7 Best Cobra Irons to Buy Today (Complete Review)

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Cobra Golf is one of the leading brands of golf irons in the market today, selling reasonably priced golf irons packed with tons of performance. In this guide, I’ll review the best Cobra irons you can buy today.

For each of the Cobra golf irons below, I’ll show you:

  • A complete review of each set of Cobra Golf irons
  • Key features I really like in each club listed below
  • How to buy each of the Cobra iron sets today

Choosing new golf irons can be highly challenging, mainly if you are a beginner golfer. With lots of various types of golf clubs, knowing which the best Cobra King golf irons are and which ones are suitable for you isn’t that easy.

The Cobra King company has a broad spectrum of a comprehensive array of irons for golfers of every skill. Each new Cobra King iron utilizes advanced technology to build exceptional forgiveness and lightweight technology on the market. They have been used by many PGA pros including Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and others.

Let’s take a look.

What are the Best Cobra Irons?

Cobra LTDx Irons

Best Overall

The newest iron option just released in 2022 is the Cobra LTDx. The LTDx irons feature previous technology that Cobra has used in the past with a few minor upgrades to get better performance out of them.

The primary goal with the LTDx is to be the most versatile and forgiving iron that Cobra has available. There are a few different ways that Cobra is going about this. First, they made their largest PWRSHELL Face yet, which is 23% larger than previous versions. This helps to increase speed away from the center and wrap further into the sole to promote a higher ball flight off impact.

cobra ltdx iron

Cobra also included their PWR-COR system, which is their most flexible design yet. It features a steel core bar that helps position the COG (center of gravity) behind the hitting, transferring more power to the ball. This steel core bar is made from a soft polymer material that allows the face and sole to flex during impact, which provides a great feel. All of this together will have the ball exploding off the face of these irons.

Lastly, the new and improved CNC milling produces even more accurate groove shapes on the club face. This will help provide even more spin on approach shots and improve accuracy around the greens.

Key Features

The new PWR-COR system features a steel core bar that helps position the center of gravity right behind the hitting zone and sweet spot on the iron.

  • The new LTDx irons feature Cobra’s largest PWRSHELL Face yet. It has a 23% larger thin face area which helps increase ball speeds and promote a higher ball flight.
  • CNC milling provides more accurate grooves on the club face, which will help optimize spin and control accuracy around the greens
  • Features a weighting screw in the toe of the iron, which helps promote stability and feel throughout the swing

What I Like About the LTDx Irons

The LTDx irons are brand new for 2022 and feature all of Cobra’s latest technology. PWRSHELL and PWR-COR are largely buzzwords, but mean high performance and forgiveness. If I was looking for brand new irons and cost was not a factor, I would pick the LTDx. I also really like the weighting in the irons, which help get the ball in the air easier.


Most Innovative

The Cobra King Radspeed irons is my choice for the most innovative iron from Cobra. The advanced technology behind these irons is incredible, and you wouldn’t even realize it without doing the research.

The King Radspeed irons are the first golf iron to feature 3D printing. This means that the design on the back of the iron is 3D printed on, allowing for unlimited complexity in design without sacrificing any weight or space on the club itself.

Another excellent aesthetic design is the addition of a carbon fiber topline. This topline saves 2 grams to lower the center of gravity and increase MOI. You can see this all-black carbon finish at address, making the whole club look sleeker.

best cobra irons radspeed

The Radspeed also features Radial Weighting, which helps provide the best combination of ball speeds, low spin, and optimized stability. There is weighting in the iron’s heel and toe, positioned meticulously to help contact on the ball.

The 10g screw positioned in the toe area centers the COG and helps provide that much more distance on every shot. This also allows for maximum forgiveness on mishits off the center of the face.

Key Features

  • The KING RADSPEED irons feature radial weighting, which means that Cobra added extra weighting in both the heel and the toe to create better ball speeds.
  • First iron to feature 3D printing. Allow unlimited designs and also helps to save weight on the iron.
  • Includes the Cobra PWRSHELL face insert, which helps to increase flex on the face of the iron and allows for higher ball speeds and higher launch.

What I Like About the King Radspeed

I love the PWRSHELL face insert on these clubs. This is a thin, stainless steel insert placed into each club. It increases the flex on the face of the iron, which will help improve the speed transferred to the ball at impact. When I tested out these irons, my smash factor was higher than other similar Cobra clubs.

Cobra Speedzone

Best For Slow Swingers

The best overall Cobra King irons for slow swing players are the Cobra King Speedzone Irons. The Speedzone technology makes this particular set some of the best, longest, and fastest game improvement models accessible in the market.

