5 Best Beginners Golf Clubs in 2020 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 StraightOur PickTour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight
Callaway Strata Tour 16-PieceBudget PickCallaway Strata Tour 16-Piece
Cobra Golf AirspeedUpgrade PickCobra Golf Airspeed
Cobra XL SpeedBest for SeniorsCobra XL Speed
TaylorMade Kalea 3Best for WomenTaylorMade Kalea 3

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners on the market today, providing you with our top picks, the most important criteria for you to make the right choice, and your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered. Thanks for reading!

If you're in a hurry, here are our top choices:

Our Pick
Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight
Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Tour Edge makes incredibly forgiving and high performing clubs that are sold at a fair and reasonable value. This is a set a beginner will have for many years.

Budget Pick
Callaway Strata Tour 16-Piece
Golf Clubs for Beginners on a Budget

The Callaway Strata golf set is an affordable and easy to launch set developed and perfected by one of the best golf companies in the game.

Upgrade Pick
Cobra Golf Airspeed
Upgrade your Golf Clubs for Beginners

Cobra makes some of the most forgiving and reliable clubs for golf. This Airspeed set features their top of the line speed technology. 

Most beginners purchase clubs in a complete set. The complete set gives you everything you need to play for a fair and reasonable price. We have put together our favorite options for the best golf clubs for beginners. For those of you that don't want a complete set, we have plenty of other choices in our guide.

BEST Golf Clubs for Beginners - COMPARISON TABLE

If you see a Golf Clubs for Beginners you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our reviews.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 StraightOur PickTour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight
Callaway Strata Tour 16-PieceBudget PickCallaway Strata Tour 16-Piece
Cobra Golf AirspeedUpgrade PickCobra Golf Airspeed
Cobra XL SpeedBest for SeniorsCobra XL Speed
TaylorMade Kalea 3Best for WomenTaylorMade Kalea 3

Best Golf Club for Beginners - Detailed Reviews for 2020

1. Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight

Best Overall

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight


  • Great value
  • High-quality components
  • Perfect set makeup for high handicapper or new golfer
  • High performing sand wedge
  • The set comes with a cart bag, not ideal for a walker.


  • Driver
  • 3-Wood
  • 5-Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 6 and 7 Iron Wood
  • 8-PW
  • 56 Degree Sand Wedge
  • Putter

The Hot Launch 3 Package set is a new release from Tour Edge. Tour Edge has been making high-quality golf clubs for many years, they are extremely serious about golf club quality and warranty, and they continue to improve technology and forgiveness.

We love this set for beginners because of the variety of clubs and the fact that they are built with a higher handicap/beginner in mind. 


The HL3 driver is a 460 CC 10.5-degree high performing club with a very classic look to it. This is a Driver that, on its own, would sell for several hundred dollars. As a beginner golfer transitions into being a mid handicapper, this driver will still be an outstanding technology.

We have mentioned in our other reviews how great hybrids are for beginners. Hybrids help get the ball in the air from a variety of lies. If you are stuck in the rough, hitting off a tee or right in the middle of the fairway, a hybrid can be a good pick.

The HL3 set comes with two hybrids, but it also comes with two clubs called ironwoods. This is a unique technology specific to Tour Edge. An ironwood is going to combine a hybrid with an iron. You will find the six and seven ironwood when you move down from the four and five hybrids.

These slight transitions from fairway to hybrid to ironwood to iron make the game easier to adjust to as a beginner. Each club will not feel like a foreign object in your hands. Irons can be tough for a new golfer to learn how to launch, luckily these wide sole clubs make it much easier.

Another great feature of the HL3 is the super spin wedge. Complete sets for beginners sometimes don't include a sand wedge, and when they do, it is not always as high performing. The Tour edge sand wedge is a genuinely high performing wedge capable of spinning out of a bunker or a chip around the green. When you eventually grow out of the HL3 set, we wouldn't be surprised if you keep this club with you.

