Stealth vs Rogue ST Drivers: TaylorMade vs Callaway Compared

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The TaylorMade Stealth and the Callaway Rogue ST are the two huge new releases this year from golf’s two biggest brands. In this Stealth vs Rogue ST driver review, we compare and contract each golf club to help you decide which golf club is better for you.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • An overview of the Stealth vs Rogue ST drivers, along with key features
  • A detailed comparison of what its like to hit each driver
  • Which golf driver is better for each handicap player
  • The main difference that may effect your decision
  • How to buy each driver today for the best price

If you’ve hit both drivers and have a say in which is better between the TaylorMade Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST drivers, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let us know.

How to Buy Each Driver

TaylorMade Stealth (All Models)

Callaway Rogue ST (All Models)

TaylorMade Stealth Overview

The TaylorMade Stealth Driver is the latest club in the company’s driver collections. The Stealth is designed for golfers at every level and there are three different models to make everyone happy.

TaylorMade has made some lofty claims about the new Stealth club, promising:

  • Extra carry distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • More ball speed no matter what your swing speed is
  • Less off cenre hits

The red, carbon fibre face has received a lot of discussion in the golf industry since it released. The face of the driver consists of 60 sheets of carbon fiber topped by a layer of polyurethane, which increases ball speed.

This makes the Stealth have a favorable strength to weight ratio.

As soon as you pick up the Stealth to enter a course, you will immediately feel the weight savings. It’s sleek, light, and flexible. It features the same asymmetric sole panel that the SIM2 driver comes with, which means there’s even extreme rear weight.

Overall, this new club offers increased performance while still providing great forgiveness, impressive distance and ball speed. 

taylormade stealth driver alternative angle

Key Features

A few key features that you will find in the new Stealth driver are:

Carbon Fiber Face

The Stealth driver comes with a carbon face, consisting of 60 sheets of carbon arranged in such a way that it guarantees higher ball speeds and smooth energy transfer. TaylorMade is calling the new material Carboonwood and it is a change from the traditional titanium face found on most driver heads. The big advantage of the new carbon fibre face is that it makes the club 40% lighter while being 10% larger older TaylorMade clubs.

taylormade stealth club head

Nanotexture Coated Face

The head of the Stealth Driver is encased with a polyurethane cover. Polyurethane is injected into a mold that creates the grooves and sawtooth texture in the club head. It helps to make sure your club performs well in wet conditions, where pure carbon is compromised.

Inertia Generator

The Stealth Driver also comes with an asymmetric inertia generator to create or facilitate optimal speed at impact or at the moment before impact. It aids you in increasing your swing speed during your downswing. The inertia generator helps the club to refine aerodynamic properties.

Premium Sound and Feel

TaylorMade has focused parts of testing on the new Stealth drivers to be specifically on sound and feel. Vibration frequencies travel through the club head in a similar way to other drivers, ensuring similar feel in all conditions.


There are three models of the Stealth driver that you can buy:

  1. Stealth – The base model is suitable for most golfers, with 15% more moment of inertia that the SIM2 driver.
  2. Stealth Plus – The Stealth Plus is the lowest spinning driver, made for those who want more control over their club. The Stealth Plus contains a 10g sliding weight track on the sole, allowing you to adjust your shot shape by shifting mass. 
  3. Stealth HD – HD stands for High Draw, a design created in order to minimize your slice and have the highest level of forgiveness. 

PGA Player Usage

Some of Taylormade’s top brand ambassadors have switched to using the new Stealth driver including:

Stealth Driver Weights, Lofts, and Lie

ModelLoftLieSwing Weight
Stealth9, 10.5, 1256 – 60 DegreesD4, D5
Stealth Plus8, 9, 10.556 – 60 DegreesD5
Stealth HD9, 10.5, 1256 – 60 DegreesD4, D5

Stock Shafts

The Stealth driver comes with different shaft options depending on what model you buy:

  • Stealth = Ventus Red 5 shaft
  • Stealth Plus = Hzrdus Smoke Tdx Red or Kai’Li White 60
  • Stealth HD = Air Speeder 45 or Aldila Asccent Ladiest 45

Callaway Rogue ST Overview

The Callaway Rogue ST Driver is the latest driver collection released by Callaway Golf. It is a collection of drivers with four different models available. Instead of having the same head with movable sliding weight options, each model has a distinct design for different player types. 

