The 7 Best Golf Tees to Buy Today [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Golf tees are one of the most essential pieces of golf equipment that you should carry in your golf bag. In this article, we will go over some of the best golf tees available today, like the Pride Professional Tee System and the Zero Friction Tour 3 tees.

Although not technically required, golf tees have plenty of uses and can help take your golf game to the next level. They are essential when using your driver, as they can help improve the length and accuracy of your drives.

If you have any questions about any of these new golf tees, be sure to let us know down below!

What are the Best Golf Tees Today?

  1. Pride Professional Tee System (Best Overall)

  2. Brush-T Golf Tees (Best Consistency)

  3. Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong (Most Popular)

  4. Epoch S3 Golf Tees (Best Plastic Tees)

  5. Martini Step-Up Tees (Most Durable)

  6. Wedge Guys Bamboo Tees (Best Bamboo Tees)

  7. Callaway Par-Tee (Premium Option)

Golf Tee Comparison Table

Before you read into each tee in more detail, here is a handy table to help you compare all of the best golf tees available today:

Golf Tee ModelMaterialKey FeaturesProsCons
Pride Professional Tee SystemWood, PlasticColored stripes for perfect tee lengthHighly durable, Appeals to all golfersNone
Brush-T Golf TeePlasticPatented bristle cup, Consistent tee heightProvides more distance, Consistent heightDesign might not appeal to traditionalists
Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf TeeBio-composite Materials3-prong topEnvironmentally friendly, Minimizes contact areaBend and break more easily
Epoch S3 Golf TeePlasticConvex design, Sweet Spot SystemSturdy, Durable, Easy to insert into the groundBreaks easily, Not eco-friendly
Martini Step-Up Golf TeesPolymer ResinVirtually unbreakableVery durable, Consistent heightMore like a novelty
Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf TeesBambooNatural wood color, BiodegradableDurable, Doesn’t scuff clubsNo extra features
Callaway Par-TeePlastic, RubberDurable base, Sharpened tipEasy to insert into ground, Less spinHead may come off

Pride Professional Tee System (Best Overall)

professional tee system best overall golf tees

Key Features

  • Colored stripes indicate the perfect tee length

  • Available in both wood and plastic tees

  • Low resistance tips allow for longer distance

Pros and Cons

The Pride Professional Tee System golf tees are an innovative and popular option among golfers worldwide. Multiple tee lengths with different colors show you exactly how far to put the tee into the ground for the perfect height.

These wood golf tees are highly durable and available in hardwood and plastic materials. Even the wooden golf tees last a few more shots for me than others

It is hard to find cons regarding the Pride golf tees as these are some of the best ones available. While some of the other tees in this guide have more features, I think the Pride Professional is the perfect golf tee. It appeals to all golfers and styles.

One downside is that the tees are meant for drivers that are 360cc and above. Some golfers may carry smaller head drivers, meaning these longer tees will not be ideal for you.

What I Like About This Tee

The Pride Professional tees are trendy among golfers, and for a good reason. There are tee lengths for every club in your bag, all with different color lines, which is excellent for the user. These are the best wooden tees you can buy today.

I like Pride’s plastic golf tees; they are durable and last multiple rounds. The ball sits nicely on top of the tee and seems to explode off of it. They allow you to have a consistent tee height for every tee shot, which is one less thing to worry about on the course.

In terms of the best golf, tees, these are definitely near the top of the list.

Brush-T Golf Tee (Best Consistency)

brush-t best golf tees

Key Features

  • Patented bristle cup for the ball to sit on

  • The design provides consistent tee height

  • Professionally tested to increase accuracy

Pros and Cons

The Brush-T is an excellent option if you are looking for a plastic tee that will help to provide more distance on your tee shots.

Brush tees are designed to offer a consistent tee height every single time. Place the tee into the ground until the bristle cap hits the ground, then set the ball on top of the bristle cup.

The goal of a brush tee is to help minimize friction and help add more distance to your tee shot, and it does just that.

The downside of a brush tee is the design. Most golf traditionalists will need help using a bulky brush tee and may think they are getting judged for it.

You won’t see a single PGA Tour golfer using a brush tee for this simple reason. If you can get past that, though, then go for it.