The HL3 comes in a straight or an offset version. For the average new beginner, we highly recommend going with the straight. Although you may hit a few extra slices in the beginner, you will end up with a set of clubs that will last you a very long time.

The offset version should be saved for a higher handicapper or senior who doesn't have the speed to properly release and hit the ball straight. The HL3 features graphite shafts in the woods and hybrids and steel in the irons.

If you took all of the components of this Tour Edge set and pieced them together separately, you would spend a great deal more than this package set. 

2. Callaway Strata Tour 16-Piece

Best on a Budget

Callaway Strata Tour 16-Piece


  • Very good value for what you get
  • Comes with two hybrids
  • Available in two different flexes
  • Great set makeup and design
  • Large sweet spot on all clubs
  • Very fast swing speed players won't want the graphite shaft.


  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 6-PW
  • SW
  • Putter

For the beginner looking for a great value on a set of clubs that will still hold up over time, the Callaway Strata is a simple choice. Callaway is known for making some of the best clubs in golf. Although they do not put their premium technologies in the Callaway Men's Strata set, there is plenty of technology here for a beginner to get a great introduction to the game.

The Strata 16 piece set comes with everything a beginner could want in a set of clubs. We love that this package has a fairway wood and two hybrids. Your long game will be completely covered as a new golfer. 


Another great feature is the easy to hit and high performing sand wedge included with the Callaway set. The driver is a 460cc option, which maxes out the legal limit. You will not be sacrificing any distance or forgiveness by going with the Callaway Strata driver.

The entire set is built around the idea of distance, forgiveness, and launch. Callaway understands that one of the most frustrating things for a beginner is not being able to get the ball up off the ground. The very low center of gravity and wide soles on the Strata irons help to get the ball up in the air and on the way to the target.

The Callaway Strata Irons are going to be oversized in design. This is truly the best golf club choice for a beginner. Trying to hit a small or unforgiving club head will make the game of golf considerably less fun.

Sometimes putters in complete golf set just get thrown in. They don't always have great technology, and they may lack feeling. Luckily that is not the case with the Strata putter. This is a mallet head design that is perfect for a beginner to learn and perfect distance control.

The mallet putter comes with some great alignment lines, which will help a newer player make sure they have some confidence while on the putting green.

In addition to the great features of the golf clubs, the Callaway Strata bag is a nice looking and lightweight design. The men's Strata will be a great option if you are planning on walking the golf course. The men's Strata golf bag also comes with plenty of pockets and storage for your tees and golf balls.

If all of this has not sold you on the Callaway Strata set there is one more thing to consider. This complete golf set is offered in two different flexes. You can purchase the Callaway Men's Strata in both a stiff or a regular flex shaft. There are no other complete set options in golf that offer a stiff flex. So if you are a faster swing player that wants graphite shafts with a bit more strength to them, you will love this golf set. 

3. Cobra Golf Airspeed

Upgrade Pick

Cobra Golf Airspeed


  • Clubs are lightweight
  • Easy launch with the irons
  • Great set makeup for a beginner
  • Does not work all that well for faster swinging players


  • Driver
  • 3-Wood
  • 5-Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 6-PW
  • SW
  • Putter

Your options may be somewhat limited if you are a beginner golfer looking for a high-quality complete set. The premium options for beginners really come when you put a set together (see below). However, this Cobra F Max Airspeed knocks it out of the park when it comes to set makeup, technology, speed, ease of use, and forgiveness.

If you are a beginner that is worried about getting enough club head speed when you play, the F Max was made for you. This set will help players of all speeds be able to generate the distances that they need. Getting distance and accuracy as a beginner will make you want to play this game for many years. 


If you were to take all of the clubs in this complete set, it would cost much more than the advertised price. The titanium Driver is a slightly offset design that is extremely lightweight. A lightweight design in a driver allows plenty of speed, which will turn into the distance.

