Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review: Update to a Great Ball

If you are a golfer looking to improve your long game, then no doubt your search for a distance ball has quickly brought you to the new Titleist Velocity golf ball. And there is good reason for this.

Time and time again this ball gets brought up for its unparalleled ability to improve distance off the tee while staying within a very reasonable price point. It even topped our list of longest golf balls in the market. Today with this Titleist Velocity golf ball review we're going to break down just why this distance ball gets so much hype and whether or not it's the right ball for you. 

Who is this Ball Aimed At?

The new Titleist Velocity is a ball designed for golfers focused on improving their confidence with distance rather than short game control. The good news is it does pretty well with chips and putts too for overall improved game play. We will dive more into the specifics below. 

Key Technology

The 2-piece ball construction features the patented LSX core technology, which claims to be the “the fastest solid core” of any golf ball on the market. With this core, initial velocity is increased allowing for better distance. Additionally, the 328 spherically-tiled tetrahedral dimple design reduce the balls drag while in the air, allowing for high flight and long carry. But what about the long and short game? Please read further along our Velocity golf ball review for more!

Long Game

The outer NAZ+ cover allows for higher ball speed or velocity. Higher ball velocity means longer distance for an improved shot off the tee. Most golfers agree that they experience a noticeable difference is distance off the tee almost immediately with this ball.


The Titleist Velocity is one of the longest balls on the market due to its high launch and extremely low spin off the tee. One of it's best statistics comes from its ball speed, also known as golf ball velocity, hence the name. All of these factors make this ball as long as you'd expect from a top quality tour balls, yet a much more tolerable price point (current price found here). 


This is a very low spin golf ball, sending shots long and straight, which is why it is able find the fairway and green so easily. Unfortunately this may limit control around the greens which we will discuss below.

Short Game

The other two popular Titleist golf balls, the Tour Soft and Pro V1 golf balls, have better reputations around the green as compared to the Velocity ball. However, don't give up on this distance ball just yet. The general consensus of the golfing community is that the control you might lose in your short game is more than made up with the extra yards off the tee. Let's discuss a little further:


As expected, a golf ball that focuses on distance is going to compromise on control with chips and putts. If you are a golfer who anchors on spin control over chips and putts, you will likely be unhappy with the control from this distance ball as compared to other golf balls. However, for the vast majority of high to mid-handicappers, spin control is much less of a priority as compared to reaching further distances. The good news is the Titleist Velocity will fly high and straight as you'd expect from a more expensive ball, giving you an advantage early on. 


Another benefit of the Velocity ball is that it does not seem to compromise on feel as much as other distance golf balls do, this is thanks to the LSX core. Often balls that zero in on distance can also feel hard or hollow. One of the key benefits of this ball, and ultimately why it topped our best golf balls for distance article, is that it does still maintain some level of softness for chips and putts. It is still on the firm side, but forgivable. 


The outer NAZ+ cover provides increased durability and you can expect these balls to easily last 5-8 rounds with no change in play. Every Titleist Velocity ball comes from the same factory in North Dartmouth, Mass., which means the entire manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure consistent performance and quality. 

Overall Summary / Verdict

Overall this Titleist Velocity golf ball review found the product to be a great distance ball choice for shaving strokes off your game. The distance is something you might expect from top quality tour balls, but at a price point that is much easier to stomach. If you are seeking a straighter flight and longer distance, or you are ready to start consistently hitting fairways or greens, this is the right ball for you. 

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Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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