TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Review: Tech & Customization

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TaylorMade has tried to improve on the Spider GT, one of the most popular putters today, but did they succeed? In this guide, we give our complete TaylorMade Spider GT review about the putter. Our goal is to help you decide whether this is the right putter for you.

Specifically, I’ll go over:

  • How to buy the new Spider GT putter
  • An overview of key features in the TaylorMade Spider GT
  • Awesome key features you’ll find in the putter
  • Is the new Spider GT putter is best for beginner golfers? For advanced golfers?

After this TaylorMade Spider GT review, you’ll have all of the information you need to know to buy one of these new putters.

TaylorMade Spider GT

Peak Performance & Customization

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter is packed with technology to help make you a better golfer on the green. There are four new models, all with a new modern design.

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taylormade spider gt putter review back view

TaylorMade Spider GT Overview

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter is packed with technology to help make you a better golfer on the green. The Spider GT is easily recognizable for its looks and the amount of success seen with them on tour. 

There are four new models, all with a new modern design and an ultra-lightweight top plate for maximum MOI. 

Below, we will go over key features of the Spider GT putter and what we like and don’t like.

How to Buy the TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Use the links below to browse through all of the different Spider GT options.

Key Features

Top Plate Weighting

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter includes a new 145g aluminum top plate on top of the putter. This new top plate allows weight to be saved and distributed to the perimeter of the putter head for a more balanced strike.

This plate also takes excess weight away from the middle of the putter to eliminate over hitting the ball. On the top of this plate is a small white alignment line to line up each putt quickly. All of this put together creates extreme stability on every hit, even off-center strikes.

taylormade spider gt putter review top view

Pure Roll 2 Face Insert

Included on the new Spider GT putter is a Pure Roll 2 face insert. The Pure Roll 2 is a firmer insert than TaylorMade uses typically. It is made of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at a 45-degree angle.

The reason for the angle of the face insert is to promote more topspin on your putts which will help keep the ball straight and on line. Although the insert is made of firmer material, the ball still has a very soft feel off the face of the putter.

Fluted Feel Shaft

Another new feature of the Spider GT putter is the introduction of the fluted feel shaft. This is a newly engineered stability putter shaft with a soft section of the shaft located 5 inches from the tip.

The purpose of this is designed to increase the feel and stability of the putter during your putting stroke and improve dispersion.

Steel Side Weight Construction

The new Steel Side weight construction goes hand in hand with the new aluminum plate on the top of the putter. There are 90-gram steel side weights that push 82% of the putter’s total weight to the perimeter of the putter to provide more stability, especially on off-center strikes.

This, along with the aluminum top plate weighting ensures that the majority of the weight is on the perimeter of the putter.

taylormade spider gt putter bottom

TaylorMade Spider GT Hosel Options

There are two different hosel options when it comes to the new TaylorMade Spider GT putters:

  • Single Bend
  • Short Slant

The short slant design combines with the new perimeter weighting to generate 21 degrees of toe hang for a more vertical angle putting stroke. This will fit golfers with a vertical putting motion that generates moderate face rotation.

The Single Bend design is more standard and will better fit golfers with a traditional straight-back and straight-through putting motion. The best way to know which one fits you better is to head into a golf retailer and practice with both and see which is more comfortable based on your putting stroke.

TaylorMade Spider GT Shafts and Grips

As stated above as one of the key features, the new TaylorMade Spider GT putter comes equipped with a TaylorMade Fluted Feel shaft. This has a soft section on the shaft 5 inches from the tip which provides maximum stability during the putting stroke.

The new Spider GT putter also come pre-equipped with a Super Stroke GT 1.0 Black/Red grip which is definitely one of the most popular putter grips used by amateurs as well as PGA Tour players.

TaylorMade Spider GT Colour Options

If there is one thing that TaylorMade is excellent at doing, it is providing many different colour options when it comes to the new Spider GT putter. TaylorMade has 4 stock colour options available:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Red
  • White

The colour of your putter all comes down to personal preference and what is more visually appealing to you. Each comes with a white alignment line on the top of the putter head. The White/Light Blue comes standard in the Women’s model and also features a three-dot sightline for alignment instead of the line that comes in the Male versions.

MySpider GT Overview

MySpider GT is an entirely brand new way in customization of a golf club. Using MySpider GT, TaylorMade allows you to choose from hundreds of different colour combinations to create a putter that is truly your own.

Think of it as designing a brand new car and picking its options.

