Golf Simulator Hub: 100+ Resources on Building/Buying a Sim

This is the ultimate Golf Simulator content hub for those golfers who want to buy, build, rent, or take a look at golf simulators.

Below are a bunch of resources on golf sims today.

This content hub is regularly being added with new tips, tricks, and information on golf simulators no matter where you live.

Considering a Golf Simulator

considering a golf simulator

Not sure whether you want to invest in a golf simulator yet? Here are a number of resources to help you plan out the perfect golf simulator setup in your house, garage, or backyard:

How much does a golf simulator cost? (COMING SOON)

Golf simulator cost calculator (COMING SOON) – estimate how much your setup will cost and get suggestions based on your budget!

If you want to preview the effort it takes to build a golf simulator in your house from scratch, check this out:

Here are some other nice planning guides to check out:

Buying a Golf Simulator Package

buying a golf simulator package

The easiest way to buy a golf simulator is to invest in a complete package. Several companies on the internet will send you everything you need to get setup and started: the projector, enclosure, impact screen, hitting mat, PC, and other components.

Check out these guides for information on different sim packages:

These guides will have you up and swinging your golf clubs in your house the quickest!

Here are a few specific simulator reviews to check out:

Golf Simulator Components

golf simulator components

If you want more customization over your setup, you can buy each golf simulator component yourself. This method is harder than buying a complete package, but you will get to make sure that everything fits into your space perfect.

To help you out, here are some key guides on how to buy the best golf simulator components:

For even more inspiration, check out some key golf simulator accessories you can add to complete your entire room!

Golf Simulator Software

golf simulator software to buy

The golf simulator software is the backbone to your system. After your room is setup, the software runs all of the courses and translates information from your launch monitor into the simulator course.

Different launch monitors support different software. And each software has different PC requirements you have to meet.

I’ve simplified the whole thing in our golf sim software guide below.

Launch Monitors

golf simulator launch monitors

The golf launch monitor is a high-tech tool that gathers important information about your golf shots. It works like an expert observer, picking up on all the little details of how you play, much more accurately than a person could.

The launch monitor looks at different parts of your swing, such as your swing speed, launch angle, club direction, and spin rate. It uses this information to calculate how far your ball would go and in which direction.

Launch monitor data is sent to your golf simulator software, which turns this detailed shot analysis into a virtual version on a screen.

The launch monitor is the most critical part of your golf simulator setup.

Here is a core guide to help you pick the best launch monitor:

Here are some more guides to help you compare some of the top launch monitors available today:

And that is everything you need to know about golf simulators today! All of the links and guides on this page will help you setup your own golf sim.

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