Golf Clubs Sizes Charts: Your Guide to Selecting the Right-Sized Clubs

Golf clubs are manufactured in various sizes. They’re made for players of different heights and playing styles. Choosing the right size is essential if you want to have a solid posture and a correct swing. But, that’s not always easy to do.

So how can you pick an appropriate golf club that can maximize your performance? It comes down to reading and understanding golf club size charts. Manufacturers create such tables to help everyone from beginner golfers to pro golfers choose the right club size for their play.

Here’s how your size affects the dimensions of your needed golf club size and why it matters.

Last but not least, the grip size should also be determined for the club to fit perfectly in your hands. A solid grip can have a massive impact on your golf swing plane and could very well help correct your swing technique as well as your posture.
Golf Clubs Sizes Charts

Basic Sizes

The first thing you need to know is that there are a few basic sizes for women, men, and kids. There are also some extra-tall and -short models that cater to both ends of the spectrum.

But how exactly do these differ? The difference between men’s and women’s clubs is generally noticeable on the grip. Men’s golf clubs have larger grips and are also about 2.5 cm longer than women’s golf clubs.

Kids’ clubs are even smaller than women’s for the most part. Knowing what type of golf club you need is the first step in determining the appropriate size.

Golfer’s Measurements

There are two measurements that you need to take before shopping for a golf club. The first one is your height. Manufacturers usually make clubs to account for golfers anywhere between 4’8” to 6’7” inches tall.

The second measurement is wrist-to-floor distance. This is done by standing on a flat surface with your arms relaxed and pointing down. You then measure the distance between the ground and the line where your wrist meets your hand.

These two results are often at the core of any golf club size charts, whether they’re the most basic or the most complex. Here is an example of a simple chart.

You will notice that the left column lists common wrist-to-floor measurements while the top row has the height references. You may also notice some of the boxes are labeled ‘Std’ (sometimes ‘S’) instead of numbers. These are called standard sizes. These standard golf clubs are used as a reference. The adjustments on a size chart are made with reference to the standard clubs. Therefore, the plus and minus values show how much shorter or longer your golf club should be compared to the standard, according to your measurements, which could very well fall under ‘Std.’

Golf Clubs Sizes Charts

However, as previously stated, this is just a basic chart that should help you understand how sizing works. There are more factors at play when choosing the right golf club. For instance, not all clubs have the same standard sizing. Woods are different than irons and putters in terms of standard sizing.

Grip Size

Here’s another factor that affects the appropriate golf club size. The angle and the grip size of the club are as important as the height and wrist-to-floor measurements. However, this means more to serious professional golfers than to someone just starting out.

Why is it important? It affects how the club feels in your hands. This, in turn, affects your ability to control the swing, which means that it determines your swing speed, accuracy, and even the power of your shot.

There are a few basic grip sizes for men, women, and kids. Like all other size-determining factors, those standard values are higher or lower to accommodate different golfer sizes.

However, sometimes these can vary from one manufacturer to another, which is why you can’t always base a purchase on a generic grip size chart.

In order to determine your grip size, there are two measurements that you have to take. The first one is the distance between the tip of your middle finger and the main crease in your wrist. The second measurement is the length of your middle finger from the tip to its base.

When you have these two measurements, you can then find the appropriate grip size on a manufacturer’s size chart.

Note that we only use the middle finger as an example as it applies to most people. However, the measurement should really be that of your longest finger, which may be your index finger, so keep this in mind.

For the measurements, you don’t need any special tools. A simple straight ruler will do just fine, just as long as you remember that you shouldn’t put much thought into generic size charts when it comes to grip sizing.

On another note, there are a few more things that could affect the actual size and feel of the grip. Everything from the material and the texturing to the outside weather conditions may require you to get a different grip size than the one indicated by the charts.

However, these factors are not quantifiable so you won’t find them on any charts. Also, different manufacturers take different approaches to fixing certain issues, so even if you were to use two different golf clubs of the same grip size, the feel could be very different.

Finding a golf club seller with a good return policy is important in these cases.


A proper golf club size is something that depends on the size of the golfer. Because there are plenty of variations, it’s unsurprising that a lot of people sometimes play with off-size clubs. Most pros recommend that even beginners should opt for a perfectly sized golf club in order to have the best learning experience.

The correct golf club size starts with the golfer’s height and wrist-to-floor measurement. After that, depending on the type of club – wood, iron, or putter – a size can be determined according to the manufacturer’s golf club sizes charts.

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