15 Best Cheap Golf Balls: Value to Fit Your Budget

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Golf is an expensive sport as it is, so why not find value golf balls that are still high quality without breaking the bank? In this guide, I’ll show you the best cheap golf balls that you can buy today.

For each option, I’ll go over:

  • The price for a box of balls
  • Key features that I like in each
  • A full description on the quality of each

As you’ll see below, you can find an affordable golf ball for a cheap price that gives you impressive distance and reliable approach shots.

Cheap golf balls are a great way to start with, especially if you’re a new golfer. There are a huge amount of options out there for you to choose from. If you have a favorite from the list below, comment down at the bottom of this post and let us know.

The Best Cheap Golf Balls For Value

Callaway Supersoft (Best Overall)

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Key Features

  • Have different color options
  • Low compression core to assist ball speed
  • Hex Aerodynamics dimple design
  • Two-piece golf ball with an ionomer cover
  • Fair price

Key Drawback

  • Don’t have the best spin around the greens


The Callaway Supersoft costs $22 per dozen.


Callaway Supersoft is the best cheap golf balls for beginners and high handicappers. It has a low compression rating of 38, perfect for players with a slow swing speed. The low-compression core of this ball helps the player controls the ball spin.

Even for golfers with moderate swing speeds, this ball can deliver a straight ball flight for more driving distance because of the HEX Aerodynamic design. This helps the ball reduce the drag and maximize the distance.

The Callaway Soft is an incredibly inexpensive golf ball. It will not hurt your pocket as it only costs around half of your greens fees.

How cool is that?

Callaway is a known brand with a reputation for producing the best golf ball for a different player profile. This ball is also the best when it comes to forgiveness and feel. It has a low spin, and its performance excels on a driver for distance off the tee box shots.

Learn more in our Callaway Supersoft review.

Srixon Soft Feel (Best Around Greens)

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

Key Features

  • Ideal for slow to average swing speed
  • Great feel around the green
  • 344-speed dimple pattern
  • Ionomer Cover


$23 for a dozen balls.


One of the best cheap golf balls on the market today is the Srixon Soft Feel. It truly shines not just because of the price, but because of its performance around the greens.

Your ball is designed with a 344-speed dimple pattern and can reach far more carry distance. The dimple design reduces the drag, slows ball speed, and creates turbulence for more distance.

This golf ball is ideal for players with slower swing speeds of between 70 and 90 MPH. It has straighter drives and is excellent from tee to green. It provides outstanding performance around the green.

The Soft Feel has excellent feedback and control when putting, and the ball does really roll well. It is also easier to chip with this golf ball compared to something harder..

Overall, Srixon Soft Feel offers the best value for durability and price, while helping you with excellent performance around the greens and your short game. It was just updated with a new design for 2022 and is my favorite of all soft golf balls.

TaylorMade TruFeel (Softest Ball)

Key Features

  • Long distance off the tee, even for slow swing speeds
  • Very soft control around the green
  • Top-tier Titleist technology

Key Drawback

  • Can be too soft for faster swing players


You can buy a dozen Titleist TruFeel golf balls for $25.


The Titleist TruFeel is a best budget golf ball from Titleist, who make the #1 ball in golf (the Pro V1). The TruFeel is marketed towards beginner golfers who want good distance off the tee and a soft feel around the green. This is one of the softer balls in this list.

The TruFlex cover on the ball is extremely soft and easy to hit. It’s thinner than other golf balls and easy to compress. There are only two layers to this golf ball. The core has a lot of area.

There are 376 tetrahedral dimples on the ball, which promote more contact with your golf club.

Titleist usually focuses in the upper price range. The TruFeel is the closest you’ll get to a budget ball from Titleist and I think it’s well worth the consideration.

Cut Red (Cheapest of the Cheap Balls)

Key Features

  • Saves costs without losing performance. 
  • Long distance and maximum durability.
  • Has moderate compression so that amateur golfers will get maximum distance. 

