The 13 Best Golf Gloves for Every Situation (Sweat, Rain, Grip, Softness)

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Wearing a golf glove is not necessarily a must in golf, but it helps tremendously. Your hands are the only part of your body in direct contact with the golf club, so improving this connection will help your game. In this ultimate guide, we go over the best golf gloves you can buy today.

We have a chosen golf glove for every situation:

  • Sweaty hands
  • Gloves on a budget
  • Durability
  • Winter golf play
  • Colored golf gloves

Many amateur golfers spend a ton of money on the latest and greatest golf shoes, golf clubs, golf balls, and hats but they often neglect the choice of gloves.

Golf gloves are designed to give you better grip and control over your club, prevent the club from slipping, give you better control over your ball and protect your hands from blisters.

So let’s check them out!

If you’re in a hurry, here is our top choice for the Best Golf Glove:

footjoy raingrip best golf glove

FootJoy Rain Grip

Best Overall Golf Glove

Don’t be mislead by the name. This is an all-around great golf glove, with great breathability to keep your hands dry, no matter the weather.

Best Golf Gloves: Detailed Reviews

  1. FootJoy RainGrip – Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands (Best Overall)
  2. FootJoy StaSof – Softest Golf Glove
  3. Nike Dura Feel – Best Golf Glove on a Budget
  4. Callaway Tour Authentic – Best Golf Glove Fit
  5. FootJoy WeatherSof – 2nd Best Overall
  6. The Bionic Glove – Most Durable Golf Glove
  7. TaylorMade Stratus – Lightweight Golf Glove
  8. Titleist Perma Soft – Most Popular Golf Glove
  9. FootJot WinterSof – Best for Cold Weather
  10. Callaway OptiColor – Colored Golf Glove
  11. Callaway Dawn Patrol – Long in the Wrist
  12. Bionic StableGrip – Best Golf Glove for Arthritis
  13. HJ Winter Performance – 2nd Best Golf Glove for Cold Weather

FootJoy RainGrip

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Key Features

  • This glove does stay tacky even when soaked.
  • The angled ComforTab closure is positioned in such a way that it guarantees stress-free comfort and precise fit. 
  • The materials offer an unmatched grip in wet and humid conditions.

Key Drawback

  • Not very long lasting


The FootJoy RainGrip is from a brand that’s reputable for producing foot protection. The company has leveraged its reputation to produce this waterproof golf glove. It combines Spandex, Suede, and Polyester materials to create this highly protective and comfortable golf glove. FootJoy calls this combination QuikDry and it embraces breathability, flexibility, and quick-drying comfort.

This special material promotes air flow in your gloves, reducing sweat production and speeding up the drying process.

FootJoy RainGrip is also a necessity if you don’t mind playing in the rain. While it can be challenging playing in the rain, at least you won’t face the challenge of gripping your golf club. You will be able to swing your club with complete control. 

The FootJoy RainGrip gloves feature snap-on ball markers and a sewn-in tee holder on the wrist. The removable ball marker makes it easy for you to mark your ball. It comes at a price range between $22 and $50. Plus, it is small in size.

FootJot StaSof

Softest Golf Glove

Key Features

  • This golf glove is designed to retain and optimize its softness longer 
  • The 3-directional ComforTab closure is positioned in such a way that it guarantees stress-free comfort and precise fit. 
  • Moisture-wicking elastic placement helps to improve fit consistency and comfort. 

Key Drawback

  • No wrist elastic


The FootJoy StaSof is a great addition to your golfing accessories. It’s meant to improve your playing experience and make you stay on top of your game. 

Made of leather and mesh, this golf glove pays attention to detail. The leather creates a secure fit around your fingers, while the mesh offers ample stretch regardless of how often you wear or remove the glove. 

Although FootJoy StaSof is not a wet-weather glove, in damp conditions, it will certainly hold its tackiness. Humidity or sweating can wear down a glove’s material, but that’s not the case with FootJoy StaSof. 