You will quickly notice that many of the beginners' sets only feature one fairway wood. We love that the F Max Airspeed has both two hybrids and two fairway woods. The entire set of clubs comes with graphite shafts, just adding to the swing speed and lightweight benefits.

The F Max Airspeed irons have plenty of loft, a large sweet spot, and a low center of gravity. Very often, irons have their lofts that are lowered to help players get the distance. Cobra did not take this approach with the Airspeed set. They made the irons lightweight and forgiving but gave them plenty of loft. You will be able to swing the club faster, and that will generate the distance, not adjusted lofts.

All of these complete sets of clubs come with a golf bag. Some bags are better than others. There is no question that the Airspeed set has a premium golf cart bag. This is not a bag for somebody that wants to walk the golf course. The bag has a 14 way top and nine zippered compartments. It even comes with an insulated beverage cooler.

If you are a slower swing player that wants a set of golf clubs to last you the next ten years, the F Max Airspeed is the way to go. 

4. Cobra XL Speed

Best for Seniors

Cobra XL Speed


  • Very forgiving
  • Available in the Lite Shaft
  • Best value and performance for a senior 
  • No stand bag option 


  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 Wood
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 6-PW
  • SW
  • Putter

If you are a senior golfer and thinking about getting into the game of golf, you will have a few extra things to consider. Senior golfers need a bit more help getting the golf ball in the air when they are beginners. The Cobra XL Speed Complete Set will really help with this.

This is a lightweight and easy to hit set that makes them some of the best golf clubs for beginners. You will get a great cart bag that will hole up for many years and a perfect set makeup with graphite shafts. 


Each individual club of this Cobra Speed set is very high quality with a low center of gravity. This is another one of those sets that would cost you lots more money if you split it up.

For the senior golfer, it will be best to choose something with a senior shaft. The Cobra XL Speed comes in a lite version. With this set, you also get a driver with a little extra loft. These are all key features to watch out for and consider when purchasing a senior complete beginners set. 

5. TaylorMade Kalea 3

Best for Women

TaylorMade Kalea 3


  • Perfect weighting for clubs for beginners
  • High-performance putter
  • Large sweet spot
  • Easy to hit the ball in the air
  • Expensive clubs for beginners


  • Titanium Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 Wood
  • Hybrid 5
  • Hybrid 6
  • 7- Pitching wedge
  • SW
  • Putter

Some of the best women's complete sets for beginners are a bit more expensive than the men's. This is usually because of the high quality and high price graphite shafts. These shafts are in place to help women gain clubhead speed and distance as well.

The Kalea is a set produced by TaylorMade, and every single part of this set has top of the line speed, distance, and forgiveness technology. One of our favorite parts about this golf bag is the fact that it comes with a premium putter. 


Putting is such an important part of the game, and it's an area where women can compete equally with men. Why not give a beginner woman golfer the best putter that there is on the market!

The set makeup and design on this premium TaylorMade option will last the female golfer many years. If you think golf is a game you are going to stick with, the Kalea set will work as you transition from being a beginner to a high handicapper to a mid handicapper. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Beginner Golf Set Should I Buy?

As a beginner golfer, it can be very overwhelming, trying to narrow down the options that you have available to you. The good news is that almost all of the beginner sets available have plenty of distance and forgiveness to make the game very enjoyable.

You must consider who you are as a person before choosing the perfect set for you. Do you take to sports rather quickly? Are you athletic? How strong are you? How often do you think you will play golf?

If golf is going to be your new passion and you are going to play every day, then it certainly makes sense to invest in a solid set of clubs that will last for several years.
If, however, you want to give golf a try, but the reality is that the club set could end up in your garage for the next several years, then you may want to look at a more budget-friendly option. It's important to consider more than just the product and think about yourself as an athlete and a competitor as well. 

How Many Golf Clubs Does A Beginner Need?

If a beginner had a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, three irons, a wedge, and a putter, it would be plenty. Many people try and put together a full fourteen club set right from day one, which is unnecessary. Beginners will very likely not notice a difference between a five iron and a six-iron for several months. If you can find a few decent golf clubs of varying lofts and styles, you should be well on your way. 