Key Drawback

  • Weak construction 


You can buy a dozen Cut Red balls for $13! 


Cut is a value brand, and the Red golf ball is the company’s cheapest golf balls. You can buy brand new balls like these for $1 per ball.

Cut Red is a 2-piece construction ball featuring an Ionomer Cover in the outer shell. It’s the perfect ball for golfers looking for accuracy off the tee and those with lower club-head speed.

Cut Red can also help you maintain green-side performance while staying on top of your game. It has a softer feel and has a 320 dimple pattern for higher swing speed. 

Cut Red also has a firmer feel at contact and low-spin performance. It will easily spring off your club when you hit it. 

Cut Red has an Ionomer Cover. While the shell is hard, it is perfect for those seeking more distance. Some reviews complain about the lack of durability in the cover, which is a good case of “you get what you pay for”.

Wilson Smart Core (Best For Slicers)

wilson smart core best golf ball for slicers


  • Helps in achieving long travel and straight trajectory
  • Helps in reducing spin on long shots
  • Maintains control in short shots
  • Adapts its response to the game situation


  • It’s better suited for the long shots
  • Short shots aren’t as accurate as they need to be


You can buy 24 Wilson Smart Core balls for $33.


Why is the Wilson Smart Core called smart? You were wondering about that, too, right?

Well, it’s smart.

The Smart Core adapts its response to the situation at hand. At the tee, it acts as a firm object to get the maximum travel distance out of the swing. Its response on the green is the complete opposite. Here, it pretends to be soft, and gives the player a chance to hit a soft landing.

Similar behavior happens with short and long golf balls. It gives a lot of spin with the former to give the player more flexible paths and limits the spin significantly in the latter to straighten the trajectory of the long shot and cover the largest distance.

This is an awesome result that comes after years and years of product development. The Wilson Smart Core is built with a core that can respond to the speed of the swing.

Players who have trouble with a slice will probably find this ball quite helpful. It’ll help you control the spin and the dimples on the surface, keeping air resistance to a minimum. This will maintain the proper direction of the ball, and let it fly at top speed, covering much ground and eventually reaching its intended destination.

The Smart Core comes in two dozen boxes for only $33, which is great value.

Cut Grey (Best Value)

Key Features

  • 3-layer construction
  • Tour-quality urethane construction
  • Good distance and responsive feel

Key Drawback

  • Very high spin


You can buy a dozen Cut Grey for $20.


If you don’t mind spending a little bit more, the Cut Grey is our selection for cheap golf ball. Cut Grey is a three-piece construction golf ball with a softer compression performance. They are designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds who desire total ball control and maximum performance.

They deliver higher ball flight, optimal distance, and improved green-side control. 

Cut Grey comes with the formulated urethane cover as its outer layer, which gives it a softer feel. It’s equipped with a 314-dimple pattern. It offers good greenside spin compared to other balls in this list.

These balls contain a solid center core and an outer layer comprising a soft cover and a rubber. The solid center core offers an incredible spin and a soft feel. It also creates more rebounds on long shots. 

Overall, it’s a lot higher quality than Cut Red for only a little bit more in price. Cut sells its products more direct to consumers and isn’t as greedy as the big brands. You can find premium golf balls for a reasonable price.

Bridgestone e6 (Best for a Slow Swing Speed)


Key Features

  • A soft feel to help amateur golfers get further distance.
  • Durable Surlyn cover designed
  • Low compression for amateur golfers

Key Drawback

  • Hard to add spin


The Bridgestone e6 costs $24 for a dozen.


Bridgestone has made a big splash recently, getting pro golfers like Tiger Woods and Bryson Dechambeau to use their balls. The Bridgestone e6 is the company’s longest available golf ball that they have sold, and it is also the most affordable.

