10 Best Golf Club Cleaning Kits

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Cleaning your golf clubs is a key part of the game that a lot of people don’t realize. Cleaning the grooves can help you control the ball, reduce your slice, and get more control in your swing. In this guide, we go over the best golf club cleaning kits that are available today.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • How to buy the top rated golf club cleaning kits
  • A summary of which tools are included in each kit
  • Other key features we like in each kit

Underneath our top options, we’ll tell you about more of the benefits you get when you put some time and effort into cleaning your golf clubs.

Our Top Pick

clubpur best golf club cleaning kit

ClubPur Golf Club Cleaning Kit

ClubPur offers everything you need to clean your golf clubs and keep them looking fresh and new. There are cleaning brushes and clothes made for your club face and grips. A bottle of cleaning solution that is specially designed for your golf clubs is included in the package. The whole thing is full of features and reasonably priced.

The Best Golf Club Cleaning Kits

  1. ClubPur Golf Club Cleaning Kit
  2. Mile High Club Cleaning Kit
  3. Frogger Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner
  4. XAegis 9 in 1 Golf Kit
  5. KAPUNOS Golf Club Cleaning Kit
  6. Golf Towel and Tool Set
  7. Golf-EZ Essentials Kit
  8. ToVii Golf Cleaning Kit
  9. ProActive Sports Groove Tube
  10. VIXYN Golf Accessories Kit

Next, we go into more detail about each golf club cleaning it.

ClubPur Golf Club Cleaner Kit

The ClubPur Golf Club Cleaner Kit is exclusively designed for golf club cleaning. This multipurpose cleaning kit can help you handle the cleaning of your club face, grips, golf ball, and shoes. 

With the ClubPur Golf Club Cleaner Kit, your golf club will look new again. One of the things that I like about this kit is that aside from keeping your clubface clean, it also works to keep the grips clean. A clean grip will save you a lot of money and help prolong the life of the club. 

The four-ounce bottle of cleaning solution helps keep your golf club away from dirt. The solution is made of coconut oils and a conditioner. It doesn’t have any odor and is not a harsh cleaning agent. With the small bottle, you will be able to clean your clubs over 100 times.

The non-abrasive cleaning brush ensures that dirt doesn’t stay on the face of your club. Also, the soft microfiber cleaning cloth will help you in the cleaning of your club face and grips without any damage. The storage pouch allows you to keep the kit in your bag ready for use in your next playing session. 

So, if you are looking to always keep your club clean and free from dirt, all you need is to grab this kit, spray the solution, use the brush, and wipe the club clean. 

Tools Included

  • 4oz bottle cleaning solution
  • Soft-bristled cleaning brush
  • Resealable carrying pouch
  • 12 x 12” Split-Microfiber cleaning cloth

ClubPur Golf Club Cleaner Kit Features

  • Can carry in your golf bag
  • Very easy to use
  • Works on all parts of the golf club

Mile High Club Golf Cleaning Kit

The Mile High Club Golf Cleaning Kit is the standard cleaning kit for professional and newbie golfers. With this kit, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your golf club every Saturday morning. 

The Tri-fold Golf Towel included in the kit helps remove mud, diet, grass, and sand better than cotton towels. The brush helps to easily wipe off tough dirt without scratches for those using wood or iron clubs. 

We love the fact that this kit comes in different colors to match your club, club bag, and favorite team. The colors available are blue, pink, black/dark navy, brown, red, purple, dark green, and orange. 

Tools Included

  • Tri-fold Golf Towel
  • Brush Tool Kit with Club Groove Cleaner
  • Retractable Extension Cord and Clip

Mile High Club Golf Cleaning Kit Features

  • The towel included is thick and absorbent
  • Retractable zip line on the brush
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Frogger Golf Brush and and Groove Cleaner

The Frogger Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner is another golf club cleaning kit you should pay serious attention to if you want to always keep your clubs clean and sparkling. Designed for enjoyment for caddieless golfers and an enhanced on course performance, there’s an innovation story behind this cleaning kit. It is 100% cotton and comes with a 2.5 foot retractable attachment cord for comfort and convenience. 

The included brush heads will help you clean your club head and grip. It won’t snag fingers, towels, and your clubs. The fold-out groove cleaner will help you get out stubborn debris and dirt. I liked the fact that with the Frogger Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner, you can keep the grooves of your club really clean. You will be able to hit better shots with control and accuracy. 

This cleaning kit comes with a 2.5 foot retractable cord that you can attach to your bag so your brush is always handy.

Tools Included

  • Golf Brush
  • Groove Cleaner

Frogger Golf Brush and and Groove Cleaner Features

  • The included brush heads are hard on dirt but easy on clubs
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The brush has an ergonomic comfort-fit handle for fast cleaning 

Click here to view Frogger Golf Brush and and Groove Cleaner

XAegis 9 in 1 Golf Club Cleaning Kit

If you’re an avid golfer, the XAegis 9 in 1 Golf Kit is the perfect cleaning kit for your golf clubs. The golf towel is made of microfiber material, which makes it light in weight and quick to dry. The towel will help you keep your clubs free from dirt and debris. 