The primary goal with Speedzone is to present fast, consistent ball speed across the face while sustaining as much stability as possible. The engineers at Cobra King Speedzone concentrated on high-speed stability by using a shape that makes a broader body design construction on the club’s perimeter.

The design offers better MOI and helps in the lower center of gravity. All of this boils down to more club head speed and distance for the average player.

The Speedzone Cobra King shorter irons feature better spin control as well. These models have CNC milled “progressive spin technology,” meaning V-grooves from the 4 to 6-iron reduce spin. U-grooves on the 7-PW optimize it, and wedge-based grooves on the GW and SW make more. 

Extra forgiveness and distance are massive for Speedzone. However, the feeling is still essential. The medallion system feature of Cobra Speedzone dampens the vibration efficiently to enhance feel and sound, even on off-centre strikes.

The Cobra Speedzone also features more power. Distance is still the leading factor when discussing club golfers selecting new models. Hence, the Speedzone has a fresh, forged PWRSHELL face and an upgraded E9 structure. That helps to lessen the centre of gravity (CG) and build more springiness through a more profound undercut speed channel.

You will find a defining aspect with Cobra Golf’s latest GI irons, as the blade length is quite long. It also offers a distinct appearance but helps increase forgiveness and MOI. The Speedzone was the best Cobra Golf iron for safeguarding ball speed and carry. This club works for an extensive range of handicappers that want something solid and forgiving.

Key Features

  • SpeedBack Shaping has advanced weighting for a higher moment of inertia and lower center of gravity.
  • The forged PWRSHELL face has an added big Sweet Zone area and a deeper undercut for higher launch angles and fast speeds.
  • Carbon steel fiber topline weighs less than steel. That weight reduces the center of gravity for fast ball speed.
  • The carbon steel fiber strip on the topline can be somewhat distracting for a few golfers at first.

What I Like About the Cobra Speedzone Irons

I found the oversized Speedzone irons to be a little intimidating at first. However, there’s no denying what they do. Getting high club head speed is easy with these. New golfers should look at these.

Cobra F-Max

Best on a Budget

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Cobra Golf iron to buy? Then the Cobra F-Max irons are the one you seek.

Did you know it’s the company’s most forgiving and lighter iron?

The ultra-lightweight shaft and head indicate the Cobra F-Max presents forgiveness and ball speed for moderate swing speed golfers.

The F-Max boasts a lighter construction intended for golfers with moderate swing speed. More oversized, midsize grips enhance consistency and comfort with each swing. Lighter shaft weight helps players with average swing speeds produce more clubhead speed with minimal effort.

This set has been designed in one length, only matching the 7-iron with its weight and size. This one-length set allows players to create a stable configuration that will result in improved scoring and more consistent and steady shots.

Moreover, the set’s design and durability are superior because of the nickel-chrome plating. Therefore, you can have similar-length clubs with a more oversized grip, a lighter shaft, and a more stable setup.

Weaker lofts help players achieve height on their shots with modern swing speeds. The F-Max is not a loft-jacked set of irons where you will have to worry about your ball rolling through every green. The F-Max sand wedge and gap wedge feature a specialty design that offers extra shot control and versatility around the greens.

Key Features

  • Enhanced consistency and simplicity to your shots
  • Designed for moderate swing speed golfers and provides ultralight construction
  • One-length only, which matches the 7-iron
  • Available for a reasonable price
  • This specific set does not feature Cobra Connect
  • Feedback on mis-hits can feel quite odd

What I Like About the F-Max

I love the Cobra F-Max irons because the configuration of the set goes from six through the pitching wedge. Golfers that need the forgiveness of the F Max should have hybrids in the bag and not long irons anyway, so you get a good deal on these clubs. A one-length set can take a little bit to get used to. However, a lot of golfers swear by it.

Cobra Forged Tec

Upgrade Pick


The Cobra King Forged Tec Irons bring together a standard muscle-back form with a hollow construction. This produces a softer feel and enhanced power. Combining a classic look and modern technology allows tour players to get the best from Cobra with the Forged Tec set.

The new TEC (Technology Enhanced Cavity) of Cobra King Forged Tec boasts a carbon fiber medallion. This dampens vibration off the club for a soft, solid feel.

One thing you will love about King Forged Tec is that the construction features a tungsten weighting, Carbon Feel Technology, and forged steel face. This design allows Cobra to adjust where the weight on the club is in a way that benefits you.

