The 7 Best Golf Shoes For Walking & Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Shoes for Specific Needs, including the Best Golf Shoes for Walking, Best Golf Shoes for Arch Support, Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics, Best Golf Shoes for Diabetics, Best Golf Shoes for Bunions, Best Golf Shoes for  Pronation, Wide Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, wet weather, back pain, and much more! Read our top picks, comparison tables, detailed reviews, and FAQs.

They say the worst day walking the course is better than the best day at work, however the wrong pair of shoes can certainly challenge this old adage.

The average game of golf lasts about 4 hours and golfers can expect to be on their feet walking anywhere from 3-6 miles during that time (round up if you find yourself frequently in search of lost balls...).

In addition to walking you’ll also be asking your feet to frequently pivot, navigate uneven terrain, and possibly kick the tire of your cart depending on the day. As the game progresses, bunions start burning, arches start aching, and orthotics start to wear through the sides of your shoes. Needless to say, if you are a golfer with a foot ailment, this game is pretty good at bringing it to the forefront.

Luckily golf shoe performance technology has stepped up to the challenge to meet the unique needs of golfers. Endless research and innovation have been able to produce shoes that are downright life changing for the limping golfer.

No doubt you’ve already identified your shoe problems, below we’ve identified the most comfortable golf shoes to provide you with specific solutions, and hey, we think they all look stylish to boot! 

Our pick
adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes
Best Golf Shoe for Walking

Isn't it one of the best parts of a shoe when it feels like you're not even wearing them? Just forget and enjoy what you're up to. Enter the Tech Response!

Best Golf Shoes - Comparison Table

Adidas Tech Response Golf ShoesBest Golf Shoe for Walking and Comfortadidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes
FootJoy FlexBest Golf Shoe for Wide FeetFootJoy Flex Golf Shoe
FootJoy D.N.A. HelixBest Golf Shoe for Plantar FasciitisFootJoy D.N.A. Helix
True OriginalBest Golf Shoe for Flat FeetTrue Original golf shoe
Best Golf Shoe for Bunions
Best Golf Shoe for Diabetics
ECCO Biom Hybrid 3Best Golf Shoe for Use with OrthoticsECCO Biom Hybrid 3
Best Golf Shoe with Arch Support
Best Golf Shoe for Pronation
ECCO StreetBest Golf Shoe for a Bad BackECCO Street golf shoe
Adidas Adizero Sport IIBest Golf Shoe for Wet WeatherAdidas Adizero Sport II

Best Golf Shoe for Walking and Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Adidas Tech Response

When looking for a golf shoe that can be used to walk an entire course from the first tee, through the fairways, and still feel comfortable walking as your ball hits hole 18, you are going to want something that is strong, lightweight, and ultra comfortable. You want to be sure you have the best golf shoes for walking while maintaining stability and performance.

These features are one of the many reasons today that our pick for most comfortable golf shoes for walking is the Adidas Tech Response.

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Just skim the thousands of satisfied customer reviews and see how they agree that it's "extremely comfortable!"

For a full day out playing golf with your buddies, the Tech Response comes equipped with a synthetic sole infused with their proprietary Thintech cleats. The sole helps to create comfort for long days of play, while the cleats help to keep your footing on the grass, allowing you to always have your feet firmly planted while taking your shots without losing traction. Also, you can always order a set of replacement cleats, which extends the lifetime of the shoes tremendously.

While walking, your feet will not get sweaty or sore, thanks to the soft EVA insole, as well as the enhanced breathability of the lightweight outsole mesh. While this meshing is great to keep your feet from sweating on hot days, it does also allow rain water to soak in in wet conditions, which may affect performance and turn some golfers off. However, when we tested them in a morning dew setting, the shoes held up and stayed dry and comfortable.

While these shoes are not the #1 choice for wet weather, the cushioning and air flow of the shoe make them a great comfortable choice for walking the course, or just to enjoy their comfort while riding in your cart. And if you want to impress not only with your skills, but also with your style, then it's your lucky day! You can choose from a variety of colors so that your shoes will always match your style.

