Travismathew Review: The Star of Modern Golf Clothes?

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Are you looking for modern golf apparel and business casual clothing that is stylish, fitted, and good for any temperature indoor and out? In this complete Travismathew review, I review the TM clothing brand in detail, showing you some of my favorite items to wear on the course and off too.

Specifically, I’ll be going over:

  • Who Travis Mathew is and why I think his clothing is the #1 rising golf brand
  • An overview of what they sell
  • Some of my favorite Travismathew golf items to try on and purchase today
  • All of the different ways you can buy Travismathew clothes
  • Some alternative brands to try out

If you purchased any Travismathew after reading this guide, comment down below and let us know what you thought about your clothing.

Travismathew Apparel Overview

travismathew logo

Travismathew is a golf apparel and lifestyle brand founded in 2007. It was founded to create high quality golf apparel and uproot an industry that was very one-dimensional at the time.

The company’s designs are based on Southern California culture and lifestyle, based on where the company was founded. You will see a lot of palm trees in the designs, along with light blue tones and accents.

The original Travismathew designs put a practical twist on golf clothing, with some key changes to traditional clothing items:

  • pants with a back pocket sized perfectly for a notepad or golf scorecard
  • added velcro to hold a golf glove
  • an extra pocket to hold your phone

Today, the brand has grown in many ways to include all different types of clothing, both men and womens.

travismathew clothing review

What Do They Sell?

The Travismathew brand sells all sorts of practical golf gear, including:

The Cuater line, a sub-brand of Travismathew (more on that below), sells more golf-related items:

TM Polo shirts are its top selling album. We have our personal review of the Zinna polo below, but you can check out its look in the video below to get an idea on why its perfect for the golf course and for regular life as well.

TravisMathew™ Presents The Perfect Polo

Who is Travis Mathew?

travismathew tm logo

Travismathew was originally founded in 2007 by Travis Johnson. Travis was a UCLA golf graduate who was briefly on the PGA tour in 2006. However, he soon found inspiration from the practical troubles that a travelling golfer would have and turned his attention into creating the Travismathew brand.

The name comes from Travis’ first name, plus his middle name (Travis Matthew Johnson) but he used Travis Mathew with a single ‘t’ to differentiate the name from his own.

Travis owned the company as CEO for ten years until 2017, when he sold the company for 125.5 million dollars..

Who is Travismathew Owned By?

Today Travismathew is owned by Callaway Golf, who purchased the company in the deal we mentioned above. Callaway has mostly kept the Travismathew brand in tact, but has expanded the company across North America and has signed some well known PGA athletes to represent the brand as well. 

One of the expansions that Callaway has done to the brand is open over 35 retail stores across the United States and Japan. They have also opened up a Canadian online store so that Canadians can get the brand shipped to them.

callaway golf logo

What is Cuater by Travismathew?

Cuater by Travismathew is a premium accessory golf brand created by Callaway Golf as a sub-company of TM. Cuarter focuses mainly on golf accessories: golf shoes, golf gloves, and belts.

Travismathew and Cuater combine together to be Callaway’s modern golf apparel lineup.

cuater by travismathew review

Travismathew Stores: Where to Buy Travismathew Modern Golf Apparel

The main ways to browse and buy clothing is through the official Travismathew US website or TM Canada website.

As well, the company has over 35 retail Travismathew stores open across the United States and one store in Japan. Flagship stores include:

  • Newport Beach, CA at Fashion Island
  • Scottsdale, AZ at the Fashion Square Mall
  • San Jose, CA at Santana Row
  • Los Angeles, CA at Westfield Century City
  • Honolulu, HI at the Ala Moana Shopping Center
  • Las Vegas, NV at the Fashion Show Mall
  • Fujisawa City, Japan

Travismathew Clothes Reviews

Cloud Tee

The first item I purchased and tried on from Travismathew was not golf specific at all. The Cloud Tee is marketed with the tagline “Feels Like a Dream” and I wanted to see if that was accurate.

The shirt is very soft and clean cut. it has a little bit of a stretch to it which I appreciate. 

The Cloud Tee comes in five different color and has a subtle v-neck to it. It’s a good shirt for jeans or a casual golf course where collars aren’t mandatory.

travismathew review cloud tee

The Beck Travismathew Shorts

The Beck Shorts are my favorite golf shorts right now. They feel like casual shorts or yoga shorts but look professional and clean cut for the golf course. Plus the Beck shorts don’t wrinkle at all.

