The 5 Best Golf Swing Plane Trainers to Improve Your Swing

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The most important thing to master in golf, and maybe the most difficult, is the art of the golf swing. A good swing is almost the only important thing when playing golf, as your swing can be the life or death of your game. In this guide, we go over the best golf swing plane trainers that you can buy today to help improve your swing, add distance, and hit the ball better.

Golf path or golf plane trainers are designed to help keep your shots aligned from beginning to end, giving you better, more accurate swings. If you are having trouble adjusting your swings for a given situation, then these trainers may well be what you need to guide you through the correct motions.

In this swing plane trainer review, we will be covering the best of these golf path/plane trainers, each with their own features designed to help give you the perfect shot every time.

The Best Golf Swing Plane Trainers Available Today

Best Golf Swing Plane Trainers

EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer

Best Overall

EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer


  • Learn to feel the perfect swing in your optimal biomechanical swing plane
  • Train key golfing muscles for improved strength & flexibility


  • Price is high (but worth it)


It is always good to start out any list with a bang, which is why we chose the Explanar Golf Swing Training Aid as our first product.

This is because, in the world of shot plane and club path training aids, the Explanar may just be one of the best golf swing plane trainer.

Using a giant, ring-shaped structure, along with a sturdy mat for your feet, the Explanar helps the golfer to make the perfect shot every time.

It does this by allowing the golfer to line up his swing with the ring structure, which helps with your shot’s trajectory, as well as provide you a guideline for where your feet should be planted during golf.

Not only does the Explanar’s swing trainer help with your shot itself, but it also helps golfers to strengthen the muscles they use to swing their club. This essentially means that the Explanar will not only help with your shot path but will help you to make more powerful shots as well.

The only real drawback with the item is one that is common with Path/Plane trainers as a whole: the price, which is more than most televisions even cost, the price is not for the faint of heart… or light of wallet.

Even so, the all-around benefits of the Explanar can’t be stated enough. From power to accuracy, the Explanar is certain to help you with your golf swing training and shave strokes off your scorecard.

SKLZ Golf Tempo and Grip Trainer


  • Teaches you how to properly grip the golf club
  • Has two different weight adjustments to simulator drivers and woods
  • Works on your tempo and swing plane


  • Only made for right handed golfers


SKLZ has released a really good golf tempo and grip trainer, but only for right handed golfers. This tool is designed to help you improve your golf swing tempo so that you can hit balls longer and more consistently. It also has a specific grip pattern on the end so that you can learn how to hold your golf clubs in the most ideal position.

One thing I really like are the two included weights. These screw into the end of your trainer and simulate the weight difference between a driver and an iron. Swapping them out can be a little bit of a pain, but we appreciate the thought.

The overall length of the SKLZ golf swing plane trainer is shorter than a golf club. This makes it easier to practice using the thing indoors. The club is 26 inches long.

Overall, this golf trainer helps you improve consistency in your swing, which is the main reason you want to buy it.

Golf Swing Plane Perfector

2nd Best Swing Plane Trainer

Golf Swing Plane Perfector


  • Precise with immediate feedback
  • Improves plane, path, and clubface at impact


  • Very confusing at first (you might need a coach to help you with it)


Our next product for today is known as the Golf Swing Plane Perfector, which is the “perfect” way to continue our list of the best golf swing path and plane trainers.

Using a system of alignment sticks, the Perfector aid golfers to measure and align their shots from varying angles. This gives golfers both a physical and visual aid that will help them to improve their golf swings for any angle and any club.

While the different angles and aids help you improve your club path and shot plane, one of the drawbacks with the Perfector is that none of this is readily apparent. Looking at the tool, it is hard at first to figure out exactly how to use this golf training aids, and even harder to determine which angle you may need to set it up in for the perfect shot (without the assistance of a golf coach, that is).

Once you do figure this out, the Perfector becomes a tool that will have you improving your swing path in no time. And it is one that is easy to move around, as well, as it can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use.

While it may be a bit on the confusing side, you will love the Golf Swing Plane Perfector once you start using it. With the Perfecter, you will be a better golfer in no time flat!

Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Plane Trainer

Alternative Swing Plane Trainer

Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Plane Trainer


  • Train your proper pre-swing set-up, arc, and plane
  • Adjustable to fit every club in the bag


  • Slightly re-adjusts itself after a while


You know PVC, that hard, plastic material that is used to create things such as water pipes? Did you know that the same material could be used to help you improve your golf swing?