Callaway is promising many things with the Rogue ST Driver, including:

  • Fastest, most stable driver yet
  • High MOI from an all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge design
  • Jailbreak speed frame provides extra stability and speed
  • Low spin, high distance

Each of the four models have different distinct designs, depending on what type of golfer you are and how you approach your shots off the tee.

Each driver head has anywhere from a 20g to 26g Tungsten Speed Cartridge Structure head, all differing with different launch angles, spin and more.

Key Features

A few key features that you will find in the new Rogue ST Stealth driver are:

Tungsten Speed Cartridge

The “ST” in this driver stands for Speed Tuned. Callaway’s number one focus was cranking up ball speed off the face of the driver. They have created a back-weighted Tungsten Speed Cartridge. This tungsten weight sits in a urethane structure, which helps drive the center of gravity toward the back of the head.

The tungsten weights are slightly different, depending on which model you choose. This helps put the weight where it is most optimal depending on how you hit the ball off the tee.

High Moment of Inertia

MOI is a measure of how stable the golf club is at impact. A high MOI means that a club is more forgiving, allowing you to hit the ball straighter and longer even on off-center hits. The Tungsten features in the Rogue ST are designed to give you a high moment of inertia, letting you have multiple control in your golf swing.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

The Rogue ST Driver is designed with artificial intelligence (AI) in the club, jailbreak speed frame technology. This is a structure that sits behind the flash face and connects the sole to the crown. It helps this Callaway driver reduce the overall weight from the frame. This then helps provide stability in the horizontal and torsional direction.

stealth vs rogue st speed frame

AI Speed Tuned Face

The Rogue ST driver has an AI designed driver face. They took real player data from different levels of golfers to create their face, which allowed them to fine tune the spin off the face of the driver.

Callaway claims that the result is supposed to be the perfect combination of lowering spin while adding the most forgiveness off the tee. Each of the four models have different spin off the face of the club, depending on how you strike the ball.


There are four models of the Rogue ST driver that you can buy:

  1. Rogue ST MAX – The MAX is the standard model, suitable for most golfers. The ST Max has the most forgiving driver head in the lineup and comes pre-set with a slight draw bias. The bias will help offset the slice at impact, helping carry the ball farther and straighter, even on mis-hits.
  2. Rogue ST MAX LS – The LS stands for lower spin and gives you more workability and control in your shots. This is a great option for mid-to-low handicap players. The launch is quite bit lower, while still being very forgiving on mis-hits. It also will have a more neutral trajectory off the face. 
  3. Rogue ST MAX D – The MAX D driver stands for DRAW and is designed for high launch angles and maximum forgiveness off the tee. This version has internal and external draw weighting that helps golfers fix their slice. The club head is also slightly larger on this version of the driver.
  4. Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS – The Triple Diamond LS driver has the smallest tour-preferred head of the four. This one also has very low spin off the tee. This model is more designed for low handicap players as it encourages lower launch and lower spin.

PGA Player Usage

Some of the most popular golfes using the new Callaway Rogue ST driver are:

  • Jon Rahm
  • Phil Mickelson 
  • Xander Schauffele
  • Sam Burns

Rogue ST Driver Weights, Lofts, and Lie

ModelLoftLieSwing Weight
MAX9, 10.5, 1260 DegreesD3
MAX D9, 10.5, 1259 DegreesD3
MAX LS9, 10.557 DegreesD3, D4, D5
Triple Diamond LS9, 10.557 DegreesD4, D5

Stock Shafts

The Rogue ST driver comes with the option to equip 5 different shaft options onto every model of the club:

  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 55 Graphite
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Graphite
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV White 65 Graphite
  • Project X Cypher Black 40 Graphite
  • Fujikara Ventus Blue 5 (Non-Velocore) Graphite

TaylorMade Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST Drivers: A Detailed Comparison

stealth vs rogue st taylormade vs callaway drivers

I had the chance to hit both the TaylorMade Stealth and the Callaway Rogue ST drivers back to back for a full day, compiling notes and making recommendations on each. After hitting hundreds of shots, here is my detailed comparison between the Stealth vs Rogue ST drivers.

Which Driver Should Better Players Buy?