What I Like About This Tee

If we look at a Brush-T for what it offers and remove any preconceived notion about it, it lives up to its name. It provides a proper tee height every time, drawing one less worry about your pre-shot routine. Your golf ball sits nicely atop the bristle cup, and you get some added distance from it.

Brush tees also help eliminate left and right deflection, which increases shooting accuracy. If you can get over the funky design, try out brush tees.

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tee (Most Popular)

zero friction 3-prong golf tees review

Key Features

  • Unique design features a 3-prong top

  • Manufactured using bio-composite materials

  • #1 used golf tee on the PGA Tour

Pros and Cons

The Zero Friction golf tees are created with a unique 3-prong top to help minimize the contact area between the golf ball and the tee. Pointing one prong toward your target allows you to line up your shots and improve overall accuracy.

Another pro about these tees is that they are created using bio-composite materials, meaning they are more environmentally friendly than other golf tees.

The Zero Friction tees are highly durable and dubbed the number one golf tee used on the PGA Tour, which is a huge accolade. These are some of the best golf tees available.

The only downside I have seen for the Zero Friction Tour 3 tees is that they bend and break a little easier than others. You may have to replace a tee every few rounds because they turn and lose their juice.

Also, due to the 3-prong top, the golf ball does not sit as nicely as other other 3 prong golf tees do. These things are simply nitpicking at this point, though.

What I Like About This Tee

Professional golfers worldwide love using the Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong tees, and I am one of them. These tees are incredibly durable, and the ball looks better off the top.

You can get these tees in many different colors, and once you find the perfect way for the ball to sit on top, you should be set. They last longer than traditional tees and should be an essential piece of golf equipment in your golf bag.

Epoch S3 Golf Tee (Best Plastic Tees)

epoch s3 best golf tees

Key Features

  • Unique convex design helps reduce backspin and sidespin

  • Sweet Spot System aligns the height of your golf ball with your driver’s sweet spot

  • Tee reduces surface contact by 93% with the golf ball, adding more distance to each shot

Pros and Cons

The Epoch S3 golf tees are some of the most sturdy and durable plastic golf tees I have tried yet. Sometimes when it comes to plastic tees, they can be flimsy and bend easily, but only some of these.

Another thing that I liked about these tees was the sharpened tip on the tee. Something like this may not be a huge deal. However, if you play on harder ground, you will know how hard it is to get a plastic tee into the ground. These go into the ground quite easily.

Although I just went on about how durable these plastic tees were, I still found that they broke too quickly on some swings. I know with the nature of the game that breaking a tee will happen, but with a plastic tee, it should happen less frequently.

The Epoch S3 also are not made with eco-friendly materials, so if that is something you want, you may want to look elsewhere.

What I Like About This Tee

One of the coolest things about the Epoch S3 golf tee is its Sweet Spot System. On every tee, there are four colored lines, all spaced apart. I

f you go onto the manufacturer’s website, you can input your driver model, and it will advise you which line to line up so that the ball contacts your driver’s sweet spot every single time. This is a nice touch for a company trying to help you as much as possible.

These tees were incredibly durable, and there was added distance off the tee box.

Martini Step-Up Golf Tees (Most Durable)

step up martini best golf tees

Key Features

  • Built-in step to have a consistent tee height every time

  • A 5-pack of tees comes with assorted colors

  • Dubbed as virtually unbreakable

Pros and Cons

The Martini tee is a wildly popular plastic golf tee, dubbed virtually unbreakable by the company. They are made with a polymer resin material which makes them very durable.

You can usually get through an entire round using one tee, which is excellent for affordable tees without spending extra money. A stop is built into the tee to get a consistent height for every shot.

The downside to Martini golf tees is that they seem more like a novelty than a piece of golf equipment. Having a golf tee shaped like a martini might seem fun with your friends, but if you are in a professional setting, you probably will need to pull it out.

What I Like About This Tee

What I like about the Martini tee is that they are incredibly durable, which is excellent for someone who doesn’t want to spend much on golf tees. You can get through multiple rounds on a golf course with a few tees.