Well, this is the case with the Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer.

Much like the Explanar, this is designed in a circular arc, which helps you to line up the direction of your swing.

By using the circular guideline, golfers during the golf swing training can line up their shots to create the perfect back-and-forward swings, which will help to create more accurate shots.

Need to improve multiple aspects of your game, such as your fairway shots or approaches? Then you will be pleased to know that you can adjust the Full Circle to any type of club, which will allow you to practice your shot path for every kind of shot possible.

There is only one, rather small issue with the Full Circle, which comes in the form of its adjustment options. After a while of use, the Full Circle starts to sort of settle, and ever so slightly re-adjust itself, but this isn’t anything that can’t be quickly fixed.

Being made of PVC material, you can be sure that the Full Circle is a durable swing training aid as well. This makes the Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer a practice tool that you will be using for years to come.

Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Plane Trainer

Simplest Plane Trainer

Plane Sight Laser Golf Training Aid


  • Easily attaches to almost any golf club
  • Gives three points during your golf swing to check your swing plane
  • Super Simple


  • Works better in dim lighting


If you have looked at some of the other tools on this list and thought that some of these devices seem kind of complex, then the Plane Sight Laser may be the best golf training tool for you.

To use the Plane Sight, all you have to do is simply attach the laser pointer onto the grip of any club, and you are ready with your golf training. This easy to install tool means that you can get started practicing your swing path and shot plane in no time, and with any club, you wish to practice with.

The Plane Sight Laser provides golfers with three laser points, which can be seen on the ground during your backswing. Golfers can use these points as a guideline on the path they should bring their club down to best strike the ball, making for an easy way for golfers to practice their golf game.

One major drawback for this product comes when trying to use the Plane Sight… well… in plain sight. When using the laser in bright lighting, it can be hard to make out the illuminated points on the ground, making it difficult to use the tool, unless in dim lighting.

This is made up for with how simplistic the Plane Sight Laser is to install and use. At this price point, the Plane Sight may be the most convenient path/plane trainer available.

Golf Swing Plane Trainer – Do you need one?

If you don’t know much about the technical aspects of golf, it’s much harder to have a good time on the course. You’re probably hitting the ball from odd angles and you’re struggling to keep your shots on the green.

Following the optimum swing plane according to your size and club is essential if you want to drive the ball on the green. It’s also important if you want to get as much distance as possible with each shot.

Let’s find out if it’s perhaps because of your swing that you’re having a hard time finding games at your country club.

What Is A Swing Plane?

Swing plane refers to a flat surface that defines the angle and path of the club swing. There are two of these imaginary planes: the backswing and the downswing. Depending on your technique, your swing can be flat, upright, or on plane.

Ok, but why is it important? Fixing your swing plane is important if you don’t want to hit a hook or slice shots. Golf is all about technique, from your stance to hit the ball in the right spot, depending on the situation.

For example, if you hit the ball flat this usually means that the club is pointing towards the outside of the target line, which is how you give your ball an in-to-out spin.

If you hit a backswing, or upright, the head of the club will hit the ball out-to-in. In-to-out swings often result in hook shots while out-to-in hits result in pulled or sliced shots.

In order to hit a straight shot, the club has to be on a plane during the downswing. That will cause the head to go straight down the imaginary target line and hit the ball dead-on.

It’s important to know that although the technique is the same, each golfer has his own personal swing plane. This is because the angles are determined by the player’s size and the club used. Therefore, in order to find the sweet spot, you might want to start honing your technique by practicing your downswing in different situations.

One way to do this is by using a golf swing plane trainer. This type of practice tool comes in various shapes and sizes. Here are a few variations for you to look into.

Elbow Straps

Beginner golfers often have problems with coordinating all their limbs. There are so many moving parts to account for at all times. An easy way to start addressing your swing plane issues is to use an elastic strap that can help you maintain the proper form.

Most of these golf training aids are stretchy and are designed to keep the back elbow close to the body during the swing. The end result is better mechanics and considerably more distance in your shots. The cool thing about elbow strap plane trainers is that they can be used by right- and left-handed golfers alike.