After hitting both clubs, better players should look to the TaylorMade Stealth and specifically the Plus model if you have the choice. When I hit a good shot with the Stealth, it was REALLY good. I would attribute this to the new Carbonwood driver head, which adds a ton of distance without having to increase your swing speed.

If you have the ability of a consistent swing, congratulations. You’ll feel like you’ve improved your golf bag with the Stealth.

Winner: TaylorMade Stealth

Which Driver Has Better Launch?

If you haven’t upgraded your driver in a while, this is the first thing you’ll notice when you hit either of these drivers. New tungsten weighting in the bottom of the club does a great job at giving you a higher launching golf ball.

I found that I did not have to tee up my ball as high in order to hit either of these golf balls compared to the five year old driver in my bag.

Both of these clubs have AWESOME launch off the club face and I wanted to give this verdict a draw. But I think the Callaway is a little bit better, mostly because of the next heading.

Verdict: Callaway Rogue ST (slightly)

Stealth vs Rogue ST: Which Driver Has a Bigger Sweet Spot?

The Rogue ST driver has a huge sweet spot that feels amazing to hit. The low center of gravity and high MOI do wonders to the club head. Even on mis hits, I was still getting over 200 yards on my drives.

I will say that the TaylorMade Stealth felt excellent when you hit it in the perfect spot though, so don’t count it out. But the Rogue ST is just easier.

Verdict: Callaway Rogue ST

Taylor Made Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST: Which Looks Better?

Both of these clubs look very premium and new. The Callaway Rogue ST has a unibody construction that is covered front to back in strong titanium steel. The trademark yellow Callaway logo stands out nicely.

The TaylorMade Stealth has a mixed construction containing titanium steel and carbonwood. The use of carbon allows TaylorMade to keep the weight of the driver down in some spots while focusing weights into other spots. One of the advantages that TaylorMade has is their MyTaylorMade+ program, which allows you to customize the colors of your club when you order it.

This extra feature to personalize your club and give it a distinct look puts the Stealth driver on top.

 Verdict: TaylorMade Stealth

taylormade stealth driver options

Which Driver Gets More Distance?

After getting to hit both drivers for hundreds of shots, I went back and forth on this answer many times. I felt like the Rogue ST line ofclubs gave me a longer average distance, owing to it having more forgiveness.

At the end of my session, my swing analyzer told me that the Stealth driver gave me the further maximum distance shot all day. This is in line with my overall thoughts – the TaylorMade Stealth is good when you hit it perfect, but it does not have as much forgiveness.

Verdict: It Depends

Which Driver Sounds Better?

TaylorMade made it a point to say that even though they use carbon, they put work in to make sure your shots sound full and clean.

After hitting both drivers back to back, I didn’t notice that one was better than the other in any way. Each club sounds premium and should do fine. Plus, who buys a club based off of the sound it makes?

Verdict: Draw

Stealth vs Rogue ST: Which is Better for Overall Performance?

Overall, both drivers get a big thumbs up from me. Both brands have perfected the aerodynamic design and look and feel. TaylorMade and Callaway have a grip on the top of the golf market and the Stealth and Rogue ST should continue that trend into the future.

Verdict: It Depends

Stealth vs Rogue ST Conclusion

Overall, these are two flagship drivers for TaylorMade and Callaway that will be sold for a long time.

The carbon in the Stealth driver is a big winner and it will be interesting to see if other brands follow its lead or not. It makes the club head feel heavy and premium and adds extra distance when you get a perfect shot away.

The overall performance of the Rogue ST is a little bit higher, especially for golfers with a mid or high handicap. The Rogue ST has a wide sweet spot and a very high launch. In terms of distance, the Rogue ST was longer on average.

If you are an average golfer, go with the most forgiving model of each club (Stealth HD or Rogue ST MAX D) to give yourself an extra advantage. If you are a scratch golfer, the Stealth Plus and the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS will give you the highest customization. Each driver offers a model for all handicap ranges. 

While new releases from Cobra Golf (the LTDx) and Ping (the G425) are a bit cheaper, they don’t quite look and feel as nice as the Stealth or the Rogue ST. 

If you’ve bought or tried either of these clubs, comment down below and let us know what you think.

If you want to check out the price, buy, or compare the Stealth vs Rogue ST then check out the links below.

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