These offer everything you need from a plastic tee, and the built-in step is excellent for providing the perfect tee height every time. These aren’t the best plastic golf tees but they are a great option.

Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees (Best Bamboo Tees)

wedge guys best golf tees

Key Features

  • Natural wood color that does not scuff your golf clubs

  • Made from bamboo, which makes the golf tee durable and biodegradable

  • More robust than traditional wooden tees

Pros and Cons

The Wedge Guys tee is the best bamboo tee I have had a chance to use on the golf course. These tees are incredibly durable and last much longer than some of the other wooden tees I’ve tried.

The Wege Guys are also made with a natural wood color finish which doesn’t scuff your golf club. There aren’t any crazy tee features like lines for the perfect height or a built-in step. For a basic tee, they did the job.

There isn’t anything wrong that I can say about the Wedge Guys bamboo golf tees. They are a fundamental tee, but they do the advertised job. They come in bulk, and the company also throws in a bonus poker chip baller marker.

The only thing you could nitpick is that the tees don’t have any crazy selling features to help with your game.

What I Like About This Tee

I love that these golf tees come available in packs of 200, 500, and 1000. With one pack of these, you should be set for a very long time.

Because they are made from bamboo, they will last much longer than regular wooden golf tees. The company also throws a colored poker chip marker engraved with a fun golf saying. All in all, these are great golf tees and are much better than a standard wooden tee.

Callaway Par-Tee (Premium Option)

callaway par-tee best golf tees

Key Features

  • Features a durable plastic base with molded rubber top

  • Virtually unbreakable construction

  • Sharpened tip for easy tee box insertion

Pros and Cons

These Callaway Par-Tee golf tees are performance tees and do exactly as advertised. These plastic golf tees are very durable and virtually impossible to break.

They are designed with a molded rubber top, which helps deliver a low-spin launch for even more distance off the tee. The tip is also very sharp, making it easy to insert into any ground.

The only downside to these Callaway tees is that they seem to fly 10 yards on every tee shot due to their construction. It was annoying chasing around a golf tee that flies in all different directions off the tee.

A few times, I also noticed that the head of the tee would come off. This is because the head is rubber, whereas the tee is plastic.

What I Like About This Tee

I like how different tee heights were available in the combo pack. The sharpened tip was also great, as inserting the tee into the ground was easy without using much force.

The golf ball sits nicely on the rubber top, and I noticed less spin and extra distance on my tee shots. These golf tees are a great option if you are looking for plastic tees that help your golf game.

Criteria For Choosing Golf Tees


There are many different golf tees to choose from, and one of the top things to look for is the durability of each.

Whether it be a plastic or a wooden golf tee, they take impact every drive.

Wooden golf tees were the top pick for years for golfers. However, wooden tees are known to break easier.

Plastic tees are more durable and usually make it through more than one round at a time. But that isn’t to say that plastic tees don’t lose their durability also, because they do. The plastic will eventually bend over time, and the tee will lose strength.

Depending on which you choose, using fewer tees will show that your golf swing is consistent.


Golf tees come in various heights, which comes down to personal preference. Some golfers like having long tees to tee the ball up high. Some golfers enjoy smaller tees to tee the ball lower.

In most cases, you will want to use a more petite tee when hitting with an iron or fairway wood and a higher tee when hitting with the driver.


Much like choosing the height, there are many different materials for golf tees. The main golf tees available are:

  • wooden tees

  • plastic tees

  • bamboo tees

  • rubber tees

  • specialty tees such as brush tees

Each type of golf tee offers something different, so it is vital to research and try out as many as you want to find what works best for you.

Wood tees have been a staple in the golf world since the beginning, and most golfers will use them just because that is what they know. But wood tees break easily, so that it could cost you more in the long run.

Plastic golf tees are becoming increasingly popular with golfers as they are more durable and offer less friction with the golf ball.

Bamboo tees are a relatively new option and are becoming popular because they are also good for the environment. Bamboo tees are also more durable than regular wooden tees.

Rubber tees are the least popular option. They cost the most, and due to the material, they tend to fly as far as the ball goes, which adds time to your round.

Specialty tees, such as brush tees, are not very popular but are also a great option. They are durable and allow you to quickly sweep through the tee to add more distance to your shots.


