7 Best Golf Balls for Slicers – Reviews and Tips for 2021

Slicers are usually unintended moves, and often throw the golf ball into unpredictable locations. This could become frustrating and some players could become weary of the game.

Wrong technique as well as using unsuitable gear are two of the main causes of slicers, so getting a good club and a proper set of golf balls can decrease the incidence of these rogue trajectories significantly.

We’ll talk some more about slicers in the coming sections, we’ll examine why they happen and see how to fix them. We’ll also take a look at the best golf balls for slice, and select a winner from the list.

Read on to know all about slicers and the right golf balls to overcome them.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice for the Best Golf Balls for Slicers:

Our Best Golf Balls for Slicers in 2021

  • Wilson Smart Core (Best Overall)
    "What makes a golf ball smart you're asking? Well, being able to be hard & soft when needed would be pretty awesome. The Smart Core pulls off just that. Brilliant!"
  • Nitro Ultimate Distance (Best on a Budget)
    "Nitro Ultimate Distance golf ball has a bright color making it highly visible and easy to spot on the green."
  • Callaway Superhot Bold (Great Golf Ball for Slicers)
  • Bridgestone E12 (Great Golf Ball for Slicers)
  • TaylorMade TP5x (Great Golf Ball for Slicers)
  • Volvik Crystal (Great Golf Ball for Slicers)

Best Golf Balls for Slicers

This is a list of the best golf balls for a slice. You’ll find a variety of features and price ranges, at least two of them are worth trying, and one is an absolutely interesting product!

Wilson Smart Core

Best Overall


  • Helps in achieving long travel and straight trajectory
  • Helps in reducing spin on long shots
  • Maintains control in short shots
  • Adapts its response to the game situation
  • Moderate price
  • It’s better suited for the long shots
  • Short shots aren’t as accurate as they need to be

Why is the Wilson Smart Core called smart? You were wondering about that too, right? Well, it’s actually smart.

It adapts its response to the situation at hand, so at the tee, it acts as a firm object to get maximum travel distance out of the swing. Its response on the green is the complete opposite, it actually pretends to be soft, and gives the player a chance to push it around in calculated moves.


Similar behavior happens with short and long golf balls. It gives a lot of spin with the former to give the player more flexible paths and limits the spin significantly in the latter to straighten the trajectory of the long shot and cover the largest distance.

This is an awesome result that comes after years and years of product development. The Wilson Smart Core ball is built with a core that can respond to the speed of the swing.

Players who have trouble with slicer will probably find this ball quite helpful. It’ll control the spin of the long ball, and the dimples on the surface will keep air resistance to a minimum.

This will maintain the proper direction of the ball, and let it fly at top speed, covering much ground and eventually reaching its intended destination.

It fits all skill levels, it’s an affordable golf ball, and it’s approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Nitro Ultimate Distance

Best on a Budget


  • Helps the long shot to stay on-course
  • The bright color makes it highly visible
  • It’s sturdy and hard to cut or break
  • It’s easy to find and locate in a pond or shrub
  • Affordable price
  • It might lose its balance in the heavy head-on wind

The Nitro Ultimate Distance focuses on getting the most energy from the club and reducing air resistance to the minimum possible level. This ball is designed just as its name suggests to go the distance.

That’s why it’s well suited for players who find their balls spinning out of control, and have so often watched their golf balls getting derailed and falling off in unintended spots.


The Nitro is a well-designed golf ball, with a unique dimple pattern, and elaborate aerodynamics. It’s also quite sturdy and wouldn’t show much wear even after several games.

The visibility of the Nitro Ultimate Distance is another feature that comes in handy. It sets the ball apart from the generic white everyone else is using, and it’s pretty easy to find even in the dark.

Callaway Superhot Bold

Great Golf Ball for Slicers


  • It has a three-layer construction
  • It’s well suited for long shots
  • The bright colors offer visibility and style
  • The hexagonal dimples reduce air resistance
  • It’s stable and has a controlled spin on high speeds
  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Its performance with the short distance shots can be better

Three things characterize Callaway golf balls, besides the bold name that is, the extra flashy colors, the hexagonal pattern with its associated aerodynamics, and the long-distance performance.

