Best Fairway Woods – 2021 Guide

Best Fairway Woods

With the popularity of hybrids, the fairway woods often get pushed to the side in today’s golf world. However, on a day where your driver is not your best friend, or you have a long approach to a par four, the fairway wood is essential. While the hybrids have been gaining popularity, the fairway woods …

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Best Golf Wedges in 2021 (includes Sand, Lob, Pitching and Gap Wedges)

Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Matthew Branch using a sand wedge in a sand trap

Your golf bag is full of various clubs that you can use in almost any situation. From the tee to the fairway, you have every weapon in your bag that you could possibly need. And then you find yourself in a sand trap, inches from the green, and all you have to use are some woods and irons. None of these clubs seem suited to this situation, so what could you possibly do now? If you had yourself a good golf wedge, then you may be able to find your way out of this mess. And today, we are here to help with that very problem.