The 5 Best Golf Tees to Buy Today [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Much like swimmers need swim caps, and football players need helmets, golfers need golf tees. Almost as important as the golf clubs themselves, a player need tees before they start the course so that they will be able to drive their ball on their opening shots.

You may say to yourself, "Why not just use the rubber tees that a lot of courses have in the tee box?" While it is true you could use these, many a time while I've been golfing, these tees are broken and just never do the job quite like the ones that you buy yourself.

For this reason, it is important to have your own tees on hand. And when you buy tees, you will want the most reliable and the best golf tees. So, if it is golf tees you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Today we will be looking at a variety of golf tees, each of which is unique in its way and can provide different aspects that golfers will be looking for in their quest for the perfect golf tee.

ThE Best Golf Tees TO BUY TODAY

Best Golf Tees

Pride Professional ProLength Plus Tee

Best Overall

Pride Professional Pro Length Plus Tee



  • plenty of golf tees in one package
  • use on PGA Tours
  • great price
  • it is susceptible to breaking because it's made from wood

Our top pick for the best golf tees for today is a mouthful to say: the Pride Professional Tee System ProLength Plus Tee. If saying this tee's name out loud didn't leave you a bit breathless, then the tee itself will be sure to do it for you.

These are wooden tees, that are made to be 3 and 1/4 inches in height. This isn't just good for larger drivers but also creates high launch angles, making your ball fly across the course.

The height of the tee also helps to increase the sweet spot on your drives, helping the golfer with the accuracy of their shot. And all these tees feature comes at a value price.


Seeing as these are wooden tees, they are susceptible to breaking. This should not come as a surprise to many, but if breaking tees are an issue for you, there are more durable options elsewhere.

You do get a ton of Pride professional tees in this package, so if you are not worried about breaking one or two tees, then you will be satisfied with the extra-long and long-named Professional Tee System ProLength Plus Tee.

Martini Golf Durable Plastic Tees

Best Plastic Golf Tees

Martini Golf Durable Plastic Tees



  • stronger golf tees
  • longer drives
  • can be used on tournament
  • only five golf tees in a pack

You might be wondering why there are only five tees in this package. Easy answer: these might be all the tees you need for the season. As long as you don't lose them, they're pretty much unbreakable.

The Martini Golf tees are designed with a large cup recess for your ball, which allows you to easily place the ball on the tee, and to tilt your ball towards your target more than others can. Doing this allows for more accurate shots off the tee with less club head resistance.


While the design is made to help with your drives, the Martini golf tees made to be more durable plastic than traditional tees as well, being made with polymer resin blend. The tees also come in at a length of 3 1/4 inch tee, which is the perfect tees made for those that are using more modern drivers.

If there is any drawback at all to this tee, it is that the diameter may be too large for some golf cart holders. But that is really a small gripe because these tees are great in nearly every other aspect.

If you're digging the market for cheap and durable tee, then the Martini tees are the way to go. And with features that are great for nearly all golfers, it is really hard to argue against these tees.

SAPLIZE Professional Bamboo Tees

Best Eco-friendly Golf Tees

SAPLIZE Professional Bamboo Tees


  • biodegradable 
  • perfect for a gift or stocking stuffers
  • adjustable height
  • 150pcs tees included in a pack
  • black strips for consistent height
  • hard to locate tees on the grass sometimes

The SAPLIZE Professional bamboo golf tees are available in two tee height, 2-3/4 inches and 3-1/4 inches. It is made from 100% natural bamboo. It is biodegradable, so you can assure that it's environmentally friendly.

This is the best golf tees for your driver if you are looking for consistent tee height. It has black strips to help you adjust the tee height of your tee and make sure you are hitting the same spot every time you tee. The consistent marking system of the tee set aside from its competition.


These tees are stronger than wooden tees. It is one of the best golf tees if you are looking for a tee that can last for many shots with a consistent height.

These tees can last for many shots. Durability like this means that you will spend more time playing and less time buying new tees. Moreover, a pack of SAPLIZE Professional Golf tees contains 150 pcs of tees.

