The Best Golf Practice Net for Fast, Portable and Easy Practice

Let’s face it.

It’s not always easy to go to the course and play a round of golf whenever you like.

Work, family and money, among other reasons, can all affect the amount of time you can spend hitting the links.

practice golf in your backyard

However, practice is the key to becoming better at golf, and you don't want your game to suffer because you can't make it to the golf course. Wouldn't it be great to be able to practice your swings from home, but without having to worry about damaging you, or your neighbors, property?

The answer lies with a piece of equipment known as a golf practice net.

A golf practice net allows you to practise your swings at home, without the danger of causing damage. The net does this by catching your ball off of your shots, and prevents the ball from flying into your neighbors windshield, which in turn saves you lawsuits.

Our Top Pick for the Best Golf Practice Net: RukkNet Pop Up Net

RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

The RukkNet Pop Up Golf Net is truly one of its kind. It has an extremely easy set up: It literally pops open in a few seconds! The netting is super strong and features a two-net barrier system. It is the original golf net with ball return feature, meaning you can simple use just one for ball practice! It is also compact and portable, perfect if you travel often. Rukket provides top US based customer service for all your after-purchase concerns.

NameEditor's CommentProduct 
Ajillis 3-in-1Good and reasonably pricedbest golf practice netView More
RukkNet Pop UpBest OverallRukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice NetView More
Izzo Tri-DaddyBest for BeginnersIzzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting NetView More
EliteCaddyBest Value for MoneyIzzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting NetView More
Rukket "Hack Golf Net"2nd Best OverallRukket Haack Golf NetView More

Before you rush out to buy one of these practice nets for yourself, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

Buying Factors​ for Golf Practice Net


When buying a practice net, you first need to think about where you will be using the equipment - the larger the area you wish to use, the larger the net you will need in order to practice efficiently.

Another factor that affects the size of the golf practice net you choose is which clubs you want to practice your swing with. If you need to practice drives, you will likely want a bigger net, and for approach practice, you can likely get away with a smaller net. 

Should you find the need to move the net around a lot, you may want to invest in a smaller, portable practice net. Doing so will make it easier to transport, should the need arise. These usually break down into smaller pieces, and need to be re-assembled each time you wish to use it, however the assembly of portable practice nets tend to be quick and easy.


No matter if you are using your practice net occasionally or everyday, you will want to get yourself a strong and sturdy net. This way, no matter how powerful the shot you take, you will know that your net will be able to stand up to it. A high density net is always much better as this means the force from the ball will be spread between much more material, which in turn will not damage the netting as much.

Cheaper golf practice nets tend to skimp on the netting, which is evident after a few weeks of use. Make sure you don’t skimp on a golf practice net, as only the best golf practice nets have strong enough netting, and also check what clubs you are allowed to use with each net. Some nets won’t be designed to withstand the force from a driver, and therefore you wouldn’t be covered by any warranty (if the net had one). Make sure to do the research on the various brand names to see which ones have the strongest nets (what we are here for).


While the netting uses similar material for most golf practice nets, the material that the net's frame is made out of is also important – especially if you plan to leave it up all the time. Some practice nets, mainly the portable ones feature lightweight aluminium poles, or even high-density plastic in some cases, allows for a lightweight construction that can easily be carried around - to a friend’s house or wherever you wish to take it. The frame construction all depends on the type of the golf practice net too, the 3 main types are detailed below.


When shopping for a practice golf net, you will generally come across three different kinds of builds, as follows:

  • Chipping Nets: Small and easily portable, these nets are designed to help golfers out that need to practice their approach and recovery shots. That is because they are designed for short-range play, which also mean that more powerful shots, such as drives, may fly over them.
  • Driving Nets: Basically are larger chipping nets, but with the ability to catch and withstand the force from more powerful drives. While these nets usually feature a screen to catch the ball and return it to you, some are bulkier than a standard chipping net, which can make them harder to move around should the need arise.
  • Golf Cages: The largest of the three options, these "nets" are actually cages with screens on up to 3 sides. These kind of cages are designed to for you to practice every kind of shot you may need to, and in multiple directions. While this does provide golfer with more options than others, these nets are usually more expensive, and much harder to move around, meaning you will want to be certain you put this in the right spot the first time.


If you will be assembling and taking the net down often, how hard and time consuming the assembly is will be a key factor for you. Chipping nets generally take the least assembly - many simply pop up similar to a pop up tent for camping, and then neatly fold away into a bag for storage. However, other types of golf practice nets, such as golf cages are impractical to reassemble all the time, as they are extremely heavy, and time consuming to assemble, and are best to simply leave erected wherever you will use it.