The retractable golf brush is made of wire brushes and nylon bristles to provide your golf clubs and their grips thorough cleaning in just a few minutes. There’s also a spike at the end of the brush that can clean the club grooves well. 

The foldable divot tool is made of metal and impact-resistant materials so that it can serve you for a long time. It’s foldable for portability and to avoid the divot from catching on your finger or pocket. 

Furthermore, the marker pen is designed for easy snap-in and removal. The front and back side of the marker can do marking for easy angle location. 

Tools Included

  • Golf towel
  • Golf brush
  • Golf divot tool
  • Golf ball liner
  • Golf ball marker pens

XAegis 9 in 1 Golf Kit Features

  • The XAegis 9 in 1 Golf Kit is made of premium microfiber waffle construction
  • It’s extremely effective in the cleaning of irons and golf clubs
  • The handle on the brush has a nice soft grip
  • The liner can help you avoid losing the ball

KAPUNOS Golf Club Cleaning Kit

The KAPUNOS Golf Club Cleaning Kit is one of the best options out there. You can buy it for your friend, boyfriend, dad, or husband. It’s an exquisite gift for golf enthusiasts. The golf club brush is a double-sided brush for efficient and quick cleaning. It can keep your club grooves clean for optimum ball spin and better ball contact. 

One thing we liked about this kit is the groove sharpener. The groove sharpener is made of heat-treated steel to help take sand out of your grooves. It also helps get your grooves back to their original state. It is packaged in a safety container for easy storage. 

Also, the foldable divot repair tool is of all-metal construction, which makes it resistant and durable. It’s suitable for any type of bag and pockets. Plus, the ball mark will help align your next perfect golf putt. 

Tools Included

  • Golf Club Brush
  • Golf Groove Sharpener
  • Golf Divot Repair Tool
  • Black Gift Box

KAPUNOS Golf Club Cleaning Kit Features

  • The brush is easy to wash and carry
  • Retractable zip line on the brush
  • The kit is lightweight

Golf Towel and Tool Set

This golf towel and accessories kit is recommended for all round maintenance and club upkeep. The 16 x 24 towel is best attached to your golf bag and ever ready to keep your clubs and grips clean. We love the fact that this kit comes with a double-sided brush with brass bristles on one end and soft bristles on the other end. 

Simply flip the brush to the other end if you are worried about your golf club’s harsh brass. The sharp spike that’s noticeable on the brush is also useful to get your golf shoes clean. 

The groove sharpener has two different cutting ends, so choose which end to use. The comfortable grip ensures easy usage and durability. It is designed for enduring performance and long-term use. This cleaning kit will help you stay clean and organize all year round. 

Tools Included

  • A golf towel
  • Golf club cleaner
  • Divot repair tool
  • Golf club brush
  • Golf ball marker

Golf Towel and Tool Set Features

  • It comes with a groove sharpener
  • Attach towel and brush to the bag
  • Great variety of tools to use

Golf-EZ Essentials Kit

The Golf EZ Golf Essentials Kit is the ideal golf club cleaning kit to take care of your clubs. Since the Golf EZ Golf Essentials Kit has several tools, it will not only keep your golf clubs clean, but will also help you stay on top of your game. 

One thing that’s worth mentioning about this kit is the microfiber towel. When cleaning your clubs, you can use the towel to get dirt and debris off your clubs and grips without any damage. It is absorbent and dries quickly. 

There’s a retractable cleaning brush that’s designed to help keep your club’s grooves neat and sound. It has two sides, of which one side is more durable than the other. Use the softer side of the brush to sweep away loose particles. 

The golf ball alignment tool will help with alignment and putting when drawing a line on your golf balls. The Golf EZ kit also gives you up to four markers for easy customization. Additionally, you will get some golf tees, a handy carrying pouch, a magnetic ball marker, and a divot repair tool. 

This kit is a great purchase whether you are a professional golfer or you are still learning the ropes. 

Tools Included

  • Golf Towel
  • Cleaning brush
  • Divot repair tool
  • Tri-line golf ball alignment kit
  • Golf ball and Tee holder. 

Golf-EZ Essentials Kit Features

  • This kit comes with everything golfers need to keep their clubs clean
  • Strong bristles on the brush
  • High-quality towel for easy wipe

ToVii Golf Cleaning Kit

The ToVii Golf Cleaning Kit is a great option for golfers looking for an easy way to keep their clubs neat and free from debris. This kit comes with not one, but three different golf towels for you to rotate through.

The golf towels are made of microfiber for easy cleaning of your club face and grips. It removes mud, dirt, sand, and stubborn grasses better than cotton towels. It absorbs less water and is an effective cleaning tool.

The club brush tool will penetrate any dirt on your club while the pick can then be used to clean the grooves. The brush comes on a 3 feet long retractable line. It has a carabiner clip that attaches to your golf bag. 