The e6 is a two-piece construction featuring that inner core and the outer shell and nothing else. The ball is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds, which I would say is in the 85 MPH range. If you don’t know what your swing speed is, you can buy the FlightScope Mevo, or another one of our best launch monitors, and see for yourself.

The compression core in the current e6 is both larger and has a softer feel than the old generation. This gives the golf ball a more responsive design that adds extra distance for those with a higher swing speed. The soft core gives the ball lower compression. This means that it will spring off of your golf club easier when you hit it.

Bridgestone e6 golf balls have a surlyn cover (an ionomer resin), a harder shell used in balls that want to add more distance. Surlyn shells allow for less spin around the greens, so you won’t be able to shape your shots as well.

Click here to view our complete Bridgestone e6 review.

Wilson Ultra 500 Straight (Best for Beginners)

Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

Key Features

  • Spin-reducing technologies
  • Gives good distances
  • Great for beginners
  • The set consists of 15 golf balls


$20 per 15 golf balls.


Wilson is one of the leading golf ball industry pioneers, meaning most of their balls can be extremely pricey. However, the Wilson Ultra 500, while being a basic two-piece construction, has incredible technology used in the manufacturing process. This not only creates a great golf ball, but allows them to be extremely cost-effective.

The Ultra 500 has amazing spin-reducing technologies that allow it to fly straighter and farther. Perfect for beginners, each Ultra 500 box comes as a set of 15 golf balls.

With a low-spin design, you can be sure your shots will be on target!

Ultra 500 is a two-layer construction ball. They also feature a titanium core with cut golf-resistant cover allowing for amazing distance and perfection on the driving range. The cut resistant Surlyn cover means that the Wilson Ultra 500’s have a huge lifespan.

Callaway Warbird (Best for Distance)

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball




Key Features

  • More carry distance
  • Great feel
  • Good quality
  • High energy core

Key Drawback

  • Thin cover


$18 per dozen golf balls.


Callaway is one of the most popular golf ball brands available today, and the Warbird is the value golf ball they sell. However, like all of their balls, the Callaway Warbird is still really good quality and usable by all average golfers

The Warbird golf ball is a distance golf ball. It is a two-piece construction and is one of the most affordable golf balls on the market. It was designed for long carry and distances. It uses its renowned HEX Aerodynamics for a higher lift and faster ball flight.

Even beginners and intermediate golfers find Warbird’s spin amazing, which is great for greenside control. It has a great feel because of the thin ionomer cover. This is a softer ball and is consistent when it comes to putting. It has a great sound upon impact.

The Warbird can also help you improve your short game by offering control and feel both around the greens and off the tee.

TaylorMade Distance Plus

Key Features

  • Made to provide impressive distance off the tee, helping you gain extra yardage and maximize your driving potential.
  • Offer a satisfyingly soft feel upon impact. This allows for a good balance between distance and control.
  • Feature an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and increases lift.


  • Spin control is not their strongest suit. You might find these balls less suitable if you rely heavily on spin for shot shaping and stopping power on the greens.


The TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls cost $19.99 per dozen.


I recently had the opportunity to play with the TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls, and I’m impressed! These balls genuinely live up to their name and offer some fantastic features.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the distance. These balls are incredible when it comes to distance off the tee.

Watching the ball soar through the air and land farther down the fairway is satisfying. These balls are worth considering if you want to add serious yardage to your game.

What surprised me the most was the soft feel they provided. For a distance-focused ball, I expected a more firm feel upon impact.

However, the TaylorMade Distance Plus balls offered a surprisingly soft sensation. It was like a perfect blend of distance and control. The feedback I received from each shot was straightforward and enjoyable, allowing me to gauge my swing and adjust accordingly.

The aerodynamic design of these balls is another standout feature. The dimple pattern and overall construction minimize drag and increase lift, resulting in a more efficient and stable ball flight.

These balls don’t provide much spin and aren’t made for greenside spin. If you have slower swing speeds though, this is the golf ball to help you out.

