Callaway Superhot Golf Ball Review: Is This Ball For You?

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The Superhot white golf ball has outstanding features and benefits which make the product unique among its peers. These golf balls from the house of Callaway come in a set of 15 state-of-the-art golf balls. Callaway introduced these balls in 2020 by keeping the requirements of the users in mind for a typical performance during the game.

Today, we're not only going to review the Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball but we are also going to tackle the previous generation golf ball — the 55 and 70. By the end of this review, you'll be able to compare these balls from Callaway Golf. Our Superhot Bold review will help you make an informed decision per the needs of your sport and your style of playing.

Superhot Bold Matte
Next Generation of a Great Ball

A beautiful matte finish golf ball that is great that would help you level up your performance. It features a high energy core for longer and straighter flight.

Callaway Superhot Golf Balls Reviews

Below are the characteristics of Callaway Superhot bold golf ball.

Soft feel

The soft feel design of Callaway Superhot bold is possible with an ultra-soft cover. Superhot bold is a three-piece construction golf ball. The cover gives a soft feeling when you hold the golf ball in your hand. Don’t judge it now by just the soft feeling. It has a high energy core inside, which makes the ball reach a long distance. The deadly combination of an ultra-soft cover and the core makes it an ideal distance golf ball.

Ball speed

In the competitive sport of golf, speed matters a lot. The high energy core provides a very speed to these golf balls. The Callaway Superhot bold golf ball goes a long distance with every type of club. The manufacturer designs and constructs their balls in such a way that they deliver a consistently super fast speed to its balls. Superhot bold is ideal to do the job of reaching a lot farther.

Aerodynamic design

To keep the golf ball in the air longer than earlier, you need a perfect design that optimizes the lift of the ball by reducing the drag. The aerodynamic design achieves the same objective by providing a strong flight to the ball around the greens.

Greenside spin and control

If you are looking for a technology to control your shots during pitches and chips, these balls come with better spins and control of shots due to its thin cover. The three-piece construction coupled with a thin cover makes the golfer control around the green increase their spins.

Physical characteristic

The Superhot bold golf ball weighs only 1.59 pounds with package dimensions of 7.5x5.1x2 inches. The golf balls with a matte finish come inside a bundle pack of 15 balls. The product price is very reasonable. It offers different color options -yellow, red, white, or orange. The golf ball has a matte finish..

Prior Generations

Callaway Superhot 55 soft

Superhot 55 Soft


  • In driver as well as iron shots, the aerodynamics technology of the ball ensures a longer distance
  • A combination of two key aspects of these balls ensure straight and balanced flights in the game – first is the soft mantle or core of these balls and the second aspect is their cover system
  • They have a very low compression point which ensures a soft feel when impacted on full shots
  • These balls are available at an affordable price and provide value for money at these price levels
  • These balls do not have the design capability to increase spinning for better control at the greenside
  • The softcover may not be durable

The Superhot 55 golf ball is the latest addition to the product range of product Callaway. It is a premium version of the Chrome Soft model which has been very popular. The balls have a three-layer design for increased control. Its unique dual core build gives an overall compression of 55 units. The compression enables a long-distance flight and a softer feel with any club in your golf bag

This golf ball has a soft mantle layer with a coating of high tech Curlin. Both of these innovations in product technology enable a reduction in spin rates. The softcover improves the short game performance around the greens. These low compression balls have the inherent advantages of a long and straight flight. The ball speed, as well as the longer distance flight capabilities, are not at all compromised in these low compression balls due to its hex aerodynamics technology. The ball can be seen in the air for a longer time due to lower drag and optimal lift.


The Final Call...

It is easy to compress and adds distance to your drives. Low compression is well suited for seniors or females with slow swings. This golf ball does not offer much in terms of spin and feel, and you can not rely on them for your short game control.

The features of Superhot 55 balls sound similar, but we will soon check out the major differences in our next comparison section. Let us move on to our reviews to have a look at the features of Superhot 70 golf ball.

Callaway Superhot 70 Soft

Superhot 70 Soft


  • These are the best golf balls for distance. A high trajectory provides enough distance. The design of these balls provides a high flight. A low compression core, ionomer cover, and spin reducing mantle together make it possible.
  • This ball flies so high due to its unique aerodynamics. Its hexagonal dimple pattern differentiates the ball from its competitors.
  • It reduces spin on longer clubs
  • The compression level is a big differentiator, ensuring that the ball flies high and far.
  • Affordable price levels
  • Best for slower and lower trajectory swing speeds
  • The reduced spinning is an issue as the ball is meant only for long distances. If you need a spin, it is better to go for Srixon Q star.

Callaway Superhot 70 are very soft golf balls with a compression level of 70 units. These balls will feel a little firmer than the earlier version — the 55 golf ball. This one is also having a three-layer or 3-piece design. The mantle layer is relatively firm and the new generation Surlyn cover makes the reduced spins on full shots. That way, these new types of balls with higher compression, will reduce hooks and slices during the play.

The aerodynamics have been increased further with HEX dimple patterns as compared to the 55 version of the ball. These patterns are great in reducing the in-flight drag after the hit, thereby resulting in an increased lift and shots in a higher trajectory.


The improved version also claims to have a new cover composition. This composition generates higher spin rates and hence better controls on your shots when compared to 55 golf balls.

Therefore, if you are looking for a product with more accuracy, Superhot 70 is built for this purpose. To improve your performance, this is a very potent part of your gear. You'll observe that the risk of slicing a shot or hitting a hook will get reduced drastically. We all look forward to these types of golf balls. We highly recommend this product to professional golfers who require a higher level of accuracy and want to add distance in their long game.

These balls perform extremely well due to the combined design capabilities of the cover, core, and mantle. On the shell, the hexagonal pattern reduces the space on the outer part. The core provides one of the lowest compression levels. A score of 70 means that the ball is comparatively harder. Lastly, the mantle reduces the spin. The introduction of the mantle prevents dramatic slices and hooks for amateur golfers. Adding a mantle reduces this effect, and the possibility of high spin gets reduced drastically.

The final Call...

Superhot 70 is the best ball for achieving accuracy in terms of distance. It is the top contender for a softball going a longer distance. However, it does not spin a lot on the greens.

Superhot 55 & 70 Comparison

Both these variants sound similar in terms of features and looks except for the difference in their compression levels. But are they almost the same or they have some major differences. Let us try to find out and increase your awareness of what differentiates Superhot 70 from Superhot 55.

Superhot 70 is the latest product in the superhot range of golf balls. Both 55 and 70 are golf balls with low compression. But if you compare the firmness of both the type of balls, the latest version of superhot 70 is a little harder than 55, and when you press it, it is harder to compress these balls comparatively.

There is another similarity in terms of soft feel, which comes due to their Trionomer covers system. The 70 golf balls feature a hexagonal pattern to provide better aerodynamics for better flights.

Overall, the differences between both these product variants are very subtle, and even a seasoned player may find it difficult to spell out the difference between them.

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