Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review: What’s Changed in 2022?

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If you are a golfer looking to improve your long game, then no doubt your search for a maximum distance ball has quickly brought you to this new  Titleist Velocity review. The Titleist Velocity was just recently updated in 2022 and we are going to go over the main changes from the previous version. At the end, you’ll know whether this golf ball is right for you or not.

I’ll go over:

  • Key technology in the Velocity
  • What I like and don’t like about this golf ball
  • How to buy the Titleist Velocity today
  • Key differences between the 2022 vs 2020 versions of the Titleist Velocity

If you’ve tried out this golf ball, comment down below and let us know what you thought about it.

How to Buy the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Velocity can be purchased worldwide o of Amazon or through all major golf retailers by clicking the links below.

Who are Titleist Velocity Golf Balls For?

The new Titleist Velocity is a golf ball designed for golfers focused on improving their confidence with distance rather than short game control. Due to the low spinning nature of the ball, there is less spin on approach shots and less control on chips around the green.

However, Titleist has given this ball high flight, so it does land at a little more steep angle onto the green and provide some natural game spin this way..

Given these features, the Velocity is aimed more for the 20-handicap player who is working on making their game more consistent. An avid golfer might still pick the Velocity for it’s cheaper price range compared to the Pro V1.


Key Technology

Long Game

The new Titleist Velocity have a new higher speed LSX core that is designed for faster speed on full swing shots to deliver maximum distance. As well, Titleist re-did the NaZ+ cover and made it faster for all types of shots from off the tee to around the green.

Overall, the larger core and new cover adds even more distance to the ball, even for golfers with slower swing speeds. The ionomer shell doesn’t give as much greenside control compared to urethane covers, but Titleist has other balls in its lineup for that.


The Titleist Velocity is one of the longest balls on the market due to its high launch and extremely low spin off the tee. Titleist updated the design to a new spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design that promotes an even more consistent and high flight trajectory.

You will definitely notice extra distance on every tee shot using this golf ball.


When it comes to a maximum distance golf ball, you know that there is always going to be one weakness and that is low spin rate. The new Titleist Velocity balls try and get around this by using the high flight trajectory to land more steeply on the green.

This does seem to work most of the time, but you may struggle around the green if you are someone who relies on stopping the ball with spin.

titleist velocity review for distance

Short Game

The other two popular Titleist balls, the TruFeel and Pro V1 golf balls, have better reputations around the green as compared to the Velocity ball. However don’t give up on this distance ball just yet.

The general consensus of the golfing community is that the control you might lose in your short game is more than made up with the extra yards off the tee. Most mid to high handicapped players would prefer those extra yards as opposed to spin.


As expected, a golf ball that focuses on distance is going to compromise on control with chips and putts around the green. If you are a golfer who anchors on spin control over chips and putts, you will likely be unhappy with the control from this distance ball.

The good news is the Titleist Velocity will fly high and straight as you’d expect from a more expensive ball, giving you an advantage early on.  


Something that the new 2022 Titleist Velocity golf balls improved on was feel. It is a little more firm than previous versions. The 2020 version was not as firm and when putting and made a dead clicking sound with little feedback.

Titleist improved on this and the feel of the balls is way better.


The new and improved outer NaZ+ cover provides increased even more increased durability. You can expect these balls to easily last 6-10 rounds with no change in play.

Every Titleist Velocity comes from the same factory in North Dartmouth, Mass., which means the entire manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure consistent performance and quality. 

titleist velocity review

What I Like About the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

As a player looking for maximum distance off the tee, this is exactly what I got when using the new Titleist Velocity golf ball. The ball seems to launch off the tee and carry further than any other ball that I’ve used.

The new 2022 Velocity is definitely more firm than the previous version, which actually made a nicer sound and better feedback during putting. As well, the new sidestamp is way cleaner on the ball and helps as an alignment line when lining up putts.

In October 2022, you will be able to get the Titleist Velocity golf ball in matte orange, matte green, matte pink and matte blue colors with double digit numbers from 00 to 33. The different color options are fun and make the ball look super slick! Plus, orange balls should be a little easier to see if you like hitting into the rough.

Finally, I like that the price for quality is perfect for all sorts of golfers. Titleist is a quality brand to begin with and this feels like a premium ball compared to its price.

What I Don’t Like

Obviously the number one thing that will come up when using the new Titleist Velocity is the very low spin levels on approach shots and chips around the green. But at the same time, you know what you are signing up for when using a maximum distance ball.

For most average golfers, iron shots are more about consistency and less about spin and control. The Velocity will do it’s job helping you get consistent flight.

Titleist Velocity 2022 vs 2020

Titleist made some subtle but great changes to the 2022 Velocity. They gave the NaZ+ ionomer cover a makeover, which is to enhance the feel and provide even faster speeds off the tee. They also updated the dimple pattern from the old 328 dimple design to a brand new 350 octahedral dimple design to promote a more consistent and high ball flight. This also reduces the drag in the air for maximum distance.

Lastly, they completely updated the LSX core which helps deliver even more distance on full swing shots.

All of these are welcome changes and helps make the Titleist Velocity one of, if not the longest golf ball available on the market. There is noticeable difference between the 2022 vs 2020 balls and all in good ways.


The Titleist Velocity has always been one of my favorite balls and the new updated version is not different. The larger core and redesigned shell give this firm ball a ton of distance off the tee box. Most golfers will not notice the lack of spin. Titleist compensates for this by giving the ball high flight for a softer landing.

Look out for the unique color combinations, like the matte orange color version. Pick up a dozen golf balls today by using the links below and try it out for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Titleist Velocity any good?

Titleist Velocity are a very good option for golfers looking to maximize distance off the tee.

Who is the Titleist Velocity made for?

Titleist Velocity are usually made for beginner golfers to high handicappers. They look to maximize as much distance off the tee as possible.

Is the Titleist Velocity a hard golf ball?

The new Titleist Velocity is quite a bit more firm than the previous 2020 version, which helps in maximizing ball speedand distance.

What swing speed is the Titleist Velocity for?

The Velocity are designed for mid-to-high handicappers with swing speeds around 95 mph or less.

What other golf balls are comparable to the Titleist Velocity?

Other golf balls that are comparable to the Titleist Velocity include the TaylorMade TP5, Bridgestone Tour B X and Callaway Chrome Soft.

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