Noodle Long & Soft

Key Features

  • Offers a soft feel upon impact, providing golfers a responsive and enjoyable sensation during their shots.
  • Designed to deliver exceptional length off the tee.
  • Compresses nicely upon contact with the clubface, ensuring optimal energy transfer and maximizing distance potential.
  • Boasts a stable flight trajectory, minimizing hooks and slices and promoting more consistent and controlled shots.


  • Due to its soft construction, the Noodle Long & Soft ball may be more susceptible to the influence of strong winds.
  • Some golfers may find that the soft feel of the Noodle Long & Soft ball translates into slightly less responsive feedback when hitting shots around the green.


The Noodle Long & Soft ball costs C$19.99 for a 15-ball pack


The Noodle Long & Soft golf balls provide exceptional length off the tee. It’s like it has an extra energy boost, soaring through the air effortlessly. The explosive distance is truly a golfer’s dream, allowing for those coveted long drives.

But it’s not just about the distance. The softness of this ball is a game-changer. It feels incredibly responsive upon impact, giving satisfying feedback that inspires confidence in your swing. The ball compresses nicely, and you can feel it coming off the clubface with a pleasing sensation.

One other aspect that stands out about this ball is its durability. It has proven resilient, withstanding the occasional scrape against rough surfaces and maintaining its performance throughout the round.

This longevity ensures you can rely on the Noodle Long & Soft ball for multiple rounds, making it a cost-effective choice.

Top-Flite XL Distance

Key Features

  • Feature vibrant colors, making them easy to spot on the course.
  • A carefully designed construction, these golf balls deliver a consistent flight path.
  • Offer a balanced feel at impact.
  • Built to last.
  • Engineered to maximize distance off the tee.


The design of these golf balls primarily focuses on distance, which means they may need to be more conducive to shaping shots or controlling ball flight.


The XL Distances costs $23.50 for a 15-ball pack.


The Top-Flite XL Distance offers impressive durability, a pleasing feel, and a consistent flight path that will benefit players seeking to add length to their game.

The high-energy core technology combines a low spin cover to create a remarkable launch and tremendous carry distance. When I struck the ball with my driver, I could feel the solid contact and witnessed it soaring through the air effortlessly.

Even with several aggressive shots, the Top-Flite XL Distance balls show minimal signs of wear and tear throughout the round. This durability ensures you can rely on them round after round, making them a cost-effective choice for those seeking long-lasting performance.

Whether you’re a mid-handicapper looking for that extra edge off the tee or a beginner hoping to gain confidence, the Top-Flite XL Distance provides an excellent combination of performance and value. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Pinnacle Soft

Key Features

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of regular play.
  • Show minimal signs of wear even after multiple rounds.
  • Provide the necessary spin and stopping power for precise approach shots, pitches, and chips around the green.
  • Feature a low-compression design.
  • Designed with a remarkably soft feel.


The Pinnacle Soft balls may have limited customization options in color, personalization, or specialty designs compared to other golf ball brands.


The Pinnacle Soft costs $29.95 for a pack of 15 balls.


My experience with the Pinnacle Soft golf balls was highly positive. They combine a remarkable softness with excellent distance, accuracy, and greenside control.

With their durability and attractive price, these balls offer a compelling package for golfers of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of the Pinnacle Soft balls is their remarkable softness. The balls felt incredibly comfortable off the tee, during iron shots, and even on delicate putts.

When it comes to performance, the Pinnacle Soft did not disappoint. The low-compression design is perfect for those with slow swing speeds. They also held their line exceptionally well in windy conditions.

Another noteworthy aspect of these golf balls is their excellent greenside control. Compared to other cheap golf balls, the Pinnacle Soft balls provide necessary spin and stopping power.

Nitro Ultimate Distance

Key Features

  • Strike a good balance between feel and power.
  • Offer a forgiving performance, minimizing distance and accuracy loss on mishits or off-center strikes.
  • Nitro is known for providing affordable golf ball options
  • Low-compression design of these balls helps golfers achieve a higher launch angle and increased ball speed.


