16 Best Online Golf Lessons & Courses [Learn at Home]

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Learn how to lower your score and hit the golf ball better with a premium online golf instruction course. In this guide, we’ll show you the best online golf lessons you can take today from the best online golf coaches, instructors, and tour professionals.

These online courses will take your golf game to the next level, showing you the right way to hit the ball. With an online course, you can work at your own piece to improve your game and rewatch the content repeatedly as you need.

Below, we’ll go over:

  • The best online golf coaches available today
  • The best online golf lessons that you can complete from the comfort of your own home
  • Key features and techniques you will learn from each teacher
  • How to buy or subscribe to each course and get started today

If you know of any other online golf classes that you would recommend, contact us today and let us know!

The Number One Online Golf Lesson


Learn how to improve your swing and keep it perfect with help from Chuck Quinton, one of golf’s best teachers.

Rotary Swing focuses on three main areas: the body, the brain, and golf swing physics. Axiom and Dead Drill, the two plans in the program, will help you boost consistency in your golf swing by over 80%.

What are the Best Online Golf Courses and Lessons?

  1. Me and My Golf
    1. Total Driving
    2. Break 100
    3. Break 80
  2. Rotary Swing by Chuck Quinton
  3. Wisdom Golf Premium by Shawn Clement
  4. Swing Man Golf
  5. Rebellion Golf by Monte Schienblum
  6. The Art of Simple Golf by Alex Fortey
  7. Power Plane Masterclass by Sir Nick Faldo
  8. One Shot Slice Fix by Hank Haney
  9. George Gankas Golf
  10. Danny Maude Golf
  11. Chris Ryan Golf
  12. Hit Bombs by Dana Dahlquist and Josh Koch
  13. Cogorno Golf by Eric Cogorno
  14. Scratch Golf Academy
  15. V1 Sports Golf App
  16. Skillest

Rotary Swing by Chuck Quinton (Most In-Depth Online Course Training)

rotary swing best online golf lessons

If you are like other golfers, you are probably struggling with how to control your golf game and hit more consistently. Rotary Golf by Chuck Quinton is the perfect online course to align yourself with how professionals play.

Chuck Quinton is the man behind the camera. He has been teaching golf since the mid-2000s. His teaching is based on creating a repeatable, bio-mechanically safe golf swing. By subscribing to the course, you will learn how different parts of your body should move during each type of swing. Chuck Quinton is a good coach if you are prepared to build your swing from the ground up.

No matter what your issue is, it is addressed in Rotary Swing:

  • hitting across the line
  • hitting over the top
  • not getting your hips open enough
  • not maintaining your posture
  • hanging back on your right foot
  • scooping
  • chicken winging

Rotary Golf by Chuck Quinton concentrates on three main areas: the body, the brain, and golf swing physics. The course offers the best golf instruction to learn the skills needed to become a great golfer. It covers two major plans: Axiom and Dead Drill. These plans will help you boost your consistency by over 80%. You will start to hit golf balls like a professional.

One thing I love about Rotary Swing is that your answers and lessons are based on science, so there’s no need for guesswork as you hit the ground running. Aside from the lead coach, Mr. Quinton, the company has an orthopedic surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and a biochemist that will help you become more efficient.

Rotary Golf by Chuck Quinton is reasonably priced at $396 per year or $47 per month.

Me and my Golf (Overall Best Online Golf Lessons)

me and my golf best online golf lesson

Me and My Golf is an online golf lesson created by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman to help golfers take control of the game. Currently, Me and My Golf is one of the most sought-after golf channels on YouTube, boasting millions of monthly viewers and over 750,000 subscribers. Coaches from the platform have helped thousands of golfers worldwide improve their golf swing, chipping, putting, and more.

The site includes a wide range of tailored, week-by-week, step-by-step instruction plans that cater to golfers of all skill levels. The best part of Me and My Golf is that classes are broken down into categories, giving you a personalized approach to the game of golf.

Classes on Me and My Golf can be purchased one by one, or they are all included with a monthly membership fee of about $25 per month (less if you subscribe long-term).

Some of my favorite classes on Me and My Golf include:

Total Driving

me and my golf total driving lesson

Total Driving is an exciting coaching plan for all levels of golfing experience. This lesson gives you access to simple tools and online golf tips to bomb your drives straighter and longer than ever before.

Total Driving featured 5 golf lesson videos with 20 minutes of content. The videos emphasize effective and focused practice with your golf ball. At the end of the course, you will see yourself smashing your drives like a pro with precision. Total Driving will give you the confidence to step into the tee box and start your swing.

