The 9 Best Driving Irons For the Teebox [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Driving irons are an excellent alternative to hitting fairway woods off of the tee box. Golf club manufacturers have made long irons easy to hit, with big sweet spots and and lots of forgiveness. In this guide, I’ll show you the best driving irons that you can use off the tee box today.

For each driving iron (also know as a utility iron), I’ll go over:

  • Key features you should check out in each club
  • What I specifically like and don’t like
  • How to buy each long iron on our list

If you own any of the clubs on the list and can offer up an extra review, comment down below and let us know.

Let’s check them out!

What are the Best Driving Irons?

  1. TaylorMade Stealth UDI (Best Overall)
  2. Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi (Best Premium)
  3. Ping G425 Crossover (Upgrade Pick)
  4. Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron (Easiest to Hit)
  5. Srixon ZX Utility (Most Compact)
  6. Taylormade P790 UDI (Best for Mid Handicap Golfers)
  7. Cleveland UHX (Best on a Budget)
  8. King Utility (Best Adjustable Loft)
  9. Srixon U85 (Underrated Option)

TaylorMade Stealth UDI

Best Overall

The Stealth UDI is the newest utility iron offered by TaylorMade. It takes over where the P790 left off and improves things in nearly every single way.

The newly designed SpeedFoam Air is 69% lighter than in the P790, which means that TaylorMade is able to distribute that extra weight to the face of the iron. Not only does this help increase the launch of the ball, but it also provides an even better feel than before.

Also included in the Stealth UDI is the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket that is featured in all of the new Stealth golf clubs. This newly designed face helps provide flexibility off the face of the club, all while keeping maximum ball speeds.

taylormade stealth udi iron review

As soon as you hit this club, I think you will be amazed at how easy the ball launches off the face. If the driver isn’t working, this trusty Stealth UDI will find every fairway for you.

The Stealth UDI comes in 3 different lofts, meaning you have options to choose from regarding what distance you want to get out of it.

The only downfall to the Stealth UDI is the price tag. The utility iron starts at $249.99, which can be considered a little pricey for a single iron. However, if you are a golfer who tends to struggle hitting driver or fairway woods off the tee and prefer irons, I recommend checking out the Stealth UDI.

I think it is the best overall driving iron on the market today.

Click here to read our full review of the TaylorMade Stealth UDI.

Key Features

  • Includes TaylorMade’s Thru-Slot Speed Pocket that increases ball speed and gives you ample distance even on mis-hits.
  • Traditional iron look with a lower center of gravity (CG) for easier launch.
  • The SpeedFoam Air is 69% lighter, which helps redistribute that weight to the club face for a better launch.
  • Multiple loft options are available.
  • Quite expensive for single iron.

What I Like About the Stealth UDI

Honestly, there’s isn’t a lot not to like about this club. Where I found the new Stealth drivers to be hard to hit consistently, the UDI is more for beginner golfers. The Stealth is a very forgiving driving iron. I could get launch with or without a tee, which is a good sign.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Hybrid Iron

Best Premium

The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi iron is my pick for the best premium driving iron available today. You will impress out on the course with this slick all-black ION plated iron.

This club features Mizuno’s patented MAS1C steel face, and it is the first time they have included it on a utility iron. It’s so far been reserved for hybrids only. This wider sole on the club face will have the golf ball exploding off of it and into the air.

A 21g Tungsten weight is located low in the club face, which helps to provide stability and faster club head speed. This club also includes Mizuno’s vibration dampening system known as H.I.T (Harmonic Impact Technology), which provides a consistent sound and feel.

mizuno pro fli-hi

Three different loft options are available, depending on what kind of carry distance and control you are looking for. There is not much to dislike about this club outside of possibly the price tag. But, Mizuno has always been known as one of the more premium brands in golf, so it is expected.

You are also paying for the quality that you know you are getting.

Key Features

  • Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T) vibration dampening
  • MAS1C steel face
  • Slick blacked-out ION plating
  • Tungsten weighting which helps to provide high launching shots for maximum distance
  • Expensive for a single iron

What I Like About the Pro Fli-Hi

Mizuno golf clubs are severely underrated. All of the ones I’ve hit are high quality and pure. The Fli-Hi has consistently high ratings as a utility club. The club head is a little heavier than a traditional iron, making it hit more like a hybrid. If you get the chance to test out this club, I recommend trying out the different lofts with a graphite shaft and buying the one that feels the best to you.

Ping G425 Crossover

Best Upgrade Pick

The Ping G25 Crossover is my choice for the best upgrade pick on the market in terms of a golf driving iron. There are so many things to like about this club, and as soon as you hit it once, you will never want to use another driving iron.

At first glance, you will notice how slick this club looks. It is all-black, and there is tungsten weighting in both the toe and the hosel, which helps increase launch and accuracy.

There are three different lofts and four other steel and graphite shaft options. The ball absolutely launches off the face of this club, and you will be finding every fairway you aim at.

Another great thing about the Ping G425 Crossover driving iron is that Ping is partnered with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips. The grip comes standard on all G425 clubs. If you purchase a set of 6 or more G425 irons in one transaction, you will receive eight free Arccos Screw-In Sensors and a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie app.

