The Best Golf Practice Net in 2020: A List of the Top 7 Golf Nets

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Practice Net on the market today, including our top pick, best golf net comparison table, detailed net reviews, and our buying guide to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s face it. 

It’s not always easy to go to the course and play a round of golf or head to the driving range whenever you like.

Work, family and money, among other reasons, can all affect the amount of time you can spend hitting the links.

However, practice is the key to becoming better at golf, and you don't want your game to suffer because you can't make it to the golf course. Wouldn't it be great to practice your swings from home, but without having to worry about damaging you, or your neighbors, property?

The answer lies with a piece of equipment known as a golf practice net, or golf driving net.

A golf practice net allows you to practice your swings at home, without the danger of causing damage. The golf net does this by design by catching your ball off of your shots, and prevents the ball from flying into your neighbors windshield, which in turn saves you lawsuits.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top golf net choice:

Our pick
Net Return V2
Best Golf Practice Net

With a 250,000 shot guarantee, intuitive setup and take down, and the best ball return of any golf net on the market, The Net Return Pro Series V2 was the easy choice as our best golf hitting net.

Best Practice Net - Comparison Table

If you see a golf net you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our in-depth reviews.

The Net Return Pro Series V28' x 7' 6" x 3' 6"Best OverallThe Net Return Pro Series V2
GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net10' x 7' x 2'Best on a BudgetNova Microdermabrasion Portable Golf Net
The Net Return Mini Pro Series6' x 5' x 3' 6"Best Indoor Golf NetThe Net Return Mini Pro Series
The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net10' x 7' x 5'Best Popup Golf NetRukket Pop Up Golf Net
Cimarron Golf Net Enclosure Masters Package20' x 10' x 10'Best Permanent Golf NetCimarron Golf Net Enclosure Masters Package
Callaway Chip Shot Chipping Net25" x 25" x 20”Best Golf Chipper Net

Best Golf Practice Nets - Detailed Reviews for 2020

Best Overall

Net Return V2


    • Dimensions: 8' x 7' 6" x 3' 6"
    • Best Ball Return
    • Easy and intuitive to assemble
    • Heavy duty and durable
    • Instant Shot Feedback
    • Price

    As the name implies, the Net Return Pro Series V2 became famous for its ability to softly catch any golf ball and then gently roll it right back to your feet after every hit. But that’s not all, the super easy setup and clear durability of all materials leaves golfers confident that this golf practice net can take a hit, or two, or 250,000 as it is guaranteed to do.

    The Net Return Pro


    The Net Return Pro Series V2 is truly able to return golf balls right back to your feet after every shot. This might not seem like a big deal to the golfer who hasn’t used a golf net before, but let me tell you, after about 15 shots you’re going to see the value in not having to chase your ball down afterwards. 

    Additionally, the way the ball rolls back to you provides valuable feedback, called “Instant Shot Feedback.” What this means is that a hook will roll back to you slightly wide, a straight shot will roll back perfectly straight, and a slice will roll back slightly closer to your feet for additional feedback from every hit.

    The assembly of the Pro Series V2 is also a huge bonus. Although the frame is a sturdy 1.5" diameter aluminum, it is still lightweight, powder-coated, and rust-resistant. This means it strikes that perfect balance of durability and portability. Each frame piece has push-button locking and is color-coded with colored tapes using the Quick Color Connect System. This means you can actually assemble the net in 5 minutes intuitively, no YouTube videos and no phone-a-friend. It’s really just that easy! If you want to disassemble, that can also be done in 5 minutes with the frame and net fitting perfectly into the included duffel bag for exceptional portability for golf instructors and coaches.

    The netting used in theNet Return Pro Series V2 is UV treated polyester. This means it can stand to be out in the backyard or sports facility field without facing damage from the sun. It can handle golf ball speeds of 225 MPH, but good luck finding a way to hit a golf ball that fast!

    The versatility of the Pro Series V2 is also a big bonus as this net is perfect for baseball or softball hitting practice, t-ball, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse - all without any modifications!

    If you are not planning on using this on a grassy surface or indoors, I highly recommend you consider a golf hitting mat to go with your Net Return Pro V2. Our researchers found the Real Feel Country Club Elite worked best with this particular net, however, you can read through our entire review of the best golf hitting mats here.

    One thing to note - if you are interested in the Net Return Pro Series V2 but are concerned it might be too large for the indoor space you're thinking of using, consider the The Net Return Mini Pro Series, which we review in detail below.  