Break 100

me and my golf break 100 lesson

Break 100 is a carefully designed online golf lesson program that explains Piers and Andy’s secrets of how they could break 100 consistently on all golf courses. This course is one of the platform’s most popular online golf lessons. It is made for beginners and intermediate players who want more consistency in their game.

When you enroll in this program and watch the videos, different parts of the golf game make more sense.

Break 80

me and my golf break 80 lesson

Break 80 aims to get you through the golf course in the shortest possible time. It emphasizes on what to do to stay ahead of other players and become a single-digit handicap golfer. Break 80 is designed to give you the tools to score low, even when things aren’t going your way.

If you follow the Break 100 course above and then work on Break 80, you will hit the golf ball well. The tools included in this program that you will work on are:

  • strategy
  • mindset
  • techniques
  • shot making

You will learn everything you need to shoot in the 70s.

All the courses or programs above last about 20 minutes per lesson, and they cost a one-time fee of around $100. Or, like I said, the monthly membership is enticing because you get access to everything. Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, Me and My Golf has a huge selection of online golf lessons at home for you.

Wisdom Golf Premium by Shawn Clement (Modern Online Golf Lesson)

wisdom golf premium best online golf lesson

Wisdom Golf Premium is the perfect online course for both beginners and professional golfers. Your online golf coach for this course is Shawn Clement. Shawn was among the first golf coaches to start a YouTube channel for golfing lessons. Over the years, his YouTube channel has racked up millions of views.

Shawn’s teachings focus more on tasking your brain. He has videos on the different aspects of golf swinging. He teaches both in-person and online golf lessons.

Wisdom Golf Premium by Shawn Clement has different lessons and features included on the site, including:

  • Golf swing analysis
  • Weekly golf lesson
  • Golf fitness programs.

Chris has several different plans available to subscribe to, depending on what level of support and swing analysis you want:

  • Par – $9.95 per month or $109.45 per year – Access to all premium videos whenever you want and a discount on analysis services.
  • Eagle – $39.95 per month or $439.45 per year – Access to everything in Par, plus exclusive videos, one swing video analysis per month a weekly podcast to listen to.
  • Eagle Plus – $500 per month of $5,500 per year – Access to everything in Eagle, plus 4 Skype lessons of 30 minutes per month.
  • Double Eagle – $1000 per month of $11,000 per year – Everything in Eagle, plus 4 Skype lessons of 1 hour per month.
  • Eagle Plus Fitness – $1000 per month or $11,000 per year – Everything in Eagle Plus, plus a weekly fitness program, 30 minutes per week of 1-on-1 fitness coaching, and the ability to text a video of your swing or exercise for analysis anytime.

Swing Man Golf (Best Golf Course to Add Distance)

Swing Man Golf is the top course on the internet designed to add distance onto your golf swing. The website promises you can add at least 30 years onto your swing in 30 days by following the program.

Once you subscribe, you get access to three main video courses:

  • Hit it Longer – Swing Speed Training for Longer Drives
  • How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores online golf lesson
  • The Mike Austin Video Library

Swing Man Golf also features 5 years of one-off handicap improver videos to browse through and a game training audio program.

Jaacob Bowden is the instructor of Swing Man Golf, a long-drive champion who has hit 421-yards before.

Swing Man Golf also offers a 1-day swing speed trainer certification program for golf professionals who want to be able to teach swing training.

Swing Man costs $49 per month to start and you can check it out via the button below.

Rebellion Golf by Monte Schienblum (Biggest Selection of Lesson Types)

rebellion golf best online golf course

If you want to improve your golfing skills within the shortest possible time, consider the online golf lesson by Monte Schienblum called Rebellion Golf.

Monte Schienblum is a no-nonsense golf coach that will teach you how to build a simple, solid, and repeatable swing. Monte will also walk you through how to cure your shanks and early extension. Monte Scheinblum is a former long drive champion with good experience in this area.

Before starting his YouTube channel, Monte gave golf tips on the GolfWRX forum. He has videos to his credit, including “The Efficient Swing.” He offers both online and in-person golf lessons and clinics. 

To get started on Rebellion Golf, all you need to do is:

  • Use your mobile phone to record yourself swinging your golf club.
  • Complete the online form and submit it with your payment.
  • Receive tailored lessons through email.

In addition to online classes, clinics, and videos, the site also offers remote live online golf lessons and a great blog, so you can easily decide which plan is suitable for you.