When first starting out the custom build of your Spider GT, you must select either Left Hand or Right Hand putter. Then, you can customize at least 6 other options on the putter

myspider gt customized putter

Hosel Options

There are four different hosel options to choose from when first selecting:

  • Single Bend
  • Short Slant
  • Flow Neck
  • L Neck

The Single Bend option is face balanced and will fit best with golfers who have straight back and through putting motions. The Short Slant, Flow Neck and L Neck hosel options each have increasing degrees of toe hang. 

The more face rotation that your putting stroke has, the more toe hang you will need in order to hit center putts consistently. It’s a good idea to head into a golf retailer and practice with a putter with each shaft model in order to see what works best for your putting stroke.

taylormade spider gt putter hosels

Head Colour

The head colour is the colour of the top aluminum plate on the putter head. You have the option of choosing the following colours:

  • Jet Black
  • Fire Red
  • Silver
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Ice Blue
  • Metallic Golf
  • Bubble Gum
  • Forest Green
  • Royal Purple
  • Lime Green
  • Burnt Orange
  • Mocha
taylormade spider gt customized putter heads

Sight Line

After choosing your hosel option, you have the option of selecting a Sight Line for the top plate of the putter and there are three options:

  • Single Line
  • Short Line
  • Single Dot

The Single Line is a long line in the middle of the putter head to help with alignment. The Short Line is the same but not as long. The Single Dot takes the place of the line and has a single dot as an alignment line. 

You can also choose the colour of your sightline with the following options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Tour Red
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Midnight Blue
  • Blue
  • Lime Green 
  • Golf Ball Yellow

Wing & Weight Colour

You can choose from either Black or Silver to be the colour of the two wings that come out of the aluminum plate of the putter head. It is the same for the colour of the 2 tungsten weights that are on the ends of the two weights. 

TaylorMade also allows you to choose a colour for the rings around the weights and you can choose from:

  • Black
  • Tour Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Golf
  • Dark Blue
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple 
  • Lime Green
taylormade spider gt review customized head colors

Face Insert Colour

TaylorMade allows you more customization than ever by allowing you to choose the colour of the face insert and offering multiple different options. Below are the colour options for the face insert:

  • White/Black
  • Black/Black
  • White/Tour Red
  • Black/Tour Red
  • White/Grey
  • Black/Grey
  • White/Gold
  • Black/Gold
  • White/Dark Blue
  • Black/Dark Blue
  • White/Light Blue
  • Black/Light Blue
  • Black/Lime Green
  • White/Lime Green
  • White/Orange

Logo Colours

You are also able to choose different colours for multiple different logos on the putter. This includes the TaylorMade logo on the bottom of the putter as well as the TaylorMade script logo on the head of the putter. You can also change the colour of the GT logo on the head of the putter. 

The following colours are available for these:

  • White
  • Black
  • Tour Red
  • Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Lime Green
  • Golf Ball Yellow
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow


The new TaylorMade Spider GT putter is available starting at $384.99 USD at all major golf retailers. 

Release Date

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter was available for pre-order on February 15th, 2022 and was available to the public on March 4th, 2022. You can find it at all major golf retailers, available in 33”, 34” and 35”.

What I Like About the Spider GT

Overall, I really like the Spider GT and there is a reason why it is one of the most popular putters available today.

The feel of the putter is next to none. With the new aluminum weighting plate, it seems to spread the weight around evenly. When I tried out the putter, every single putt felt evenly weighted and the ball went exactly where I needed it to go.

The face insert is both firm and soft at the same time. The ball had a great sound off the face of the putter

The pre-installed Super Stroke GT 1.0 grip is the perfect grip for this putter and would fit any golfer without any customization. This putter is expensive enough, so you don’t need to spend extra on more customization.

customized taylormade spider gt in blue

What I Don’t Like About the Spider GT

If you already own a Spider GT putter, then the new putter might not be improved enough to warrant an upgrade. The average golfer won’t know the difference between the features of this and the previous Spider putter.

Secondly, the price is quite high for the average golfer. If you are looking to buy a putter for $100 or less, look at an alternative such as a Ray Cook putter.

Finally, the amount of customization options on MySpider may be confusing and overwhelming. That option won’t appeal to everyone.


Overall, the new TaylorMade Spider GT putter has a lot of really nice features. Pure Roll 2 is a great feature that promotes a consistent putting stroke. Side weighting about the putter helps to balance the head nicely.

When you pick up a Spider GT, the whole thing feels premium. It is my favorite putter released this year, along with the new Odyssey Toulon.

Once again, use the links below to browse through all of the different Spider GT options and buy yours today.

If you picked up the new Spider GT or have some feedback to offer, comment down below and let others know.

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