The bright neon colors are the signature of these balls, they aren’t reflective though, actually, they come in muted red and yellow, in addition to the original white. The finish is rather soft to keep the ball responsive in the short game.


It has a complex core constructed from three integrated parts, which allows the ball to respond appropriately to the different game requirements.

It’s a tough guy’s gear clearly, and that’s why long speedy shots are taken into consideration and the golf balls are designed to sustain a neat straight trajectory from the tee to cover some good ground.

Slicer happens, but a good golf ball should limit them, and let you enjoy the real game. The Callaway golf balls will probably contribute to that, but it comes at a high price mark. Choices choices!

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Bridgestone E12

Great Golf Ball for Slicers

Bridgestone E12 Golf Balls


  • High precision and easy targeting
  • The aerodynamic profile shows stability and swift flight 
  • Its performance is balanced up in the air and on the green
  • It comes in canary yellow and white colors
  • The 12-ball package offers good value for the price
  • It doesn’t encourage high-speed swings owing to its softness

Bridgestone has been in business since the early 1900s, that’s more than enough time for them to make a product that reflects the highest quality, with the latest innovations, and a thorough understanding of customers’ needs.

The Bridgestone E12 Soft golf ball is the culmination of all this time and research.

The package has the words ‘straight distance’ in bright yellow print. That’s why we included these balls here on this list. Your slicers should decrease significantly with this new gear, and it’s supposed to offer more accuracy as well.


The Bridgestone E12 is designed to give a balanced performance in both the long and short swings, but we can’t say that this is unique for this ball. What sets it apart is its precision, in addition to requiring little force to go the distance.

The package comes with 12 balls, so the overall price is moderate, and they’re also available in white if yellow comes across as too canary.

TaylorMade TP5x

Great Golf Ball for Slicers


  • The rich 5-layer composition
  • Energy magnification through its core
  • Soft and rigid combo cover
  • Balanced performance
  • High control in short shots
  • Outstanding long shotsIt’s designed for spin control
  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

The TaylorMade TP5X golf balls are composed of 5 successive layers. Each layer enhances a specific feature. The net result is naturally a good game and exceptional overall performance.

The core alone is made from three layers. The compression changes progressively from one layer to the next. This gradation maximizes energy transfer and gives full speed to every shot.

You wouldn’t need to hit the ball with force to send it travelling. Far reach is easy with all the power enhancement. The remaining part is follow-through and it does well in that respect too.


The TaylorMade golf ball has a ‘dual spin cover’ for a unique dynamic characteristic. The outer part of the cover is extra soft, while the inner part has a medium hardness. This combination is rarely seen in other balls.

The resulting spin control offers little to no deviation in long shots, and a ball that follows your guidance on the green.

This golf ball is extra pricey, but it’s worth the money with all the tech used to make it. It’s one of the few balls that gather that many features in a single model.

TaylorMade as a brand is relatively new in the market, but they focus heavily on innovation and quality. The sophistication of their golf balls reflects in an elevated performance.

The skilled players will find these balls optimal. The TaylorMade TP5X will complement their skills and motivate them to try new moves. Beginners will benefit from the stability and precision of these golf balls.

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Volvik Crystal

Great Golf Ball for Slicers


  • It’s manufactured with ‘dual core’ technology
  • It has a hard cover for speed magnification
  • Soft non-collision performance
  • High visibility with a variety of vivid colors
  • Designed for long distance shots
  • High precision golf ball
  • The blue balls aren’t too visible against the sky
  • They need a powerful swing for best performance
  • It’s an expensive ball set

The Volvik Crystal golf balls employ technology that couples core softness with cover hardness.

This special mix results in high energy long shots, and low impact upon landing. These balls offer high precision, good travel, and plenty of control.

The Volvik Crystal balls are highly visible. It’s hard to lose sight of your ball as it flies above the trees. It’s easy to locate it once it lands and no one will hit it by mistake.


These golf balls are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but they’re worth a try, especially if you want to elevate your game.

