The Best Nike Golf Bags to Fit Your Clubs In [Buying Guide]

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When it comes to the world of sporting goods, no name is perhaps as well-known as that of Nike. If you are looking for equipment for nearly every sport in existence, chances are you will come across the Nike brand name. That's the same when you're looking for the best golf bags on the market.

This includes the sport of golf; in which you can find a wide range of products under the Nike umbrella. Of particular note are the Nike brand of golf bags, which feature high quality materials and various features essential to the game of golf.

To decide which of these golf bags are the best is no easy undertaking to say the least. But that's what we are trying to do today, as we present you with five of the best golf bags that Nike has to offer.

THE Best Nike Golf BagS

  • Nike Performance Cart IV (Best Overall)
    "The Nike Performance Cart IV is one of the best Nike Golf bags available. As a cart bag, it provides a 14-way divider for all your clubs, 19 pockets for all your golf equipment and training aids, and an integrated putter well to top it off. The 100% water-resistant material help keeps your pockets dry and you can concentrate on your game instead."
  • Nike Golf-Sport Lite Stand Bag (Best on a Budget)
    "Nike Lite Stand Bag is the cheapest among the list but have great features that you may looking for."
  • Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag (Best Nike Stand Bag)
  • Nike Air Hybrid (Best Nike Hybrid Bag)
  • Nike Sport Cart III (2nd Best Nike Cart Bag)

Best Nike Golf Bags

Nike Performance Cart IV

Best Overall


  • 19 functional pockets
  • Integrated putter well
  • 100% water resistant
  • Relatively heavy

Despite our last bag's versatility, it may not have been the number one choice for those looking primarily for a cart golf bag. If that's the case, then the Nike Performance Cart IV just may be the bag you are looking for.

Able to sit comfortably in the back of any golf cart, this large golf bag features a 14-way, duel-sided top to keep all your clubs organized. To help keep your clubs - and any valuables you may have - safe, the bag is 100% water resistant, and includes a rain hood to keep the inside of your bag dry.


If you are looking for a bag that has a lot of different pockets, then the Cart IV has got you covered, and then some. Featuring a whopping 19 pockets, for anything from a drink cooler to a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and an easy-access rangefinder pocket, you will be able to comfortably carry around anything you please in this bag.

Much like the previous entry, the Hybrid, the Cart IV has little to nothing that can be seen as a drawback. This makes the Nike Performance Cart IV a safe purchase that any golfer should make.

Nike Golf-Sport Lite Stand Bag

Best on a Budget


  • Grip leg endcaps to keep it firmly in place
  • Double straps for easy carrying
  • Nothing much

Our next entry on our list is also one of the newest golf bags available from Nike with their Lite Stand Bag. As is the case whenever Nike puts out new products, this golf bag looks to top some previous models of Nike stand bags.

With any stand bag, the most important feature you will be looking for is, of course, how well it can stand on the ground. With the Sport Lite, each bag comes with custom grip leg endcaps, which help to keep the bag firmly in place no matter which terrain it is placed on.


To make the bag easy for carrying, the bag uses Nike's patented "EquaFlex" revolving straps (as seen in the Hybrid II), allowing for easy, and comfortable, transportation. For your other equipment, the Sport Lite comes equipped with a glove patch, GPS Loop, Pen Sleeve, and full length apparel pockets.

And how much will all this cost you, you may ask? Under $130, making this the cheapest golf bag option we have on the list today.

With the Sport Lite being as new as it is, there isn't much negative feedback to be given. For all intents and purposes, the Nike Sport Lite Stand Bag is a safe purchase to make, and one that won't empty your wallet.

Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag


  • Great value
  • User-friendly for carrying, pull carts and driving carts
  • Not the strongest quality

One thing that Nike likes to try and do is to provide affordable golf bags with features that you would usually only get with more expensive bags. This is exactly the case with the Nike Air Sport III.

At around the $150 mark as of this writing, this is one of the more affordable quality golf bags available, making this a great choice for the golfer on a budget. For the price you pay, you get a golf bag with an 8-way divider for your clubs, as well as nine pockets for anything from your golf balls to valuables.


Also included with the Nike Air Sport III is a rain hood to cover your clubs on rainy days, assuring that your clubs - as well as the inside of your bag - stay dry. And if all this still isn't enough to whet your appetite, there is also an included pouch for your gloves, as well as a loop for your golf GPS, should you need use of it.

The affordable price of the Nike Air Sport III does give way to some issues in terms of durability, however. While the exterior of the bag seems to stay strong most times, the inside lining of some of the pockets are susceptible to tearing at the seams.

Don't let this little caveat deter you, though, as you would be passing up on an otherwise great bag. With a great value, and great features, the Nike Air Sport III Stand Bag is a bag any golfer would be happy to own.