While practising inside may not be ideal at all times, most chipping and driving nets are able to be used inside, as well as outside. This is great for rainy days or other in-climate weather, as it allows you to practice whenever you may like. 

As stated above, the "golf cages", due to their larger size, are not the best for indoor play. If you want a net that can be used in multiple terrains, you best bet is to stick with the smaller, more portable nets.


Depending on the brand of golf net you are trying to buy, the price of the nets can vary greatly. As stated earlier, you can be sure to get good quality with some of the better known brand names, such as Callaway. That said, more expensive isn't always better, as there a plenty of good budget nets available, so you should look for a net that give you the most benefit for the price you are willing to pay.


Extra features are always a wonderful delight for a keen golfer, such as automatic assembly, also known as “pop-up” golf nets, these are wonderful for people who will find themselves taking the net down often, and transporting it between multiple locations regularly, as assembly literally takes no effort, or time at all. Ball return is also a great feature, giving the golfer much more time to practice.

Top 5 Best Golf Practice Nets Reviews

Ajillis 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set Net

Our first net, the Ajillis 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set, sounds almost too good to be true.

Being an all in one package of sorts, golfers will be sure to get the most bang for their buck with this product.

As the name suggest, the Ajillis includes nets that can be used to practice both chipping and driving, as well as a lightweight driving mat that helps simulate a tee box. 

best golf practice net

All of these components are also 100% weatherproof, allowing you to be able to practice outdoors even in bad weather, should you want to practice fighting against the elements.

Due to the lightweight and portable design of the Ajillis, the net is easy to move inside, should playing in the wind and rain not suit you. Each net also breaks down for easy storage in even the smallest of places, making it easy to pack away when not in use.

Included with the kit is a nylon carrying bag, which is also weather resistant, extending the lifespan of the net​.

The driving mat features an artificial grass design, which is especially handy if practising indoors, and also has a rubber base, for optimum grip on the playing surface. This allows for a realistic practising experience, making the transition to the real golf course much easier​.

golf practice nets reviews

Unfortunately, the nets in the Ajillis set are not made of the sturdiest of materials. Some people have reported that their nets have even failed to stop balls, with holes being blasted in the nets after repeated use.

This may be a big flaw, but it can be forgiven given how versatile the product is overall. While the nets may not be the best, the Ajillis is more than capable of allowing a golfer to practice any shot, anywhere, anytime.

Things We Liked

  • Driving net, chipping net, and driving mat in one package
  • Weather resistant
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor

Things We Didn't Like

  • More for golfers with slower golf swing

RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net is durable, portable, functional and of highest quality, but that isn't the only things that are great about the net.

No, one of the best things about this net is how simple it is to set up and use.

RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

Click here for our in-depth review of the RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Net.

The Rukknet can literally be set up in seconds, popping open just like some tents. This gives you more time to practice by saving you time in assembly, and makes the net easy to transport and pack away.

Just up and down in a stress-free folding manner.

Double-stitched and made of heavy duty material, the Rukknet uses a 2-net barrier system, known as the Rukket Tough Netting. This makes the nets durable and able to withstand even the most powerful of shots.

practice golf in your backyard

The net is also designed to return the ball to you. This saves you time and without needing buckets of balls for practice. No more manual retrieval!

One small issue is that the net doesn't always give you an accurate representation of shot trajectory. This may bother some golfers, but the positives for the net far outweigh this one negative, especially the ball return system.

Due to its easy pop-up set up, the Rukknet practice net is the perfect choice if you travel often, to put in your car, or to use it if you want to fit in a little practice in as little time as possible.

Things We Liked

  • Fast set up with pop up assembly
  • Durable netting for repeated use
  • Ball return function for convenience
  • Very Portable

Things We Didn't Like

  • The twisting motion of disassembly needs time to get used to

Our next net, the Izzo Tri-Daddy Hitting net, may not be the most versatile of nets on our list. That said, what the Izzo does, it does well.

To begin, the mesh netting allows for even the strongest, and most powerful shots to not damage the netting, along you to practice all your shots, with all your clubs.

Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net

With a small hitting area of approximately 7-foot x 7-foot, the Izzo is the perfect choice for golfers who wish to practice their approach shots both inside and out. Thanks to the small design of this net, transporting the Izzo from place to place is a breeze, making it easy to move if you need to.