They’ll certainly provide a new experience with both the long shots and short maneuvers. Their hard and soft mix is most evident as you hit the ball. It will gain so much speed and maintain its stability.

The Volvik Crystal golf balls are at their best in slow to medium speed games. The softcore with its low compression factor minimizes the unnecessary bounce. Aim well and the ball wouldn’t spin out of the right path.

Srixon Soft Feel

Great Golf Ball for Slicers


  • It offers a unique smooth performance
  • The extra soft consistency gives more control
  • It can still do the far flight with high precision
  • It allows players to focus on strategy
  • It’s a budget-friendly golf ball
  • It’s an acquired taste
  • It’s more suited for a slow game

As the name reflects: the Srixon Soft Feel ball is extra soft so it gives maximum maneuverability and control on the green. It’s also designed to provide a good flight, and that too is printed on the box.

The overall performance with this ball is intended to be smooth, and all the movements seamless. Energy transfers efficiently and seamlessly from the clubs to the ball to the ground. No wastes, hiccups, or spinning out of control.


This suits the golf player who plays it the way a chess player would go about his game. The uninterrupted flow offers a great opportunity for pondering and strategy. 

It’s a budget-friendly golf ball with a hi-tech design and unique performance. It might not be the average player’s cup of tea, but it's worth trying, maybe it’ll grow on you after all, right?

The Srixon golf balls usually come in 12-piece boxes, there are about 4 different varieties, all of them pristine white, except for one model that caters to lady golfers and it comes as a pink set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do Golf Slices Happen?

Golf slicers are a fact of life for players, even the seasoned ones get the occasional unpredictable trajectory once in a while.

Beginners experience hooks and slicers naturally, and it’s a part of their learning curve, but intermediate and pro golfers feel frustrated with every one of these incidents.

Slicers happen when the balls spin off the wrong way, and they start a constantly deviating path until they land in a completely unintended spot. This is basically because your clubface is open to the path.

Players then spend some time searching for the ball, beating themselves up a little, and maybe hearing a few snarky remarks from fellow golfers about how this happened and how not to let it happen again.

The advice you’ll hear will be mostly about your swing speed, but that’s actually an inaccurate assumption. Slicers happen as a result of mismatched hand-eye coordination, or unsuitable gear that increases the probability of faulty swings.

It all comes down to the angle at which the driver hits the ball. There’s a geometric model for how exactly this happens if you’re interested, but there’s a simpler way to see how slicers unfold by monitoring the sequence in slow motion.

Slicers aren’t just a mishap that rookies and handicappers experience, it could actually be a good thing and some players learn how to pull it off intentionally. Think about surmounting an obstacle that’s right ahead of you, a tree, or a pond. It’s certainly a good show during a match!

How Do Slicers Affect Your Game?

We just mentioned in the previous section that they could be an awesome performance when the player uses them to solve a problem, but the opposite isn’t quite as useful.

When slicers aren’t intended and their path is derailed to the point of becoming unpredictable, players become nervous, feel awkward, spend some time looking for the ball, and the whole game is thrown off into a different vibe.

Self-confidence is one of the cornerstones of any sport, and repeated faults tend to dent it a little, that’s why getting proper gear and maintaining good form are essential to playing well.

The time spent in locating and fetching the balls also affects the pace of the game. Golf isn’t a snappy sport like tennis, but it still has a rhythm that should be kept flowing.  

How To Fix Slicers?

Slicers can be fixed promptly by just changing the gear you use. A golf ball that stays steady in the air and lands accurately on the other side goes a long way.

A well-designed driver also contributes to the precision of the swing, and hence the stability and directness of the ball trajectory.

Good gear alone can fix slicers significantly, but there’s a part that has to do with skill and coordination you’ll need to work on.

Practicing intentional slicers is ironically a good way to avoid them. Understanding how exactly they happen is a smart way to guarantee straight steady shots.

Hand-eye coordination is essential in any sport involving using a ball. Some people are naturals that way, but the rest of us have to practice.

Aging also leaves its mark on these responses. Coordination tends to decrease with the passing of years, but it can be slowed down with proper drills and overall health maintenance. 

How To Correct A Slice With A Driver?

