6 Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands, Rain, Grip, … in 2021

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Gloves on the market today including our top pick, 6-glove comparison table, detailed reviews, and FAQs. Thanks for reading!

Wearing a golf glove is not necessarily a must in golf, but it helps tremendously.

Many amateur golfers spend a ton of money on the latest and greatest golf shoes, golf clubs, golf balls, and hats but they often neglect the choice of gloves.

Your hands are the only part of your body in direct contact with the golf club and in extension also with the golf ball. Therefore, improving the quality of connection between your hands and the golf club will help your game. It's similar to the importance of tires on a car. They are the only thing connecting your car to the road and holding it on there. 

Similarly, losing your grip may mean losing control of your game.

Golf gloves are designed to give you better grip and control over your club, prevent the club from slipping, give you better control over your ball and protect your hands from blisters.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice for the Best Golf Glove:

Our pick
FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove
Best Golf Glove

Don't be mislead by the name. This is an all-around great golf glove, with great breathability to keep your hands dry, no matter the weather.

Best Golf Gloves - Comparison Table

FootJoy RainGripBest Golf Gloves OverallFootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove
Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands
Best Golf Gloves for Rain
Callaway Dawn PatrolBest Golf Gloves on a BudgetCallaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove
FootJoy Pure Touch Limited2nd Best Golf Gloves OverallFootJoy Pure Touch Limited Golf Glove
Bionic StableGripBest Golf Gloves for ArthritisBionic StableGrip Golf Glove
HJ Winter PerformanceBest Cold Weather Golf GlovesHJ Winter Performance Golf Glove
Best Golf Gloves for Winter
Titleist Perma SoftTitleist Perma Soft Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves - Detailed Reviews for 2021

FootJoy Rain Grip

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Has this happened to you?

It’s a hot and humid day on the course.

After 3 or 4 rounds, your hands sweat like a pipe and your gloves become black and hard as rocks.

The inside of your gloves might even be starting to get gross.

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

You find that you have to take off your glove after every shot, wipe your hands on a towel and change gloves often.

What a hassle, isn’t it?

Enter the FootJoy RainGrip. Yes, this is a rain glove, but that’s precisely what makes it the best glove for your sweaty palms.

The FootJoy RainGrip Gloves feature their proprietary QuikDry knit material which enhances breath-ability, flexibility, and quick-drying comfort.

This special material promotes air flow in your gloves, reducing sweat production and speeds up the drying process.

FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove

Pretty much water can't get in, but it can go out. The water going out, that's your sweat, leaving your hands dry. Might seem counter-intuitive at first, but we felt great playing a full round with these on a summer day.

You also don’t have to worry about losing grip because the wetter the gloves get, the better the grip thanks to the Suedemark microfiber palm material.

Additionally, the gloves are very durable and can last for a long time.

The only “con” we could find with these gloves is that they come in pairs, so you can’t get just one for your sweaty hand. However, the pricing of the pair is comparable to many of the single gloves on our list. So it's a great value for money.

The FootJoy RainGrip Gloves are the perfect choice for golfers who have sweaty hands.

Best Golf Gloves For Rain

If you live in a place where it rains often, or it is simply the rainy season in your home region, you might want to consider a rain glove like the FootJoy RainGrip.

You can’t simply use any gloves in damp conditions.

Using leather gloves in rain can cause them to become slippery and “greasy”, harden up and mess up your game.

best golf rain gloves

For this purpose, rain gloves work better.

Rain gloves are made of synthetic materials to protect your hands from weather elements. Synthetic materials have the capability to block water out, while still keeping breath-ability. Water in - no. Water out - yes.

The material along the back of the hand and fingers assures optimum moisture exchange, flexibility and quick-drying comfort.

The palm of the RainGrip provides an unmatched grip in wet or humid conditions, conforming to both your hand and club for a secure grip and maximum control.

In a damp and soak tests the Footjoy RainGrip came out top in overall performance, wet swing test, and overall comfort.

The FootJoy RainGrip is definitely the world’s #1 rain glove choice and you can’t go wrong with a pair of it.

Callaway Dawn Patrol

Best Golf Glove on a Budget

With the Dawn Patrol, Callaway provides a basic leather golf glove that doesn't particularly shine in any areas, but at the same time also doesn't have any obvious flaws.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the Callaway Dawn Patrol is a bad choice for anyone playing regularly in wet conditions.

The bottom line is that you can get a decent leather golf glove for a very fair price.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

2nd Best Overall

Why is good grip so important in golfing?

The grip, to a large extent, determines whether your ball flies straight or not.

If you already have the strength in your swing that brings you distance, you require the proper control to channel it in the right direction. Enter the FootJoy Pure Touch.

