Best Golf Simulator Screens and Enclosures [Ranked]

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If you are lucky enough to have an at-home golf simulator, you will need a screen and enclosure. These products help you to make sure you keep your home and your walls protected as you play. The impact screen is especially important because it is the only way you can see your golf shots’ results. We have pulled together the five best impact screens and enclosures. You will notice that the pricing on these models will vary considerably. Choose something that works for your budget and your space.

Best Golf Simulator Screens and Enclosures

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure

Best Overall

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure


  • Commercial grade golf impact screen
  • Bungee system for easy setup
  • High quality screen material
  • Can use real golf balls
  • It prevents dangerous bounce backs
  • Price is a bit high except for a committed golfer

The SwingBay Golf Simulator is an 8 foot tall by almost 11 foot wide enclosure. You will be able to swing away at this model without it having any impact on your walls or to the screen itself. The SwingBay can tolerate shots coming at it up to 250 miles per hour. 

An important feature of these enclosures is that the screen offers a clear image. The SwingBay is fully optimized for a 4:3 projection. The fibers of the screen material are woven very tightly so that you will feel as though you are on the golf course.


We love the blackout walls and sides that will allow you to avoid the glare that most golf impact screens have to deal with. If you are looking for a commercial grade golf simulator screen that is easy to install and will hold up for many years, the Swing Bay is the perfect choice.

HomeBay Golf Simulator Hitting Enclosure

Runner Up

HomeBay Golf Simulator Hitting Enclosure


  • Fair pricing for the quality
  • Ceiling net
  • Ballistics tested golf impact screens
  • Side barrier nets to grab the wayward golf shots
  • It takes a bit of time to get this set up properly

If the SwingBay was a bit more expensive than you would like, the HomeBay is an excellent alternative. If you are trying to get a budget setup going, but you want a golf simulator screen that will last, this is a great choice. 

The screen and net are going to be 9’ x 12’ x 14’. This should give ample space for any golf simulator setup at home. This model won’t come with the blackout curtains, but you can get creative and work this out in several different ways.

118"X79" Golf Ball Training Simulator Impact Display Projector Screen Indoor

Best on a Budget



  • Very low price
  • Provides a clear image
  • Can combine with a net for a better at home setup
  • It does not have the side protection that other models do

As you have seen from the golf impact screen choices on our list, these are expensive features to add to your indoor golf setup. Luckily you can go with something simple like this for a 9.8 by 6.6 ft display projection screen. 

This is a golf screen only, and it will work only inside your home. It does not have the capability of being an outdoor golf simulator screen. However, for the price, you will really get quite a bit of use out of this.


The screen material is very tight and smooth, and the image that it produces is a good one. If you are new to golf simulator technology, you can put one of these in an excellent golf net and have a perfect start.

The Net Return Simulator Series Projector Screen & Netting

Best For Ball Return

The Net Return Simulator Series Projector Screen & Netting


  • Good quality screen material
  • Easy to set up
  • Overall lightweight, yet anti rust and durable as well
  • Perfect for indoor golf at home setup
  • A bit expensive for a golf impact screen

Sometimes with a golf simulator screen, you will want the ball to make its way almost all the way back to you. Having to go and pick your ball out of a net over and over again can get a bit frustrating. We like the ball return capabilities of the Net Return Simulator series.

This model is again a bit pricy, but it comes with an aluminum frame that will never rust. This is also one of those commercial golf simulator screens that will last you for many years. In fact, if you take care of this one, you should never need another.


We like how quick this is to set up and how the side barriers keep you from hitting any wayward shots. There are also valences that you can pull away when you don’t need them on. Overall this is a high quality impact screen that makes sure the golf balls end up back by your feet most of the time that it is used.

