Cobra Speedzone vs Cobra F-Max Airspeed Drivers Compared

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Cobra has long been known as a company for helping players that struggle with forgiveness. People knew that purchasing a Cobra driver often meant leaving a little distance on the table but getting in much more accuracy. Of course the issue is that golfers are looking for both distance and forgiveness. In the last few years, Cobra has figured that out.

In this guide, we review the Cobra Speedzone Driver vs Cobra F-Max Airspeed driver to determine which one is better for you.

The drivers that Cobra has on the market are far better than some they have had in the past. The ball speeds, the materials used, the launch angle and the feel, are also incredibly impressive. If you are a low handicapper or a high handicapper you will see some impressive benefits from the newest Cobra drivers on the market. 

Cobra Speedzone Review


  • Better looking than the previous F9
  • Highly adjustable
  • Wide range of high performing shafts
  • CNC milled face
  • Large sweet spot
  • Enough adjustability to work for high and low handicappers

One of the best cobra drivers on the list is the Cobra Golf Men's Speedzone Driver. Each driver's component from its chassis up to its exterior is engineered to provide a maximum power output.

The Cobra Speed Zone also has a power zone CNC milled face, called the infinity face by Cobra. The clubface of the driver is the engine that is also the substance for speed. Its infinity edge face design helps expand the milled face area by about 95%.

The Cobra Speedzone broadens the club's CNC milled face area for its legal limit and makes a precise and maximized ball speed and distance possible for many swing speeds.


Cobra Golf  Men's Speedzone Driver also has an Aero zone-speed back shape.  It has an efficient body with a milled face perimeter that leads to edges and harnesses airflow—giving the ultimate precision to maximize power acceleration. This driver also has a low CG zone-speed back weighting, which has 69 grams of mass positioned for as short as possible.

Making this driver be most efficient in transferring the energy to the ball and have a speed that golfers can relish every time they step on the tee.

So now you can see the Speedzone is made with excellent materials, and it has fantastic adjustability. The question now becomes, how is it for? The Speedzone works for a wide range of players. Since it is so highly adjustable, a beginner can set it with a high loft and a closed face. The better player can set the club slightly open and be ready for a bit more control of their shot.

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver Review 

Cobra F-Max Review



  • Very lightweight shaft
  • No adjustability
  • Built for max forgiveness
  • Lots of high launch
  • Game improvement driver
  • Offset face for a better response off of the tee

The Cobra King F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver is a bit more forgiving than the Speedzone, and it has some different features and capabilities. The most crucial factor to remember about the F Max line is that they are lightweight and easy to launch. 

The Cobra F Max has an Ultralight giving 270-gram driver, which helps the golfer to pick up the clubhead speed. This driver is made in a carbon fiber crown, which saves up to 10 grams of weight without sacrificing forgiveness.


Cobra King F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver has a lighter head weight because of its carbon fiber, which saves the weight discretionary—providing the ability to maintain a high MOI for the optimal blend of speed and forgiveness.

You will notice that the F Max Airspeed Offset does not have adjustability. The reason behind this is that the adjustability in a club takes up a good amount of weight. The weight then makes it a bit harder for the golfer to swing the club. If your swing speed is a bit slower, the F Max is a perfect choice. 

Its carbon fiber crown as a replacement of the titanium makes it saves up to 10 grams and repositioned the low and back to maintain the high MOI. This driver's PWR ridges make its visual alignment user set up a square for every play's target. Its Heel/back weighting is made to your favor as having trouble in the club in turning it over.

This Cobra F Max driver’s weight is concentrated towards and low to the heel, which will reduce the slice and hit a straight drive. This club's offset design is the ultimate fairway finder, which its offset hosel corrects any of the rightward tendencies. Also, it helps in finding the middle of the fairway more reliably. Essentially if you are a slicer, the F Max’s performance will stand out as one of the best choices. 

Typically speaking, an offset game improvement type driver like this is never really considered when it comes to feel. However, we have to give the F Max some credit. When you hit one of these well, it feels nearly as pure as a performance driver. On those days when the driver struggles to go straight, this is the one you will want to have in your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Forgiveness, And How Is It Significant?