    Although this net is the second most expensive on our list, I feel it is well worth the money. The clever design and USA-made premium quality paired with the ease of setup and versatility make this net a smart investment to make. As one reviewer put it - “Just buy it.”

    Best on a Budget

    Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Golf Net


      • Dimensions: 10 feet x 7 feet x 2 feet
      • Bag included
      • Quick and Easy Setup
      • Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty
      • Ball Return Could be Better

      When I first saw the GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net, I’ll admit my first impression was that it looked like it would easily tip over. However now after watching hundreds of hits into this golf net I can happily say I was wrong! The ingenious golf net design absorbs the impact of even the hardest hit golf balls without budging the framework. And with the price point where it’s at, and a lifetime warranty to back it up, it’s hard to pass up this high quality golf hitting net. 


      The GoSports Golf Net is an excellent practice tool for golfers looking to work on their skills either with backyard golf nets or in the garage or spare room.

      The lightweight yet sturdy framework means this golf net is highly portable. Although there are golf nets on this list with easier assembly, as long as you’re prepared to spend a little more time with it for the first or second setup, by the third time you should be able to do it in no time at all. Also the ingenious design of the net means it’s not particularly deep, which means it can easily be stored, fully assembled, up against a wall in your garage or basement. 

      Although the ball return feature might not be as accurate as with The Net Return products, given the price point, you can still expect your golf ball to return towards you with reasonable accuracy and minimal effort on your part. 

      The net is made from reinforced nylon. While this might not be as durable as the more high end models, the good news is that the GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net comes backed by a lifetime warranty. Should you come across a tear or hole after hitting a couple hundred shots, their excellent customer service team will replace the part at no extra cost! 

      As I mentioned above, my first impression of the net (before hitting into it) was that it looked tippy. It even comes with U-shaped rods added stability if you’re playing in grass. The good news, however, is that you can save those rods for your kid’s tent because the GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net stands up just fine without them!

      One thing to note - as with all of the golf practice nets on this list, if you plan to play on concrete or other hard surfaces, consider getting a golf hitting mat. Our top choice on a budget is this one.

      Best Indoor Golf Net

      The Net Return Mini


        • Dimensions: 6' x 5' x 3' 6"
        • Best Ball Return
        • Durable yet Portable
        • Easy and Intuitive to Assemble

        The Net Return Mini Pro Series is essentially identical to the distinguished Net Return Pro V2 golf net featured above, but with reduced dimensions and a reduced price point. This means it still offers the unmatched golf ball return feature, easy color-coded setup, and fantastic durability of it’s big brother, but in a size that’s more garage-friendly and a price point that is more wallet-friendly, making it a great indoor golf net for hitting golf balls at.

        Net Return Min Pro Man


        Anyone who has hit balls into a golf hitting net knows how painful it can be to have to retrieve your ball after every hit. That’s why the makers at The Net Return were willing to invest in the research and development to produce golf nets that return your golf ball right back to your feet after every hit.

        While their main product, the Pro Series V2, remains wildly popular, there were still cries from the golfing community to produce a similar product that could better fit indoors or in a garage, and thus the Mini Pro Series Golf Net was born. 

        The 1.5” tubular aluminum frame is both lightweight, durable, and will not rust if kept outdoors. It has a push button assembly and Quick Color Connect System™ where each piece is color-coded with colored tape to make assembly a breeze, no Youtube tutorials or tools required! The netting is sleeved, meaning it slips on easily like a curtain onto a curtain rod. All in all, one person can reasonably expect to have the net from duffel bag to golf ball ready in just 5 minutes!

        The Net Return Mini Pro Series is not just an indoor golf net. It can be used for soccer, baseball and softball hitting practice, Lacrosse, and hockey.

        The Net Return nets are all made in the USA and go through rigorous testing to ensure only the highest quality. The Net Return Mini Pro Series net is made with UV treated commercial grade polyester that won’t fray or disintegrate when left out in the elements.

        One thing to note - the Mini Pro Series does not include side nets. These can be purchased separately here. Although they are not necessary, due to the smaller dimensions of the Mini Pro Series, it is a consideration if you will be using this golf hitting net indoors or are more prone to erratic hits. 

        Best Popup Golf Net

        Rukket Pop Up Golf Net


          • Dimensions: 10 feet x 7 feet x 5 feet (Note: 10' at base, more narrow at top)
          • Easiest setup
          • Highly portable with carrying bag included
          • Smaller size - great for garage use
          • Ball Return not as accurate as other nets

          Golfers looking for a golf net with high portability usually want two things - it should set up quickly and fold up compactly. The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net serves both purposes and more. Springing up from a 32” disc to a 7 feet tall net in about 30 seconds, this lightweight golf hitting net makes practicing at home convenient and enjoyable!