Adidas is a leading brand in the sports equipment industry, especially with their performance shoe lines. And with the Tech Response Shoe, they more than live up to their company's reputation.

Best Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

FootJoy Flex

If you have wide feet, you know how hard it can be to find a pair of comfortable shoes that suits you, especially if you are a golfer.

I believe that the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet are those that not only come in wide sizes, but that also have a stable sole construction and great side to side stability.

It helps to have shoes that have some stretch to them too.

Explanation of shoe sizing for Wide Feet

We found all of these features and more with the FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe for Wide Feet. With the Laser Sport Fit, this shoe has a full rounded toe character to allow plenty of room for big toes and a wide forefoot. The EVA midsole has incredible material retention properties that makes it able to conform and expand to movements of the foot during a performance swing.

In other words, the shoes are able to stretch for a better fit for your wide feet, while adjusting back to original shape when stress is released.

What we like most about this shoe is that it not only comes in standard and wide sizes, but also EXTRA WIDE as well! No Hobbit or Sasquatch left behind! 

The outsole is engineered with Versa-Trax which has different upper zones of traction meant to mimic your swing and provide the perfect grip at every stage. The soft EVA midsole provides the comfort and cushion without compromising on stability. Finally the outer Performance Mesh outsole allows for breathability to avoid any embarrassing odors and keep your wide feet dry and fresh. 

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe

With its stretch properties and Laser Sport Fit, as well as its availability in normal, wide, and extra wide sizes, we came to the easy conclusion that the FootJoy Flex are the most comfortable golf shoes for golfers with wide feet.

Best Golf Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis

FootJoy D.N.A. Helix

Plantar fasciitis can make playing golf difficult and painful. Instead of pure joy and recreation, you worry that the next step might bring on that nail-in-heel agony. Those with plantar fasciitis know how frustrating it can be when the bottom of your feet experience the recurrent inflammation of this condition.

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by the straining of the ligament that supports your foot arch, usually brought on by standing or walking for long periods of time without proper protection in the form of appropriate shoes. As golfers often spend 4-6 hours on their feet at a time, they are particularly prone to this issue. 

Diagram explaining Plantar Fasciitis

But don't worry, there are shoes out there that can help. Having a pair of comfortable shoes that are designed to offer stability and distribute pressure to your feet more evenly within the shoes when walking is essential to reduce pain, improve comfort, and therefore improve performance.

Here is where the FootJoy D.N.A Golf Shoes shines.

It uses a new type of material called Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) to make the mid-sole of the shoe stable, soft and comfortable, while also providing proper underfoot cushioning and firm upper heel support. The outsole is thin and light, thanks to the use of Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU), which FootJoy uses in their NitroThin lightweight technology. The spikes on this shoe use FootJoys proprietary Fast Twist 3.0 technology and replacements are interchangeable with all other shoes using the same spiked technology.

The tongue is designed to conform snugly to the top of your foot, while still allowing your foot to breath. The stability performance feel comes from the 3D FoamCollar 2.0, which  molds to your ankle and keeps it locked in place, preventing any unwanted movements. This is especially helpful during the follow-through of your swing.

The shoes' outsole are made of an innovative ChromoSkin Leather that was developed in the UK. It provides a surprisingly small trade-off between being lightweight and waterproof. It somehow manages to accomplish both.

FootJoy Men's D.N.A. Helix-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes White 7 W Silver, US

This leads us directly into another little bonus we liked about this shoe. It comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty. The shoe is not tailored to be used in wet conditions, but from what we saw in our tests we would feel confident to wear it in a damp morning dew environment. Not the main reason to get the shoe, but a great little bonus.

Summing up, the most comfortable golf shoes for plantar fasciitis are those that have a well-contoured insole to properly distribute pressure to your feet. With the FootJoy D.N.A you will get exactly that in a top-notch shoe. It is therefore our recommendation as the most comfortable golf shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Best Golf Shoe for Flat Feet

True Original

Golfers with flat feet should look for shoes that provide comfort, stability and motion control. 