Headcover Or Pool Noodle Drills

The noodle drill is one of the best things to do if you want to fix your swing plane. Here’s how it works. First, you have to put an alignment stick into the ground. Make sure it’s sticking out at a 45-degree angle. Attach a headcover or a pool noodle over it.For the perfect setup, make sure that the end of the pool noodle obstructs your regular swing, but not too much. Set it so that it makes contact with the top of the wrist. From this position, take a step towards the target.You’ll notice that on the upswing your hands usually pass below the pool noodle. On your downswing, they’re likely to make contact with the noodle if you have a bad swing. Your goal is to make sure you don’t make contact with the noodle when you swing back or down.The advantage of pool noodle drills is that you don’t even have to buy any special equipment. Just look over some specs online and then make your own DIY noodle with a straight stick, pipe, and some foam.

Golf Swing Tempo Trainers

Another interesting golf swing plane training aids is the elbow tempo trainer. This device is strapped around your elbow in an attempt to keep it straighter during the swing. The feedback is in the form of a sound alert.

When you’re losing your form the device emits a sound to let you know your swing is not ideal. If you keep your lead elbow extension as you should, the device usually remains silent. Most of these tempo trainers can be used on both elbows and come in one size with plenty of adjustability.

Golf Swing Tempo Trainers

Another interesting golf swing plane training aids is the elbow tempo trainer. This device is strapped around your elbow in an attempt to keep it straighter during the swing. The feedback is in the form of a sound alert.

All-In-One Trainers

Sometimes you don’t need to actually hit the ball to fix your swing; you can just get a club swing trainer. There are a few variations from different manufacturers but the mechanics behind these trainers remain the same.

You’ll be replacing your golf club with a weirdly angled and heavier golf club. Remember, this isn’t made for hitting golf balls. These are made to improve grip, stance, strength, extension, tempo, etc.

The way they work is that by using such a golf training aid for a couple of minutes or hours each day, they help develop your muscle memory. Therefore, when you’ll actually have a proper golf club in your hands, you’ll be inclined to mimic the grip, stance, and swing that you had with the golf swing training aid.

The golf swing training aid forces you to maintain proper technique and that’s how muscle memory starts to develop. Just be aware that these golf training aids tend to be a bit more expensive since they work on all aspects of your game, not just your swing plane.

A Final Word

We’ve only listed a couple of our favorite swing plane trainers but there are so many more options out there that aid you with your training. In order to get the best value for your money, make sure to get the best golf training aid that you can actually use anywhere and at any time.

If you do that you’ll be able to quickly correct your swing plane and impress your buddies on the course. Just remember that not all trainers cover swing plane exercises so read the descriptions carefully before you get yours.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation


Before you rush out and buy one of these training aids, take a second to sit down and think if you actually want to invest in one. These products, by and large, are not cheap after all, and if you don’t see yourself using one constantly, you may want to pass on a path/plane trainer.

You also should consider your training needs, as these products are for people who really need extra help with their shot accuracy. You will get the most benefit from one of these golf training aids if you are really suffering on the course, but might not see the same amount of value or benefit from the item if you should only need to slightly adjust how you hit the ball normally.

This is such an interesting question, we wrote a whole article on it.


As said above, the golf swing and path trainers are not the cheapest of golfing tools on the market. Some of these products come with price tags upwards of $1000 dollars, which makes these a hard to argue purchase for those with a lighter bank account.

That said, not all of these trainers are quite that expensive. There are some pretty decent ones available for around the $100 mark, although these may not have some of the training features of the more expensive trainers. In other words, try to keep on the lookout for the golf training aids that will give you the most game enhancement for the best price.


The final thing you will need to know before buying one of these training devices is the space you will have to practice. Some of these golf training aid can be rather large, so you will need to make sure that you have adequate space for the trainer so that you will be able to use it and practice properly.


EX BV Explanar Golf Swing TrainerBest OverallEX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer
Golf Swing Plane Perfector2nd Best Swing Plane TrainerGolf Swing Plane Perfector
Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Plane TrainerAlternative Swing Plane TrainerFull Circle PVC Golf Swing Plane Trainer
Plane Sight Laser Golf Training AidSimplest Plane TrainerPlane Sight Laser Golf Training Aid

That about does it for this list. Golf, much like most things in life, takes practice to perfect. Using one of the products listing above, you will at least be sure that you will be making perfectly aligned shots in no time.

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