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

Best Golf Tees for Distance

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees


  • the pack has bonus items
  • great for par 3 games

Our next best golf tees come from Zero Friction: the Zero Friction Tour 3-prong golf tees. And as the no. 1 performance tee choice of the PGA tour, you know that you are getting a quality golf tee.

With the patented 3-prong design, Friction tour 3-prong have less surface coverage is created between the ball and the tee. The minimal surface area helps to create longer, straighter drives off the tee for the best drives possible.


If you have a tendency to accidentally break tees when driving, then you will be happy to know that the Zero Friction Tour 3 is extremely durable and you can use it for a long time. Another interesting thing about the Zero Friction tees is that you, quite literally, get more with your purchase, as each purchase of the tees gives you a bonus Zero Friction brand item.

While durable, these golf tees are very skinny and tend to bend when putting them in the ground. While they don't break when this happens, it can be a bit tedious fighting with the tee, especially in tougher turf.

The little bit of time it takes to put in the tee is more than made up for the tee's quality. For a tee that can stand up to your drives while helping make said drives better, look no further than the Zero Friction tees.

BirTee Pro Winter/Mat Golf Tees

Best Winter Golf Tee & Best Hitting Mat Tee

BirTee Pro Winter/Mat Golf Tees


  • USGA and RCGA approves
  • available in different colors
  • great for the frozen tee box
  • 8 golf tees with varying height
  • don't offer assorted pack

The BirTee Pro Winter & Golf Mat Tees come in eight different tee heights for you to adjust to your personal golf mat, as well as to your winter golfing adventures. These are plastic golf tees that conform with the USGA & RCGA Rules.

Birdie Pro Winter is available in different colors, which set an excellent contrast to the snow. The bright colors of these golf tees will make it easier to spot on them so you can pick up again your golf balls. The pack has eight golf tees with different heights. Using the right height for your tee shots will give every golfer more confidence in hitting a tee shot with consistency.

These golf tees do not work not just on snow but also with any other hard surfaces, like indoor golf simulators or any normal golf surfaces. Stay warm!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the basics of the golf tees?

Although a golf tee is one of the best golf accessories that you can keep in your bag, it's essential for you to know it's basic to understand its purpose and spot the good ones in the market.

Golf tees have three parts: the top area, the shaft, and the tip. You can differentiate the type of golf tees based on the top area. For example, standard tees, it has a round and depressed top in which your golf ball can sit. And for the brush golf tee, the top of the tee has bristles just like your toothbrush.

Next is the shaft. The golf tee shaft has a different length. It depends on the clubs that you will be using. In general, oversized irons or drivers needs longer golf shaft golf tees.

Lastly, the tip. Each golf tees has different tips. But it has one purpose to keep the ball steady by pinning the tees on the ground. The typical golf tees have a pointed tip. However, there are also tees with a round base, just like the BirTee Pro Winter tees.

Does the height of the tee matter?

The answer is "YES"! For most golfers, the height of the golf tee is essential for a consistent tee. It would be helpful if your tee has the correct height. It will help golfers tee shot to have the right trajectory. If you will tee the ball too low, you sometimes only a part of the golf ball that can result in a shorter distance. Golf tees are not suitable for all clubs. For a large club head, perhaps, you should need a longer golf tee.

Are wood tees better than plastic golf tees?

Plastic or wood? Are you one of those golfer's who is frequently asking which one is better? Each of the golf tees has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some golfers are comfortable with wooden tees. What is important is the height and the color of these wooden tees. Hitting tee too low or too high will going to affects golf shoots trajectory.

In line with the colors of golf tees, you must also choose carefully. Colored golf tees sometimes leave a mark on your clubs. Although you can remove it after cleaning your clubs, there were times that the mark would be so stubborn that you will have a hard time getting it off.

How to Clean Golf tees?