One area where the Nitro Ultimate Distance balls could be improved is in their feel off the putter


$23.82 for a pack of 15 balls.


The Nitro brand has gained popularity for providing golfers with affordable yet reliable options, and the Ultimate Distance balls are no exception.

Right off the bat, what impressed me about these golf balls was their exceptional distance. With each swing, the Nitro Ultimate Distance balls effortlessly soared through the air, delivering remarkable carry and impressive roll upon landing.

While testing, the balls showcased an excellent level of forgiveness. Even on mishits or off-center strikes, I noticed a minimal loss of distance and accuracy.

This forgiveness factor was particularly beneficial for golfers like me, who occasionally struggle with consistency. The ball’s durable construction and low compression also contributed to its forgiveness, providing a nice balance between feel and power.

Vice Drive

Key Features

  • Engineered to deliver impressive distance gains.
  • Provide excellent carry and roll, allowing you to achieve greater distance off the tee and on approach shots.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The durability of the Vice Drive golf balls translates into value for money.


The Vice Drive golf balls may provide less spin control than other premium golf ball options.


The Vice Drive are $13.99 per dozen.


The Vice Drive golf balls offer a combination of distance, control, durability, and style. The balls feature an appealing design, with a clean white finish and easily recognizable branding. This adds a touch of style but also aids in locating the ball on the course, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Vice Drive is my pick for the best cheap golf balls. At just over $1 per ball, it is one of the most affordable golf balls ever.

The soft feel of the clubface provides satisfying feedback, allowing you to have a good sense of the impact and adjust your swing accordingly. It’s a golf ball that allows you to swing confidently and trust your shots.

Durability can be a problem with cheap golf balls like this. I think the Vice Drive does okay for amateur golfers. If you have higher swing speeds, you’ll see scuffs appear easily.

Shag Practice 96 Ball Bag With Assorted Brands And Models (Best on a Budget)

Shag Practise 96 Ball Bag With Assorted Brands And Models

Key Features

  • Ultra value for money
  • May include premium brands
  • All balls are washed, cleaned, and inspected

Key Drawback

  • Used balls


$44 for 96 golf balls!


These are similar to lake balls for sale at your local golf course. Still, for an extremely low, affordable price, you receive 96 Shag, perfect for practicing and fantastic for beginner golfers.

As you receive a large variety of brands and models, this allows you to find the perfect ball for you without breaking the bank!

For beginner golfers, finding the right ball for you can take a long time. As a pack usually isn’t cheap, you may even spend hundreds of dollars and still not know which is the right ball for you.

The Shag Practice bag consists of assorted brands and models. Each ball is checked to ensure that it is still in good condition. However, scuffs and markings are common.

If you do lose them, as they’re incredibly cheap, you may as well purchase more! Seriously, this is an amazing deal that we highly recommend.

This deal is wonderfully priced and is affordable for even golfers on an extreme budget. The best part about this is that many of the balls you receive are premium balls from industry-leading brands such as Nike, Callaway, and Titleist!

Distance vs Feel

Above, you’ll notice that most golf balls are marketed for long distance or soft feel.


Distance golf balls are usually harder and designed with a surlyn cover. They have a large core that is easy to compress to maximize your distance off each swing. These balls save money by being only two-piece.


Feel golf balls are designed with higher dimple patterns which allow for higher spin on the course. Some options are three-piece construction so you can apply some spin to your shots. You might lose a little bit of distance on the tee box, but will be able to get a higher launch angle and a softer landing.

Which type of ball is best for you?

If you have a slow swing speed, a “distance” ball is a better option for you. This will allow you to get more distance and get down the fairway quicker.

If you are a more experienced golfer with a faster swing, a “feel” ball will help you get some spin and control into your game. Since you swing fast enough, you can still compress the core and get the distance you want.