The Forged Tec has a smooth, muscle-back shape and a hollow construction that offers lower centre of gravity. Foam microspheres provide fine-tune acoustics. 

Moreover, Cobra King Forged Tec also has a forged face that builds a more extensive sweet zone and return area for a much high launch and fast ball speeds. You will love the internal tungsten toe weight of King Forged Tec Irons, which centers the center of gravity at the hitting zone’s back. 

Like other Cobra equipment, the King Forged Tec will come as standard, and Cobra Connect shot trackers are in the grips. Cobra King Forged Tec enables golfers to monitor distance and accuracy via the Arccos Caddie App.

The King Forged Tec Irons can be bought as a one-length set where every club is the length of a 7-iron. The motive behind the unified single-length irons is because Cobra Golf likes to offer a higher consistency, streamlined, and more straightforward use.

Key Features

  • Cobra King Forged Tec offers enhanced accuracy, distance, and consistency
  • Softer sound and feel as well as dampened vibration because of carbon medallions
  • Cobra connect grips
  • Black metal finish for lowered glare and professional lock
  • One length set, which corresponds to 7-iron weighting and length
  • A few golfers consider this set with a higher price

What I Like About the King Forged Tec

I really like the durability on this set. It is made for lower handicappers who need high quality clubs that last. I like the look of the diamond black metal finish. The Cobra Connect sensors are an added bonus if you care about getting better. The app’s purpose is to monitor your development and allow you to assess your entire golf game.

Cobra T-Rail Combo

Great Alternative

Are you looking for a great alternative set of Cobra Irons? The Cobra T-Rail Combo is as forgiving and long as they come.

The iron-hybrid combo set is a full hybrid set from 3-hybrid through PW. You will find a plethora of perimeter weighting to guarantee the most prominent sweet spot possible.

The T-Rail Combo does not just utilize a typical hybrid instead of a long iron. However, they also have a hybrid-inspired design throughout their set. The T-Rail offers you hybrid-like forgiveness, fast speed for more distance, and a simple launch.

This iron’s high launch is due to the hollow design that enables a low, deep center of gravity. Usually, the larger the clubhead, the more forgiving the set is. The Cobra T-Rail set has a solid design that screams “simple to hit.”

Most mid and high handicap tour golfers will value the comforting look of the more oversized head at the address. It assures them they don’t need to hit the clubface’s dead center for a great outcome.

Overall, getting your ball up creates a sense of achievement. That’s true, whether you are a newbie or somebody who lost some swing speeds. Watching your golf ball go far makes it much fun. The T-Rail Combo provides both while adding ample forgiveness.

To sum up, the T-Rail Combo sets are an excellent alternative for those high handicappers with a big budget. These are also ideal for those with difficulty continuously hitting the center of the clubface.

Key Features

  • It has a hollow design throughout the set
  • Baffler rails for a smoother glide
  • A high-strength steel face
  • It belongs to a higher price range

What I Like About the Cobra T-Rail Combo

 I really like this set for newer golfers It has four hybrids, which are much more forgiving than four equivalent irons. In general, the whole set hits more like a set of hybrid clubs or oversized irons. It’s different than anything else on the market, but in a good way.

Cobra AIR-X

Best for Beginners

The Cobra AIR-X irons is my choice for the easiest to hit. As soon as you pick up one of these club, you will immediately feel how light they are. Don’t worry though, as these clubs still pack a punch.

The AIR-X are a low profile, cavity back much like other super game improvement irons. This cavity design and weaker lofts will have you launching the ball off impact very easily.

The AIR-X live up to their name “air,” as they are incredibly lightweight. The shaft and grip are much lighter than what is commonly used. This, along with the thicker club face, will have the ball exploding off the face effortlessly.

Key Features

  • The Cobra AIR-X feature a lightweight design, making them incredibly easy to swing.
  • The shaft is only 48g, and the grip is 41g, which helps make the club feel significantly lighter in your hands and throughout your swing.
  • Cavity back irons will help promote higher ball flights and an easier launch-off impact. These irons are very easy to hit
  • The hosel is offset on the AIR-X.

What I Like About the AIR-X

One thing I like about the AIR-X is the offset hosel. It may take some getting used to aesthetically, but once you get over that, you won’t even notice. The offset hosel helps eliminate that slice and have you hitting straighter and longer shots. This will help beginner golfers with slower swing speeds.


Which Type Of Irons Can Be Substituted By Hybrids?