The design of standard golf tees has remained relatively the same. However, some companies have introduced different design options to increase performance on the course.

Zero friction tees feature a three-pronged head that the ball sits in and is said to have less friction at impact which will help add distance to your tee shot. Brush tees feature a bristle head that the ball sits in to help reduce friction and add length.

Some other tees have different alignment designs to try and reduce your slice and keep the ball as straight as possible. Our best advice is to try as many as possible to find what works.


The demand for eco-friendly products has been steadily increasing for years. Because of that, there have been some changes in how golf tees are sold. Millions of golf tees are used per year.

Many of those plastic golf tees add to a ton of plastic waste and take a very long time to decompose.

More and more companies are coming out with eco-friendly options for golf tees. They are made from natural materials and will break down and decompose much quicker.

Bamboo tees are becoming increasingly popular as bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world. We recommend considering more eco-friendly options when deciding what kind of golf tees to purchase.

Types of Tees

Standard Tees

Wooden and plastic tees are the standard tee for most golfers. They are available in different sizes.

If you’re going to look at the design of these tees, it has a disc or prong on that top that provides supports for your golf clubs.

Anti-Slice Tees

Anti-slice tees are more popular for beginners and high handicappers players. These are the type of golf tees that can be helpful to golfers who are struggling with slicing. Anti-slice golf tees are commonly plastic tees.

The design of this tee is to kill your slice or prevent your slice. On the top, the tee features a cup in which your ball would sit. The idea of this tee is that the cup provides the hitting surface. When your driver touches the back of the cup, the cup disperses the club’s energy that drives the ball to fly forward.

Anti-slice tees are not legal in professional golf tournaments.

Friction-Free Tees

Friction-free tees are designed to provide more launch angle because they provide less friction compared to other tees. They are usually made from plastics.

Unlike the anti-slice golf tees, which have a cup where the ball sits, the friction-free tees have three to six prongs. Like the rest of the tees, these tees available in all sizes.

Brush Tees

Brush tees have bristles just like your toothbrush and are also available in different height. The brush bristles holds the ball. It will allow your ball to sit on the bristles are with less friction when driving the golf ball off the tee.


As you can see, we covered several golf tees in this post. There are hundreds of golf tees to choose from in the tee market, so try out several varieties and find the best golf tee.

If you are looking for the best plastic golf tees, we highly recommend the Pride Professional Tee System tees or the Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong tees.

For bamboo golf tees, we recommend the Wedge Guys bamboo pack.

If you want something funky and different than usual, check out the Brush-T golf tees or the Martini tees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Tees (FAQs)

What are the best golf tees to use for optimal performance?

The best golf tees depend on individual preferences, but popular options include zero friction, wooden, and plastic tees.

Are longer or shorter tees better for golf?

The tee length depends on your club; longer tees are generally better for drivers, while shorter tees work well for irons and fairway woods. You can always push your longer tee more into the ground for shorter clubs.

Are plastic or wooden golf tees better?

Plastic tees are more durable, while wooden tees are more traditional and environmentally friendly. Both types of golf tees can perform well.

How high should I tee up the golf ball?

For drivers, tee the ball so that half is above the clubhead. For irons and fairway woods, tee it lower to make clean contact with the ball.

What are zero-friction golf tees?

Zero friction golf tees have a unique design with less surface area touching the ball, aiming to reduce resistance during impact and increase distance.

Do golf tees affect ball flight and distance?

The type of golf tee can have a minimal impact on ball flight and distance, but proper swing mechanics and club selection play a more significant role.

Are there any golf tees designed for beginners?

There are no specific tees for beginners, but using a tee with markings or a consistent height system can help beginners achieve consistent ball placement.

How long do golf tees typically last?

The durability of a golf tee depends on its material, with plastic tees generally lasting longer than wooden ones.

Are there any environmentally-friendly golf tee options?

Yes, biodegradable golf tees made from materials like bamboo or recycled wood break down over time.

Can I use the same golf tee for every club?

While you can use the same tee, it’s best to adjust the tee height based on the club by pushing it into the ground more to ensure optimal contact and performance.

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