In golf terms, forgiveness is the club's ability to give accuracy and distance when the ball is mishit. For beginners, forgiveness is essential. The more that the club has forgiveness, the more comfortable and fun it is to play this challenging game. 

The forgiving driver's effect is to reduce the sidespin, and the large sweet spot makes it an excellent choice for the higher handicapped golfer. 

Usually, beginners in golf are most likely to have more off-of-center tee shots. For this reason, forgiveness is the most essential for beginners when choosing a driver. This will keep your shots in play and keep you coming back out to the golf course.

What Does MOI Mean?

The MOI stands for Moment of Inertia; it is the object's ability to resist when twisted in the golf language. The more the item withstands, the more it will be twisted with its higher MOI. It was also the result when the golfer mishit the ball. This happens when the clubhead makes an impact in the center. It leads to twisting and rotating the club. That results in a lower ball speed and distance and a more insufficient accuracy.

What Does Loft Mean?

The possibility to launch your ball into high or low flight will be determined depending on the golfer and the club in their hand.

 However, one ultimate thing to help you assess your shot is through the driver's loft. As of today, the club is made with a loft that has 8 to 13 degrees options. 

For beginners, the ideal for weight is the highest loft, which its angle translates into a long distance. Also, having higher loft angles makes a less side spin and more on backspin, resulting in a better chance to drive into the fairway. For the side spin, the ball moves left or right, depending on the clubface impact.

Also, usually, beginners have a slower swing than experienced players, so it will be harder for them to put the ball up into the air. So, as a beginner, it is ideal to use a driver with more loft to help compromise the shortcoming and keep the ball into the fairway. 

Nowadays, the drivers come in adjustable loft features to adjust your loft into an angle that will suit your swing. If you are a beginner but have a fast swing, a loft around a 10-degree angle is best for you.

If you want a higher loft, an 11 to 12-degree angle is excellent to consider. With the clubs available right now, you can quickly increase the loft in what suits and easy for you. Another great with the club today is allowing golfers to have more testing and experiment on their driving range.

What Is A Shaft, And How Important Is It?

There are instances that golfers tend to focus on the head of the driver and loft, but they lose sight of the shaft. Little do they forget that shaft has an essential role in the club, how the driver will perform, and the shots they will make. A little change in your shaft also creates changes to your game. Some shafts rated as X with an extra stiff, S for stiff, R for a regular one, and A/M as light Flex or senior.

Remember that the slower the swing speed is, the more ideal for you to use a regular shaft. A flex or a lighter shaft will be suitable if you are a senior golfer to help you with the slowest swing. 

Picking the right shaft is crucial if you want to have the best golf, but each golfer is different. It doesn't mean that it works for others. It will also work for you. If your shaft did not match your swing speeds, it would not flex to your swing capacity. It can result in a loss on a distance trajectory, which is counterproductive when choosing distance drivers.

Some players looking to upgrade their driver should consider going for a golf shaft fitting. The fitting will help make sure that they are choosing a club that will be suitable for their game. Fittings cost a bit of money, but in the end, they make sense for the money you will invest in the club.

How Important Is The Center Of Gravity (CG)?

The CG is the acronym of the Center of Gravity. It is the point where the clubhead's weight is balanced. A golf club maker is doing some ways to adjust the CG through the design and moveable weights. It also makes a difference in how the driver performs. For instance, a shift of the CG in a driver forward can create a lower loft and low spin. But if you move back the CG, it will result in a higher loft and extra spin. Overall, the CG provides more fairways for those amateurs, seniors, and high handicappers.

What Do They Mean By A Sweet Spot In Golf?

The sweet spot term in golf is the right spot for where you strike the ball. If you already find this spot, indeed, the ball will fly straight, and you will achieve the maximum distance for your swing. 

However, it is not easy to find this sweet spot, especially for beginners. You need to play more and be more familiar with every hit you make or practice more. A forgiving golf driver is best for beginners to use to make your mishits in a better way.