Elements like parallel perforations, consistent zig-zag stitching, and gold embroidered ring the glove’s logo add improvement to the glove’s design. It’s a nice alternative to top-shelf gloves from Titlelist, Callaway, and TaylorMade. 

It comes in all sizes and ranges between $24 and $40. Plus, it compliments a nice pair of gold shoes from FootJoy. 

Nike Dura Feel

Best Golf Glove for Budget

Key Features

  • Nike Dura Feel is made of nylon, synthetic leather, and lycra for better breathability and quick-drying.
  • It washes with water for quick cleanup. 
  • It adjusts for a secure, reliable fit and feel.

Key Drawback

  • Not suitable under wet or humid conditions.


The Nike Dura Feel Glove provides a great grip, excellent durability, and an optimal mix of feel. It is made from enhanced synthetic leather and lycra to provide golfers with a patch on their palms. Lycra spandex is strategically placed to offer a customized fitting system for all hand sizes and shapes.

This glove comes with perforated pre-curved finger design to promote breathability for form-fit and comfort and prevent the leather bunching. It comes with stretch fabric on the back of the hand, which allows natural movement for every swing. 

The Dura Feel comes in large sizes. Plus, the price tag is unbeatable at $20 or less! At this price, you can replace the glove every few months.

Callaway Tour Authentic

Best Golf Glove Fit

Key Features

  • This golf glove has perforations on fingers and thumb for increased breathability and moisture reduction.
  • It comes with cotton terry cuff for moisture absorption and soft feel.
  • You will notice the added tackiness whenever you handle a club.

Key Drawback

  • Velcro could be better


The Callaway Tour Authentic golf glove is one of the best golf gloves in the company’s production line. I was impressed with the quality look and exceptional craftsmanship seen around the sticking. It is made of cotton, which makes it smooth to touch and comfortable when you handle a golf club. 

The added elastic on the cuff is what sets the Callaway Tour Authentic glove apart from other gloves on this list. The elastic creates a sophisticated fit that feels really nice.

The Callaway Tour Authentic glove is a top choice on tour, as it offers a fantastic grip. The feedback through the impact and swing is impressive compared to other golf gloves on the market. When used for extended play on the course, you will enjoy its long-lasting durability and comfortable fit.

The Callaway Tour Authentic has a reasonable price tag of around $20.

FootJoy WeatherSof

2nd Best Golf Glove Overall

Key Features

  • The glove materials increase the feel, grip performance, and durability.
  • The palm patch offers a consistent fit, secure grip, and soft feel. 
  • The mesh across the knuckles improves flexibility, comfort, and breathability.

Key Drawback

  • Thickness limits feel.


The FootJoy WeatherSof is an excellent golf glove for practice. It provides a combination of secure grip, soft feel, and improved breathability so you stay on top of your game. The mesh around the knuckles makes this golf glove outstanding!

This golf glove is made of Synthetic, Leather, and Mesh, with extra leather in its palm and thumb. The extra leather helps to reduce the slippage to the bear minimum, even during wet and humid conditions. 

The extra leather also helps to hold up the glove during extended sessions while protecting your hands from calluses. It comes in all sizes and you have plenty of options to choose from.

The FootJoy WeatherSof costs between $20 and $32.

The Bionic Glove

Most Durable Golf Glove

Key Features

  • You can use the Bionic Glove to play tournaments.
  • It’s a bulkier glove to help you grip clubs effectively.
  • It offers maximum breathability and flexibility during hot, humid rounds.
  • Hand and machine washable.

Key Drawback

  • Not durable during wet playing condition.


The Bionic Glove is made of leather with patented technology. It has pads along the finger so that golfers can stay comfortable. It also has pads in the palm of the hand. 