          If you’re a golfer with limited storage space or are looking for a net that is easy to assemble quickly, the RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net is our top choice for you.

          I think the best feature about this golf net is how small it is when completely folded up - just a thin 32” disk. If you can’t find a place to store this net in your home, then you should strongly consider having a garage sale! If you are a golf coach or golf instructor, I can’t imagine a better product for folding up, throwing in the back of your car, and easily setting up at practice sessions.

          Now, I don’t want the term “pop-up” to fool you. You will not take this thing out of the bag and have it dramatically self assemble before your eyes. That being said, the setup is incredibly easy and should take you no more than 1 minute. The “sidewalls” of the net will pop open once out of the bag and all you’re left to do is simply stand the frame up and spread the base out into its pyramid shape. That’s it! Golfers practicing in particularly windy conditions might want to consider sandbags or tent stakes to keep it from blowing away, however, 95% of the time this is not necessary.

          Although yes it’s true you can fold the RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net up in less than a minute, an important caveat to note is that this is a skill that must first be learned! But fear not, there is an excellent instructional video on their website that will walk you through net setup step by step. After 2-3 practice fold-ups, you’ll be a pro! That being said, do NOT try to fold this net up intuitively, you can damage the net if you fold it improperly!

          The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net uses a knotless 4-ply double netting system for a durable yet soft catch for your golf balls. The ball roll-back feature is not as accurate as the more expensive models on this list, however, it will still return your balls in your direction if you use a golf hitting mat or hard floor surface when you practice.

          If you’re worried about durability, fear not because each RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net comes with a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. So if anything shows up faulty or starts to show signs of wear and tear, you can expect excellent US-based customer service and free replacement parts delivered to your door which makes this product a great investment!

          You can check out our dedicated Rukket Sports RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net review to learn more about this easy to assemble practice golf net by clicking here

          Best Permanent Golf Net

          Cimmarron Canva

          KEY FEATURES

            • Dimensions: 20' x 10' x 10'
            • Includes Target
            • Full enclosure Catches Every Ball
            • Easiest Setup for a Permanent Golf Net
            • Use for multiple sports
            • No Ball Return Feature

            Serious golfers looking for a more permanent golf net setup should look no further than the Cimarron Golf Net Enclosure. The sturdy and durable construction of this golf hitting net enclosure guarantees it will last for many practice seasons and will catch every golf ball hit no matter how erratic. It can also double as a batting enclosure for multi-sport use and comes with a target for accuracy practice.

            CLICK TO SEE MORE

            For golfers who don’t want to have to set up and take down a golf practice net for every practice session, look no further than the Cimarron Golf Net Enclosure. This net is most popular for large backyards, garages, high schools, colleges, and golf training centers. 

            Although we say “permanent,” the good news is this net is by no means in-ground swimming pool permanent. Its 1” steel frame lays on the ground with no concrete foundation necessary. You can expect the setup to be more extensive than any other net on this list, however, it will only take one person about 2 hours start to finish, which is not too bad.

            The side walls and ceiling of the Cimarron Enclosure are a dense UV treated black netting whereas the back wall or “baffle” is a more heavily constructed archery netting. This baffle hangs up separately with hooks and toggles and comes as a more durable material because this wall will be taking the majority of hits and therefore needs to withstand more and also be easily exchanged after a few years of wear.

            Cimarron Netting Close Up

            At first I was concerned that the curtain-like back wall wouldn’t catch every hit, however, I can now say it absolutely traps all balls and the curtain effect actually improves performance as it absorbs all impacts - both from golf balls and baseballs.

            Another feature included with your purchase of a Cimarron Golf Net Enclosure is a target net to hang over the baffle. This target has a high visibility vertical white stripe to give your eyes something to rest on as you practice your hits and swings.

            One thing to note is that this type of golf practice net does not offer ball return. This is because of the more permanent box-like construction. So be prepared to bring a bucket of balls with you and you’ll be just fine.

