Titleist AVX Review (2020 Version of an Amazing Golf Ball)

Titleist AVX Review (2020 Version of the Ball)

The trend in the golf industry has been for golf balls to get softer and softer. This has been going on for a while and the latest release by Titleist in early 2020 is no exception. The Titleist AVX golf balls are the softest premium ball yet to be released by Titleist. However, unlike other golf balls, Titleist Golf didn't feel like they need to put the word "soft" in the title. Don't be fooled, it's still very very soft.

Upon its introduction the Titleist Pro V1 revolutionized the golf ball market by combining tour performance with the solid low compression core of a distance ball. The AVX is on the forefront of another revolution in the design of golf balls, where performance golf balls start to feel very soft.

If you needed any more proof for the V1 and the AVX to be closely related, then let me tell you that AVX is the internal project name of the golf ball and stand for "Alternative to the Pro V1 and the Pro V1X". There you go, even Titleist themselves think it's the best alternative!

Titleist AVX Golf Ball
Latest Titleist Premium Golf Ball

The Titleist AVX golf ball is a high end, top performance golf ball for the golfer whose focus is on distance and an extremely soft feel, resulting in a fast & long ball flight with a low trajectory.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Construction

The Titleist AVX golf balls are still a three piece golf ball using a cast urethane cover. However, they managed to improve the casting process and make the high flex casing layer even thinner than before. This is the same cover material and technology Titleist uses for the Pro V1, just a different execution.

Also, the dimple pattern is rather unique. The design is what is called "catenary" instead of the standard spherical dimple design of the Pro V1 series. The word catenary is a term borrowed from physics and geometry and in this case means that the dimples are a little deeper and have steeper walls. Cutting through a dimple would look more like a U-shape than the lens shape you would see on other balls.

Less of a technological, but more of a game play feature:

The Titleist AVX golf balls are the only ball Titleist has in its premium lineup that is also available in high optic yellow.

This allows for quicker ball spotting out on the golf course, but is not a main factor for most people in our AVX golf ball review.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls, Yellow, (One Dozen) (T9112S)

On the course


Most golf ball manufacturers claim that their latest release is the longest golf ball ever and will help you add yards. The reduced spin of the Titleist AVX golf balls improves distance greatly thanks to the lower trajectory, less game spin, and increased ball speed. However, the cast urethane Elastomer cover helps in keeping top performance for the short game, which is usually a trade-off made with lower spin balls. The gain in distance you might see with the AVX can be a full club up compared to other power houses like the Pro V1.


No matter what test or experience may report, you will find the spin numbers to be considerably lower across the board than other top of the line golf balls. That's Titleist's plan to appeal to golfers who struggle with ballooning shots and too steep of trajectories.

However, you should still be able to get enough spin on the Titleist AVX ball to hold up well around the greens, but maybe anticipate a little bit of forward release after impact, more than you might assume with the Titleist Pro V1. The mechanics behind this are that once you hit the ball it results in less spin, which results in a lower trajectory, and also results in a lower landing angle.

The combination of the lower landing angle and the lower spin results in the Titleist AVX golf balls not stopping as quickly.

Short Game

The short game is probably the main worry with the Titleist AVX golf balls as the reduced spin sacrifices control. However, the cast urethane cover together with an anticipation of the different flight path should lead to minimal trade-offs in accuracy around the green.

However, the question here is if this is a trade-off you're willing to make. You might gain yards, but at the same time have to adjust your iron shots technique. That's not a small feat, and it might be worth trying to add some yards through swing practice or adjustments of driver loft instead.


As long as you don't shoot it straight into the water obstacle or some other spot where you can't find the ball anymore, it is designed to last for several rounds per ball. The availability of the ball in yellow should help finding it again, as long as you don't have to go diving in the pond.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The Titleist AVX is an extremely soft ball that is an absolutely excellent choice for golfers looking to add distance. With this product you will certainly get a high end & tour inspired ball with a focus on increasing your distance and providing a soft feel.

However, you must be aware of the trade-offs as well. There's no such thing as a free lunch. If you struggle with your short game or have a hard time producing spin, the Titleist AVX golf balls might make those things even harder for you and you might want to stick to the Titleist Pro V1 or Titleist Pro V1x.

Those balls all come for roughly the same price, so make sure you get the right premium ball for your player type. There's no savings to be made by picking one over the other.


  • Softest feel in the entire Titleist lineup
  • Only high end Titleist ball available in yellow
  • Very durable cover


  • Lack of spin around the greens

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Titleist AVX better than the Pro V1?

This might sound like a cliche answer, but it really depends on your playing type. On average with the Titleist AVX you will be able to add some yards to your game, thanks to the low flight trajectory, low spin, soft compression (around 80), and increased ball speed.

This comes with trade-offs in accuracy, which some might not be willing to make. The Pro V1 has a higher launch angle, higher trajectory, medium spin, and also a medium compression (around 90).

Should I play the Pro V1, Pro V1x, or the AVX?

It might be an instinctive conclusion that all players who are trying to improve their high ball flight and high spin rate should head straight for the AVX. However, that is too simplistic of a conclusion.

The Titleist Pro V1 will probably still be the ball of choice for the largest pool of golfers. While the AVX will give the majority of golfers more distance, it might still feel to soft for many and it's also the lowest spinning among the three. The Titleist AVX is the softest tour level ball Titleist has ever made, so even though it might gain you up to 12 yards, it comes with drawbacks. Check out our comparison table of the V1, Titleist Pro V1x, and the Titleist AVX.

Titleist AVX Golf BallLowLowSoft (Compression 80)
Titleist Pro V1MediumMediumMedium (Compression 90)
Titleist Pro V1xHighHighFirm (Compression 100)

Who is the Titleist AVX for?

The Titleist AVX is a recently revamped high performance golf ball suited for players who want extra length in their shots, and extremely soft feel and a fast & flat flight trajectory. Bottom line, it's for people who want extra yards with a soft feel ball that doesn't spin much.

What is the compression of the Titleist AVX?

The Titleist AVX comes with a compression rating of around 80. That is lower than the balls it gets most often compared against, which are the Pro V1 (~90) and the Pro V1x (~100). The bottom line of this is that the Titleist AVX golf ball will give you the softest feel among the three golf balls, and is considered the softest premium ball in the Titleist lineup of golf balls.

We hope you enjoyed our Titleist AVX golf ball review. Feel free to check out more of our golf ball reviews or browse around and learn more about golfing and the best equipment available.

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