Without a natural arch support, impact from long hours of walking can add to leg muscle fatigue, affecting your game, resulting in pain, and in the worst case leading to injury.

best golf shoes for flat feet

The most innovative approach by TRUE Linkswear is their general belief that your feet cannot work properly when the toes are constricted or when the heel and arch are unnaturally raised. Thus the spikeless TRUE Original, like all their shoes, is designed with a minimalist philosophy.

The TRUE Original sneaker is built on a one-piece barefoot rubber tread system that mimics traditional barefoot movement, and a zero-drop, ultra-flexible sole that eliminates the unnaturally raised heel found in most golf shoes, making you feel closer to the ground. If you've had a hard time finding a shoe that is tailored as closely as possible to a natural foot position, then we have finally found what you were looking for. See the graphic below:

True Original golf shoe
Graphic explaining why True Original shoes give a more natural positon for the feet of the golfer

This design allows for greater stability, enhanced posture, and better balance that is more in line with a natural foot positioning. I'm not going to lie: This was an adjustment when I tried these shoes on for the first time walking during our tests. However, you get used to it quicker than you might think. In the end I really like the thought of doing something good for my foot health when I wear a great performance shoe.

In order to actually be a great shoe, the spikeless TRUE Original's rubber grip sole provides the strong traction which is vital for a strong swing. All these features encourage comfortable natural motion of your feet and reduce strain on golfers joints and muscles during the swing, which helps improve your performance.

The spikeless TRUE Original is designed so stylishly and comfortably it can also be worn to the office or on a date, without having to change shoes for a quick game afterwards. How about that level of efficiency in time management!

As a deal sweetener, it comes with an excellent 2-year waterproof guarantee and 5 color variations, allowing for an all-weather experience in the style you want. With the TRUE Original sneakers, TRUE Linkswear proves that it is a company that believes golfers should be able to walk the course comfortably and without any pain. With an emphasis on comfort and style, you probably will not feel the impact of your flat feet anymore! 

Best Golf Shoe for Bunions

True Original

Having a bump on your toe in the form of a bunion can be painful. What is worse, the pain often increases when you have to pivot your grip foot during your swing. Definitely something that could ruin your great day out with friends on the course.

Explaining how the condition of bunions affects choice for the Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

What you want to look for in a pair of comfortable shoes are a wide toe box and outsole made of leather.


The wide toe box allows more room for your big toe and the leather for your shoe to gradually mold to the bunion’s shape.

Additionally, shoes without the traditional cleats (spikeless) help to relieve pressure on the foot.

If you read our review about the TRUE Original shoe above this one, you might have already realized where this is going. The spikleless TRUE Original has the most natural and wide toe box of any gold shoe on the market.  All TRUE products are constructed with a wide toe box as they believe in functioning ergonomically and promoting natural body motion for a stable comfortable swing.

The TRUE Original is also made of comfortable leather, easy for it to stretch over the bunion.

It is a hybrid gold shoe which helps in relieving pressure on the foot, but has a rubber grip sole for maximum traction, while also providing the advantages of a spikeless shoe. Made for comfort and style, our verdict is that the TRUE Original are the most comfortable golf shoes for bunion sufferers.

Best Golf Shoe for Diabetics

True Original

Diabetic feet can be very painful and a big hindrance in the golfers mobility and walking. However, it is often still possible to keep up your hobby of golfing when finding the right shoes for diabetic feet. The most important thing to look for is a shoe that evenly distributes pressure. The wide and natural foot bed of the spikleless True Original does just that. Therefore, we recommend these as the most comfortable golf shoes for diabetics. 

Best Golf Shoe for Use with Orthotics

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

If you’re a golfer plagued by some orthopedically diagnosed and treated foot condition, you may be required to wear orthotics. Orthotics can eliminate imbalance in your feet that causes overcompensation of certain body parts and allow most golfers a comfortable walking experience.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

Golfers who use orthotics have reported an improvement in shot accuracy through better balance. Therefore, it's crucial for most golfers to be able to wear these devices during a round of walking all day. However, finding an orthotic-friendly and comfortable pair of shoes can be difficult due to the limited number of manufacturers.