My favorite part about the Beck is that they come in 8 different colors.

travismathew review beck shorts

The Zinna Polo

My pick for the best golf polo from Travismathew is the new Zinna Polo. It is a little softer that previous models from the brand and nicer to wear.  It comes in 8 different colors and has as slight heathered pattern to most of them.

My favorite feature on the polo is how the collar stays solid, even when I have to throw the shirt in my suitcase for a day of travel.

travismathew review zinna polo

The Nassau Travismathew Golf Hat

The Nassau Hat is the simplest one in the collection, with a simple “TM” logo on the side only. It comes in three different colors and is great for wearing on the course.

I like the fitted hats because of how soft and flexible they feel. After wearing them out on the golf course for a hot day, it doesn’t leave a giant red mark around my head like other hats do.

Click here to browse all fitted hats by Travismathew.

travismathew nassau hat

What I Like About Travismathew

There are a few themes in some of the top items above that I wanted to highlight about the golf brand as things I like.


First off, the fit on these shirts is modern and comfortable. Even as an average sized man, you’ll feel like your biceps are tight in these shirts. However, the spandex fabric means that the tight fit isn’t restricting while golfing out on a hot day. 


Compared to other golf shirts and pants I own, TM clothes are more comfortable to wear all day long. Most of the clothes include spandex and polyester, which are soft and comfortable fabrics. The quality of clothes is high and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage from the dryer at all.

Modern Designs

The Southern California inspiration works great for the brand and makes it stand out in a good way. A lot of the clothes have subtle palm trees and patterns alongside the trademarked “TM” logo.

A lot of the polo golf shirts have a slightly heathered texture as well. You can take a look at some of the pictures in this guide to get a good idea of what to expect.

Loyalty Program

Travismathew has a nice loyalty program that is free to join. When you do, you will get 5% back on every single purchase you make. 

Fit Finder

If you are unsure on what size to buy, the website has a nice Fit Finder that is more sophisticated than other clothing websites I’ve shopped off of. You enter in your height, weight, and body type, and the Fit Finder will recommend you what size you should purchase.

In general, I find that pants fit exactly to size with other brands. Shirts are slightly bigger in the chest and length, while slightly tighter in the arms. Using the Fit Finder, it suggested me a medium fit on a shirt (I normally order large) and I was happy with its recommendation.

What I Don’t Like About Travismathew

There isn’t a whole lot not to like about this brand, but let’s point out some facts.

Number of Stores

There are currently 35 different Travismathew retail stores located around the United States. This is a lot lower than other golf brands such as Nike, Under Armor, or Adidas. Hopefully Callaway can continue to expand the brand into more stores. It would be nice to see a Canadian expansion as well, though they now have a Canadian website to order from.


For the most part, I find the price of the clothing to be fair and on-point with other premium golf brands. Shirts and Polos run you about $30 and $80 respectively, which is about what Nike is charging. TM pants are a bit pricier, over $100 per pair.

If you are used to buying premium apparel, I don’t think you’ll be too upset with the pricing here. Being a smaller brand, you won’t find as many sales or outlets stores available, if you are a big deal hunter.

What PGA Stars Wear Travismathew?

A number of Callaway PGA ambassadors wear Travismathew and Cuarter on the course, including:

  • Jon Rahm
  • Keegan Bradley
  • Adrian Otaegui
  • Joel Dahmen
  • Tyler McCumber
  • Will Gordon
  • Joseph Bramlett
  • Seamus Power
  • Norman Ziong
jon rahm travismathew clothes
Jon Rahm wearing Travismathew

Travismathew Alternatives

If you are looking at other modern golf apparel brands to check out and buy from, here are some of my top picks:

  1. Haus of Grey (created by TM founder Travis Johnson)
  2. Asher Golf
  3. Rhoback
  4. William Murray Golf


If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe with some modern golf clothes that feels great and fits great, then Travismathew is your new best friend. The brand’s Orange County style is warm and inviting with a real sense of warmth.

Since being acquired by Callaway, the brand has expanded across the United States and is more available than ever before. PGA professionals like John Rahm are repping the brand now, which will further increase its success.

Everything I’ve tried on its much softer and more practical than traditional golf clothes in my closet. And that’s why I wanted to write this article and help others out! Give a try and see for yourself.

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