If you purchase a G425 driver, fairway wood hybrid, or iron, you are eligible for 14 free Arccos Screw-In sensors. This is an excellent program because you can track your shots on the app and see what you need to do to improve and improve on the course.

Key Features

  • Tungsten weighted in both toe and hosel
  • Steel club face helps increase ball speeds and launch
  • Multiple loft/shaft options
  • Partnered with Arccos Caddie Smart Grip Program
  • Most expensive driving iron on the market

What I Like About the G425 Crossover

Ping has hit money with their G425 lineup of clubs. The G425 made my list of top golf drivers and the G425 Crossover is a top utility iron. The sweet spot on this iron is massive and it should play well on tee shots. The only thing I don’t like is the high price for a golf driving iron, which is a bit surprising since the G425 driver is the same price as others.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Easiest to Hit

The Wilson Staff Model Utility is my choice for the easiest golf driving iron to hit on the market today. This club was initially created as a prototype iron for PGA Tour Golfers, meaning it meets the demands and performance they are looking for on the golf course.

The club face is made from high-strength C300 stainless steel. This material helps increase ball speeds and launch the ball off the face. Even on mis-hits, the ball will still travel a mile towards your target.

There are also 7 grams of weight positioned low in the club head, which helps to optimize forgiveness and increase launch angles.

Wilson isn’t as flashy as other brands on the list. And they’ve lost some of their brand partnerships over the years. However, they price their products fairly and they can be bought in more traditional retailers (Dicks, Sport Check, etc).

If you are in the market for an excellent driving iron, I recommend checking out the Wilson Staff Model Utility iron.

Key Features

  • The club face is made of high-strength C300 steel
  • 7g weight in the club head to optimize forgiveness
  • Created based on a prototype iron for PGA golfers

What I Like About the Staff Model

Wilson isn’t a flashy brand and the Staff caters to higher handicap players. Still, the Staff utility is a versatile club with a wide sole that helps you hit the ball far. I like that this is an affordable driving iron that can be purchased under $100 if you get it on a good deal.

Srixon ZX Utility

Most Compact

The Srixon ZX Utility iron is the most compact, blade-like driving iron available on the market. But don’t let that fool you; it packs all the power you need. The fully hollow construction helps add distance to every shot and has the ball launching off the face.

Srixon added tungsten weighting into the club’s base, which helps lower the center of gravity. Not only does this help launch the ball higher in the air, but it also maximizes forgiveness on off-center hits.

The forged SUP10 club face helps you increase ball speed to maximize distance, while the forged 1020 Carbon Steel body helps to dampen vibration and provide an incredibly soft feel on every shot.

The only negative I could find for the Srixon ZX Utility was the compactness of the club head. It does seem considerably smaller than other golf irons on the market, which will deter some golfers. It makes you feel that the sweet spot is quite a bit smaller than it may be.

Ultimately, it will help to try out the Srixon ZX Utility to see what works best for you.

Key Features

  • The most compact, blade-like driving iron on the market
  • Hollow construction will maximize forgiveness
  • Tungsten weighting helps lower the center of gravity
  • A compact look may deter golfers looking for a larger club head in their iron.

What I Like About the Srixon ZX Utility

Srixon is another underrated golf brand. The ZX Utility is very small, so it plays the most like a normal iron out of all the clubs on this list. The hollow body construction is nice and compact and I found it satisfying to hit a good shot with.

TaylorMade P790 UDI

Best for Mid Handicappers

The TaylorMade P790 iron has been around for a few years, and it has revolutionized the iron choices for the mid handicappers. In the past, golfers would have to choose between distance or feel. With the P790, you can get both.

This same technology and performance apply to the P790 UDI. The clubhead is a hollow design injected with the TaylorMade Speed Foam technology. This allows for maximum distance while still giving a golfer a great feel.

One of the best things about the P790 UDI is the low center of gravity. Even when you are working with the lower launches coming from a driving iron, you can still get this club up in the air. Between speed pocket technology, forgiveness, and impeccable feel, this is a club that will earn a spot in your bag for years to come. 

Key Features

What I Like About the P790 UDI

The P790 is a few years old now, but I still think it’s one of TaylorMade’s best clubs ever released. It has a lot of technology that TaylorMade is still promoting on new hardware, including the hollow head and speed foam. It plays more like a players distance iron for more experienced golfers.

Cleveland Launcher UHX UDI

Best Budget Pick

The Cleveland UHX UDI will match the UHX irons. If you already play the UHX set, this is a great addition. The UHXs are hollow back and very similar in concept to the P790 set. The long irons are referred to as Utility Irons or driving irons because they get a bit thicker in the club’s sole.

The UHX has the V Steel Sole that makes them have tremendous turf interaction. Although driving irons are not typically used for bunker shots or shots out of the rough, the UHX is a great choice to consider.

Although this may not be the longest iron on the market, I think it may be the most versatile. It will fit in well with the rest of your clubs, and it is available in a 3, 4 and a 5 iron loft.