            Best Golf Chipper Net

            Callaway Chipping Golf Net

            KEY FEATURES

              • Dimensions: 25" x 25" x 20”
              • Best for practicing chips and pitches
              • Easy Setup
              • Highly Portable
              • Not a golf driving net for full swing practice

              Hitting balls into a golf net is an important part of swing game improvement. However, if you want to really zero in on improving your short game, consider the Callaway Chip-Shot golf chipper net. This training aid features three vertical pockets for you to try and hit balls into from various distances and trajectories as you work on chips and pitches. What's more, it collapses down into a bag about the size of a dinner plate for easy storage when you’re done. This is the best golf net for significantly improving your short game area at home or other sports facility.

              CLICK TO SEE MORE

              I’ll admit, at first I was hesitant about this product due to its light weight and pop-up design. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Callaway Golf Chipper Net handles the impact from real golf balls very well and without tipping over. 

              The pop up design takes only a few seconds to assemble. There are two removable rods that insert into the base and optional stakes for outdoor use in windy conditions. Try different distances and trajectories as you work on some wedge practice and see how your accuracy and control improves!

              This is also the only net on our list today that is considered "office friendly." Get yourself some foam golf balls and set up the net in your office for the perfect midday break to clear your mind. When you’re done, fold it up and slip it behind a bookcase or in your desk for easy storage! 

              A Quick Note About Golf Simulators

              Off the golf course and driving range, golf simulators are the most fun golfers can have. If you want one for yourself, consider getting yourself a golf launch monitor, hitting mat, side net on both sides, and, you guessed it - the best golf practice net! Make sure your net has quality netting to ensure it can take the impact from many balls because you'll want to play for days on end! Although the focus of this article is the net, you can read more about golf simulators in our dedicated article here

              Buying Guide for Golf Practice Nets

              No doubt swing sports are the best sports, and if you can swing at balls at home, even better. Hitting golf balls at the driving range can be fun way to practice golf, but it can also be expensive. When you're ready to purchase golf nets products for some great home practice, be sure to consider the following. In addition, consider adding in a hitting mat and make sure your net comes with a carrying case or bag if if the design is for home use and storage. 


              When buying a golf practice net, you first need to think about where you will be using the equipment - the larger the space you wish to use, the larger the net area you will need in order to practice efficiently. 7 feet wide seems to be a fair width for standard practice space, although you can get away with more narrow nets, but in this case you might want to consider side nets (a net on each side of the main net) to avoid home damage.

              Another factor that affects the size of the golf practice net you choose is which clubs you want to practice your swing with and which golf balls you want to have for outdoor use. If you need to practice drives, you will likely want a bigger golf net area, and for approach practice, you can likely get away with a smaller golf net at home. Regardless, these products should be somewhat easy to assemble and better than hitting balls at the driving range!

              Should you find the need to move the golf net around a lot, you may want to invest in a smaller, portable practice golf net. Doing so will make it easier to transport, should the need arise. These usually break down into smaller pieces, and need to be re-assembled each time you wish to use it, however the assembly of portable practice nets tend to be quick and easy.

              If you are going to include a golf mat, be sure that the mat is as many feet wide as the net - no one wants to have to cut up a mat to make sure it fits in the net space!


              No matter if you are using your practice net occasionally or using it every day to swing at balls, you will want to get yourself a strong and sturdy net. This way, no matter how powerful the swing you take, you will know that your golf net will be able to stand up to it. A high density golf net is always much better as this means the force from the golf ball will be spread between much more material, which in turn will not damage the netting as much.

              Cheaper golf practice nets tend to skimp on the netting, which is evident after a few weeks of use. Make sure you don’t skimp on a golf practice net, as only the best golf practice nets have strong enough netting, and also check what clubs you are allowed to use with each golf net. Some golf nets won’t be designed to withstand the force from a driver, and therefore you wouldn’t be covered by any warranty (if the golf net had one). Make sure to do the research on the various brand names to see which ones have the strongest nets (what we are here for).

              If you will use your net at home and you are lucky enough to have a dedicated sports area, we recommend you keep all materials like balls and other products in one place so you know where they are when you go to use them for swing training. 


              While the netting uses similar material for most golf practice nets, the material that the golf net's frame is made out of is also important – especially if you plan to leave it up all the time. Some practice nets, mainly the portable ones feature lightweight aluminium poles, or even high-density plastic in some cases, allows for a lightweight construction that can easily be carried around - to a friend’s house, sports area, or wherever you wish to take it. The frame construction all depends on the type of the golf practice net too, the 3 main types are detailed below.

              When using a net at home, keep in mind different products are meant for different levels of use and can only take so many balls per area. Be sure to get a net you can swing at for a long time!