The key is to look for lightweight golf shoes with removable insoles, that have plenty of depth and width so there is room for the orthotic device. We found the Ecco Biom Hy​​brid 3 to be the shoe brand fitting this requirement.

It comes equipped with two removable insoles. Removing the first insole turns the shoe into what would be considered a wide size. Once the second insole is removed as well, there is enough space in the shoe to insert any of your orthotics or other 3rd party insole you are looking to use.

The Biom hybrid 3 - as the name already suggests - is a spikeless hybrid shoe combining the best of both worlds with a rubber outsole with molded traction bars that provide additional traction so you do not have to worry about slipping when walking in most conditions.

The padding in the shoes provide enough stability and traction to feel firmly grounded, yet thin and breathable enough to allow you to feel the contours and essence of walking the course.

With the upper being made from Yak leather the shoe is very strong and durable. A Gore-Tex lining under the leather layer makes the shoe waterproof, while still allowing natural moisture from your feet to escape. We were very impressed with the level of water-repellancy for the shoe. Also, many users have reported that the shoes hold up well in a constant drizzle.

If you require orthotics and want a stylish and all-around great golf shoe, then the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 is a comfortable and excellent choice.

Best Golf Shoe with Good Arch Support

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

Do your feet have an unusually high arch? Do you have chronic soreness in your feet and require additional arch support?

One suggestion is to get a custom made orthotic and get an orthotic-friendly golf shoe. (Read the above section)

best golf shoes with arch support

If you prefer not to use an orthotic, another way is to get comfortable shoes with great arch support. It so happens that the Biom Hybrid 3 also won this category of our tests. As mentioned above, it comes with 2 insoles in its original configuration and is the best shoe with raised heel on the market. When using the shoe with both insoles, it provides strong yet comfortable arch support. It is the best and most comfortable design we could find among the top golf shoes.

Please follow the link for a more detailed review of the shoe.

Best Golf Shoe for Pronation

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

The best way to deal with pronation and improve performance is to get the right pair of Orthotics from your orthopedic specialist. The Biom Hybrid 3 is the best golf shoe for pronation  because you can easily remove one of the two insoles and replace it with your performance Orthotic and keep walking the courses of your town without any pain.

Best Golf Shoe for a Bad Back

ECCO Street

Firstly, if you have problematic back pain, you should see a doctor. No shoes will single-handedly be able to fix your bad back.

What a good pair of comfortable shoes can do is to provide you with additional stability and offer improved performance.

Best Golf Shoes for a Bad Back

For examples about a bad back affecting your golfing we can take a look at professional golfer Fred Couples. Couples had chronic back pain for years and definitely needed to wear a pair of supportive performance shoes. He entered a partnership with the brand and is now so enthusiastic that he says: "I don't like ECCO shoes. I love them!" 

He plays with the ECCO Street and after testing and analyzing the shoe, we can totally understand why. It comes with an ergonomically designed foot bed that provides not only stability and comfort, but also supports your bad back.

On top of that, it has insoles that provide additional cushioning and shock-absorbing polyurethane mid-soles to reduce muscle fatigue.

ECCO Street golf shoe

The insoles and linings are breathable, anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing, keeping your feet dry and fresh.

The ECCO Street is inspired by modern sneaker design and is perfect to wear off the course as well. To your office or date perhaps?

The only downside is that the ECCO Street is not fully waterproof, but comes with treated leather for increased water resistance. They are reported to hold well in a constant drizzle, which we can imagine well after our review.

Trusted by a professional golfer with chronic back pain, you can’t go wrong with the ECCO Street as an amazing hybrid shoe to support your bad back and improve performance.

Best Golf Shoe for Wet Weather

Adidas Adizero Sport II

If you are a golfer in a place where it rains often, or it is simply the rainy season of the year, then you might want to consider waterproof shoes in order to be able to keep playing.

