The Top 5 Best TaylorMade Irons: Expert Review

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TaylorMade is a favorite company for many golfers. TaylorMade irons made a real name for themselves when they started with the clubs’ Burner line many years ago. Since then, TaylorMade has become very well known for distance, speed, and now feel as well. The TaylorMade iron sets that are currently on the market are incredibly high performing and appeal to a wide range of handicaps; here are our picks for the best TaylorMade irons.

THE Best TaylorMade Irons

  • Sim Max (Best For Distance)
    "The SIM Max iron sets are all about speed. These clubs have more ball speed than almost any other iron on the market. The SIM Max works for a wide range of handicaps, and it feels more like a forged iron than any cavity back TaylorMade has produced."
  • P790 Irons (Best For Mid Handicapper)
    "The P790 Irons have changed the game of golf. They are a forged iron with more forgiveness than mid handicappers have seen before. If you have ever wanted to play with blade type iron, but your game is not quite there yet, the P790 is the way to go."
  • Sim Max OS (Best For High Handicapper)
    "The SIM MAX OS irons are built for speed and forgiveness. If you are a higher handicapper that’s looking for the extra help you need to get to the mid handicap level, these could be the irons that get you there."
  • P•7MB Iron (Best For Low Handicapper)
    "The P7MB is a brand new release that has the low handicappers swooning. These are some of the best looking irons that TaylorMade has ever released, and they are worth taking a look at. "
  • M6 Combo Set (Best For Beginner)
    "The M6 Irons are not the newest release from TaylorMade, but they are perfect for a beginner. The pricing has dropped, but the performance has remained high. A combo set is the perfect option to introduce a new player to the game."

Best TaylorMade Irons

Sim Max

Best For Distance


  • Lots of distance
  • Very low center of gravity
  • Easy to hit high
  • Forgiving but still has a great feel at impact

The SIM Max irons are very similar to the SIM MAX OS except that the head is just a bit smaller. With the smaller head, players have a bit more feel and control, and they are even able to work the ball a little bit. 

You will still get the same speed bridge and speed pocket technology. The ECHO Damping also helps to make sure that there are little to no vibrations at impact. The SIM Max is an impressive iron set truly built for distance.


If you are a mid to high handicapper that tends to struggle with getting the golf ball to go as far as your playing partners can, then the SIM Max is a set that you should be considering. The only downside of the SIM Max iron is that the top down view of the club is a little thick. 

For some players, this view will install confidence and help to get the ball in the air, and for others, the club may appear just a little bit clunky. 

P790 Irons

Best For Mid Handicapper


  • Design and feel
  • Progressive tungsten weighting
  • Thin face for lots of distance
  • Looks like a players club performs like a forgiving iron
  • The P790 are always priced quite high

Golf irons designed for great players always look so impressive. They have a clean, forged style to them, and they feel incredible when you hit them. The cavity back irons made for mid to high handicappers don’t always feel quite as great. The P790 took the forgiveness and the performance of the cavity backs and put it into a style that looks like a players club.


The P790 design has been one of the best selling clubs for TaylorMade. They have a very thin face that helps promote tremendous distance. The P790 is created using SpeedFoam technology, which helps to make sure that there is little to no vibration as an impact.

The Speed Pocket technology that TaylorMade puts in all their game improvement irons also made it into the P790 design. Although the clubhead is a bit larger and thicker than a true players club, all the great characteristics are there, and they will absolutely help to take a mid handicapper to a low handicapper.

Sim Max OS

Best For High Handicapper


  • Large club head size with an extra large sweet spot
  • Easy to launch
  • Higher ball speeds
  • Great for those that slice or hook the ball
  • The club head is a bit bulky for the lower handicappers that may want to give these a try 

The newest release of high handicapper irons from TaylorMade is the SIM Max OS. This oversized design has some real improvements from previous sets, and it is built for both feel and speed.

This is the closest TaylorMade has gotten to creating a cavity back that feels like a forged iron. The ECHO Damping System makes it nearly impossible to feel any vibration at impact, even with an off-center hit.