We’ve already mentioned the importance of proper gear, so your driver needs to be of a suitable material and quality to start working on the slice.

We’ll check out your playing style next, starting with the grip. A weak grip could cause unintentional slices, so you can hold your club with a neutral grip, but it's best to keep your hand strong on the club.

You also have to align your right hand with your shoulder and take a position that’ll set your clubface for a closed orientation.

Hand-eye coordination starts here. You have to stand in a position directed towards the path you’re aiming at. Now let your eyes do some exploration, check the starting, hit, and follow through points of your driver, and make sure your hand is twisted inwards, and your clubface is closed.

Practice hitting the ball curved to the left. That should rectify the right spin off it normally takes with a slice.

After a few practice-hits, lock your eye on the spot where you want the ball to land. A lot of the aiming is a brain process that goes into autopilot if you repeat it enough times

Now reposition, use your strong grip, twist your hands and wrists, align your arms and shoulders, and lock your eyes on the checkpoints.

Focus on the destination, the starting point of the swing, and the endpoint of the follow-through. Keep the clubface closed, and swing. There you go! 

Best Golf Balls For Slicers Brands

Here are some of the big-name brands in the world of golf ball manufacturing. They set the industry standards and start innovation trends


This is a merged entity that put together two big companies under the same ownership. The older company was called ‘Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company’, and it goes back to the year 1900.

The other one is a Japanese company which held the name ‘Bridgestone Tyre Company’. It started its operations in 1931, and around 1988 the two companies became a much bigger establishment.

Bridgestone tires are currently the biggest in the world, with Michelin and Goodyear coming in second and third places.

Bridgestone is known for its nonstop innovation, respect for natural resources, and serious environmental efforts.


This sports equipment giant started working in 1913 under the name of ‘Ashland Manufacturing company’. They began by manufacturing generic products from the byproducts of the slaughterhouse down the street. 

That included surgical equipment, violin strings, and various sports gear. They were quite prosperous and decided to grow the business. 

In 1915 they hired Thomas Wilson and soon he became president. He restructured the company completely and decided that the work should focus solely on sports equipment. 

The operations were hugely successful, and a year later he renamed the company after himself. His reign lasted for just two more years, then he left. 

Wilson remained as he created it, and kept on innovating and progressing. Today it’s owned by Amer Group and enjoying worldwide prosperity. 


Wilson Smart CoreBest Overall Wilson Smart Core
Nitro Ultimate DistanceBest on a BudgetNitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball
Callaway Superhot BoldGreat Golf Ball for SlicersCallaway Superhot Bold
Bridgestone E12Great Golf Ball for SlicersBridgestone E12 Golf Balls
TaylorMade TP5xGreat Golf Ball for SlicersTaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball
Volvik CrystalGreat Golf Ball for SlicersVolvik Crystal Golf Balls
Srixon Soft FeelGreat Golf Ball for SlicersSrixon Soft Feel

The top spot isn’t easy to determine with all the golf balls in the list outsmarting slicers and giving stellar performances on the grass as well.

The Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball, however, comes across as having it all. It’s a premium quality golf ball, it’s smart and responds intelligently to almost any situation, it’s durable and it’s moderately priced.

The other alternative you might want to try is the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls. The Callaway is a hi-tech ball with a glamorous look and impressive performance.

You should also try the Volvik Crystal if you can get hold of a pack! A Volvik Crystal golf ball is unique in its self-correction capabilities and it offers extra distance and more spin. It’s a recreational ball not intended for serious games, but playing with it is so much fun.

Wilson Smart CoreBest Overall Wilson Smart Core
Nitro Ultimate DistanceBest on a BudgetNitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball
Callaway Superhot BoldGreat Golf Ball for SlicersCallaway Superhot Bold
Bridgestone E12Great Golf Ball for SlicersBridgestone E12 Golf Balls
TaylorMade TP5xGreat Golf Ball for SlicersTaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball
Volvik CrystalGreat Golf Ball for SlicersVolvik Crystal Golf Balls
Srixon Soft FeelGreat Golf Ball for SlicersSrixon Soft Feel
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