The foldable divot tool comes with a magnetic ball marker to correctly mark your golf balls. It is designed to give you solid grip and feel. 

Tools Included

  • Three golf towels
  • Golf brush tool
  • Divot repair tool

ToVii Golf Cleaning Kit Features

  • The golf towels are easy to wash and carry around
  • There’s a retractable zip line on the brush
  • The groove cleaner will remove debris off your club’s grooves

ProActive Sports Groove Tube

Best Golf Club Cleaning Brush

A pile up of dirt on your club head will affect your performance. A golf club cleaning solution recommended for both beginners and professional golfers is the ProActive Sports Groove Tube. This golf club cleaner is more than the ordinary cleaning brush you buy on the open market. It uses water to break up dried debris off your clubs, making it super easy to wipe the debris. 

Squeeze the tube until you start seeing water coming out of it. Use the brush to remove the grime or dirt from your club head, then use a clean towel to wipe it dry. One thing we liked about this product is that the brush cap can screw and unscrew easily whenever you want to add more water to the bottle. 

The tube attaches to your bag by a spring loaded quick-release clip.

Tools Included

  • One Groove Tube

ProActive Sports Groove Tube Features

  • The tube uses water for extra cleaning power
  • Conveniently attaches to your golf bag with a clip
  • The brush can clean all of your clubs

VIXYN Golf Accessories Kit 

The Vixyn Golf Accessories Kit is the ideal golf club cleaning kit. With this kit, you should be on your way to play like a professional. It’s the perfect way to keep your club deep clean all year round.

The golf club brush is made of soft nylon bristles so that when you use it to clean your club head, it won’t damage any part of your club. The groove cleaner will help clean those stubborn dirt and stains that are difficult to reach. 

The golf ball line maker and golf tee holder will help you take your putting game to the next step. These tools will enable you to draw lines on your golf balls with ease. VIXYN also throws in a foldable divot repair tool so that you can take care of the golf course while you are playing.

This kit will make you feel organized and better prepared for the next game. 

Tools Included

  • Golf club brush with groove cleaner
  • Foldable divot repair tool with ball marker
  • Gold ball marker and gold tee holder

VIXYN Golf Accessories Kit Features

  • This kit has everything needed to clean your golf clubs
  • It has a larger microfiber towel than other golf cleaning kits
  • The brush will attach to your golf bas

Components in a Good Golf Club Cleaning Kit

All of the golf club cleaning kits below give you an all-in-one option full of tools to help keep your golf clubs clean. If you are out and about or buying things individually, here are some of the tools you should be looking for:

Groove Sharpener

I think that the groove sharpener is your most important golf cleaning tool. It allows you to scrape out all of the dirt and debris that gets caught in your golf club’s grooves. 

Your grooves play an important part in your golf swing. They allow you to put spin on the ball and shape your shots with more control. As your clubs get dirty, you lose this ability.

The club grooves are impossible to clean on their own. A sharpening tool is key to make your life easier and get your clubs looking brand new again.

Golf Club Brush

A golf club brush lets you keep your club faces and grips clean longer. The brushes in the golf club cleaning kits above vary in shape, size, and material. Some brushes have hard bristles for a good deep cleaning and others are softer so that they don’t scratch up your stuff.

My favorite golf club brush is the ProActive tube, which can apply water live and on the fly as you scrub.

Golf Towel and Cloths

A golf towel should hang off of every golfers bag. It is key especially in wet conditions to help keep your clubs clean after you hit. As well, it’s a nice tool to use if your hands tend to get sweaty, either on their own or when you wear a golf glove.

Microfiber towels are much softer, but cotton towels tend to be more absorbent. Some of the cleaning kits above offer multiple towels in different shapes, sizes, and materials, so that you can find what you like.

Divot Repair Tool

The divot repair tool is a good golf etiquette tool to keep on you. As you get better and land more shots on the green in regulation (2nd shot on a par 4), a divot repair tool is key. It helps you keep the grass on the green even and in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cleaner for golf clubs?

The best cleaner for golf clubs is the ClubPur cleaning kit. It contains everything you need you clean your golf clubs, including a brush, cloth, and cleaning solution.

What is the best way to clean golf club heads?

The best way to clean your golf club heads is a combination of water, a solid bristle brush, and a groove sharpener. The brush will help you clean off the outside of your head. The groove sharpener will clean the tough to reach spots on the club.

Do wire brushes damage golf clubs?

If a wire brush is designed for golf club cleaning, it will not damage your clubs at all. The bristles on a brush are not abrasive against steel, titanium, carbon, and other materials used to create a club.

Does WD-40 clean golf clubs?

WD-40 can be an an effective way to remove rust and dirt from a golf club. It can also remove any leftover sticker residue if you just recently bought your clubs. Be careful using WD-40 though, because it can leave a lasting smell in your golf bag.

And now you know everything there is to know about golf club cleaning kits! Check out some of the options and add them to your golf bag today.

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