Srixon Q Star Tour Review: Is This Golf Ball Worth It?

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Choosing the right golf ball is never easy, especially for players who haven't got tour standard golf swings. Most golfers are fully aware of the tour level golf balls out there, they are scattered across our screens every time we sit down to watch golf. With this in mind we have decided to review one of the new offerings in this category, the Srixon Q Star Tour, more importantly their new 2020 release.

Srixon Q-Star Tour 3
Tour Level Performance?

Srixon Q-star Tour 3 Detailed Review

Srixon Q-Star Tour 3


  • Lower ball Compression
  • Reduced Spin With Driver
  • Inexpensive compared to other golf balls
  • Doesn't offer as much control green side as premium balls
  • Not designed for higher swing speeds

Don't be put off by the branding, even though this latest offering from Srixon has the word "Tour" in its name, it is not a tour level ball. It is a great ball for mid-handicap players who only generate pretty average swing speeds. Which is the vast majority of people playing golf today. If you are reading this, you most likely find yourself in this bracket, but you are clearly interested in finding a golf ball that will help improve your game.

Outside of learning to swing the club and make a consistent good contact with the ball, matching a golf ball to your ability and swing is one of the most challenging steps to improving your game. When you are heading out for a round of golf, there are a few things that you can control. Choosing the right ball to put in your bag is one of them. This article is an in-depth review of the Srixon Q-Star Tour a ball that any player can use:

This ball while suitable for all abilities is really is aimed at mid-handicap players who have average swing speeds. Players who are interested in hitting the ball a little bit further and who want to be able to control the ball a little better. During the review process we got players of different levels to test the Srixon Q-Star Tour for feel, driving accuracy and distance, approach shots and for touch around the greens.



The Srixon Q-Star Tour features a "Spin Skin" coating over a Urethane over. Srixon claim that it is 25% softer than its previous models golf ball models. Offering players with an optimal feel when they are hitting the ball. Softer golf balls stay in contact with a clubs face longer, these when struck correctly will offer many higher levels of accuracy and control. The softness of the ball comes into its own with the shorter shorts.


If you are constantly finding yourself right or left of fairways, there is a possibility that you are using a ball that generates too spin off the tee. The Srixon Q Star Tour could be just the ball you are looking for. Srixon designed the ball itself to have a lower compression rate which means they were able to reduce the amount of spin you will generate with the Driver. During the test we found that our mid-handicappers certainly hit fewer slices or hooks than usual.

The wind is also another factor you cannot control, wind more often than not does more damage than good, but the Srixon Q Star Tour has 338 dimples on each ball which maximizes lift while reducing drag. Helping the ball travel further and straighter in windy conditions.

Approach Shots

The Srixon Q Star Tour has been engineered with a core that is specifically designed to spin less. The result of this tech is that there is a marked reduction in side spin, resulting in the ball traveling further, even when you hit an errant shot, you will lose less distance by going to the side.

As the ball is designed to be hit straighter, you should find yourself on tighter lights more often, increasing your opportunity to hit greens in regulation, besides coming in from better angles you should be hitting shorter irons than you are used to. Eight irons instead of seven, etc. What our mid-handicap players really liked was the fact that they were able to hit longer shots while still getting enough spin to allow you to hold more greens with your shorter approach shots.

Around The Green

I bet you were wondering what exactly a "Spin Skin" is and how it separates this ball from others in its class. One of the primary concerns of any golfer when they are hitting their approach shots, after hitting the green, is holding the green. The Srixon Q Star Tour features a dynamic ball cover, which keeps the ball in contact with the club face longer and as a consequence you generate more spin allowing you to control the ball when you hit the green.

Fans of the bump and run shots, this ball allows golfers to pick their landing spots with greater accuracy and get the balls to stop faster. Our testers found that they were running the ball over the green far less than ever before.


Who will benefit most from using this ball?

When it comes to golfers, there are undoubtedly players who should purely be using golf balls recovered from local lakes and there are others who should exclusively use balls that cost $50 a dozen. If you are naturally playing at a level where you require a dozen or more golf balls in your bag to be safe, then you shouldn't be buying new golf balls. Invest your money on private lessons instead.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour suits players who have a real handicap between nine and eighteen. In all honesty 9-16 handicap players will benefit most from using these balls. Low handicap players prefer a low compression golf ball as they like to shape the ball more than higher handicap players.

If you are at the beginning of your golfing journey, you will most likely benefit from using one or two piece golf balls. The Srixon Q Star Tour is a three piece ball, which are going to less forgiving for someone still learning to swing a club.

Most mid handicap golfers are primarily concerned with hitting fairways and greens on a consistent basis. They also want to avoid situations where they are forced to hit shots that are outside of their comfort zones. As the word consistent possesses a different meaning to every golfer in the world, the Srixon Q Star Tour is the perfect ball for golfers who are looking to move up a level or two. To the point where they are experimenting with various types of shots. This ball may well suit a few lower handicap players, mainly ones who are looking to gain more control of their shots while maintaining a good shot path.

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