Nike Air Hybrid

Best Nike Hybrid Bag


  • Curved double straps for comfortable carrying options
  • Ventilated mesh pad for breathable comfort
  • Does not include a rain cover

When it comes to Nike and their "Air" series of golf bags, they always seem to be releasing something new quite frequently. Such is the case with this bag, the Nike Air Hybrid, one of the newest models in the "Nike Air" series.

The name "Hybrid" alludes to the fact that you are given the choice to either carry this bag around with you, or place it comfortably in your golf cart, thanks to the easily removable shoulder straps.


And, should you choose to carry the bag, thanks to the curved and revolving double straps of the Hybrid, you have many options available to you to help you comfortably carry your bag.

To help with keeping all your clubs easily organized, the Hybrid comes with a full length, 14-way divider, and even an included putter well. If style is more your thing, then the Hybrid pleases there as well, with options available for up to four different colors. (However, as of this writing, some of these color options vary in price.)

There isn't much to say against the Hybrid bag that can count against it in terms of a purchase. The only negatives to speak of seems to be that the bag lacks a rain cover, but that is if we are being really nit-picky.

This all adds up to a great bag for both cart use and carrying around. Even though this may have been a rough year for some in the industry, it was a great year for golf bags, with the Nike Air Hybrid leading the charge.

Nike Sport Cart III

Nike Sport Cart III


  • Lightweight cart bag
  • Multiple easy-access pockets
  • Looks and feels cheap

While the Performance Cart IV is an amazing golf bag for the cart, it isn't the only cart bag option available from Nike. One other option available for those looking for a cart bag is our next entry; the Nike Sport Cart III.

Much like the previous Performance Cart IV, the Sport Cart III is designed to sit comfortably inside the back of a golf cart. Unlike the previous entry, however, the Sport Cart III is designed to be very lightweight, making the bag easy to lift and carry if need be.


Also included on the Sport Cart III is a Velcro patch for your gloves and a towel ring, allowing for easy and convenient access to your gloves and your towel when you need to use it. Much like the other Nike cart bag, with the Sport Cart III you will get multiple pockets to use, such as double lined apparel pockets and a cooler pouch for drinks.

The material used to create this bag, while sturdy, does look and feel a bit on the cheap side. While not a huge issue, especially when considering that rips and tears don't seem to occur, it may be something that some users could be concerned about for aesthetic reasons.

For what you get, both the Nike Performance Cart IV and the Sport Cart III are cart bags that will be sure to please. No matter what your preference may be, either one will allow you to cart your clubs and valuables around the court with ease.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Cart vs. Stand Bags

As you have read above, a lot of Nike bags are available in one of two options: A traditional Stand Bag, or larger Cart Bags.

Despite the obvious difference of one of the two being designed to carry around (stand bags) while the other is better suited to staying in the cart, they both have their own kinds of features to consider. For example, while stand bags are certainly lighter in weight and slightly cheaper, cart bags usually feature various extra pockets for storing more goods than stand bags can.

You will want to make the choice that suits your play style most. If you have trouble carrying clubs or have a bunch of the finest gadgets with you, the cart bag is the way to go. If you want to save some cash or like the convenience of carrying your clubs with you, you will want to go with the stand bags.

Nike vs. The World

Nike is well known for their sports goods, and their golf gear is no exception. But while all the bags provided above are certainly of high quality, Nike and their bags are not the only products in the game.

PingCallawayTaylorMade and many others provide high quality golf bags for your consideration, each with unique features and prices. While a Nike bag may very well be the choice you go with, it stands to reason that shopping around a bit and seeing what every brand has to offer first may be a smart choice as well.

Club Slots and Organization

Every Nike bag comes with many full-length club slots and dividers, to help you keep your clubs neat and organized. While this is true of almost all golf bags, the number of clubs you own or plan to own should be considered when buying a bag.

While all of the bags above include at least an 8-way divider for your clubs, that may not be enough for every club in your collection. If you have a full set of clubs, from all the woods to all the different wedges, then you may want to look into making sure the bag you plan on buying has enough dividers for all your clubs before purchase.


A quick update: Nike got out of the golf equipment business and there are no new Nike golf bags made. Check out some of the following:


Nike Performance Cart IVBest OverallNike Performance Cart IV
Nike Golf-Sport Lite Stand BagBest on a BudgetNike Golf-Sport Lite Stand Bag
Nike Air Sport III Stand BagBest Nike Stand BagNike Air Sport III Stand Bag
Nike Air Hybrid Best Nike Hybrid BagNike Air Hybrid
Nike Sport Cart III2nd Best Nike Cart BagNike Sport Cart III

With a wide array of features and prices provided with our golf bags above, your journey to finding your new golf bag, Nike or otherwise, has hopefully been made a bit easier. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you on the course!

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