The blog covers topics like:

  • how to cast the perfect club
  • learning about early extension,
  • a short game video series

While the online classes cost $90 each, purchasing one of the Improvement Plans ($50 per month or $499 per year) brings the cost down to $65. The Improvement Plan also offers discounts on other programs, remote live lessons for $125 per hour ($150 regularly), in-person lessons at $125 ($175 regularly), and $100 off clinics.

The Art of Simple Golf by Alex Fortey (Easiest to Understand)

the art of simple golf by alex fortey golf course

The Art of Simple Golf by Alex Fortey is a well-organized online golf lesson that touches on the different aspects of the game. The coach, Alex Fortey, builds upon the swing tips offered through his YouTube channel in more detail.

We like that Alex Fortey is willing and ready to share his best secrets before you have to pay for it. He produces short, easy-to-understand videos focusing on specific golf swing parts.

Alex Fortey’s theory is simple: golf is a complicated game that needs to be simplified.

The website is designed into sections for golfers with varying abilities. It boasts of a wide range of lessons, including:

There are many free videos on the website that you can follow to learn how to swing, but the paid subscription breaks things down into unit studies for different handicap levels. Subscribing to The Art of Simple Golf costs $49 per month.

Power Plane Masterclass by Sir Nick Faldo (Performance Golf Zone) (Best Golf Trainer Credentials)

power plane masterclass by sir nick faldo best golf training

Power Plane Masterclass is an excellent online golf lesson created by Sir Nick Faldo. Sir Nick Faldo is a 6-time Major Champion and CBS Commentator. Nick has an awesome knowledge of golf and his willingness to teach others is awesome.

Nick teaches a pain-free approach to improve your swing and putting skills in this training course. He has a wide range of instructional videos in the class, including:

  • The M-system
  • Skill Pathways
  • Teaching Clinic
  • I Feel Your Pain.

In this online lesson, he teaches you the strategies that helped him become the number one in the world for 98 weeks. Power Plane Masterclass will teach you how to achieve perfect ball-striking and rapidly lower scores without spending hours on the range.

This lesson will help low handicappers who get stuck. It is also beneficial for those with too many swing thoughts. If you struggle through pain when golfing, this online lesson is also for you.

At the end of this course, you will have a powerful and rotational swing with lots of width and tour-level impact conditions.

One Shot Slice Fix by Hank Haney (Performance Golf Zone) (Most Relatable Problem to Fix)

one shot slice fix by hank haney golf training

One Shot Slice Fix by Hank Haney is a great online golf lesson for golfers who struggle through the pains of slicing the golf ball. Slicing is the number one problem that golfers have.

The legendary golf instructor, Hank Haney, is the former coach of Tiger Woods. Hank worked with Tiger throughout 6 Major Championships, 9 World Golf Championships, and 31 PGA Tour Wins.

One Shot Slice Fix by Hank Haney will teach you how to fix your golf ball slice after just one shot on the range. You will also learn how to add 20-30 yards of accurate distance and the consistency to shave 8-10 strokes from your scorecard. This lesson will expose you to a 5-minute practice swing sequence that amateur golfers use now.

After watching this course, you can eliminate those embarrassing distance-stealing slices and learn how to create a deadly-accurate straight shot that flies an extra 20-30 yards farther. The video on the website should relate to every golfer, so go and watch that to start.

George Gankas Golf (Best Golf Training Community)

george gankas golf best online golf lesson

George Gankas Golf is a community of golfers interested in improving and taking strokes off your game. The website offers paid monthly subscriptions designed to teach you about the game of golf and improve the golf game no matter what your skill level is.

With your subscription to the site, you get access to over 17 different online golf courses designed to help you in your game. The courses and videos are split into three different sections:

  • Learn – Lessons on how to properly swing all clubs: driver, woods, irons, wedges, and putts
  • Apply – Videos on course strategy, practice techniques, mental improvements
  • Grow – Information on ball flight data, equipment, statistics, and live A&W sessions

Some of the video lessons that I think people will like to watch include:

  • Increasing your swing speed and power
  • Utilizing stats to improve your golf game
  • Creating a stronger swing model to improve consistency

Subscription to GG Golf costs a one-time annual fee of $499 or monthly payments of $49 for a full year. Even if you pay monthly, you must stay on as a member for a full year and there is no refund once you start your lessons. This is a bit more aggressive subscription plan than other online golf lessons, but the quality is very high.

New lessons and content are added regularly, and George also offers live Q&A sessions to members. All members also get access to exclusive forums where you can talk golf with other subscribers to George’s program.

