Golf GPS vs Rangefinder – Which one is right for you?

Best GPS vs Golf Rangefinder

Golf is arguably one of the most sophisticated and most highly competitive precision sports in the world today. Whether you’re a professional golfer aspiring to be on the same level with the likes of Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, or an amateur working to lower your handicap, it always helps to have the advantage against the competition. In today’s modern age, golfers are slowly starting to see the advantages of using golf GPS and laser rangefinder technology in order to further improve their game.

Top Ten Golf Swing Tips of All-time

perfect shot

Golf is something very tricky; it is a game that involves lots of tricks and tips. Aside from picking the right golf clubs, there are many golf tips that you can master to become a better golfer. One thing that you should master is how to hit the ball to improve your game. How’s you’re golf …

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Hitting a Golf Ball to an Elevated Green – What is it and how to do it?

elevated green

Table of Contents When a golf course is designed, it is created in a way that best challenges the golfers using the terrain available to them in addition to man-made obstacles. One of these challenges is uphill lies and elevated greens. There’s not that much difference between how to approach the shot in principle, so …

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