Best Golf Irons for Beginners 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Irons for Beginners on the market today, including our top pick, best five beginner iron sets comparison table, detailed reviews, and our buying guide for you. Thanks for reading!

Just as much as the driver begins your game and a putter ends it, the irons consist of the meaty middle portion of your game. Almost all fairway swings require the assistance of an iron, and a good set of irons can make or break your game.

It is for this reason that a beginner needs to know what kind of irons are the best for them to get their game (literally) off the ground. Without the right clubs in the bag, it can become very easy for a new player to become discouraged, and that is why we are here to help.

In today's article, we will be looking at the five best irons for beginners. No matter if you need a new club to help on the fairway, or just new irons in general, we hope to have a little something for everyone.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice:

Our pick
Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set
Best Beginner Iron Set

Best Golf Irons for Beginners - Comparison Table

If you see a set you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our reviews.

Callaway Big Bertha Iron SetBest OverallCallaway Big Bertha Iron Set
Mazel Iron SetBest on a BudgetMazel Iron Set
TaylorMade M6 Iron Set2nd Best OverallTaylorMade M6 Iron Set
Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set3rd Best OverallWilson Staff D7 Iron Set
Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set4th Best OverallCallaway Golf Rogue Iron Set

Best Iron Sets - Detailed Reviews for 2020

1. Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set

Best Overall

At first glance ​Callaway Big Bertha set of irons, another of the Callaway family of clubs, seems very similar to its brother the XR.

Both sets of irons feature the same 360 Face Cup technology that is used to increase speed and accuracy of shots, as well as the low center of gravity that the previous clubs features.

Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set

What sets it apart, however, are that the Big Bertha's are designed to provide a golfer with maximum forgiveness, a must for those just starting out in the game. This is due the hollow body and weight distribution, which allows for straighter and higher flying shots.

​Even more amazing about these clubs is that these are the first on the list that feature customization options through their "Big Bertha Hybrids". These adjustable hybrids can be customized to perfectly fit any golfer’s needs using several different tuning settings.

These options may be a bit much for newer players to understand, and these clubs can also be a bit on the longer side, which isn't for everyone. But if you are looking for an iron that can help with your game even after you improve, look no further than the Big Bertha.

Things We Liked

  • Hollow weight distribution for maximum forgiveness
  • 360 Cup Technology for more speed and distance
  • Fully-customizable adjustable hybrids to fit any golfer's needs
  • Progressive looks - wider in the longer irons and narrower in the shorter irons

Things We Didn't Like

  • The features can be a bit much for newer players to understand, but they will definitely improve your game

2. Mazel Iron Set

Best on a Budget

Our last set of clubs for today is probably one of the best beginner's irons on the market, particularly for the price

The MAZEL Golf Club Irons Set.

These irons are made with various designs to help maximize the potential of your game, whether you are looking for an iron that helps improve your accuracy or an iron that helps with getting the ball to the green in fewer shots.

Mazel Iron Set

To start, these clubs feature a wrap-around slot on each club that are there solely to help provide maximum forgiveness on any shot that is off center. These slots help create a springy feedback for higher launches without creating too much spin on the ball, which helps to put the ball exactly where you want it to go.

To also assist newer players, the clubs feature a low center of gravity, much like other clubs on the list, as well as a thin club face. These features help grant distance and speed, which helps with making par on the longer Par 5 holes.

With very little to no drawbacks to speak of, and an endless amount of features to assist newer players with their golf game, the MAZEL Golf Club Irons Set may well be the best set of irons for beginning players (with a lower budget).

Things We Liked

  • Springy feedback for better accuracy
  • Wrap-around slot gives up to 44% more speed  and 23% more forgiveness on off-center shots
  • Affordable

Things We Didn't Like

  • The many features can be a bit overwhelming for newer golfers

3. TaylorMade M6 Iron Set

2nd Best Overall

The ​TaylorMade M6 Iron Set is another great choice of irons for beginners, boasting several features that make it a great choice.

These features include various design choices to assist in accuracy, speed, and flight control that are essential to any golfer, not just beginners.