Wet shoes and socks are very uncomfortable and can affect your concentration and game.

Adidas Adizero Sport II

The Adizero Sport II is a great shoe and comes with a 2-year guarantee to be 100% waterproof. It also happens to be our BEST ON A BUDGET brand.

They are made from a special upper mesh to give form-fitting comfort, while the tongue is perforated for enhanced breathability, while keeping your feet dry.

This is another hybrid shoe on our list, with the Adidas Puremotion traction making sure that you can keep traction even during wet conditions.

The Adizero has 2 insoles, with a sockliner for excellent comfort and the CLOUDFOAM insole design for extra cushioning. Furthermore, the outsole is made from an ultra-light, synthetic material to provide golfers with optimal performance, comfort, and stability.

It also has an internal TPU layer for more stability during lateral movements and an anatomical cast to provide optimal foot roll and movement during your swing.

With all this amazing technology, it’s hard to believe the Adizero Sport II is so lightweight, and 100% waterproof. Ideal for walking all day in wet weather.

The Ultimate Golf Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Types of Golf Shoes


The classic shoe design that provides unparalleled traction.

Traditional spikes used to be manufactured with metal but are generally not allowed anymore as they tear up the greens.

Today most spikes are made of plastic which are gentler on greens and are much lighter and more comfortable when walking.

New plastic spikes can provide the same amount of traction and performance as a metal spike and they are replaceable, cheaper, and lightweight.

A major advantage of the spiked or cleated shoes is the stability they provide during your swing because of the better grip and traction. Plenty of golfers love the spiked over the spikeless design.

Modern technology has enabled the traditional spiked shoes to be lightweight, stable, comfortable, and water-resistant.

Consider changing your spikes every 3 months if you are a weekly golfer and walk frequently. This will maintain good traction in your shoes which will give you better stability during your swing. Many companies also offer replacement spikes, like these THiNTeck replacements:


The spikeless golf shoes - inspired by the street-style sneakers – are lightweight and have a treaded sole.

Designed for comfort and style, they use rubber studs instead of spikes, making them perfect to wear for a stop at the office on the way to a game or for the 19th hole right after one.

The lack of spikes can also aid back and foot pain as they don't have the concentrated pressure points on the foot as spikes do, which makes walking more comfortable.

The trade-off with the comfort of the spikeless shoe is having less grip and traction from the outsole, which can affect performance.

However, modern technology has provided rubber soles with additional traction and durability to compensate for the lack of spikes, resulting in hybrid shoes. This spiked yet spikeless design allows golfers a comfortable walking experience yet traction and grip for any day or conditions. These can be seen on our list of best shoes, which consists almost exclusively of performance hybrid shoes providing the best of both worlds.

Golf Boots

Golf boots are designed to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

They are 100% waterproof and keep your feet plenty warm during winter time.

The thick waterproofing material also keeps mud out and provides great traction.

Because they are designed to look like hiking boots, they can be heavier than golf shoes and more restrictive around the ankles during your swing. They will not improve your running or be as comfortable walking, but the outsole will improve your comfort and overall experience on any cold day or wintry conditions.

Golf boots are also more expensive than golf shoes, but they are ideal for winter golf games.

A cheaper alternative to the leather shoes leads us to…


Synthetic shoes use man-made material like polyester as a lining to protect the outer-shell of the shoes when walking or running.

They are not as breathable and durable as leather shoes, but most are much thinner and lighter and still offer protection.

As a result, they are plenty cheaper than upper design leather shoes.

Modern technologies have helped enhance the features of synthetic shoes making them an excellent choice too.


Gore-Tex is the top material when it comes to waterproofing any shoe.

It provides an extra layer, usually underneath the upper material, which allows the shoe to be breathable and at the same time improve waterproof protection.

Things to Consider when Buying


Your normal shoe size may be different from your golf shoe size. Hence, you should measure your feet for both upper length and width.

If possible, try on the brand you are interested in to gain an understanding of the brand’s fit and feel of sole. Try them with the same pair of socks you’ll wear walking on the course.

The shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends and should be tighter in the upper middle of the foot for more stability during the swing.

When buying online, review the sizing guides for each manufacturer on the product pages.

Online size abbreviations are running D(M) = Medium, E = Extra Wide, 2E = Extra-Extra Wide.

Just remember, the more letters, the bigger the size i.e. EEE is bigger than EE.

You can always exchange shoes if they don’t fit correctly or offer plenty of comfort.


Interior comfort is a must. It’s no good having style without comfort.

Having blisters or overly-squeezed feet can affect your concentration, stability, and performance.

Make sure your shoes are initially a tight fit - which means that if you pull the laces tight, the space between the parallel eye holes doesn’t quite come together. If it does, your shoes are too big or too wide.

The comfort experience differs plenty from player to player.

If you walk plenty, you might want to have a lightweight, flexible shoe like comfortable spikeless shoes for more comfortable walking.

If you ride your golf cart on the course, you might prefer a stable and heavily-padded sole which offer a softer and more comfortable shoe.

A heavier shoe can be perfect for a rider, but takes up too much energy for a walker.

Therefore, only you know your playing style and what is the most comfortable design for you.

Quality and Frequency of Play

How often you play can be a determining factor of the quality of shoes you should buy.

We know from the materials section that leather shoes are the best quality shoes you can buy. If you golf regularly, you might want to fork out more for a upper quality, durable leather shoes that are comfortable when walking and give you great stability.

If you are a twice a year golfer, are you willing to pay the most for excellent performance shoes you hardly wear?

Of course, the quality of shoes can affect the quality of play, so make sure you don't sacrifice quality too much at any point or you'll be running to improve your brand.

It is a good idea to get multiple pairs of shoes if you are a frequent golfer because rotating shoes will extend the life of each pair (sole, traction, performance, etc), and in case it rains, you have another dry pair ready.

Which brings us to…


There are shoes that are “water-resistant” (no warranty) and there are shoes that have a two-year waterproof warranty.

Leather shoes usually provide better waterproofing as compared to most synthetic shoes.

Rainy season? Morning player? Random downpours? Depending on when and where you love to play, you might want to opt for a longer waterproof warranty.

The longer the warranty is, the pricier it gets. However, the more confident you can also be to finish your round walking with your feet still dry.


Shoes or sandals? Sneakers or boots? Colored or classic white/black? Walking or riding (or running)?

Choose a design that suits your personality and lifestyle without altering performance.

If you are a golfer who plays after work and do not want to bring an extra pair of shoes, go for a spikeless classy black or brown outsole like Tiger Woods.

Sneaker-inspired spikeless style can be good for most golfers going out after games or walking all day.

But be reminded that this is still a traditional sport and there is strong etiquette, so make sure your style is plenty appropriate for the course you plan on walking.

There is a wide spectrum of styles available from a wide spectrum of brands. You can be certain to find plenty of design choices to love.

Lacing System

As street-inspired shoes are becoming more popular, most models are adding designs for easy lacing and removal of shoes.

For example, Velcro for a more casual fastening approach.

Or mechanical lacing systems (think ski-boots) for consistent stability and performance.

Or slip-on shoes, that - while comfortable - can sacrifice stability and performance.

Traditional laces are cheaper and hard to beat, while still keeping your feet secure.


How much should you pay?

Golf shoes can range anywhere from $50 to $300 & up depending on the material, features, benefits, and style.

You get what you pay for and believe it or not, a good shoe design can improve your performance through an improved stance and better follow-through of your swing. Not to mention allow a comfortable walking experience.

Pay plenty for quality and upper performance, but make sure to stay within your budget.

Bonus Tip: Caring for Your Shoes

One of the most important ways to care for your shoes is to use a shoe tree.

Shoe trees have two main functions:

1. Draw the moisture out of your shoes

2. Maintain the upper shape of the shoes

Maintaining the shape is especially important for leather shoes. The last thing you want to happen is for your premium quality shoes to curl up or shrink a size and lose performance!