Is The Size Of The Driver's Matters?

If you are looking for a driver, you will notice that most of the clubs are in a similar size. This is because of the USGA or United States old Association. They set a rule about how the driver or their size to be used in the competitions. The clubheads should be not greater than 460cc, and its shaft should not be shorter than 18 inches or longer than 48 inches. 

You can still find clubs that are not under the USGA. However, you can only use it for personal play. But if you want a friendly competition, this is not something you can use. If you want, you can choose a driver with adjustable features like a loft, moveable weights on its sole, and this adjustment should be made before the play starts.  This is because no adjustments should be made once the round has begun, even if you have a good or lousy clubhead. 

What Is A Higher And Lower Loft?

The Higher loft driver is great in producing less side spin and more on backspin. This combination lets the ball into the air and helps the golfer find the fairway much easier. Some manufacturers create drivers that adjustable lofts. It is ideal for beginners to consider having. But there are also non-adjustable drivers, which range from 7 degrees up to 13 degrees. But as suggested by experienced players, to always go with higher lofts. Simultaneously, the lower loft driver is great in reducing the backspin but adds sidespin. However, it is not ideal to use beginner skill levels.

What Is A Driver?

The driver is part of the wood category, which is also known as the #1 wood. It is excellent in achieving the goal of getting the ball as far as to reach the green.

Typically, the driver is great to use in the first stroke from tee ground from par-4s, par-5s. Sometimes it is also great for even the very long par-3s. Usually, its loft face angle varies from 8.5° to 13°. The other loft with smaller angles is designed to put the ball in a lower trajectory, while the one with more prominent angles fosters a higher trajectory. For the male golfers, the standard driver to use has features of 43-47 inches of the shaft, 380-460cc head size, and a loft between 7-12°.

There is also a modern driver, which its heads are made from different materials from steel, titanium, graphite, and sometimes a combination of other materials. But usually, the graphite mixtures are the most popular and best choice to use.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

When we choose the best Cobra drivers on the market, we are careful to follow certain testing criteria and procedures. Ensuring that we hit the product and give you our honest opinions about the playability and functionality is paramount.

Pick the right club head

With the USGA rules setting the clubhead sizes around that 460cc size, it is hard to find something that is much large or smaller. However, in addition to the size of the clubhead, you also need to choose something that looks visually appealing to you. Don’t just a clubhead that looks clunky, or you don’t enjoy the colors. Some clubs offer players a more confidence-inducing look than others.

Pick the right shaft

The second tip is for you to pick the right shaft to use. As we know, the shaft is the motor of our golf club. This will also determine your performance on the swing. However, this is also the most neglected part when choosing a golf driver

What we mean by Flex is the capability of the club to load when in the backswing. The slower your swing is, the more Flex is needed. But if you are a golfer with a fast swing, it is recommended for you to have a stiffer shaft.


Pick the right loft

Another thing to consider is picking the right loft, in which the measurement of the angle is essential for the clubhead. Having a more excellent loft provides more control but less distance. A greater loft is best for a slow swing, while having a lower loft is great for a faster swing. So, depending on the swing speed, your loft needs will change; this is why adjustable drivers are becoming so popular.

Pick The Right Driver Length

The driver length is also one thing to remember, which the club length will control the positioning of your ball when in a swing. The longer the golf shaft, the further you can hit it; the problem is that this is very difficult for a person to control. Choose a length that works with your height.

Now that you know the few tips for choosing the Cobra driver, it will not be hard anymore to decide which of which is suitable for you.


Hopefully, this review has helped you narrow down which of these two Cobra drivers would be a better fit for you. We are impressed with the technology in both of these clubs, but the Speedzone stands out as being one of the best choices for all players. The speedzone driver has impressive performance, tons of ball speed, and the adjustability that all players should be looking for in today’s golf world. 

Choosing a golf driver can be a complicated process. There are lots of factors involved and a significant financial investment. Take your time and choose something that makes sense, not just for today but for the next five years.

Denny Putsh
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