The SIM Max OS also includes the Speed Pocket and the Speed Bridge technology. If you can’t get the distance that you need out of your current irons, this is a set that will help you improve your ball speed and your dispersion as well.

This oversized head’s shape is designed to give you the forgiveness you need on those off-center hits. Equipped with a very low center of gravity, the TaylorMade SIM MAX OS is designed to make the game more enjoyable and easier for those who struggle with distance and forgiveness. 

P•7MB Iron

Best For Low Handicapper


  • Beautiful design
  • Very thin top line
  • Good ball speeds even though it’s a players iron
  • Great for players with high swing speeds
  • Not much forgiveness

The P7MB is a brand new club that will make low handicappers want to change their irons today. These irons have been described as “buttery,” and there is no question they are. When you hit these irons pure, you will get a feeling that is hard to find in the golf world.

These irons are made with some of the best precision in the golf world. This is a club that the best of the best can play with without any complaints regarding feel and control. If you like to work the ball and hit fades and draws, these irons will listen to you and perform. 


One of the things that we love best about the P7MB is the top down look. It is one of the thinnest in the game, leading to an unbelievably pure feel. You have to be a pretty good ball striker to put this set of irons in your golf bag; however, if you are a great player looking for a change, the P7MB is absolutely a set to look into.

M6 Combo Set

Best For Beginner


  • Combination set
  • Speed pocket technology
  • Golf ball is easy to launch
  • Large sweet spot
  • Fair pricing for a large iron/hybrid combo set
  • Not quite as forgiving as the new SIM Max

Some beginners look for a cheap set of irons just to get them by for a while until the game becomes a passion. Other beginners want a set of golf clubs that will start them out on the right foot and ensure they are successful with this game.

The M6 is a set of golf clubs that will take you from the beginner to the high handicapper to the mid handicapper stages of golf. These clubs are not the newest release, but they have quite a bit of the same technology that the new SIM Max has.


This particular set of M6 comes as a combination set. We love the combo set for the TaylorMade irons because you can get a bit of the hybrid technology as well as the iron technology.

All beginners will benefit from the low center of gravity and the extra large sweet spot that the M6 irons feature. The speed pocket technology on the M6 irons helps to get the ball moving quite a bit faster off the club face than the M4 irons of years past. Beginners will greatly benefit from the ability to hit the ball further when they first learn the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you are an expert in all the best TaylorMade irons on the market, it’s time to start narrowing things down and learning which ones will work the best for your game. Here are a few helpful tips of advice to allow you to make sure you pick the best TaylorMade irons for your game.

What TaylorMade Irons Are Forgiving?

All of the cavity back irons that TaylorMade makes is going to be the most forgiving out there. This will include the M6, SIM Max, and SIM Max OS. You will also find that the P790 and the P790Ti are quite forgiving.

When you start looking at the P760 or P7MB, this is when things get closer to the players, lower handicap type irons, and they will not be quite as forgiving. There are things that TaylorMade implements throughout all of their irons to make sure that the clubs are easy to hit and high performing but if you want the ultimate forgiveness, stay away from the blade style golf clubs.

What Are The Best TaylorMade Game Improvement Irons For 2021?

Some people are curious as to what game improvement really even means when it comes to golf clubs. The idea behind game improvement clubs is that they are designed to make the golf ball easier to hit.

When you use a game improvement iron, you are very likely to be playing with a club with a larger sweet spot and lots of distance and forgiveness as well. These irons are usually easier to launch, and they have low centers of gravity. The best release for this year was the TaylorMade SIM Max. The SIM MAX OS would be considered a super game-improvement iron geared towards the highest handicappers. 

What Makes TaylorMade Better Than Other Companies?

When it comes to people choosing their favorite golf brands, quite a bit has to do with personal preference. Sometimes golfers were raised playing with Ping clubs, and they never made the switch to another company. Some golfers are very brand loyal, and others will switch each time the next latest and greatest club is released.