Cimarron Sports Impact/Projection Screen

Best Golf Impact Screen For The Basement

Cimarron Sports Impact/Projection Screen


  • Works as impact screen & projection screen
  • Absorbs impact easily
  • Can use indoors or outdoors
  • Still needs additional netting added on

Last on our list is another option that will be a bit easier on your budget. If you are setting up an indoor golf oasis in your basement, you likely need a screen and net combination like this one from Cimarron Sports. We like this option for a basement because it is a bit more compact and easier to install in a basement setting. 

This is a thick and tough screen that will quickly absorb the impact of a great shot. You can use this particular simulator screen outdoors, but it does the best job in an indoor setting. You may want to add additional netting and blackout features, but this is an excellent start for a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At home, golf simulators are a relatively new golf accessory. Many players are just starting to add one of these to their indoor golf setup. Therefore quite a few questions come up about these golf simulator’s screens and what is truly necessary when purchasing one.

Is A Golf Impact Screen Necessary?

If you are going to try and make your indoor golf setup feel like the real course, you will need a golf impact screen. The impact screen will allow the projector to put an image of the course and your golf shot on the screen. This is truly what gives golfers the on-course experiences. Without these features, you will merely be hitting into a golf net.

How Much Does It Cost For A Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator package has quite a few moving parts; you will need a phone or a computer, a projector, a golf mat, software, the necessary space, and then a net and impact screen as well. Read our DIY golf simulation 101 for more insights.

Certainly, all of these costs will add up. Setting up a perfect system takes a bit of experience, and you may need to ease into this process.

You can get a basic golf simulator package up and running for around $1500. However, a great golf simulator experience will probably cost between $5000-$10000. For those that don’t have to worry about the cost, the really expensive packages are closer to $25,000-$50,000. Clearly, you will need to determine your budget and how much you plan to use the simulator.

Do Golf Simulators Screens Work Indoors and Outdoors?

You may have noticed that some of the golf impact screens on our list are made with material that will work both indoors and outdoors. These screens are not always that easy to move around and setup. If you find that you will use it indoors, you will likely end up leaving it in one location. 

However, people like the idea of bringing it outside sometimes as you can also use it as a projector screen for a movie night, a presentation, or even the Super Bowl!.

Are Impact Screens and Nets Sold Together?

Sometimes a golf impact screen will come with a net, and other times you will get just the screen. Eventually, you will need both; however, it is possible to get both the screen and the net to work together. Even if you purchase two different brands, most screens have universal clips that will help them hang within the net.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Whenever a product has as wide of a price range as the golf simulator screens, you need to be very careful that you understand what you are purchasing. Here are the things you need to look out for to make sure you end up with the perfect golf simulator screen.


Golf simulator screens home in all different sizes. Most of the time, you will get something that is at least 9’ by 9’. Ensure that the size of the golf screen you are purchasing will fit in your home. You will want a golf screen that is big enough to clearly see the images on the golf course.

Screen and Net

Some golf simulator screens come with a screen, and net and others come with just the hitting screen. Depending on what type of a setup you have, you may not need both. The golf simulator enclosure is the best possible choice as it protects the walls and ceiling around your hitting bay. The enclosures also help to make sure that you don’t have glare on the golf screen.

Image Clarity

Some people will make their own homemade golf screen out of a sheet or something. However, these do not do even close to the same job that a golf impact screen can do. Golf impact screens are made with material that can withstand a powerful golf shot, yet they still are able to project a clear image onto the screen.

With a golf impact screen, you won’t have to worry about the ball jumping back at you in a dangerous way. The screen is built to absorb impact and help to release the ball straight down to the ground below. There is no way to replace a golf screen by using a DIY version; you will not get the same experience.


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more equipped to make a golf simulator screen purchase. There are many options out there, and with the price of this purchase, it gets a bit overwhelming trying to choose the right one. We highly recommend the SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen. This is one of the best golf screen options on the market, and it is a simple and easy setup for your home. The image that will be projected on the golf screen is clear and certainly provides to the overall experience of owning a golf simulator. You won’t be disappointed with the money you spend on this golf screen purchase.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

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