George is a golf instructor from Southern California who focuses on power and efficiency. He has been developing new golfers for the last 25 years.

Danny Maude Golf

danny maude best online golf lesson

Danny Maude’s online golf lessons are broken down into two main sections: Online Coaching and Practice Plans

Online Coaching

If you sign up for Danny Maude’s online coaching, you get 1-on-1 personal instruction time with Danny. This works through asynchronous video messaging, where you send Danny videos of your swing and progress and Danny responds back with golf tips and feedback.

This method is a great way to improve your swing while getting personalized feedback about your swing. Danny performs full swing analysis on you and makes suggestions for improvement.

Practice Plans

The Practice Plans area of Danny’s service is a digital content hub containing hundreds of videos that you can watch. Each video focuses on improving or providing information about a specific shot or technique.

Some of the videos that I liked the most were:

  • How to straighten your driver
  • How to end the slice
  • How to become a better ball striker
  • An introduction to the Catapult method

You can access all of Danny’s content on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android phone.

If you are interested in personalized online coaching with Danny Maude, the cost is $499 per month for 8 individual responses. Danny will analyze your swing, give you areas to focus on, and personalize responses to improve your game.

If you just want access to Practice Plan videos, the cost for that is only $9.99 per month.

Danny Maude is a professional golf instructor from Canterbury, Kent, UK. He has ben the head professional golf instructor at Canterbury Golf Course since 2014. His nickname is “The Peoples Coach”, thanks to his good reputation for helping average golfers improve.

Chris Ryan Golf

chris ryan golf best online golf leson

Chris Ryan Golf is a digital service that offers online coaching and digital courses from one of the most popular golf coaches on Youtube.

If you choose the Online Coaching option, you can work 1-on-1 with Chris Ryan to improve your swing and mechanics. He looks at your golf swing video and makes practical suggestions for improvement. Depending on the option you pick, you get one or more of the following from Chris:

  • A voice-over swing analysis
  • Personalized video explaining how to improve your swing’
  • Recurring feedback lessons
  • 1-on-1 email support

Online coaching starts at 65 euro per lesson.

The digital courses are purchased ad-hoc on the Chris Ryan Golf

website, and there are 5 different courses available:

  1. Release Your Swing – how to transform your body and improve your swing mechanics.
  2. The Slice Fixer Series – Helping you hit the ball straighter without a slice.
  3. The Golf Skill Code – Tests, skills, and games to help you improve your score.
  4. Ultimate Ball Striking – How to strike the ball more consistently, adding distance and consistency to your swing.
  5. Boost Your Club Head Speed – Increasing your swing speed to get more distance on your shots

Digital courses range from between 35 and 50 euros per class and you get a handful of videos in each course.

Chris Ryan is currently the Director of Coaching at HIT Golf Academy in Arden, Warwickshire, England. He began his professional career in 2005, playing tons of events on the European Tour. Chris is one of the most popular golf instructors on Youtube, with over 250,000 subscribers.

Hit Bombs by Dana Dahlquist and Josh Koch

hit bombs best online golf lessons

The core of the Hit Bombs website is a $49.99 monthly subscription to The 150 MPH Blueprint. It is a step-by-step guide to increasing your club head speed, which is guaranteed to add a ton of distance to your swing. Included is an 8-week program with videos and simple instructions to help you out.

New videos and tutorials are added each week to keep things fresh.

The program claims that it is for first-time golfers and seasoned veterans, but we think it tailors more toward long-time golfers.

If you are interested in a personalized lesson featuring a 1-on-1 zoom call and swing analysis, that will cost you $200 monthly for a single lesson and $500 for 4 lessons.

Dana Dahlquist is a renowned PGA and LPGA golf coach who has worked with professionals like Charles Howel III, Daniel Sumerhays, Brad Faxon, and more. His website is a digital portal for some of the highest quality and best online golf lessons.

Josh Koch is a #1 Pro Long Drive Association champion, getting over 225 MPH ball speed on his swing.

Cogorno Golf by Eric Cogorno 

cogorno golf online lessons

Like others on this list, Cogorno Golf offers a library of over 600 videos, guides, and master classes to try out. Eric also offers 1-on-1 personalized video analysis of your swing so that he can recommend improvements.

What sets Cogorno Golf apart is that personalized analysis is available with every basic $69 monthly membership. This makes the coaching part one of this list’s most enticing deals.

After starting your membership, you must upload a video of your swing. Eric or one of his team members will get back to you within 48 hours with a custom video analysis and a practice plan to help you.