The shape of the Izzo is also of note, with 3 poles allowing for maximum stabilize the net, and metal ground stakes to keep the net grounded. The Izzo also features a target which hangs down from the main structure, which allows you to aim your shots and work on accuracy.

It also features a target which hangs down from the main structure, and allows you to aim your shots, to make the most out of each practice session.

The hanging target also makes a 'pop' sound when the ball hits it, which is different to when the ball hits the standard mesh. The distinctive 'pop' allows you to be able to tell whether the ball hit the target, regardless of how hard you hit it.

Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net

While the unit itself is of good quality, you may need to be careful when purchasing the Izzo. This is because some shipments of the product have come with missing components and, while this is something that can be remedied with a quick call to customer service, is something that will irk some users.

For approach practice, however, there are few nets better than this one. Sturdy, small, and portable, the Izzo Tri-Daddy is everything a golfer would want from a chipping golf net.

Things We Liked

  • Very affordable
  • Portable
  • Target practice with sound

Things We Didn't Like

  • Customers have commented that it is difficult to set it up

EliteCaddy 3 in 1 Golf Practice Net 

While this practice net from EliteCaddy may be relatively cheap compared to other products, it does offer a lot of performance for your money.

With a free standing structure, requiring no stakes or supports, you can easily set up the EliteCaddy net for play in a matter of minutes.

Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net

Should you find yourself playing outside on windy days, stakes are included allowing you to keep the net still, preventing it from flying away mid shot.

This golf practice net is incredibly large (10-feet wide, 7-feet high, 5-feet depth) making it perfect for most driving shots. The EliteCaddy also comes with a driving mat that features that is made to help simulate a teebox, giving player the illusion of practicing out on the course itself.

The only downside is the netting isn’t extremely strong, making it necessary to use practice golf balls. The net also isn't very easy to move around, thanks to the large, cage-like design of the EliteCaddy.

Drawbacks like these may turn off some people, but if you plan to practice inside somewhere like your garage, then the EliteCaddy can more than do the job, especially when considering the relativity affordable price. For indoor practice of drives without breaking the bank, the EliteCaddy is the way to go.

Things We Liked

  • Free standing net
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Comes with driving mat

Things We Didn't Like

  • Netting is thinner and not as strong

Rukket “Haack Golf Net”

While the Rukket "Hack Golf Net" may not look much, it is one of the best golf nets currently available. And with official endorsement from SEC Coach Chris Haack, you can be assured of this "Haack's" quality.

The netting of the Haack is one of the strongest you will ever find with a practice net. Featuring a 4-ply netting, the Haack allows you to make even the most powerful of drives without any damage occurring to the net or your property.

Rukket Haack Golf Net

Despite this thick and strong netting, the Rucket Haack is very lightweight, and comes with a carry bag, making it easy to transport anywhere you may need to put it. And in the unlikely event that you do manage to damage the net, every Haack comes with a lifetime warranty, making getting a replacement product a breeze.

best golf practice nets

The only real drawback to this product is in construction, which may be a bit confusing the first time you attempt it, with the included instructions not being of much help. That said, once you figure out how to set up the net, there are no other issues to speak of.

Nearly perfect in every aspect, the Rucket is more than deserving of being called one of the best golf practice nets around, allowing golfers to swing away for endless hours of practice.

Things We Liked

  • High quality
  • Strong netting
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Things We Didn't Like

  • Might be too large for indoor use

Quick Summary of Top 5 Best Golf Practice Nets

Ajillis 3-in-1

Good and reasonably priced

  • Driving net, chipping net and driving mat in one
  • Weather resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use

RukkNet Pop Up

Best Overall

  • Pop up quick assembly
  • Durable netting
  • Ball return
  • Portable

Izzo Tri-Daddy

Best for Beginners

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Portable
  • Target practice with sound


Best Value for Money

  • Free standing 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with driving mat
  • Wallet-friendly

Rukket "Hack Golf Net"

2nd Best Overall

  • High quality
  • Strong netting
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

In conclusion, while every golfer has their own particular needs and wishes they wish to fulfil, by following this guide it should make your life a lot easier when looking for the perfect net for you. The general rule of thumb is, don’t believe an amazing offer without reading reviews from customers who have purchased the net, it’ll only end in disappointment! By purchasing from a reputable retailer, you will receive easy to follow instructions, and usually will also receive a warranty if the item doesn’t work as you would expect it to, this all helps protect you as a buyer, and will also make sure you are much more satisfied as a buyer.

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