The Cobra T Rail is almost like a complete combo set with hybrids and irons. Most players are starting to replace the five, four, and three iron with hybrid golf clubs.

Is Cobra A Good Brand Of Golf Clubs?

Yes. Cobra golf clubs are some of the best value for the money spent. Their golf club design is unique, with the perfect weight and balance to hit the ball. Cobra is suitable for young and beginner golfers alike. It’s a fact that their golf clubs are a bit costly, but they are well worth the spent dollars for a high-quality club set.

Where Can You Buy Cobra Golf Equipment?

Cobra Golf is one of the best and leading golf equipment brands today. Their accessories and iron are accessible at big retail shops, online golf equipment retailers like Amazon, and even smaller golf retail outlets.

Are One Length Irons Better Than Those Conventional Ones?

Whether one-length irons are better than conventional ones depends on the tour player’s needs, skills, and performance preferences. Tour players who seek higher consistency in their game tend to prefer one-length because they provide a stable setup and address.

Nonetheless, golfers who don’t have any issues with the setup and have learned the proper handling of the clubs tend to stick to the conventional multiple-length club. There are good things about the one-length technology, but the end decision is yours.


Below are the crucial aspects you must remember about your next set of Cobra King irons.

Various Styles Of Irons

You will find two major iron styles: muscle back and cavity-back blade. Remember that the muscle-back blade style features a full black on the rear. Meanwhile, the cavity-back blade design has a hollowed-out rear club head design.

The advanced and professional players mainly utilize the former. On the other hand, the hollowed-out rare club head provides beginners perimeter weighting for plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits. Muscle-back blades are complicated and challenging to utilize, as this blade style provides good shot-shaping and enhanced performance.

You will find a hybrid blade too. These have become quite famous for average and novice players out there. Also known as rescue clubs, these are built with a more prominent profile and sweet spot, making it simpler to lift the ball to accomplish a straighter shot along with its more forgiving clubhead.

Included In The Set

Standard sets are composed of seven or eight clubs: four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine irons and often with a gap wedge and a pitching wedge. These days, eight-club sets usually come with a gap wedge rather than a three-iron.

Note that hybrid sets change the harder-to-hit long clubs with hybrid clubs, which are simple to launch with more forgiveness. Other players prefer to buy clubs individually, like gap wedges, lob wedges, or specialty clubs such as two-iron.

Distance, Length, and Loft

Golf irons come in three different categories:

  • Long: 2, 3, and 4
  • Mid: 5, 6, and 7
  • Short: 8 and 9 and a pitching wedge

Remember that long clubs hit the ball farther with a lower loft. On the other hand, the short clubs create strong lofts. The higher loft leads to a steeper launch angle from the preliminary elevation to the final drop.

Every club is separated by four degrees of loft, raising from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge. Doing that offers you at least a twelve to fourteen yards difference between every club. That also provides you with better control and flexibility for the shots.

Short hitters can utilize a 5-degree difference to guarantee correct gapping, while long hitters keep irons parted by three degrees.

Types Of Flex And Shaft

Remember that the type of flex and shaft you pick influences your club’s feel, your swing speed, and the distance it generates. Pick the lighter graphite material to produce a faster swing, especially if your goal is to raise your swing speed.

Are you happy with the swing speed but like more control over your club head? Then the heavier steel shaft will offer the balance you like.

Meanwhile, flex is how your shaft turns and twists through the swing. It massively varies on how far you hit the ball and your style of play. Keep in mind that shaft flex comes in five types:

  • X-stiff
  • Stiff
  • Regulator
  • Senior
  • Ladies

Going for a club fitting can help you choose the best design.


Claims of extra distance from a new club often attract golfers to buy them. Nonetheless, consider the entire performance of a club once you try it, including the consistency of the distance and its accuracy. One club may offer a longer length than other clubs.

However, it may not be as forgiving on mishits. The other clubs may be a good choice for more accurate and consistent distance. It would be best if you did not get stuck up on the wow factor of club performance. Learn to admit that not all strikes are pure. Overall consistency, performance, and forgiveness must be your priority.


One thing to remember today before you buy is that the order in this list isn’t based on the best features but on the impact and effect these Cobras imposed on the game. Cobra Golf is known for its massive technological innovation. Hence, you can expect that all new products will demonstrate enhanced performance and extra value.

There you have it! I hope you find this buying guide on Best Cobra King Irons informative and helpful in buying your next golf iron. Are you now ready to buy your own?

What are your thoughts about this post? Please share your insights with us today by leaving your comments below!

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