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Golf Glove

Therefore, the grip could be the difference between a 78 or 83 round. Having a golf glove that provides maximum grip is thus essential.

Best Golf Gloves for Grip

Meticulously crafted with premium quality Coretta leather, the glove feels extremely soft and supple as you slide your hand into it.

The elastic writ and tailored cut design delivers a precise, molded-like fit by conforming onto your hand.

The best golf gloves make you feel like you’re not wearing any gloves at all, yet still providing the same level of control, feel and grip. That is exactly what the FootJoy Pure Touch does.

It is designed for better players who demand the finest in quality, materials, fit and feel.

And if you paid close attention to the name you might have noticed the word limited in there. Due to the exclusive leather specification and strict manufacturing process, the Pure Touch gloves come in a limited edition. So get yours before it runs out!

Bionic StableGrip

Best Golf Gloves For Arthritis

Arthritis of the hands can affect the way you grip a golf club. You might make adjustments to avoid pain or you might have lost some of the strengths in your fingers.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stop playing the game you love. It doesn’t mean your shots have to go awry.

Wearing gloves like the Bionic StableGrip, which are designed for arthritis sufferers is one way you can combat it.

Best Golf Gloves for Arthritis

Developed in conjunction with an orthopedic hand specialist, the Stable Grip is the only glove with patented pad technology designed to combat arthritis, providing maximum comfort and support.

Ergonomic pads smooth out the three-dimensional peaks and valleys in your hands in order to maximize comfort when gripping, giving you more surface contact with the club without squeezing too tightly.

The patented pad system in the Bionic StableGrip glove is enhanced with thicker and taller pads and an additional row of finger pads for a better grip with less effort. This also makes the glove more durable especially in areas prone to wear and tear.

Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

The lighter and more secure grip in the club will give you the right amount of pressure to help generate more club head speed.

Flexion zones and enhanced motion zones provide more comfort, fit and flexibility so you have more confidence with each shot.

The pre-rotated finger design complements the natural closure of the hand and that helps prevent hand fatigue.

With such a heavy emphasis on comfort and support, the Bionic StableGrip is perfect for golfers who suffer from hand arthritis or other hand or finger related health issues

HJ Winter Performance

Best Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

Best Golf Gloves for Winter

Winter is a time where most people take a break from their practice. They stay in keeping themselves warm.

But not you, because you are an action-taker.

You know the importance of effective golf practice. You do not let the season stop you from practicing.

HJ Winter Performance Golf Glove

You also know that freezing and rigid hands do not make for a good session, because your hands are the most important assets when it comes to handling your club.

Therefore you need a pair of good winter gloves. 

Enter the HJ Winter Performance.

best golf gloves for cold weather

HJ is a company with one simple vision: To make the best golf glove in the world.

Its Winter Performance glove is a proof of that vision.

Made with fine Cabretta leather on the palm, the gloves are designed to provide great grip, while being optimized to provide maximum warmth.

The HJ Winter Performance tri-layer design of the gloves features a weatherproof membrane, making them wind resistant. However, they are not waterproof. At the same time they are certainly weatherproof golf gloves.

They also come with extra-long and soft cuffs for additional warmth around the wrist. These features allow for better performance and fewer mistakes due to frozen hands and really shine on this thermal golf glove.

Additionally, the textured palm design enhances your grip on the club so you don’t have to squeeze the club too tightly and this in turn gives you the right amount of pressure to help generate more club head speed.

The Winter Performance is the perfect choice for the golfers who practice and play even during the harshest winter conditions.

If you're preparing yourself for the cold time of the year, but still want to keep playing golf, then take a look at our curated list of the best cold weather golf gear, and the best cold weather golf balls.

Titleist Perma Soft

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro, the best gloves for a golfer are the ones that provide the best grip, control and comfort.

Titleist is a company known for their high-quality golf products. Even though the Titleist Perma Soft glove did not have a specific standout feature, there is enough people out there that prefer Titleist over everything else. For those people: this was our favorite Titleist golf glove. Enjoy!

Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you should know before buying your golf gloves:

Should I buy a golf glove for my left hand or right hand?

Golf gloves usually do not come in pairs.

Unlike other gloves, you only need to wear them on your lead hand, although there are notable golfers who wear them on both hands.

The lead hand is the hand at the top of the grip.

If you’re right-handed, you should purchase a glove for your left hand.

Similarly, if you’re left-handed, you should get a glove for your right hand.

When you grip a golf club properly, the hand most in contact with the club is not your dominant hand.

Do note that for some all-weather or winter gloves, they may come in pairs, as the FootJoy RainGrip or HJ Winter Performance on our list.

