2024 Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review & Comparsion Guide

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In this Titleist AVX review, I’ll help you decide if this is the golf ball you want to put into your golf bag next. Plus, I’ll compare the similarities and differences in the 2024 vs 2021 versions of the Titleist AVX.

In short, the Titleist AVX has made smart improvements to put it closer on-par with the popular Pro V1 but still keeping it in the mid-price range.

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Titleist AVX Overview

titleist avx review new golf balls

The 2024 Titleist AVX golf balls is the fourth generation of this low-flight, low-spin, soft-feel golf ball with a urethane cover. These golf balls have been designed to offer unique features, which I will review in detail below.

The new AVX golf balls are available in White and High Optic Yellow and have undergone cover-to-core enhancements to improve their overall performance.

The 2024 Titleist AVX has been meticulously engineered to offer game-changing distance with short-game control. The ball features a 346 quad dipyramid catenary dimple design that helps maintain distinct launch separation compared to the Pro V1, providing a more penetrating flight.

The new urethane cover construction is softer and thicker than its predecessor, improving greenside performance without sacrificing durability. A reformulated casing layer and a high-gradient core technology have been incorporated to drive down long-game spin.

These enhancements make the 2024 AVX golf balls a great choice for golfers seeking a premium, low-spin golf ball with a soft feel.

The new AVX golf balls are available for $49.99 per dozen.

Key Features in the 2024 Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Urethane Cover and TPU Construction

The new AVX golf balls feature a softer cover and are now produced at Ball Plant 2 with a TPU cover, deviating from the previous cast urethane cover.

This allows more greenside spin and control.

titleist avx golf ball

Distinct Launch Separation

The AVX’s 346 quad dipyramid catenary dimple design helps maintain distinct launch separation compared to the Pro V1, providing a penetrating flight.

High-Gradient Core Technology

The new core technology helps to drive down long-game spin while maintaining a hard-over-soft relationship that doesn’t compromise short-game performance.

2024 vs 2021 Titleist AVX Key Changes

If you want to know how the AVX will hit different on the golf course, here are the important changes you need to know.


Unlike the 2021 model, the 2024 AVX features a TPU cover and is produced at Ball Plant 2, deviating from the previous cast urethane cover and production at Ball Plant 3.

The new AVX also has a new thin, high-flex casing layer in the center that provides lower spin on long game shots and a new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid catenary dimple design for a more piercing ball flight and increased greenside spin.

Softer Urethane Cover

The new Titleist AVX incorporates a softer urethane cover that delivers a softer feel and more greenside spin for excellent short-game control.

The new short-game spin makes this a better AVX than previous iterations.

My Experience With the Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Longer Distance

After hitting the new AVX golf ball, it almost felt precisely like hitting a Pro V1. This is a good thing, as the Pro V1 is the most popular golf ball used by golfers on the PGA tour. The new core technology helped offer more distance through progressing firmness levels from the inner core to the outer layer.

In simpler terms, this core helps provide more speed and a softer feel, contributing to longer distances off the tee and around the golf course.

Greenside Spin

Titleist worked really hard to lower long-game spin while enhancing short-game spin, and I can confirm that both are true. The new dimple design of the AVX golf ball contributes to a more piercing ball flight.

This helps to add distance as there is less spin on the golf ball in the air, allowing the ball to fly and roll further. Also, with the new softer cover, the short-game control was excellent.


The new AVX golf ball’s compression rating stays at 80, the same as the previous model. Although it is not classified as a soft golf ball, it does have a softer feel around the green.

I found the AVX very easy to compress on every shot, which was great for workability. The ball spun lower off the tee, which I liked, and also helped me control the softer feel around the greens.

Short Game

I noticed a difference in the new AVX golf ball in the short game. Titleist advertises these as being on the firmer end while not sacrificing short-game control and spin. This is true as the greenside spin and control were excellent.

Although these golf balls have a lower flight window, there was still a lot of spin on each short game shot. This golf ball is very workable, even for the higher handicap golfer.


At this point, we know that Titleist is not going to release a golf ball just for the sake of releasing it. Titleist has been at the forefront of golf ball product management for many years.

The new AVX is no exception, and its durability is excellent. I loved this golf ball’s feel and can see myself using it in daily rounds. The ball withstood impact from every shot.

Who is the Titleist AVX Made For?

The new 2024 AVX golf ball is designed for a wide range of golfers, particularly those who prefer playing with premium golf balls but may not have really high swing speeds.

The AVX is suitable for players who typically use Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls and desire a lower ball flight with less spin, as well as for golfers who seek enhanced performance from a top-quality amateur-level golf ball.

The AVX is also an excellent choice for players using soft-feeling golf balls aimed at beginners and high-handicappers looking to transition to a more premium golf ball without requiring an exceptionally high swing speed to unlock its performance benefits. The urethane cover of the AVX provides an incredibly soft feel, making it an appealing option for golfers seeking a quality golf ball that competes with those used on professional tours.

Although the AVX is priced north of $45, it offers excellent value compared to other premium Titleist golf balls, providing a balance of performance and cost.

3 Best Alternatives to the Titleist AVX

Callaway Chrome Soft

One alternative to the AVX is the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. These are softer, with a 73 compression rating. You may get a higher ball speed than the AVX, but not as much short-game control.

TaylorMade TP5

Compared to the AVX, the TaylorMade TP5 golf balls are slightly firmer. This will help add distance to every shot and offer a consistent ball flight. But, if you don’t have a fast swing speed, you may prefer the AVX golf balls to the TP5.

Kirkland Golf Ball

The Kirkland golf ball is a great budget option for any golfer. It is much firmer than the AVX, with a 90 compression rating comparable to the Pro V1. As long as your swing speed can keep up, you will get more distance.


The 2024 Titleist AVX golf balls are awesome for golfers seeking a blend of distance, control, and soft feel in their game. With innovations such as the softer, thicker urethane cover, high-gradient core technology, and the distinct 346 quad dipyramid catenary dimple design, the AVX elevates performance.

At $49.99 per dozen, the AVX offers a competitive edge for those looking to refine their game without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re aiming for longer drives, precise short-game shots, or durability through rigorous play, the 2024 AVX is engineered to meet the demands of discerning golfers. Embrace the evolution in golf ball technology with the new AVX, where sophisticated design meets unparalleled performance.

How does the AVX fit into your golf bag?

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