Key Features

  • Great out of a variety of lies
  • Very reasonably priced utility iron
  • Good option for mid to high handicappers
  • Hollow construction for good ball speed
  • Ball speeds are not quite as high as P790

What I Like About the UHX Driving Iron

The launcher is technically a UDI, but the loft and feel is more like a regular iron shot. I think it’s probably more of a 3-iron pick if you bought a set that didn’t come with one. Cleveland clubs are solid and straightforward. You should be able to pick this club up for a good price.

Cobra King Utility

Best Adjustable Loft

The Cobra King Utility was the number one driving iron on this site when it was released. The club is a few years old now, but it is still a really impressive iron.

The forged face on the King Utility Iron helps to give it very fast ball speed. All of the Cobra irons are now equipped with the Cobra Connect technology so you can track your performance. Being able to see how far you are truly hitting this iron is very helpful when it comes to scoring and consistency in your game.

The ultimate feature on the King Utility is the 8-way adjustable loft settings on each club. This allows you to adjust the iron with up to 3 degrees of difference (in half degree increments), plus special draw settings if you have a natural slice. All of these loft options should give you a ton of flexibility to buy a club that you like.

Key Features

  • Multiple adjustable loft options
  • Lots of ball speed
  • Classic looking driving iron
  • Priced higher than other options

What I Like About the King Utility

The King Utility has a very classic look that will appeal to better players. It looks more like a traditional muscle-back shape than many of the other driving irons on the market. The club head is hollow, and there is a low center of gravity as well. When I hit this club, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t hitting a regular 5-iron. The different loft options are really nice.

Srixon Z U85

Underrated Option

Srixon is a brand that does not get enough attention. All of their golf clubs are high performing and feel great; they just don’t spend as much on marketing as some other companies. The Srixon Z U85 is a utility iron that offers players lots of distance and some fantastic feel.

One of the things you have to look for in a driver iron is that you can get enough launch. With these clubs being lower in the loft, you will need a bit of extra help getting them in the air. With the Srixon Z U85, you get everything you need to hit controllable long-distance shots.

The Srixon Z U85 is made with a soft 1029 Carbon Steel to help eliminate some of the vibrations at impact and make it feel like you are hitting a seven iron and not a long iron. The ZX Utility is a newer club, but the U85 has very similar technology at half the price.

Key Features

  • Clean look
  • Plenty of launch
  • Great distance and forgiveness off launch

What I Like About the Srixon Z U85

Despite being last generation, the U85 is still worth checking out. You can get it for a really good price. Since Srixon isn’t as flashy of a brand, their last generation is very similar to the new ZX. The design is solid and the club packs a real punch.

How to Hit a Driving Iron

Looking for some tips on how to hit a long iron more consistently? Check out the video below for some tips and tricks!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you have some great choices for the best driving irons on the market, I want to help you try and narrow down which one is the best for your golf game.

How Is A Utility Iron Different Than A Driving Iron?

A utility iron and a driving iron are the same thing. In the past, people would consider a driving iron to be something that you could use instead of a driver off a tee. In recent years they have been known to replace long irons, fairways, and even hybrids.

Can Driving Irons Replace A Hybrid?

Yes, in fact, a driving iron is a perfect replacement for a hybrid. The hybrid golf club has helped make the game easier and more accessible for a large majority of players; however, it is not the right fit for all golfers.

If you have never felt like the hybrid golf club suits your game, then a UDI is most likely a much better fit. You will get a cleaner look and a more natural transition from your standard irons into the longer iron.

The only area where the driving iron will not perform as well as the hybrid is out of the rough. They just don’t offer quite as much forgiveness as the hybrid does.

Are Driving Irons Or Hybrids Better For Windy Conditions?

The driving irons are better anytime that you need to control trajectory. With hybrids having such a low center of gravity, they tend to launch very high, and therefore it can be hard to control the ball flight. If you like hitting low stingers on the golf course, the driving irons are a better fit for you.

What Lofts Are Driving Irons Available In?

The lofts on a driving iron will vary from one manufacturer to the next. Some will offer 2 iron options, and others will start at the three or four. For the most part, you will be looking at something between 17 and 24 degrees of loft.

Can Driving Irons Replace Fairway Woods?

Yes, a 19-degree driving iron is going to be a good replacement from a five wood. It is good to know that most players report losing some distance when hitting an iron as opposed to the fairway wood. Fairway woods are built for maximum distance but not necessarily maximum control; the driver irons are easier to control.


Many great golfers admit that the long game, the area between your longest iron and your driver, is the hardest part of golf. These golf clubs usually have the lowest levels of forgiveness, and they require the most clubhead speed.

The utility iron has made this area of the game that much easier. The best driving irons now have big sweet spots and maximum forgiveness. They are easier to launch than ever before.

If I didn’t convince you, go into a golf retailer and try one out for yourself. I was really impressed with how solid new clubs like the TaylorMade Stealth UDI and Cobra G425 Crossover were and I think you will be too.

Being able to hit low and penetrating golf shots that roll up next to the pin is a pretty great feeling.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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