Your round starts with your tee shot, the first contact with the ball. This shot can even dictate the tone of your game. To have a successful tee shot, you must not take care of your clubs and balls. If you want to reuse your golf tees, it is vital to keep them clean and free from any damage before going into action again. Here are some tips to keep your golf tees at their best.

Determine the material and the type of tee that you have. For a wooden tee, you can use a cloth to wipe the dirt. For a plastic tee, you can use your golf club brush to remove dirt and mud. But with brush tee...they're the ones that usually get very dirty. You can use soap and water and use a brush to remove the other dirt within the brush.

Testing Criteria Used for Evaluation

Now that you know the best golf tees on the market, it's time to go down with the key points that you must consider when getting your new golf tees.


Golf tees nowadays were made from different kinds of materials. Ordinary golf tees are made from plastic or wood. Below are the materials in which golf tees are made of.


These are the conventional golf tees. All levels of golfers use them. Wooden tees are not as durable as the other materials, but other golfers feel lucky when they are using this kind of golf tee. Some of the wooden golf tees are painted to have a more vibrant color. But keep in mind that colored tees can leave mark on your clubs.


Bamboo tees are not also getting popular. Compared with the woods, the bamboo golf tee is more durable. They are eco-friendly and do not cost much as with the wood tee.


Even though most plastics are not eco-friendly, most golf tees are made from these materials. Plastic golf tees are more durable and can help you save money because you don't have to replace them often. Plastic tees will not easily break easily under stress.


A rubber tee is usually used in hitting mats. It can be easily planted on the golf mat without damaging it. This can take a lot of stress and not lost its shape. These are the golf tees that you can use if you are practicing at home with your golf mats and your favorite golf ball simulator. Rubber tee is not fit to be used in the golf course.


Golf tee has different lengths. However, as per the rule of the game, this should not exceed the standard tee length—4 inches. The length of the tees is very important as it will set the tone whether it's already high enough for your club.

The common golf tees that are mostly used by golfers are those that have 1.75 inches long. This is the standard length of golf tees. This length is usually used with small drivers and large-headed woods. Golf tees that were below 2 inches are used for fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Types of Tees

Standard Tees

Wooden and plastic tees are the standard tee for most golfers. They are available in different sizes. If you're going to look at the design of these tees, it has a disc or prong on that top that provides supports for your golf clubs.

Anti-Slice Tees

Anti-slice tees are more popular for beginners and high handicappers players. These are the type of golf tees that can be helpful to golfers who are struggling with slicing. Anti-slice golf tees are commonly plastic tees.

The design of this tee is to kill your slice or prevent your slice. On the top, the tee features a cup in which your ball would sit. The idea of this tee is that the cup provides the hitting surface. When your driver touches the back of the cup, the cup disperses the club's energy that drives the ball to fly forward.

Friction-Free Tees

Friction-free tees are designed to provide more launch angle because they provide less friction compared to other tees. They are usually made from plastics. Unlike the anti-slice golf tees, which have a cup where the ball sits, the friction-free tees have three to six prongs. Like the rest of the tees, these tees available in all sizes.

Brush Tees

Brush tees have bristles just like your toothbrush. This is the most popular type of tees too most golfers today. There are also available in different height. The brush bristles holds the ball. It will allow your ball to sit on the bristles are with less friction when driving the golf ball off the tee. Bristle tees promote longer and straighter drives.


Pride Professional Pro Length Plus TeeBest OverallPride Professional Pro Length Plus Tee
Martini Golf Durable Plastic TeesBest Plastic Golf TeesMartini Golf Durable Plastic Tees
SAPLIZE Professional Bamboo TeesBest Eco-Friendly Golf TeesSAPLIZE Professional Bamboo Tees
Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf TeesBest Golf Tees for DistanceZero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees
BirTee Pro Winter/Mat Golf TeesBest Winter Golf Tee & Best Hitting Mat TeeBirTee Pro Winter/Mat Golf Tees

It's tough to start off your game without some good tees, so we hope that we are able to help you found the best golf tees available in the market. You can confidently hit your tee shots with these golf tees. Now time to tee up and take your shot!

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