The 5 Best Practice Golf Balls to Get Better Today

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With fall just around the corner and cooler weather with it, a lot of golf courses will be closing their doors for the season. This means that it is time to pack the golf bag away and wait it out until next year (unless you are a winter golfer, that is).

But maybe a closed golf course and changing weather doesn't have to be the end of your golf fun. With many items, such as simulated putting greens and golf swing trainers, golfers are able to keep working on their game even when they are not on the course.

One such item that helps to improve your game even when you can't play are practice golf balls. These golf balls are not like your traditional golf ball. Practice golf balls are designed to be light and soft, oftentimes being able to be used inside your house, while still providing realistic feedback on the shots you take.

Our Best Practice Golf Balls

  • Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls (Best Overall)
    "The Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls were designed specifically to look and feel identical to real Callaway balls. This means that the ball is made to simulate flight like a real golf, allowing you to play the style you're accustomed to. This also means that the ball has a longer ball flight path but is protected with its foam construction and soft-flight material. Durable, realistic, and affordable, the Callaway HX our choice for the best practice golf balls."
  • PrideSports Practice Golf Balls (Best on a Budget)
    "PrideSports Practice Golf Balls is a dimpled golf balls with a bright yellow color that can be used both indoor and outdoor."
  • BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls (Upgrade Pick)
    "These golf balls may be pricey but it has almost everything that you're looking for a golf ball. It is durable, has true spin and been used by golf training schools. All golfers, regardless of age and skill can enjoy this golf ball."
  • GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls (Best Foam Practice Ball)
  • The Floppy Indoor Practice Ball (Solid Alternative)

Best Practice Golf Balls 

Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls

Best Overall


  • Made to simulate flight similar to real Callaway balls
  • Durable and soft-flight material
  • Hex dimple pattern foam balls
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Not suitable for indoor space
  • Fly further than most of the practice golf balls

Of all the practice balls we have covered today, we have seemed to gloss over any practice balls from major golf brand names. For our first ball, we will be looking at one of those major brand names with the Callaway and their HX Practice Golf Ball.

The HX practice golf balls are designed specifically to look identical to real Callaway balls, so if Callaway is the brand you use most, then you will feel right at home here.

To help you feel like you are using a real Callaway ball, this golf balls are made to simulate flight that is similar to the real golf balls, allowing you to play these balls in the style you are accustomed to.


The one thing that isn't similar to the other Callaway's is the material used to make this ball, which is actually a good thing in this case. The HX practice golf balls are made from high quality foam and soft flight material, making them play great without having to worry about damaging anything. The golf balls feature Callaway patented hex dimple pattern. This practice golf balls also come with a carrying case. It so easy to get ready and grab it if you want it for outdoor use.

If you want to use these balls inside, you may be a bit out of luck here. The Callaway has a tendency to fly farther than most practice balls, meaning you will need a good amount of space to use these, making them bad for a confined, indoor space.

Even though the HX may fly higher than most people may want, the Callaway is likely the best practice ball you can use if you want something that makes you feel like you are on the course. For this reason, and the multiple colors and great price, I highly recommend the Callaway HX.

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls

Best on a Budget


  • Super affordable
  • Choice of foam or hollow plastic
  • Ideal for practice golf balls for kids
  • Multi-colored golf balls
  • Can used indoor or outdoor
  • Does not last as long as others
  • Others golfers find it too light

If you are like many people, myself included, then you are a golfer on a budget and want to try and save a bit of cash where you can. If this is the case, then the super affordable PrideSports Practice Balls are for you! So if you want a good practice balls while paying the least amount possible, you can't go wrong here.

For the price you pay, you get a great performing practice ball, that lets you practice a variety of shots both in and outdoors. And, for the same price, you can get one of two types of practice balls, either foam or hollow plastic, to best suit your preferences.


These golf balls can be use for indoor or outdoor practice. This are lightweight golf balls, convenient to carry around. You don't to worry when used indoor because this golf balls are made from soft dimpled foam.

There are a few downsides that come with a cheaper price. Durability is one issue, as these tend to not last as long as other practice balls, and some people claim that they don't seem to hit exactly like real golf balls, but the difference is minimal at best.

