Callaway Supersoft Review: The Right Golf Ball For You?

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Finding a good golf ball is a top priority for every golfer who is thinking about improving their game. Any golfer needs to have in-depth knowledge about the quality and performance of a ball before choosing. However, with several varieties of golf balls on the market, it can be not very easy to select the right shot that will provide value for your money.

Callaway Supersoft
Perfect for the Average Golfer

For the standard golfer who is looking for a great addition to their golf bag, these super soft feel balls might be well worth a closer look!

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Callaway Supersoft Review

Golfers often prefer shots designed for slower swing speeds, and nothing beats some super soft golf balls like the Callaway Supersoft golf balls. This is one of the most elastic golf balls on the market with a zero compression core that works for all kinds of golfers. If you are looking for a softball that can make a hard game easier, then you will find an answer in the Callaway Supersoft golf balls.


  • Great control with short irons thanks to spin being low.
  • Fastball speeds.
  • Soft feel that is important for proper control around the greens.
  • Reasonably and well priced.
  • It comes in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, and pink. The bright colors make the ball easy to spot on the ground and when in flight.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Two-piece construction with low compression, which gives some distance away for players with higher swing speeds.
  • The soft feel of a wedge means its stopping ability is not as high as expected.
  • The softcover would mean the ball is prone to cuts and scrapes.

The Callaway Supersoft is a great ball to play with, as it comes with many credentials. It has been engineered with some heart touching features with the outer cover of the ball being catchy to insight. The ball is constructed with technological materials that come with a super-soft cover to give ultimate softness while shooting the shots. The Supersoft ball feels like a pillow on the golf court that will make you wonder if the ball had stuck on the surface after a swing. The importance of the softness in this ball is to achieve a longer, straighter driver for golfers with low to average swing speeds. It also provides a great feel and responsiveness around the greens.

This is a high-quality golf ball that is designed to produce high ball speeds and a low spin rate. The Hex aerodynamics guarantee golfers to get a straight ball flight and some impressive distance & hang time. The premium aerodynamics features make these golf balls more comfortable to hit longer distances. This ball is designed for golfers who have a slower club-head speed that is less than 95 mph. Players with this range will enjoy the benefits of the Callaway Supersoft with its high launch and hang time.

It's also well established in the golf community for many of its features, including its ultramodern features such as the ultra-low compression and super straight flight convenience. While most golf balls on the market have a compression rating of 70 to 100, the Callaway Supersoft measures in at a rarely seen low of 35, making if the softest Callaway product ever among some of the most popular two-piece balls. The premium core construction increases the possibility of improving game performance. The ball rises distances and reduces speed, which helps improve accuracy and range for players with slower swing speeds.


The Callaway golf ball has several distinctive traits that have made it reputable in the golfer community.


It is designed with a novel zero compression core that makes it possible to add a soft cover to the ball and enhance performance. This core design also gives the ball resilience and durability. Furthermore, the balls are the softest ever made to date by any other golf equipment with compression of only 35. The rating of 35 is by far the lowest of any other 2-piece balls giving it the soft feel when played on a golf course.


The Hex Aerodynamics is a feature of the Callaway Supersoft golf balls that makes them have more refined surface contours to reduce the drag and enhance lift. This allows the golfer an opportunity to get an increased carry and long-distance. The Hex Aerodynamic feature guarantees a golfer to get a straight ball flight with impressive distances. The ball achieves an average driving distance of 125 for carrying and roll. The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is also a long straight distance ball with an incredibly soft feel due to the unique aerodynamics.


The low spin is always a catalyst for achieving straight shots when playing in the golf course. These Callaway Supersoft golf balls are perfect for getting straight ball flights due to its feature. The low compression provides a maximum effort to the golfer by reducing spin for increasing the distance of a shot. The swing speed can be decreased notably even without any loss in distance of ball flight like you would expect.


Callaway Supersoft is a powerhouse brand in the golf industry that is durable and provides value for the price. Durability and stability are apparent with this ball that you can play several rounds through a single shot. The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is extremely durable, which means it can be used for more than one round before it starts looking like an old beat-up golf ball. Durability is crucial because more extended use means less money spent on buying new golf balls.


It has a two-piece construction with a Trionomer blend cover and Polybutadiene core. The liveliness of these golf balls, with its springy and bouncy feel, gives players a bit more oomph when playing on the ground. The features allow it to drive straight with a lot of distance on iron shots. The best thing about this golf ball is how it feels off the face of the putter while remaining controllable.


Therefore, the Callaway Supersoft golf balls are worthy of your money for anyone looking to improve their game. While there are many options on the market, the Callaway Supersoft ball presents the best available choice for golfers interested in a better play. This golf ball offers everything needed for playing golf, including extended distances, straight golf ball flight, and minimal drag. The ball is also designed in the way that it conforms to most golfer's playing style. The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is also the best option for anyone who finds less expensive good performing balls important. This ball is highly affordable and comes in a range of colors that provides a variety for the customer. The only shortcomings for the Callaway Supersoft golf balls are the fact that the soft feature can make them prone to cuts and scrapes. Click here to find more reviews of long hang time balls.

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