              When shopping for a practice golf net, you will generally come across three different kinds of builds, as follows:

              Chipping Nets

              Small and easily portable, these golf nets are designed to help golfers out that need to practice their approach and recovery shots. That is because they are designed for short-range play, which also mean that more powerful shots, such as drives, may fly over them. This type of product also takes up much less space

              Driving Nets

              A driving net is basically a larger golf chipping net, but with the ability to catch and withstand the force from more powerful drives. While these golf nets usually feature a screen to catch the ball and return it to you, some nets are bulkier than a standard chipping net, which can make them harder to move around should the need arise.

              Golf Cages/Enclosures

              The largest of the three net options, these "nets" are actually cages with screens on up to 4 sides. These kind of cages are designed to for you to practice your game, every kind of swing you may need to, and in multiple directions. While this does provide golfer with more options than others, these golf nets are usually more expensive and much harder to move around, meaning you will want to be certain you put this net in the right spot the first time.


              When you are ready to practice golf, if you will be assembling and taking the golf net down often, how hard and time consuming the net assembly is will be a key factor for you. Chipping nets generally take the least assembly - many simply pop up similar to a pop up tent for camping, and then neatly fold away into a carrying bag for storage, they also tend to not be many feet wide. However, other types of golf practice nets, such as golf cages are impractical to reassemble all the time, as they are extremely heavy, many feet wide, made with a steel frame, and time consuming to assemble, and are best to simply leave erected wherever you will use it.

              Golfers who want a product that can fit in one bag want something that can save space, one such product is a golf chipper net. 


              While practicing your game inside may not be ideal at all times, most chipping and driving golf nets are able to be used inside as well as for outdoor use. This is great for rainy days or other inclement weather, as it allows you to practice your game whenever you may like. 

              As stated above, one product - golf cages - due to their larger size, are not the best net for indoor play. If you want a net that can be used in multiple terrains, one best bet is to stick with the smaller, more portable golf nets that fit in a bag. If you're looking for a golf net for outdoor use, be sure that the net comes UV protected and that the net comes with only high quality netting material. Regardless of where you use your golf net, you should consider adding one hitting mat to the setup. 


              Depending on the brand of golf net you are trying to buy, the price of the nets can vary greatly. As stated earlier, you can be sure to get good quality net with some of the better known brand names, such as Callaway. That said, more expensive isn't always better for game improvement, as there a plenty of good budget nets available. In general, golfers should look for a net that gives you the most benefit for the price you are willing to pay. You want to be sure your golf net can take a lot of hits from golf balls just like at the driving range and if portability is important, it should fold up to fit in a bag.


              Extra net features are always a wonderful delight for a keen golfer, such as automatic assembly, also known as “pop-up” golf nets, these are great for people who find themselves taking the golf net down often, and transporting it between multiple locations regularly, as assembly literally takes no effort or time at all. Ball return is also a great feature for a net, giving the golfer much more time to practice his game. Be sure to also check the dimensions of your golf net, as how many feet wide the net is can make a big difference and pictures can be deceiving. You may want to make sure that your golf net comes with a hitting mat too for the full golf game experience. 

              Another fun feature of the golf net is a golf net target. A target is hung up within the net for accuracy practice. The target can be as simple as the bullseye-type target, or it can be a pocket target where the ball actually falls into a pouch located on the net. This type of target is most common with golf chipping nets. 

              Quick Summary of the Best Golf Practice Nets in 2020

              The Net Return Pro Series V28' x 7' 6" x 3' 6"Best OverallThe Net Return Pro Series V2
              GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net10' x 7' x 2'Best on a BudgetNova Microdermabrasion Portable Golf Net
              The Net Return Mini Pro Series6' x 5' x 3' 6"Best Indoor Golf NetThe Net Return Mini Pro Series
              The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net10' x 7' x 5'Best Popup Golf NetRukket Pop Up Golf Net
              Cimarron Golf Net Enclosure Masters Package20' x 10' x 10'Best Permanent Golf NetCimarron Golf Net Enclosure Masters Package
              Callaway Chip Shot Chipping Net25" x 25" x 20”Best Golf Chipper Net

              In conclusion, a sports net that can help you practice your swing comes in many sizes and from many materials in addition to the various design and specific use intended. At the end of the day, if you want to swing at balls at home, make sure you find the right net design for you - be it able to fold up in sizes to fit in a bag or of materials and design to be used for multiple sports, it's use should be tailored to you. Be sure that the area of use for these net products can accommodate your swing.