What to Consider in a Budget Golf Ball

Here are some tips to consider when looking for the best cheap golf balls to buy.


Balls usually have around 300 to 400 dimples with an average depth of 0.010 inches. They are usually arranged symmetrically on the surface. Manufacturers can choose the number of dimples included to match the player’s profile.

The dimple pattern affects the lift as you hit the ball with your club. The dimples create turbulence, allow it to fly smoothly, and reduce the drag that can hinder its movement. Manufacturers based the number of dimples on what aerodynamics it tries to achieve.

Ball Construction

Picking the right ball for you is the same as finding the right golf equipment. Over the years, the technology behind golf clubs and equipment is increasing rapidly. Manufacturers continue to develop ball construction that can fit every golfer.

Are you familiar with its construction? Understanding how it’s made and the composition will help you better understand whether it will work to your advantage. Below are the most common ball construction in the market.


These sets are usually cheap and are often used by beginner players. These are made from solid pieces of Surlyn. It has a soft feel and has a longer life span. You may be able to save a few bucks with this kind of golf ball, but they don’t provide a great feel and performance on the course. It has a lower compression and doesn’t offer enough carry distance.


These are used frequently by casual, weekend, or everyday golfers and are often called a “distance ball”. It offers both durability and distance. Two-piece construction has a solid rubber core and an ionomer or surlyn cover.

Compared to other types, they are more affordable. These are low compression, even with a slower swing, because you don’t have to hit them as hard to get impact into the larger core.


These-piece balls have liquid or solid outer core rubber with a molded cover such as Urethane, Surlyn, or Balata-like material.

These types are perfect for players that have average swing speeds. Like the two-piece ball construction, it offers longer carry distance, control, and consistency. They are softer but have a higher spin rate off the tee because of the layers of the ball, which create more game spin.


Multi-layered balls are those that have four to five-layer piece ball construction. Four-piece construction is often used by experienced golfers. It offers different spins and a great feel with your golf clubs. It has a low launch and spins with wedges. Its inner core has a solid rubber center.

Only very few produce a five-piece construction, and TaylorMade is one of them. This is the most expensive and commonly used by professionals. It provides more spin separation and offers the most optimized performance for your golf game.

Multi-layered options are not found in the list above because the manufacturing process makes them an expensive golf ball.


Do low-priced golf balls make any difference?

For average golfers, you will not notice any difference in buying a budget golf ball verses spending more. Three and four-layer options take a lot longer to make and are more expensive. However, these options are only good for more advanced players who can add their own spin to the ball and have a high swing speed.

Do cheap golf balls lose distance?

Cheap options are usually designed for a specific function, such as distance, soft feel, or high spin. A durable golf ball promoted for distance will fly as far as more expensive options.

What is the standard size of a golf ball?

The size allowed by USGA and R&A for golf balls should not be smaller than 1.68 inches or 42.7 mm. When it comes to weight, it should not exceed 1.62 ounces.

What Is The Best Type Of Golf Ball For Beginner Golfers?

For beginner golfers, a two-piece golf ball would be ideal. Two-piece balls are named “distance golf balls” and provide beginner golfers with extra distance and low spin even with slower swing speeds.

What Are Markouts Or X-Outs?

Markouts or X-outs are factory overruns that are sold at a cheaper price. These are the balls that failed with quality testing. Rather than destroying it, it is sold to the market at a lower price. These are still brand new and have an identical feel and performance to accepted balls. Markets are not always USGA-approved.


In conclusion, you can play golf without spending an absolute fortune on golf balls. More often than not, you are simply paying for the branding on the side of the golf ball.

Another good option is to purchase “lake balls” – many golf clubs sell these within their shops.

They are simply large boxes of balls recovered from lakes around the golf club. These are a great option as they are extremely cheap and you also get all types of golf balls.

All of the options reviewed above have an excellent price point and high quality – allowing you to enjoy a regular game of golf without breaking the bank!

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