What size should I buy?

It is important to get a glove that fits correctly.

Wearing one that is too loose will cause the club to twist and slip in the excess material, reducing the effectiveness of the glove grip. Also, the additional friction might lead to blisters.

Wearing one that is too small will cause chafing and restrict finger movements, causing the glove to wear out sooner.

However, make sure to find one that is snug and comfortable, as gloves will stretch over time.

A glove that is sized properly should fit firmly across the palm and back of the hand without bunching, and there should be no extra space in the tips of the fingers.

Glove manufacturers produce the typical glove sizes for Men, Women and Kids: small, medium, large and extra-large.

Some even offer medium large (ML) for men that fit between medium and large glove.

Another size that some manufacturers offer is the Cadet size, for golfers with shorter fingers and wider palms.

Which material type should I get?

  • Leather Golf Gloves:

Most premium gloves are made from 100% Cabretta leather.

Cabretta leather is a sheepskin leather produced around the world and is very close-fibered, soft and kid-like. They promote incredible strength, suppleness and softness of touch, allowing the golfer to still feel the club through the glove.

They give the best possible grip in dry conditions but can stiffen and wither easily in damp conditions.

  • Synthetic Golf Gloves:

The other category of gloves are made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials such as polyester blend.

Synthetic gloves are not as soft as leather gloves but they are more durable, waterproof and keeps their shape longer.

Synthetic gloves are lightweight, breathable and its stretchy microfibers adapts to movements in a player’s hands, keeping the hands cool in warm weather.

Synthetic materials are used in rain and all-weather gloves due to their water resistance.

What type of golf gloves should I get?

Depending on the season and your location, you may want to consider:

  • Rain Gloves
  • Winter or cold weather gloves
  • All-weather gloves
  • Golf Mitts
  • Budget gloves

Using a leather glove in wet weather is ineffective or upright dangerous and uncomfortable. Likewise, using a rain glove in dry conditions may be a burden instead of a help.

A budget glove may not last long enough for a regular player, and a thermal glove will cook your hand in summer.

We cover the best golf gloves for different situations in our detailed reviews above.

How should I look after my glove?

Ideally, gloves should be placed back in their packaging after a game. This helps to retain their shape and prevents them from being dried out.

Very few of us actually do it, but it’s important to keep them dry when you've finished playing to keep them supple and prolong their life.

If it does get wet, it is best to let it naturally air dry at room temperature. Placing a towel underneath can help to absorb the moisture.

It is a good idea to keep more than one in your golf bag in case of bad weather or sweaty hands.

Professionals typically carry 4-6 gloves every round and change them frequently. But for amateurs, investing in a couple of good ones and rotating them during the round is more than enough.

What can I learn about my golf swing from my golf glove?

Many problems with a golfer’s swing can be diagnosed from the wear and tears on his glove.

If there are holes in the palm of your glove, it means you’re gripping the club too much in the palms and not enough in the fingers. It also means there’s too much friction and loss of control at the top of the backswing.

If there are holes in the thumb of your glove, it means too much tension in your grip too.

Too much overlap on the Velcro fastening could mean the glove is too big or has been overstretched.

Why do professionals take their gloves off when they putt?

Putting is all about feel. You have to feel the distance of the putt and the distance of the grip.

The more layers on your hands, the less your feel.

So professionals choose to remove their gloves during putting to increase their feel and control.

Why do some players prefer to play without a glove?

Same reason as above.

Some golfers claim that they lack the feel to handle the club to control shots with gloves on. But there are only very few who don’t use a glove at all.

With the advance in technology, gloves nowadays feel much closer to a second skin on your hands and they will certainly improve your grip.

It’s a matter of preference. Try it both ways and see what works best for you!

Quick Summary of the Best Golf Gloves in 2021

FootJoy RainGripBest Golf Gloves OverallFootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove
Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands
Best Golf Gloves for Rain
Callaway Dawn PatrolBest Golf Gloves on a BudgetCallaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove
FootJoy Pure Touch Limited2nd Best Golf Gloves OverallFootJoy Pure Touch Limited Golf Glove
Bionic StableGripBest Golf Gloves for ArthritisBionic StableGrip Golf Glove
HJ Winter PerformanceBest Cold Weather Golf GlovesHJ Winter Performance Golf Glove
Best Golf Gloves for Winter
Titleist Perma SoftTitleist Perma Soft Golf Glove

Learning how to buy the right gloves for your golf game is as important as considering all factors you need to know when choosing other pieces of equipment for the sport.

And there you go! Our Ultimate Golf Glove Buyer's Guide and the best golf gloves for different situations. Which is your favorite glove?

Let us know by commenting below!

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