In short, the Bionic Glove is designed with extra padding so that you can enjoy secure grip during swings. The moment you buy this golf glove, the first thing you will notice is its thickness. This is the most durable golf glove I have ever worn.

The glove fingers are tapered to naturally fit into your fingers and so that you enjoy a better control of your golf club. Its durability is unquestionable and will last for many rounds compared to other standard leather gloves out there. As the glove’s finger design follows natural hand curvature, it will fit into your hands like a second skin. 

The Bionic Glove can fit a little large. It costs between $20 and $31.

TaylorMade Stratus

Best Lightweight Golf Glove

Key Features

  • This model comes with superior durability.
  • The micro perforations are strategically placed to optimize airflow. 
  • The leather delivers superior comfort with moisture wicking properties.

Key Drawback

  • Not the most durable glove out there.


TaylorMade is a force to reckon with in the golfing space. It has a line up of clubs suitable for every playing level. The TaylorMade Stratus is a leather made gold glove. Its leather is ultra-soft to the touch, which means golfers will enjoy luxurious grip during swings. 

The classy look makes this glove the one glove every golfer would want to use when they hit the playing ground. It offers a tight fit, more stretch around the knuckles, and top-notch breathability. 

The Velcro closure and the gaps between the fingers are best-in-class. The cuff is secure and comfortable, too. This glove is sold for between $12 and $30 and comes in all sizes.

If breathability and comfort are a thing to go by, then TaylorMade Stratus should make it to your golfing accessories. 

Titleist Perma Soft

Key Features

  • This glove offers a seamless connection to your club.
  • Quality features in a mid-priced glove.
  • It is durable and comes with moisture-wicking elastic to improve fit consistency and comfort.

Key Drawback

  • Not too suitable in wet conditions.


The Titleist Perma Soft golf glove is another great golf glove that you should give serious consideration if you want to play golf like a professional. It is made of leather, which makes it soft and durable. The Titleist Perma Soft golf glove earns high marks for breathability, comfortable, and firm grip during swings. Even after an extended driving session, this glove will show no sign of wear.

The Perma Soft is one of the most popular golf gloves at all time. This glove has thousands of reviews online and is commonly found in every golf store and clubhouse in North America.

It is suitable for both beginners and professional golfers. Its mesh panel will help adjust the glove to perfectly fit on your knuckles. The Velcro closure offers maximum security, too. You won’t be disappointed in the performance of Titleist Perma Soft. 

For a reasonable price point between $20 and $25, you certainly will enjoy good value for your money.

FootJoy WinterSof

Best Golf Glove for Cold Weather

Key Features

  • FootJoy WinterSof offers a soft feel and consistent fit.
  • Comes with an extended knit cuff to keep the warmth in and cold out.
  • Has a reflective piping placed at the back of the glove to guarantee high-visibility on and off the course. 

Key Drawback

  • Not suitable for beginners


The FootJoy WinterSof is a premium golf glove for cold weather. It is made of suede and fleece materials. Like FootJoy’s RainGrip, WinterSof comes with both a left- and right-handed mitt. 

This glove is insulated to retain warmth and has a waterproof backhand to cover the wrist. This keeps chilled air from entering the interior. 

Anyone who has played in lower temperatures will attest to the fact that cold weather can cause slick and unstable gripping. As with the RainGrip, the WinterSof’s palms feature a microfiber material called autosuede. It is also equipped with a tee slot so that you don’t get to remove a mitt to access a peg in your pocket. 

The appearance will instill confidence in you and the glove will make your hands warm during swings. This glove costs a bit more than others because of its premium material. However if you play up in Canada where it gets cold sooner in the year, then $50 might be worth it to you.

Callaway OptiColor

Best Colored Golf Glove

Key Features

  • Has perforations on the palm, fingers and thumb.
  • The perforations help for increased breathability and moisture reduction.
  • Equipped with adjustable closure – thin, light and secure fit

Key Drawback

  • Perforations will deteriorate


The Callaway OptiColor golf glove offers great performance for the price. It has a professional feel compared to other high-end gloves in this price range. The Callaway OptiColor is made of leather for improved durability and comfort fit. It includes an elastic band in the cuff for improved secure fit for an entire round.

