Callaway ERC Soft Review + ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft Comparison

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The ERC Soft by Callaway is an awesome golf ball for average golfers who want a quality ball at a decent price. In this Callaway ERC Soft review, we’ll go over the golf ball in full detail!

If you have been golfing for any amount of time, you would know that your game and how you play relies a lot on the type of golf ball that you are using. Callaway introduced the ERC Soft golf ball back in 2019 and it has stayed very popular amongst mid to high handicappers. The ball plays long off the tee but also very soft around the greens

If you don’t believe me, try one today! Read through our Callaway ERC Soft review below and find out everything you need to know about this golf ball. We’ll go over:

  • Key features
  • Differences between the Callaway ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft golf balls
  • How to buy and try the Callaway ERC Soft today

Let’s dig in!

How to Buy the Callaway ERC Soft

Try out this golf ball today by using the links below.

Callaway ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft Comparison Chart

The Callaway ERC Soft ball is part of the Callaway Soft family and its brothers Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X have been massive hits. Check out the key differences in the comparison chart below, looking at how each ball compares in distance, feel, spin, and appropriateness for various player levels.

Callaway ERC Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft X

callaway erc soft vs chrome soft golf balls

Origin of the ‘ERC Soft’ Name

Before going into the actual golf ball review itself let’s take a few minutes to discuss how it actually got its name. After all, why not just call it the Callaway Soft? Where did the ERC come from?

ERC is actually the initials of Callaway’s founder, Ely Reeves Callaway. His passion for the sport of golf led to him wanting to create innovative golfing equipment that improves a golfer’s overall performance. So to honor Ely Reeves Callaway, this revolutionary soft feel hybrid ball was named the Callaway ERC Soft.

Key Features in the Callaway ERC Soft

New Hybrid Cover

The Callaway ERC Soft features a brand new Hybrid Cover on the golf ball. This new cover is constructed with a PARALOID Impact Modifier from DOW.

You may be asking exactly what this means?

The new multi-material cover promotes both a low spin and high launch off the tee to maximize distance, while also providing amazing feel around the green on chips. The ERC Soft provides outstanding control around the greens and will allow you to be aggressive on approach shots.

The golf ball will spin and check up nicely in all sorts of situations. Usually with golf balls that are looking to maximize distance, you lose control around the greens. This is not the case with the ERC Soft.

callaway erc soft review high speed mantle

High-Speed Mantle

Also new in the Callaway ERC Soft is the brand new High-Speed Mantle, which works hand in hand with the new hybrid cover and core of the ball. This new mantle provides even higher ball speed off the tee and control around the greens.

It provides a more efficient energy transfer between each layer of the golf ball. This provides a higher ball speed as well as more spin on approach shots. Compared to more straightforward distance balls, the high quality mantle gives the ERC more flexibility.

Triple Track Technology

Consistent with prior ERC Soft models, Callaway kept their popular Triple Track Technology alignment aid on the side of the ball. Down the side of the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball are two bright thin blue lines for alignment, with a bright thicker red line in between them.  These lines help to utilize Vernier Hyper Acuity, which will help you choose the correct line for every putt.

Triple Track will also help you read the break of the green and how the ball rolls. These lines are great because you can line them up with the alignment line on your putter to ensure that you are hitting the ball on target every single putt.

callaway erc soft review triple track alignment lines

Two Colors

Just like previous years, the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball has two different distinctive colors to choose from. The first one is the standard white color. The other is a neon yellow color that is easy to see on any part of the course, including the sand trap.


The Callaway ERC Soft retails for $35 for a dozen balls. This is in the middle tier range, however Callaway offers more features than you find in cheaper balls.

What I Like

  • The Callaway ERC Soft definitely lives up to its name out on the course. The ball is very soft but provided great distance off the tee for me. I think it’s a great ball for average golfers.
  • The spin and control around the greens was definitely noticeable. The ball checked up great while using wedges and I didn’t have to change up my approach for the “soft” ball.
  • The Triple Track Technology is one of my favorite features on these Callaway balls. This alignment aid is perfect for all types of golfers, but especially beginners. It will help you perfectly line up your putts. The lines will line up perfectly with all aids on your putter to ensure a straight line every time. Even if you aren’t a fan of this, it is only on half the ball so you can just shift the ball to the other side for pure white.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I noticed that the ball scuffed quite easily after a few hits. It is only a 3 piece ball and with it being quite soft, the durability wasn’t quite up to par with other premium golf ball brands.
  • Although the price is very budget friendly, it was still fairly close to other premium balls that Callaway offers. This makes me lean a little more towards the more Premium ones as they would be a little more firm and accommodate my higher swing speed.

Callaway ERC Soft vs Chrome Soft

callaway erc soft vs chrome soft

Most beginner golfers wouldn’t know the difference between 2 different Soft balls offered by the same company. Callaway promotes both of these balls as the “softest” ball they offer, but what does that really mean?

Number of Layers

The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is made of 3 layers, while the Chrome Soft is made of 4 layers. As a general rule when it comes to golf ball construction, 3 piece balls are better for mid handicappers who like a softer feeling ball without worrying about too much spin. 4 piece golf balls are more suited to golfers with swing speeds higher than 105 mph who want a little more spin on the ball.

The majority of golfers will be more suited towards a 3 piece ball because it will be softer feeling and provide a little extra distance on slower swing speeds, due to the high launch off the tee.

Verdict: ERC Soft for average golfers and Chrome Soft for experienced golfers.

Outer Cover

Almost all of the premium tour golf balls have a urethane cover on the ball. Urethane is a soft, durable cover that provides better control out on the course. The issue with urethane is that it’s quite expensive, making those balls quite a bit more expensive than others.

To help with costs, Callaway used a hybrid cover on the ERC Soft, which is a blend of ionomer and urethane. This hybrid cover helps provide more distance and a soft feel, however makes the golf ball a little less durable than others.

The Chrome Soft golf ball cover is made from a new Ionomer Blend that helps increase energy transfer from the club to the ball. This will be more suited to higher swing speeds and also makes the golf ball more durable.

Verdict: Chrome Soft

Feel and Sound

Keeping in hand with the outer cover on the ball, the Callaway ERC Soft definitely has a slightly better feel and sound than the Chrome Soft. The soft hybrid cover of the ERC Soft provides a soft feel while putting on the green.

The Triple Track Technology is also great to line up every single putt and make sure it is on target. Triple Track is also available on the Chrome Soft, but does not come on the standard version.

Verdict: ERC Soft

Which Golf Ball Should You Choose?

The Callaway ERC Soft golf balls will definitely be more suited to slower swing speed golfers who are looking to maximize distance off the tee while also keeping control of spin around the greens and on approach shots.

The Chrome Soft is a little firmer, which works better for higher swing speed golfers. If price is your biggest worry, you are better off going with the ERC Soft because they are quite a bit cheaper per dozen.

Final Thoughts

The Callaway ERC Soft is a really nice ball for mid handicappers and average golfers. It offers excellent ball alignment with its triple track technology. This three-piece ball is extra soft, giving you excellent control as well as distance performance off the tee.

The outer core of the ERC soft is not as good as a premium urethane ball, but slower swing speeds will not notice any difference. The ball offers a high launch angle and plenty of spin.

Callaway is a very trusted golf brand and is always trying out new technology to upgrade the game of golf. I would definitely recommend testing out all of their products to see what works for you. Hopefully this Callaway ERC Soft golf ball review was helpful for you.

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