How Much Do Beginner Golf Clubs Cost?

Most beginner complete sets fall between $300 and $1000. There are a few outliers here, but this is the general range. You can assume that the higher quality sets with more clubs are going to be closer to the $1000 mark.

Some of the cheaper sets will offer fewer clubs, or they will be made with lower-quality materials. When choosing a very low priced beginner set, make sure to read some reviews. Some of these sets tend to break after a short time. Beginners tend to hit behind the ball, causing a good deal of stress on a golf club. If that stress is something the club is exposed to often, it may not hold up well over time.

Even though a beginner set is not going to last you forever, you don't want to have to replace it in just a few months. 

Is It Ok To Use Old Golf Clubs To Learn To Play?

So your grandfather gave you his old golf clubs from the 1980s, now you should be all set! Now quite. In fact, this may be a very bad idea to try and learn to play using these golf clubs. Chances are an old set of clubs is going to lack some modern technology and performance.

Although you will be getting a great deal, you may end up quitting the game of golf. Clubs for beginners are built to help increase launch. They have a low center of gravity and a very large sweet spot. Chances are your grandfather's old clubs are not built quite like this.

For an athletic person ready for a challenge, these clubs may do the trick; for the average person, you will probably take up fishing instead. If you were gifted, an old set of golf clubs try to do some research about how old they are, how forgiving they are, and if they would be a good option. 

Should A Beginner Buy Used Golf Clubs?

Another common question that comes up is whether or not beginners should buy used sets of golf clubs. There are some people that a used golf set will work very well for, but it has to be a very good match.

The best value that a beginner can get is a complete option from a reputable company. These sets are designed with the clubs that will match the swing speed and playing ability of a beginner. If you have a very good idea of what your golf game needs, then you can purchase it used, but you may end up being frustrated with the results that you get. 

How Long Will A Set Of Beginner Golf Clubs Last?

Golf clubs will last forever if you never use them. However, if you plan on actually using your new golf clubs, then you should get a good 5-7 years out of them. Most serious golfers will outgrow their beginner set in about four years, sometimes less.

This is a good thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing a golf set of clubs. Make sure you consider how many rounds you will potentially get out of them when calculating the value of the clubs. 

What If I Don't Want a Complete Set

As you noticed, our top five choices for beginners were complete golf sets. Although the complete golf set is the most popular and usually the most affordable option for a beginner, it does not mean that it is the only option for golf clubs for beginners.

You can put a set together if you so choose. Putting together a complete set with a stand bag is going to be much more costly than the pre-packaged option, but you may end up with a full set that will last you quite some time.

Here are some options that you should consider if you are looking to put a complete set together. If you want more information on individual hybrids, drivers, etc. that are great for the beginner, see some of our other guides


Best Beginner Driver
TaylorMade M6 Driver
Best Driver for Beginner

They have twist face and speed pocket technology that will equate to a larger sweet spot and plenty of length.This is a golf driver that you will have in your bag long past the early stages of your game.

A driver for a beginner must be large, forgiving, and hopefully adjustable as well. New golfers will constantly adjust their swing and golf game, and it is nice to have a driver that can adjust right along with you.

As far as technology is concerned, it is more than acceptable for a beginner to choose something that is maybe a year or two old. The driver will still have plenty of forgiveness and distance, but it will come at a much lower price.

A great choice right now would be the TaylorMade M6 Driver. These clubs retailed for $500 just about a year ago. They have twist face and speed pocket technology that will equate to a larger sweet spot and plenty of length. The M6 is adjustable. This is a golf driver that you will have in your bag long past the early stages of your game.


Best Beginner Hybrid
Cleveland Launcher Halo
Best Hybrid for Beginner 

This is a very easy to hit club with a large club face. The Cleveland Halo is also quite affordable and will be a good addition to your game even as your handicap improves. 

