Callaway ERC Soft Review (2020 Edition) – Long & Soft

Golfers now know that improving their golf swing takes more than the right golf club, it takes the right type of golf ball. This is why the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball has become so popular since it first came out in 2019. Put out by Callaway a leader in golf equipment this isn't your average golf ball, but one that can actually help to improve a golfers swing. In fact, read any Callaway ERC Soft Review online you will discover that this golf ball has actually improved the distance a golfer can take their ball on any green. So, for those golfers who still think golf balls are just golf balls, let's take a closer look at what sets the Callaway ERC Soft apart from the rest in our own review.

Callaway ERC Soft
Callaway's Softest Distance Ball

Comparison Chart

The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is part of the Callaway Soft family and its brothers Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X have been huge hits. Check out the key differences in the comparison chart below, looking at how the ball family compares in distance, feel, spin, and appropriateness for various player levels.

Comparison Chart for Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X vs Chrome ERC Soft

Comparison Chart - Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X vs ERC Soft

How it Got Its Name

Before going into the notable features of this amazing golf ball let's take a few minutes to discuss how it actually got its name. After all, why not just call it the Callaway Soft, where did the ERC come from? These are actually the initials of the companies founder Eric Reeves Callaway. His passion for the sport of golf led to him wanting to create innovative golfing equipment to improve a golfer's overall performance. So, in his honor, this revolutionary soft feel hybrid ball was named the Callaway ERC Soft.

Material Used to Make Golfball

There are two revolutionary components and layers that create each ERC Soft. The materials used to create the ERC Soft golf ball is proof of how the design uses state of the art technology. One of the key materials used in its construction is a material known as graphene which is featured its inner core, officially referred to as graphene-infused dual softfast core. You would think at this point all possible names for technologies are taken, but they still find some fun new ones. Graphene has been determined to be not only a soft pliable material but one of the most durable as well. By using this material Callaway Golf takes their dual fast core to the next level providing something soft but rigid enough to provide optimal performance on the golf course. The outside hybrid cover of the golf ball is just as unique using polybutadiene. The hybrid type of material is a combination of two different types of materials commonly used in the outer coating of golf balls. Not even higher quality balls such as the ones that have use urethane. As for cheaper balls that are inexpensive these are coated with a substance known as an ionomer. So in combining the two the Callaway Soft provides not only the unique new hybrid cover but gives golfers the best of both types of golf balls.

Red and Blue Lines

Down the middle of the Callaway ERC Soft are two bright thin blue lines with a bright thicker red line in between them. No these aren't to show patriotism or to decorate the ball. These actually serve a purpose and are known as the triple track technology. This pattern is similar to the one used on landing strips. These three lines help the golfer to align the ball to their specifications helping them to improve their putting accuracy. A better option than the standard single line that goes along the center of other types of the golf ball. For those who find the lines distracting, not to worry, the ERC only has the ERC Soft triple track pattern painted halfway around the center of the ball. That way for those who prefer a solid whit ball can have it all white.

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White

Comes in Two Standard Colors

The Callaway ERC has two different distinctive colors in which tho choose from. The first one is the standard white color. The other is a neon yellow color that is easy to see on any part of the course including the sand trap.

Overall Performance

So how good is the overall performance of the Callaway ERC Soft? Well, it provides a higher spin quality which gives golfers more control while around the green. Another advantage is that this unique golf ball also helps to minimize the amount of driver spin that is placed on the ball when a golfer swings at it. This helps to create faster ball speeds and results in balls traveling a longer distance. Also, the extremely soft feel is impressive given how little compromise in a distance ball needs to be accepted.

What Customers Have Said

So, now that we have given you our own review you might be wanting to know what some customers have had to say about the product? Well, that could be summed up by telling you what type of rating the product gets over the online selling platform Amazon. To date, the ERC has a outstanding ratings on various e-commerce sites like Amazon around the world. That is considered a very solid performance for any product to have especially one that has been on the market such a short time. People love the feel and distance of the ball and the new ball on the block brings a lot of soft feel & a lot of distance to the table. In fact, perhaps one of the only negative things said about the ball from some customers is that they preferred its sister product the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X over it. This may stem from the fact that although these individuals want a softer ball they prefer one that is a bit more firmer. The Chrome soft has a compression quality of 75 whereas the ERC Soft golf ball has a compression of 60 which makes it softer than its predecessor. As for the cost of the Callaway ERC, these are very reasonably priced under $34.97 on Amazon for a dozen balls, which isn't bad for their high quality.

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White

Final Thoughts on the Callaway Erc

The bottom line is you can read product review after review, but no one can really tell you whether this is the ideal golf ball for you. Some golfers absolutely love it, while there are others who find it to be too soft for them or not as good as other similar products. Also, the triple track technology is a little controversial as there's no white only version available. However, it comes in very handy, particularly in the form of increased control around the green, while not compromising on distance off the tee. The best way to know if the Callaway ERC Soft is right for you is to actually try it for yourself. If you are a golfer you know doubt are aware of the Callaway name it is trusted in the golfing community and they are always wanting to come up with products to improve a golfer's performance. They feel that with the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball they are not only continuing to achieve this mission but paying homage to a man who made this mission his life's work.

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