The Best Callaway Golf Bags [Reviews & Tips]

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So, let's say you are in the market for a brand new golf bag, as your previous one is starting to look a bit haggard. One more day of use, and there is a good chance your club, and all your gear can end up strung out all over the ground.

You look at your Callaway brand golf clubs, the golf balls, gloves, and think to yourself, "What kind of new bag should I get for my equipment?" The answer wasn't obvious in that previous sentence, you should get yourself a Callaway golf bag!

As you can tell, Callaway is a brand that is synonyms with golf, as they have provided over the years some of the best golf gear around. Golf bags are no exception in this case, as Callaway has made literally tons of great Callaway golf bags over the years.

THE Best Callaway Golf Bags

Best Callaway Golf Bags

Callaway Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag


  • ultra-lightweight
  • carbon fiber legs

The Hyper-Lite Zero comes with a fair share of bells and whistles, as the bag has features that would make other bags jealous (at least it would if golf bags had human emotions). These features include but are not limited to, a 7-way top with full-length club dividers, pockets including nine water-resistant pockets for valuables and equipment, and a weight that is, well, "Hyper-Lite", at only five pounds.


Not all is perfect, however, in terms of construction. Some parts of the inside lining of the bag, with some pocket linings, are not sewn properly. This causes some unwanted tarring, and maybe a major issue to some golfers.

This problem does is not one seen in every Hyper Lite Zero bag, so it shouldn't have that much of an effect on your purchase. If it does, you will be missing out on one of the best, and most affordable,  Callaway golf bags that Callaway has to offer with the Hyper-Lite Zero.

Callaway Chev Stand Bag


  • budget friendly
  • full-length apparel pocket
  • 5 way top full-length dividers

Callaway Chev stand golf bag, may not seem like much on the surface but actually, there is a lot that the bag has in common with many of our previous entries.

For example, with the Chev, golfers will get many of the features that makes some of the other bags great. These features include seven-way dividers for all your clubs, and eleven pockets for all your equipment, including a velour-lined valuables pocket for all your expensive valuables and a full-length apparel pocket.


That isn't to say that there aren't two things that help this bag stand out, however; the first of which is the awesome price of the Chev, which makes this the best options for a golfer on a budget. The next is Chev's base system, which is all-terrain, meaning that your bag will stand sturdy on level ground, or in mud, or on a hill.

Possibly as an attribute to the price, the material used in Chev golf bags is not the best. The material is very thin, and as a result, is also a bit susceptible to damage. That isn't to say that damage can't be easily avoided as long as the user is careful in handling it.

For every other reason, from the features to the price, the Callaway Chev Bag is an absolute winner. This makes it a great choice for the golfer on a budget, as it allows you to save some money to cover the ever-increasing price of greens fees.

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag


  • 14 way top with full-length dividers
  • towel hook and glove attachment

With our next bag, we are going to take a step away from the Stand Bag design that we featured in the previous two with the Callaway Golf Cart Bags. As is the case with any cart bag, the Org 14 provides golfers with a large, sturdy bag with ample storage space.

As the name suggests, this large cart bag comes with a 14-way top with an individual full-length divider with a separate putter well to fit your clubs. These full-length dividers are designed to give golfers more organization options, no matter if they own a full set of clubs, or just a few, essential ones.


It has twelve pockets for all your other golf essentials, from thermal-lined pockets, GPS pockets, ball pockets, mesh pockets, and accessory pockets, giving golfers room for nearly everything they may have on them. 

The Org cart bag is easy to use, thanks to the molded handles, which allows transportation a breeze, even with the heaviest clubs. For maximum versatility, the base of this golf bag is also designed to work with the majority of golf push carts, allowing you to not have to carry it around. To help keep your clubs secure, it comes with an "E-Trolley" base system with a trolley lip, which allows you to easily secure it on the back of any golf or push cart.

If you are a golfer that likes to use a putter with an over-sized grip, you may have a few issues as the putter slot makes for a tight fit with a larger grip.

This means that if you are in the market for a good cart bag, there really are few choices that are better than the Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag, which provides golfers with unlimited organization options in a secure, versatile option.

Callaway Org 7


  • waterproof zipper front strap
  • padded strap
  • 7-way top full-length dividers
  • velour-lined valuables pocket
  • comes with rain cover
  • not good for over-sized clubs

We come now to our final Callaway golf bags for today, the Callaway Org 7. Appropriately enough, we may have saved the best for last, as the Org 7 is one of the finest bags on the market today. Callaway Org 7 is very lightweight, at only 4.25 pounds. It's so light that it doesn't hurt carrying it around the course. The padded strap and the grab handle makes it more convenient and easier to carry around.


To help keep all your clubs organized, it includes 7 top way full-length dividers. You also get 7 pockets on the bag, which includes a golf ball pocket and 2 large apparel pockets. With proper care, it can last longer as the bag is made from nylon material.

Much like the Org 14, the only thing holding this bag back from perfection is if you use over-sized grips for your clubs, as they sometimes have trouble fitting in the club slots. Aside from this, there is little else to say negative about Org 7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I pick the one with full-length club dividers?

The best golf bags will have a full-length divider feature, and usually that's great. This will protect your clubs from clashing and tangling with each other.

What is the specific type of bags men and women need?

Anyone can use all types of Callaway golf bags. The color is a matter of preference. It is not really necessary to pick a specific type of bags as both men and women can use them. However, more lightweight golf bags would be more advantageous for women.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Cart Bags Vs. Carry/Stand Bags

As you can see above, many golf bags available, and not just those from Callaway, come in different styles: those designed for push and golf carts, and those lightweight golf bags designed to be carried around with you. So which one should you choose?

As with most things in life, this will come down to the needs of the individual golfer. Cart bags may be the most convenient, as they are designed to be placed in a cart, eliminating the need of carrying them around. However, these bags can be a bit bulky and expensive, which makes the stand bags that much more appealing, so it's important to know which design will work best for you.


One common theme among the bags above is that they all seem to stay pretty close in terms of price. While it is true that the Chev bag is the cheapest option above, none of the bags are going to set you back too much in terms of price.

This is one area where Callaway seems to stand above many other brands, as some other golf bags can cost upwards of $200 dollars or more, depending on the brand. This makes any of the Callaway golf bags above great options for those looking to save money on golf equipment, as every bag provides quality at a reasonable price.

Callaway Vs. Other Brands

Callaway is, without question, one of the best-known names in the golf industry. That said, they are not the only brand in town.

While Callaway may be your choice because of its reputation, there are many more companies that also provide golf bags . These brands include Ping, TaylorMade, and Nike, just to name a few. Every one of these brands provides golfers with many golf bag options, some of which even use technology unique to their brand name, so you may want to do a bit of extra research into all of these brands.


Callaway Hyper Lite Zero Stand BagBest Callaway Carry BagCallaway Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag
Callaway Chev Stand BagBest Callaway Stand BagCallaway Chev Stand Bag
Callaway Org 14 Cart BagBest Callaway Cart BagCallaway Org 14 Cart Bag
Callaway Org 7 Cart BagBest Callaway Bag for WomenCallaway Org 7 Cart Bag

That about wraps things up for our list today of Callaway golf bag reviews. We hope that you were able to find the golf bag you are looking for or at least were able to get a better picture of what your perfect bag is. Thanks for reading!

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