There are lots of things about TaylorMade that make them stand out from other companies. In the current golf world, the biggest of these things is speed. If you pay close attention to the weekly professional golf tournaments, you will notice that speed is a very hot topic. Players are hitting the golf ball further and further because they are getting stronger.

TaylorMade has really jumped on this, and they are designing their clubs to go further and further. OF course, it is not easy to make irons that feel great and also travel a long way, but they have done a great job of that with the release of the P790 and SIM Max club head.
We can’t really say that TaylorMade is the best golf company out there, but they are certainly within the top three. If you want to know what we think the other two are, keep reading and following along, and we will probably let it slip at some point!

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

When you have the irons that you want narrowed down, make sure you consider the following things before completing your purchase. Finding the proper TaylorMade Iron for your golf bag is only half the battle. Making sure you choose the correct shaft, set makeup, and fit is the other very important part of this process.

Set Makeup

Most of the game improvement irons that TaylorMade puts out are going to be available in the four iron down to the gap wedge. They have moved away from producing a three iron because the hybrids are so much more productive and better performing for people.

If you are a lower handicap golfer, you will have the option of choosing a three-iron to place in your bag. Most of the blade style clubs are offered in three iron down to a pitching wedge.

For the mid handicapper, we really don’t see a need to get more than a five iron in your bag. The five iron down to the gap wedge or approach wedge is the perfect set makeup. Then it makes the most sense to add in a four and maybe even a three hybrid as well.

Setting up your iron set to work for you is very important. Do not buy a four iron just because it is part of the set. If you are never going to use it, go with the five iron and add in a hybrid. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the set makeup.


The TaylorMade irons can be ordered with a large variety of custom shafts. It is important to note that the stock shafts that are put in TaylorMade golf clubs are very high performing. In the clubs for mid to high handicappers, you will have both graphite and steel options that will likely be mid weight and produce mid to high ball flights.

In the irons built for the lowest handicap golfers, the shafts will be steel, a bit heavier, and benefit the golfers with faster swing speeds and a bit more power. If you are a lower handicap player that needs help with swing speed you may need to look into custom shafts. 

Custom Fitting

Many golfers wonder whether or not it makes sense to get a custom fitting for a new set of TaylorMade irons. If you are taller or shorter than average height, than the custom fit golf clubs could be a great idea.

You can order almost any of the new releases to be custom fit to your height and ensure that the club is sitting square at impact. If you are average height and have average swing speed, chances are that a custom fitting is probably not going to have that much of an impact on the way that you hit the club or the way that they perform.

Custom fitting is an added expense; however, it can sometimes be worth it for certain types of players. Investing in a new iron set can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Making sure that this is the right set for you and that it will work for years to come is a very smart choice.

This Year vs. Last Year

When new technology is released, the technology from last year tends to drop in price considerably. Many players are tempted to purchase clubs when they drop in price, but it can be a tough call whether or not it is worth it to spend the extra on the newest release.

We can honestly tell you that the difference from one release to the next will be very minimal for the average golfer. For the golfer that plays every day and has a low handicap, you will probably feel this difference quite a bit more.

If it has been five or six years since your last set of irons, you will absolutely notice a difference by switching to something like the SIM Max or the P790. 


Sim MaxBest For DistanceSim Max
P790 IronsBest For Mid HandicapperP790 Irons
Sim Max OSBest For High HandicapperSim Max OS
P•7MB IronBest For Low HandicapperP•7MB Iron
M6 Combo SetBest For BeginnerM6 Combo Set

Hopefully, our review of the best Taylormade irons on the market has helped you narrow down some of your choices. The best irons in the game are the ones that fit your golf game, your body, and your golf swing.

If you lack ball speed and you want a club with a large sweet spot and lots of performance, the new SIM Max line is a great fit. For the lowest handicap players, the newly released P7MB is probably one of the nicest looking blades that golf has ever seen. TaylorMade makes sure that they have an iron for all player types, and their technology certainly is top of the line. 

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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