The biggest draw to the OptiColor is that it comes in unique colors other than traditional white. If you want to wear black, blue, or red on the course, the OptiColor is the most popular colored golf glove.

The glove is perforated throughout its inner portion. There are also perforations on the palm, fingers and thumb, which helps for intense perspiration. Wearing Callaway OptiColor gives new golfers a sense of confidence in the game.

At $18, this model is among the most affordable gloves on the market.

Callaway Dawn Patrol

Long in the Wrist

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

With the Dawn Patrol, Callaway provides a basic leather golf glove that doesn’t particularly shine in any areas, but at the same time also doesn’t have any obvious flaws. This glove extends a bit further at the wrist for those who want a little stability down in that area.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the Callaway Dawn Patrol is a bad choice for anyone playing regularly in wet conditions.

The bottom line is that you can get a decent leather golf glove for a very fair price.

Bionic StableGrip

Best Golf Gloves For Arthritis

Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

Arthritis of the hands can affect the way you grip a golf club. You might make adjustments to avoid pain or you might have lost some of the strengths in your fingers. But this doesn’t mean you have to stop playing the game you love. It doesn’t mean your shots have to go awry.

Wearing gloves like the Bionic StableGrip, which are designed for arthritis sufferers is one way you can combat it.

Developed in conjunction with an orthopedic hand specialist, the Stable Grip is the only glove with patented pad technology designed to combat arthritis, providing maximum comfort and support. Ergonomic pads smooth out the three-dimensional peaks and valleys in your hands in order to maximize comfort when gripping, giving you more surface contact with the club without squeezing too tightly.

The patented pad system in the Bionic StableGrip glove is enhanced with thicker and taller pads and an additional row of finger pads for a better grip with less effort. This also makes the glove more durable especially in areas prone to wear and tear.

The lighter and more secure grip in the club will give you the right amount of pressure to help generate more club head speed. Flexion zones and enhanced motion zones provide more comfort, fit and flexibility so you have more confidence with each shot. The pre-rotated finger design complements the natural closure of the hand and that helps prevent hand fatigue.

With such a heavy emphasis on comfort and support, the Bionic StableGrip is perfect for golfers who suffer from hand arthritis or other hand or finger related health issues.

HJ Winter Performance

2nd Best Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

HJ Winter Performance Golf Glove

The HJ Winter Performance is another solid golf glove to wear when the weather gets cold. Made with fine Cabretta leather on the palm, the gloves are designed to provide great grip, while being optimized to provide maximum warmth.

The HJ Winter Performance tri-layer design of the gloves features a weatherproof membrane, making them wind resistant. However, they are not waterproof. At the same time they are certainly weatherproof golf gloves.

They also come with extra-long and soft cuffs for additional warmth around the wrist. These features allow for better performance and fewer mistakes due to frozen hands and really shine on this thermal golf glove.

Additionally, the textured palm design enhances your grip on the club so you don’t have to squeeze the club too tightly and this in turn gives you the right amount of pressure to help generate more club head speed. The Winter Performance is the perfect choice for the golfers who practice and play even during the harshest winter conditions.

If you’re preparing yourself for the cold time of the year, but still want to keep playing golf, then take a look at our curated list of the best cold weather golf gear, and the best cold weather golf balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you should know before buying your golf gloves:

Should I buy a golf glove for my left hand or right hand?

Golf gloves should only be worn on your lead hand, which is the one at the top of the grip closest to your body when you swing.

If you’re right-handed, you should purchase a glove for your left hand. Similarly, if you’re left-handed, you should get a glove for your right hand. When you grip a golf club properly, the hand most in contact with the club is not your dominant hand.

