Golf Tips & Tricks for the Aging Golfer

A golf player is always golf player, no matter when or where he will be ready to play. Although the Boomer generation has now grown old but they are still up for a match whenever you say so. Needless to say, they may have to face a few challenges yet they enjoy their lives, and we plan to help them further. Here are a few tips for golf players to act upon and keep having fun:

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Tips for the Aging Golfer


Although flexibility and strength may be a problem for an aging golfer, stretching can help with all of these issues, but one should know how to stretch and when to stretch. Static stretching and dynamic stretching are two types of stretching that have proven to be very helpful, concerning the problems mentioned above. Static stretching should never be done before a game though, it is crucial, it will not be of any suitable right before the game. Dynamic stretching, on the other hand, can be done before a game as it increases flexibility.

Golf Grip

The flight of your ball can be dependent on the strength of your grip on the club. So if some players deal with stiffness as a problem of their increasing age, they can make the ball go just a little further. Although it may sound simple, it does get a little getting used to at times, but it can help in making a draw spin.

Prevent swaying

Swaying is a problem that older golf players may face due to stiffness, to prevent it from happening you should open your right foot. The X-factor will increase due to this, and this will relieve your lower body from its extreme responsibilities. As torque is a great benefactor of your game, it will improve your game with a great chance. This will prove beneficial in the game as this is a trick not many people know.

Position the ball

When you set up your ground, you should make sure to position the ball slightly a bit behind the actual position it will help you make a draw. It is advised that this is to be done on the days when the course is all dry. On days that the ground is wet, long shots will prove to be beneficial. On a dry and hard day, this will help you gain distance.

Swinging Motion

 Swing motion is taking your arms back and making you wrist hinge do the function will help you gain power while making a shot, but it will inevitably decrease your consistency, so you have to make a choice and leave this till the end. You should do it only as a last resort.

Eliminate bad holes

It is hard to shoot birdies with growing age, but it is easier to prevent the temptation to get the high scoring holes directly. People often end up making balloon scores because they think that they are much better than they are. When one plays with such a player you should play into his weakness and try to make him go for the far-off shots it is all about the scores sometimes consistency pay off. The turtle won the race because he was consistent not because he had more energy or was younger. In a game like golf, the score ultimately depends on who made the least mistakes and shots don't matter if that is all you've got. During the game you should use your experience to your benefit and leave a mark on the field.

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Ensure good alignment

While hitting on a range, one should lay the clubs down like many well-known players like Vijay Singh have done. It helps with alignment an also helps your score. There is no shame in doing it as it helps you gain the desired result, although someone younger might not play the same shot this would surely help you be than him.

Keep your posture

As hit, you hard one feels starts to slump over and make their knees stiff this is hindrance dung the game. Posture is as important as anything else in the game you have to have a posture that says that you're here to win and show that you have experience. So you have to make sure that your back is straight, but you are relaxed.

Create energy: Energy is the leading cause of performance decline in older players. Around the 14th hole, the lack of power and fatigue cause you to stay behind the desired goal. To keep active and energetic, you should not eat heavy food, but rather eat healthy food some fruits or whole grain, but the most important things that you should stay hydrated as dehydration is the number one use of fatigue during the daytime. "Health is wealth" is a commonly said phrase but as a sportsman, it is going to affect almost every aspect of your game.

Golf equipment

As age continues to increase, so should the equipment. Although it may seem a bit odd in the beginning, it goes a long way in enhancing the quality of the game. Long irons should now be left aside, and the new hybrids should be used that are easier to use. They should let their low-lofted 3-woods, sit aside and take high-launch 3-woods.The club that a player uses should match the strength of the player.A professional trainer said "I recommend that people spend the bulk of their practice sessions making 3 to 4-foot putts. Even a 50 percent conversion of those putts results in a significant decrease in overall score. After all, the end goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible." Playing with the same shafts can drag you down as it is not essential that the shaft that gave you great length when you were young will provide you with the same range now. A club fitter can recommend the best clubs, and you will be amazed by the difference.

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With the tips given above, I hope they help you with your game to a great extent. Happy Golfing!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

I’m a golf enthusiast just like you and have been playing the game since I was 12 years old. Although I love watching the PGA Tour and following my favorite stars on tour I’m also fascinated by all of the unique and innovative products that are associated with the game I love. It's my greatest joy to share my fascination with golf gadgets, equipment, training aids, and golf accessories with fellow golf lovers on all levels.


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