These problems are not that serious considering the quality you do get for just pocket change. If you want a cheap and good practice ball, then the PrideSports is for you.

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

Upgrade Pick


  • Ball spin similar to the real thing
  • Made of durable material
  • Relatively expensive

We start our list today in an odd place, as the BirdieBall certainly doesn't look like your traditional golf ball. But make no mistake, the BirdieBall practice ball still feels, and plays, like the real thing.

The BirdieBall's designed in a round, cylindrical shape, that actually gives the ball spin similar to that of a real ball. This makes this ball a perfect choice for those golfers wanting to practice on their spin control when making approaches and other similar shots.


You will be sure to be using the BirdieBall for many practice sessions as well, as the BirdieBall is made of a durable super Polymer material. This gives you longer play sessions without the worry of damaging the ball; an issue that happens too often with some other practice balls. This practice golf balls are ideal for beginner and pro golfers.

The Birdieballs has a limited flight. It can only travel about 40 yards even with full swing impact. However, despite of the limited flight, it feels like a real golf ball.

Durability comes at a cost, however, with the BirdieBall being our priciest option today. These golf balls are made from a high-quality super polymer. Unlike the foam or plastic golf balls, this wont easily break. With many great practice balls to choose from, if you are worried about cost, then you may want to check the other options that we provided for you.

Despite the price, the BirdieBall is worth every penny. For a ball that feels and plays like the real thing, the BirdieBall does the job. These are actually used by golf training schools and even endorsed by pros.

GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls

GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls

GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls


  • The feel and spin are like the regular golf ball
  • Light practice golf balls
  • Storage tote included
  • Others find it too light

The GoSports Foam Practice Balls are a great choice for anyone looking for a foam practice balls. Your significant other won't kill you for using these indoors (legal disclaimer: no actual promises made!). At the same time, the realistic texture gives you great feedback on what trajectory you would have achieved on the course.

These practice golf balls mimic the real golf ball spin. Compared with other practice golf balls, the GoSports Foam Practice Balls ha a ball flight of about 50-70 yardage. It also has the size of a real golf ball that with the diameter of approximately 42.62 mm. These golf foam practice balls are better than plastic.


To keep your practice golf ball organize, the set of colored practice golf balls comes with a storage tote. A tip of using these practice golf ball, stay out of glass window. Although these are foam practice golf balls, they are dense and and can still possibly break your glass window. Always use a net or sheet when your practicing golf indoors. These golf practice balls were also perfect if you wanted to practice at your driving range.

The Floppy Indoor Practice Ball

Solid Alternative

The Floppy Indoor Practice Ball


  • Soft enough to not break anything
  • Looks and feels like a real ball
  • Great for short game training balls at home
  • Window and wall friendly
  • Only good for short term use
  • Does not feel like a real golf ball during full swing

If you are looking for something that can be used indoors, but also looks and feels like a real golf ball, then we have just the thing for you.

With the Floppy Indoor Practice Ball, you will be able to practice and improve your golfing skill from the comfort of your home, and without having to worry about damaging your surroundings. These practice golf ball was really designed for indoor play.


Made of knitted cotton material and packed with beads, this ball is soft enough to not break anything but has the feel of hitting a real golf ball. This combination of softness and strength makes practicing indoors with a top golf simulator a breeze.

The material of the ball does not only make the ball feel authentic but play authentic as well. With the ball being able to simulate spin and control similar to that of actual golf balls, you will be able to practice anything from approaches to drives, making this ball a great choice for any situation.

Unfortunately, the Floppy Indoor Practice Ball is susceptible to wear and tear easily. After a few shots with bladed irons, the ball's condition can start to deteriorate, making these balls good only for short term use.

An overall good ball that can be used to practice anything, the Floppy is sure to make you feel right at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a practice golf ball?

Practice golf balls or training golf balls are usually made from foam or plastic. These are more affordable than the real golf ball. If you are not ready to spend more money with the real golf balls, practice golf balls is a great way to start.

Practice golf ball can be used both indoor or outdoor. Practice golf ball was designed for narrow and limited space. It does not possess the carry distance that of the real golf balls. Each practice golf balls has a limited flight. They are also lightweight.Although it does not generate the same feel with the real golf balls, they are able to mimic the shots that would be a great help to improve your golf skills. Being said, it is indeed important to choose the best practice golf balls for you.