Do note that for some all-weather or winter gloves, they may come in pairs, as the FootJoy RainGrip or HJ Winter Performance on our list.

What size of golf glove should I buy?

It is important to get a glove that fits correctly. Wearing one that is too loose will cause the club to twist and slip in the excess material, reducing the effectiveness of the glove grip. Also, the additional friction might lead to blisters.

Wearing one that is too small will cause chafing and restrict finger movements, causing the glove to wear out sooner.

However, make sure to find one that is snug and comfortable, as gloves will stretch over time. A glove that is sized properly should fit firmly across the palm and back of the hand without bunching, and there should be no extra space in the tips of the fingers.

Which glove material type should I get?

Leather Golf Gloves

Most premium gloves are made from 100% Cabretta leather.

Cabretta leather is a sheepskin leather produced around the world and is very close-fibered, soft and kid-like. They promote incredible strength, suppleness and softness of touch, allowing the golfer to still feel the club through the glove.

They give the best possible grip in dry conditions but can stiffen and wither easily in damp conditions.

Synthetic Golf Gloves

The other category of gloves are made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials such as polyester blend. Synthetic gloves are not as soft as leather gloves but they are more durable, waterproof and keeps their shape longer.

Synthetic gloves are lightweight, breathable and its stretchy microfibers adapts to movements in a player’s hands, keeping the hands cool in warm weather. Synthetic materials are used in rain and all-weather gloves due to their water resistance.

What type of golf gloves should I get?

Depending on the season and your location, you may want to consider:

  • Rain Gloves
  • Winter or cold weather gloves
  • All-weather gloves
  • Golf Mitts
  • Budget gloves

Using a leather glove in wet weather is ineffective or upright dangerous and uncomfortable. Likewise, using a rain glove in dry conditions may be a burden instead of a help.

A budget glove may not last long enough for a regular player, and a thermal glove will cook your hand in summer.

We cover the best golf gloves for different situations in our detailed reviews above.

How should I look after my glove?

Ideally, gloves should be placed back in their packaging after a game. This helps to retain their shape and prevents them from being dried out.

Very few of us actually do it, but it’s important to keep them dry when you’ve finished playing to keep them supple and prolong their life.

If it does get wet, it is best to let it naturally air dry at room temperature. Placing a towel underneath can help to absorb the moisture. It is a good idea to keep more than one in your golf bag in case of bad weather or sweaty hands.

Professionals typically carry 4-6 gloves every round and change them frequently. But for amateurs, investing in a couple of good ones and rotating them during the round is more than enough.

What can I learn about my golf swing from my golf glove?

Many problems with a golfer’s swing can be diagnosed from the wear and tears on his glove.

If there are holes in the palm of your glove, it means you’re gripping the club too much in the palms and not enough in the fingers. It also means there’s too much friction and loss of control at the top of the backswing.

If there are holes in the thumb of your glove, it means too much tension in your grip too.

Too much overlap on the Velcro fastening could mean the glove is too big or has been overstretched.

Why do professionals take their gloves off when they putt?

Putting is all about feel. You have to feel the distance of the putt and the distance of the grip.

The more layers on your hands, the less your feel.

So professionals choose to remove their gloves during putting to increase their feel and control.

Why do some players prefer to play without a glove?

Same reason as above.

Some golfers claim that they lack the feel to handle the club to control shots with gloves on. But there are only very few who don’t use a glove at all.

With the advance in technology, gloves nowadays feel much closer to a second skin on your hands and they will certainly improve your grip.

It’s a matter of preference. Try it both ways and see what works best for you!


As you can see above, there is a good golf glove available for every scenario.

Learning how to buy the right gloves for your golf game is as important as considering all factors you need to know when choosing other pieces of equipment for the sport.

And there you go! Our Ultimate Golf Glove Buyer’s Guide and the best golf gloves for different situations. Which is your favorite glove?

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