The face of the M6 are designed to help improve a player’s game in various ways.

TaylorMade M6 Iron Set

The thin club face with "Inverted Cone Design" helps to increase the clubs speed, as well as providing ball speed protection on any shot that may not connect dead center.

The club face also contains two slots on many of the irons, one at the toe and one at the heel of the club, which help to provide flexibility along the club face. The shaft of the club is also designed with helping the player in mind, providing for better flight control and accuracy.​

There has been the odd issue about the durability of the TaylorMade M6 Iron Set, with some claiming to have clubs break from frequent use. This seems like a very rare issue, however, and with the clubs flexibility and forgiveness, it more than makes up for it.

4. Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set

3rd Best Overall

Our next set of irons are the Wilson Staff D7, and it's a great set for beginners.

A cheaper price point doesn't mean sacrificing quality, however, as the Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set feature several key features that help improve a golfer's game.

Some of these features are a low center of gravity and larger sweet spot, which help greatly in improving shot accuracy.

Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set

The irons are also a good choice for those looking for more forgiveness in their shot, as a deep undercut cavity design provides golfers with better speed and distance for off-center shots. The club shafts, made of "Lightweight True Temper" steel also provide for greater control and accuracy thanks to their flexibility and torque.

The only real negative to speak of could be on the preference side of the spectrum, as the irons of the Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set are lighter in weight, which may not be for all golfers. That aside, and with an unbeatable price, this set of Wilson irons are a very good choice.

5. Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set

4th Best Overall

On the topic of the factors I have listed for you above, the ​Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set set of irons ticks off every single one of them, and then some.

The Rogue has a lower center of gravity, which is a great way to hit that sweet spot and get more accurate shots, as well as being very forgiving to those shots that may otherwise go awry.

The irons also use their own unique technology called "Cup 360", which causes the ball to be hit lower on the club, which increases ball speed on contact.

Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set

All these features are helped in part by the clubs’ unique two-piece construction, which gets a duel-heat treatment as well. This doesn't just give the clubs their features, but also makes them strong and durable, which gives the irons unprecedented longevity.

The Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set really has little to no downsides, especially for those that are just beginning on the course and need a good set of irons. With various features that are specifically tailored to amateur players and an amazing design, these clubs are a choice that should be in any golfer’s bag.

Buying Factors

There are many elements that you may want to consider before purchasing a new iron, especially if you are just starting out in the game of golf. These elements, such as center of gravity and perimeter weighting, can be essential to your golf game, making the difference between success and failure on the golf course.

Sole Size

To start, when buying a new iron, the size of the sole of the iron should be taken into consideration. A wider sole should be what you aim for as a beginner, as this provides a better surface area for which a player can make contact with the ball, allowing for greater accuracy and distance

Center of Gravity

Your irons' center of gravity should also be taken into consideration if you are looking to better your game. Your clubs' center of gravity can have a detrimental effect on the accuracy of a player's shots, and an iron with a good center of gravity can greatly help new players in that area.

Club Shaft

The club shaft, believe it or not, can also be considered a factor when deciding what irons to buy. With varying degrees of flexibility materials used in their construction, a good club shaft can help to really get the best trajectory off of your shots.

Perimeter Weighting

And finally, in addition to the center of gravity, an iron’s perimeter weighting is also important. The perimeter weighting of a club can really make a difference in a player’s shot by effecting the potential forgiveness of a shot, making it an essential thing to look out for.

Quick Summary of the Best Beginner Golf Iron Sets in 2020

Callaway Big Bertha Iron SetBest OverallCallaway Big Bertha Iron Set
Mazel Iron SetBest on a BudgetMazel Iron Set
TaylorMade M6 Iron Set2nd Best OverallTaylorMade M6 Iron Set
Wilson Staff D7 Iron Set3rd Best OverallWilson Staff D7 Iron Set
Callaway Golf Rogue Iron Set4th Best OverallCallaway Golf Rogue Iron Set
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With various weights, sizes, and features to consider, finding the type of golf clubs that are right for your needs can be a daunting task. But with this information available for the best beginner’s irons, I hope that we made the task at least a little bit easier. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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