How to Play Golf for Beginners: The Definitive Guide

Everyone is playing it. World leaders, celebrities and even your boss.

Golf is a game of universal appeal and loved by millions. And you want to learn how to play golf, eh?

We get it.

It can seem so complicated for such a simple game of hitting a ball into a hole.

So many rules, so many terms, so many equipment. Don’t worry, we got you covered with this definitive guide for beginners.

how to play golf for beginners

The Ultimate List of the 
Web’s Best Golf Training Resources

From the swing mechanics to the most common mistakes, this guide has you covered.


Chapter 1

Getting to Know The Gentleman's Game

If you’re new to golf – or looking to brush up the basics – these resources will help you get your game off the right feet. You’ll learn about the origins and the benefits of the game and the essential rules and etiquette.

Chapter 3

How to Get the Ball Smoothly from the Tee to the Hole

Getting the ball from the tee to the hole is an adventure itself. Tee, rough, greens, bunkers? These great resources will have all your bases covered.

Chapter 4

How to Master the Short Game Like a Pro

If you ask a golf professional which is the most important aspect of your game, they will tell you that about 70% of your score is decided by how good you are with your short game. Yet most golfer only focus on their long game. Master this aspect and you’ll be on your way to be a better golfer

Chapter 5

The Most Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

As a beginner golfer, you’re bound to make mistakes. They key is to learn from these mistakes and correct them to be a better golfer. Here are some of the best cures for the common mistakes.

Chapter 6

How to Train Your Body and Mind to Lower Your Score

Even though golf seems like a sport for relaxation, it requires a great deal of core strength and decent fitness. Even more so, golfers need to have strong focus and good mental strength to stay in the game. Here are your blueprints for a better golf body, mind and confidence.​

Chapter 7

How to Select the Best Weapons to Win the War...or Game

You don’t go to war without weapons. Similarly, you can’t play a good game of golf without equipment that suits your current skill level. Here are the ultimate equipment guides for beginners.


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how to play golf for beginners