The master classes included are also full of quality and include:

  • Ultimate Full Swing Range Practice Plan
  • Ultimate Chipping Practice Plan
  • Ultimate Full Swing Blueprint
  • Compression Master Class
  • Slice Fix Master Class

and literally hundreds more instructional videos! Cogorno Golf gets my recommendation for its high-value price-to-content ratio.

Eric Cogorno is a former golf pro who has turned his attention to online lessons. His original Youtube channel, launched in 2017, was one of the first in-depth teachers for golf content.

Scratch Golf Academy

scratch golf academy best online golf lesson

Scratch Golf Academy (SGA) is a suite of golf videos designed to help you find an efficient golf swing. Once you subscribe, you get access to an instructional app that contains all of the videos offered by SGA.

There are over 250 unique on-demand video lessons to browse through and watch whenever you want. Lessons are broken down in a few different ways:

  • Basic swing fundamentals
  • By club type
  • By shot type

You can submit your swing through the app and get personalized feedback from an SGA coach. As part of your subscription, you also have the option to participate in live training sessions with Adam Bazalgette, a PGA teacher who has given over 40,000 golf lessons and has appeared on The Golf Channel many times.

Overall I love using the mobile app, which is easy to take outside with you while you work on your swing.

V1 Sports Golf App

v1 sports golf app

The V1 Sports app focuses on golf swing analysis to provide feedback on your swing and practical suggestions on improving. V1 Sports is an app for iOS or Android.

When you download the app, it will walk you through how to capture your swing in slow motion. An expert will review your swing and use drawing tools to determine where to improve. They will give you voice-over feedback on what to do to improve.

V1 partners with different golf academies in North America so that you get feedback from real golf instructors. Over 10,000 coaches have signed on to the app, and V1 claims to have helped over 3 million athletes.

So if feedback on your swing is important, check out the V1 Sports online academy.


skillest best online golf lesson

Skillest is an online golf coaching platform that pairs you up with golf coaches worldwide. Like V1 Sports, you upload your swing and send it through the Skillest platform for your coach to analyze and review. You will receive swing analysis and discussion on how to improve.

Skillest has a nice search feature where you can look for the right coach to help you out from a master list. Sort, explore, and filter through the coaches until you find the one you want. Each coach can set their own price and terms.

Once you are paired up, your coach does more than just swing analysis, which I really like. You get to schedule regular meetings where you start to learn from each other. Through the Skillest app, you can do live video lessons and receive mentorship on all aspects of your golf game.

Coaches can offer:

  • Zoom lessons
  • Single lessons
  • Packages of lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Monthly subscriptions

And each coach customizes what they offer, from full game and statistical analysis to simply swing review.


As you can see, there are some really great instructors providing online golf lessons on the Internet. And other than not paying hundreds of dollars per hour for a lesson, online videos have some other advantages too:

  • You can watch videos at your own pace when you want to learn.
  • Online lessons can be rewatched repeatedly until the retain all of the information.
  • Some courses provided hours worth of content and video material

Try an online golf lesson today and improve your golf game out on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best online golf courses available for beginners?

The best online golf courses for beginners include Rotary Swing, Top Speed Golf, and Me and My Golf, and GolfPass. These platforms offer comprehensive lessons, personalized instruction, and engaging content for new golfers.

How do I choose the right online golf course for me?

When selecting the best online golf course, consider your skill level, learning style, budget, and time commitment. Look for platforms with positive reviews, professional instructors, and a structured curriculum.

Are online golf courses effective for improving my game?

Yes, online golf courses can effectively improve your game because they offer expert instruction, video analysis, and personalized feedback. Unlike a live lesson, online courses let you go back and rewatch content as many times as you want.

How do the best online golf courses compare in terms of pricing?

Pricing for the best online golf courses varies, with some offering monthly or annual subscriptions while others have one-time fees or pay-per-lesson options. Compare prices and features to find the best fit for your budget.

Are there any free online golf courses available?

While most high-quality online golf courses require payment, there are free resources available, such as YouTube tutorials and blogs. Keep in mind that free content may not be as comprehensive or personalized as paid courses.

What are the benefits of taking an online golf course over in-person lessons?

Online golf courses offer convenience, flexibility, and often lower costs compared to in-person lessons. They allow you to learn at your own pace, review material as needed, and access expert instruction from anywhere with an internet connection.

Can I access the best online golf courses on my mobile device?

Yes, most of the best online golf courses have mobile-friendly websites or apps, allowing you to access lessons, videos, and other content from your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to learn and practice on the go.

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