Hybrids are a club that every golfer should keep in their bag. A hybrid golf club is a mix between a fairway wood and an iron. Hybrids are used to replace the long irons in their golf bag. Over time it has been determined that hybrids are much easier to hit out of a variety of lies than a long iron.

Ideally, a beginner's set would have two hybrids in it. It is almost more important to have a hybrid than it is to have a fairway wood at this stage in the game. When you shop for a beginner hybrid, look for a larger clubhead and plenty of distance. Most golfers are going to want to carry at least a four hybrid and a three hybrid.

One of the best hybrids for beginners is the Cleveland Halo Hybrid. This is a very easy to hit club with a large club face. The Cleveland Halo is also quite affordable and will be a good addition to your game even as your handicap improves.

Many beginners have enjoyed the Halo Hybrid and have felt as though it has improved their golf game. It is available in a wide range of shafts and flexes as well. 


Best Beginner Irons
Cobra King Speedzone Iron Set
Best Irons for Beginner

This Iron has a fantastic feel, incredible distance, forgiveness and can hold up long term.

Golf irons are probably going to be the biggest expense for any beginner. You will want to choose a set that has clubs with a large club face and lots of forgiveness. Something with a lower center of gravity and mid-weight shaft seems to work best.

Irons are similar to drivers in that you don't always need the most current set of clubs to find something that works out well for your game. However, the best set of irons for beginners happens to be a brand new release.

If you want something that is going to hold up long term, has a fantastic feel, incredible distance, and plenty of forgiveness, the Cobra Speedzone Irons are a great choice. We recommend getting the 5-PW, AW, as the four iron won't be a club that a beginner needs right away. 

Fairway Woods

Best Beginner Fairway Wood
Callaway Rogue
Best Fairway Wood for Beginner

This is a club that performed exceptionally well last year, and it has incredible ball speeds coming off the club face.

When it comes to fairway woods, there is really no reason for a beginner to have several woods in the bag. One go-to club, preferably a five wood, is a perfect start to a set for the new golfer. All fairway woods are going to come with a graphite shaft so you won't have to make too many decisions when it comes to shafts.

The one thing to keep an eye on with fairway woods is the fact that they are hard to hit when they have lower lofts. That's why we recommend going with something like a five wood as it will have just a little more launch than some other options.

A great option for a new golfer is the Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood. This is a club that performed exceptionally well last year, and it has incredible ball speeds coming off the club face. If you want a great option both from the fairway and also from the tee (as an alternative to a driver), the Rogue will make a perfect choice.


Best Beginner Wedges
Cleveland CBX2
Best Wedges for Beginner

This is a cavity back club, but it has tons of great spin and feel as well. If you want to start learning how to stop a ball on a green, this club can teach you.

Wedges are very important in a set for beginners. If you learn how to play around the greens, you will, without a doubt, become a better golfer. The wedge for a beginner must be an appropriate weight, and it should have some forgiveness to it as well.

In years past, wedges were made mostly in a blade-style design, and they were quite difficult for a new player to learn to use. Things have changed significantly since then. Many wedges are now cavity back designs, and they are much easier to hit.

Our favorite wedge for the newer golfers is the Cleveland CBX 2. This is a cavity back club, but it has tons of great spin and feel as well. If you want to start learning how to stop a ball on a green, this club can teach you. The CBX2 comes in a variety of lofts, and you will want to make sure you choose something that fits in well with the rest of your set.


Best Beginner Putter
Odyssey White Hot Pro Rossie Black
Best Putter for Beginner

The mallet putters seem to be a good fit for the newer golfer. These putters are a little easier to control when it comes to distance, and they can also have a larger sweet spot on the club face.

When it comes to putting beginner golfers, they can really use the same clubs that a professional golfer might use. There is nothing that truly distinguishes a club as a beginner or expert putter. So much of putting has to do with feel and what a golfer is comfortable with.