What is the difference between a foam practice golf balls and plastic practice golf balls?

The plastic golf balls and the foam practice golf balls are the two most common type of practice golf ball in the market. They are design to mimic the flight of a real regular golf balls. The difference of the practice golf balls can be seen in this three different areas:


The difference of this two practice golf ball is the durability. Plastic practice golf balls can easily get deform than the high quality foam practice golf balls after several full golf swing. Well...there are also cheap practice golf ball that are less durable. But with constant innovation, manufacturers where able to produce more advance practice golf ball like the Almost Golf Balls.


There's a difference with the cost between the two practice golf balls. You don't have to break your pocket if you want to improve your golf game. There are a lot of budget friendly practice golf balls in the market.

A pack of plastic golf ball are usually more expensive than the set of foam practice balls. You can save if you are going to purchase a pack with larger number of golf balls.

Ball Flight Simulation

Another areas where you can notice the difference of foam balls and the plastic golf balls is how this practice golf ball mimic the ball flight of a regular golf ball. The plastic golf balls and the foam practice golf balls the slicing and ball flights were almost the same with the actual golf ball. However, the feel is more significant on foam golf balls than the plastic.

What is the difference between real golf balls and practice golf balls?

The two golf balls differs on the space that they will be performing. Practice golf balls are perfect if you wanted to practice and improve your short game. Since they are built with a limited ball flight, unlike the real golf ball, it is easy to recover this golf ball during outdoor use. On top of that, most practice golf balls are colored like a bright yellow color, it is easy to spot the practice golf balls.

What's the use of dimples on golf balls?

There are practice golf balls that don't have dimples. Golf dimple is important features of a golf ball. It reduce wind resistance. The golf dimples makes the practice golf balls form an air turbulence as it bounces and rolls.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation

With these balls, you can practice your swings without worrying about breaking windows or any other hazards that may come with using real golf balls to practice, as these golf balls fly low and hit soft. This makes you able to practice without having to worry about the potential consequences.

Speaking of consequences, if you want to avoid any negative ones when buying practice golf balls, then you should keep a few things in mind.


Authenticity is certainly one thing to be on the lookout for when buying practice golf balls. While these balls are meant to be used for practice only, you will still want something that will feel like the real thing when hit.

Golf practice golf balls were a lot cheaper and is not that durable like the real one. So better go with the authentic golf balls, counterfeit or unbranded ones breaks easily even during your first try. You don't want to end just wasting your money.


You may be wondering , what materials do the best practice golf balls are made of. Are plastic golf balls better than the foam golf balls?

Plastic golf balls or foam practice balls, the advantage of using this type of training aid is that you can practice anytime either indoor or outdoor. Even if you're living in an urban area, you can still practice on a narrow area without worrying that you'll be smashing the valuable items you have at home.


Practice golf balls should be able to give the golfer an accurate representation of their game as well. Again, while these balls don't play like the real thing, a good practice ball should be able to provide you with accurate feedback as to how your shots would look on the real course, so you will want a ball that can replicate that well.


And finally, price should be considered a major factor when buying. With practice golf balls, the prices can range from really cheap and affordable, to relativity pricey, so you will want to buy balls in the best price range for you. Practice golf balls are often available on set. You can save when you will purchase large set of golf balls.


Callaway HX Practice Golf BallsBest OverallCallaway HX Practice Golf Balls
PrideSports Practice Golf BallsBest on a BudgetPrideSports Practice Golf Balls
BirdieBall Practice Golf BallsUpgrade PickBirdieBall Practice Golf Balls
GoSports Foam Golf Practice BallsBest Foam Practice BallGoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls
The Floppy Indoor Practice BallSolid AlternativeThe Floppy Indoor Practice Ball

If you are really serious on improving your performance, there's no doubt that these practice golf balls can help you improve your golf swing. As it simulate with the actual ball flight, you will be given a chance to adjust and see what works for you. You will need a lot of practice golf balls on your training. It is better to invest with the best practice golf balls that were made from durable materials.

So there you have it, our list of the best practice golf balls, the buying guide and the frequently asked question answered so you can get out there and buy the best ones for yourself. Hopefully, you found this list helpful.

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