irons for the lower handicapper.

You will notice that the drivers and fairway woods that TaylorMade has released will have faster ball speeds than many of the other golf clubs on the market. If you are a golfer that cares about distance and speed, the TaylorMade brand offers the best golf clubs for your game.

Learn more about TaylorMade in our Best TaylorMade Driver and Best TaylorMade Irons Reviews


With the release of the first Big Bertha, amateur golfers knew that Callaway was in it to make the game of golf quite a bit more fun. Callaway tries to mix performance with forgiveness whenever possible. Overall the Callaway golf clubs are known for being very forgiving and high performing as well.

Each year Callaway releases new irons and drivers, and they continue to push the limits of what golfers thought were possible. The new Mavrik irons Callaway released this year were created using artificial intelligence. They are capable of producing a higher ball speed than most others on the market. 

Learn more about Callaway in our Best Callaway Driver and Best Callaway Irons Reviews


Cobra King golf clubs are often thought of as being built for high handicappers. However, they offer a wide range of options. Some of the new Cobra Speedback and Speedzone golf clubs are very highly adjustable equipment and produce very high ball speeds for players.

One of the great things about the new Cobra golf clubs is that they will work well for the lower and higher handicappers. As long as you can fine-tune the adjustability on these golf clubs, you can get something that is a perfect choice for your golf game.

Learn more about Cobra in our Best Cobra Driver and Best Cobra Irons Reviews


Titleist golf clubs have often been known as the players’ irons and drivers. The Titleist company has always worked to create the best precision and performance on the market. With a Titleist golf club set, you know that you are getting the best golf has to offer.

The downside of the Titleist golf clubs is that they are not always the most forgiving. Luckily as the years have progressed, Titleist has started to make golf clubs that are more forgiving and easier for golfers to manage. Today when you buy a Titleist, you don’t have to be a scratch golfer.

Learn more about Titleist in our Best Titleist Irons Review


Like Titleist, Mizuno is a high performing golf club manufacturer that uses only the best materials when creating their golf clubs. With Mizuno clubs, you will have the ability to work the ball. You can hit a high fade, follow by a draw and change the ball flight of each shot you hit.

Some golf manufacturers do a great job of making forgiving clubs that fix any type of missed hot. The player irons that Mizuno creates will give you great feedback and information to properly hit golf shots the way you need to.

Learn more about Mizuno in our Best Mizuno Irons Review

How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs

There are a few things to keep in mind as you look for your next set of clubs. Make sure that you are purchasing for your handicap, for the goals you have in your golf game, and for your budget as well. Always buy clubs that will grow with you and spend within your means. Remember that you don’t need to fill a bag full of 14 clubs the first day you set out on the golf course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you have a better idea as to the best golf clubs on the market, let’s look at a few of the questions that tend to come up regarding which ones to choose. Here are some things that golfers ask about the best golf clubs on the market.

What Is The Best Brand of Golf Clubs?

The best brand of golf clubs is going to be very much a personal decision. One that will take time and a bit of money to figure out. In terms of popularity, quality, and value for the cost, we really like the TaylorMade brand of golf clubs.

TaylorMade releases new clubs each year and they spend time working on the quality of their clubs. When comparing all stats side by side, I think it is the best brand of golf clubs.

How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost?

Depending on the type of golf club you are looking to purchase, the price will vary quite a bit. The most expensive club in the bag is very often the driver. The irons collectively will probably be much more than the driver.

Although there is no standard for how much golf clubs cost, here are some averages to give you a better idea:

  • Driver: $300-$500
  • Fairway Wood: $150-$299
  • Hybrid: $150-$250
  • Irons: $600-$1800
  • Wedge: $90-$159
  • Putter: $75-$400

As you can see, some of the clubs have a very large gap in their pricing, and it is essential to pay attention to these things and know whether you are getting a great deal on a set of golf clubs.

Is A Complete Set With A Bag Worth It?

Golf clubs are usually sold in one of two ways. You can purchase them as a complete set in a golf bag, or you can put the set together individually. However you choose to put the set together, you will have quite a few decisions to make.

For beginner golfers or those who are looking to save a bit of money, the complete set with a bag is certainly worth it. This set makes it so that you don’t need to think about loft gapping or the proper club configuration.

As you get better at the game, you will likely want to handpick individual clubs for your golf bag.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

When you purchase golf clubs, there are a few key features that you must watch out for. These are mostly going to involve fitting and the types of clubs that you purchase. Here are our top considerations when choosing the best golf clubs on the market.


The shaft of the golf club is going to make a significant difference when it comes time to purchase. Golf shafts are typically offered in extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies flex.

The proper golf shaft for your club is going to be the one that most closely matches your swing speed. The faster you swing, the stiffer the golf shaft needs to be.


Golf clubs today have different lofts than they did years ago. Golf companies are learning how to give golfers the ball flight they need while lowering the lofts and giving players tons of distance. A pitching wedge today maybe 42 degrees, where years ago it was closer to 48.

Golfers need to be very careful when they are purchasing clubs and pay attention to the loft. It matters for the set makeup of your bag as well as the launch and flight of your golf shots.


The weight of the golf club should always be considered. Graphite golf shafts are going to weigh considerably less than steel golf shafts. If you are a strong player, make sure that you go with a graphite shaft. You will see greater performance benefits as well as long-term durability. Slower swinging weaker players should consider the graphite shafts if they want maximum performance.


TaylorMade M6 DriverBest DriverTaylorMade M6 Driver
TaylorMade SIM Max HybridBest HybridTaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid
Callaway MavrikBest WoodCallaway Mavrik
Callaway Mavrik MaxBest IronCallaway Mavrik Max
Cleveland RTX Zip CoreBest WedgeCleveland RTX Zip Core
TaylorMade Spider XBest PutterTaylorMade Spider X
Best Golf Club by Player Type
Tour Edge Hot Launch 3Best Beginner Golf ClubsTour Edge Hot Launch 3
Wilson SGI Senior Complete SetBest Senior Golf ClubsWilson SGI Senior Complete Set
Callaway Solaire 11 Piece SetBest Women’s Golf ClubsCallaway Solaire 11 Piece Set
US Kids Ultralight 42Best Junior Golf ClubsUS Kids Ultralight 42

This review of the best golf clubs covers quite a bit of information. However, having this information and understanding what it means to purchase a great set of clubs is essential for every golfer.

Regardless of your handicap, you should want to have the best possible clubs for your game in the golf bag. There are so many impressive options on the market it takes time to narrow things down.

Always consider where you are headed with your golf game and the best clubs to get you there.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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