Generally speaking, the mallet putters seem to be a good fit for the newer golfer. These putters are a little easier to control when it comes to distance, and they can also have a larger sweet spot on the club face.

A great mallet putter for a new player is the White Hot Rossie Putter. These clubs have been around for many years, and each year Odyssey makes a few tweaks to make them even more consistent and forgiving. The Rossie is one of those golf clubs that you may end up keeping in your golf bag for the rest of your life.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation


Beginners tend to get confused when it comes to golf shafts. Many people think that a steel shaft means that it is also a stiff shaft. This is not the case. There are two shaft materials and several flexes.

The two shaft materials are graphite and steel. Steel shafts tend to be heavier and work best for people that have faster swing speeds and want more control. Graphite shafts are best for people seeking distance. Although they do not provide the same amount of control, they are very lightweight and easy to learn with.

The shaft on your beginner set is important because you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed with the game. Choosing the wrong shaft will make the game more difficult.

Set Makeup

There is really no such thing as a perfect beginner set. You just need to find an option that works best for your game. However, there are a few parts of a beginner set that you are going to want to make sure you have.

You will need a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, a few irons, wedge, and a putter. Some players get very concerned about the driver and the irons they forget about the other clubs. You don't need fourteen clubs in your bag the first time you go to play, but having a variety is very important.

Another area that gets overlooked is wedges. Some beginners just play with the stock pitching wedge that came as part of the set; this is just not enough.

Short Game

As we mentioned, when we talked about set makeup, a pitching wedge is not enough to keep in your bag. You need to make sure that you also have a sand wedge, and at some point, you will want a lob wedge as well. Without these clubs, you will have a very difficult time learning the proper short game.

Beginners tend to focus on hitting the ball as far as they can. We can't blame you as this is an enjoyable part of the game of golf; however, it is not the part of the game that will make you a better player long term.

To become good at golf, you need to practice your pitching, chipping, and putting more than any other golf game area. If a beginner works on these areas of their game, they will undoubtedly shoot lower scores faster than the player who is continually working on hitting long drives.

Just make sure that your beginner set includes a very good wedge. If it does not, you can usually add a high-quality wedge to your golf bag for right around $100. 

Player Ability Level

Not all beginners are created equal. There are the beginners that have never played a sport in their lives and those that were the MVP of their college baseball team. These two people will likely have a very different entrance into the game of golf.

For athletic people, golf will come much easier. These are people that should be looking at steel shafted sets and potentially higher quality clubs, not a beginner's complete set. For those that are entirely new to the game of golf and to a sport in general, the complete beginner set will be the way to go.

In addition to ability level, you should also consider age. Players over 65 years of age may need to start looking at the senior shafted golf clubs. This is not always true as there are many 75-year-olds still using regular or stiff shafts; however, if there is technology for senior golfers available, you should take advantage of it. In the beginning, you will want to take any advantage that someone will give you! 

The Golf Bag

Does the golf bag really matter when you are buying a complete golf set? Truthfully the only time that a golf bag is going to matter is if you are someone that plans to walk the golf course often.

If you want to walk often, make sure you choose a golf club set that comes with a stand bag and not a cart bag. The cart bag won't stand on its own, and it is much heavier to carry around the golf course. 

Quick Summary of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners in 2020

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 StraightOur PickTour Edge Hot Launch 3 Straight
Callaway Strata Tour 16-PieceBudget PickCallaway Strata Tour 16-Piece
Cobra Golf AirspeedUpgrade PickCobra Golf Airspeed
Cobra XL SpeedBest for SeniorsCobra XL Speed
TaylorMade Kalea 3Best for WomenTaylorMade Kalea 3

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you have a better idea of what you need to get your start in this game. Although golf can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating at the beginning, you will not regret taking up this wonderful sport. We truly believe that the Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Set gives you a tremendous start to the game of golf. You can use these clubs to learn and then use them to start to score as well. Nothing in the HL3 set will hold you back as you start to fine-tune your golf game.