Check out the best shoe tree we could find:

Woodlore Adjustable Men's Shoe Tree Pair
  • Best quality shoe trees are made of US aromatic cedar
  • All natural cedar absorbs moisture from shoes
  • Cedar shoes trees deodorize shoes with its fresh scent
  • Cedar shoe trees prevent cracks and creases in leather
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I really need golf shoes?

Technically it's absolutely possible to play a round with normal tennis shoes. But don't forget - technically a lot of things are possible that are not good ideas. Yes, if you play one round with tennis shoes your performance and walking may be fine, but you will have a plenty worse experience than if you had worn appropriate attire, but you will get through it.

However, if you have any seriousness as a golfer, then there's no way around getting some comfortable golf shoes. They will allow you to have better grip, keep you in position, improve performance, and reduce lost force from your swing through a stronger stance.

Also, golf shoes come in so many different variations that you will certainly find a design that suits your needs to keep your feet comfortable walking while also improving your game. Just check out our most comfortable golf shoes above including best golf shoes for walking.

Who makes the most comfortable golf shoe?

We looked at many different brands of shoes, tested, and analyzed plenty of pairs of shoes. The pattern that emerged for us was that the most comfortable golf shoes came from True and FootJoy.

However, the dimension of comfort in shoes will always be a subjective assessment for most golfers not to mention the effect on performance. 

Which are the most comfortable golf shoes?

After testing dozens of shoes, we came to the conclusion that the Adidas Tech Response are the most comfortable golf shoes. Most golfers find them to be plenty comfortable when walking without sacrificing performance. 

Which is better spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

As with most things in life there are pros and cons to both sides of the spiked vs spikeless experience. Wearing shoes with spikes instead of the spikeless will lead to better overall stability and performance during your swing. This will make a noticeable difference, particularly in settings like walking hilly courses or wet conditions, just to name a few.

However, spikeless sole designs are getting more and more sophisticated every year. They also come with the additional advantage of upper versatility and tend to be the most comfortable golf shoes. (see more below)

Some ingenious engineers and designers have managed to combine stability-improving elements from spiked shoes with comfort-improving elements commonly found in spikeless shoes.

The best of both worlds can be found in some of these hybrid golf shoes. This development in merging the pros of both types of shoes (spiked and spikeless) is most obvious with the Ecco Biom H​​ybrid 3 getting one of our strongest and most excellent recommendations.

Are spikeless golf shoes better?

The main advantage of spikeless golf shoes is their convenience and flexibility. The spikeless experience helps golfers feel comfortable walking. No need to change your shoes after a long and exhausting round of golf. You can walk straight into the clubhouse or your car with no need to change shoes.

However, most pro golfers still wear spiked shoes for their advantages in performance, stability, and traction. And for beginners: The most important part of any golf swing is a solid foundation. Wearing spiked shoes and not spikeless helps you accomplish exactly that and improve performance.

What are the best golf shoes for wide feet?

We looked at shoes that are great golf shoes, and come in all width sizes you could ask for. The FootJoy Flex was the most widely available performance golf shoe that met all of our criteria for excellence. Golfers love the comfort and feel of the upper wide outsole. 

Are Ecco golf shoes wide?

This brand of shoes is not specifically designed to be comfortable for wide feet. However, the shoes have performed excellent in our tests on that dimension as well. The Biom Hybrid 3 for example has a removable extra foot bed, to further accommodate most golfers with wide feet to feel comfortable walking all day.

However, most golfers, even when usually buying D, EE, or up, will be plenty happy with the shoe in the standard traditional outsole configuration.

What are the best golf shoes for bunions?

Often people wonder what shoes to wear if you have bunions and the decision can be hard. The most critical thing to look for is a wide toe box. The spikeless TRUE Original is the one shoe brand on the market that fully follows this philosophy and are, therefore, the most comfortable golf shoes for people with bunions looking for a more comfortable walking performance. 

What are the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis?

When looking for an amazing golf shoe that also fulfills the criteria needed to accommodate Plantar Fasciitis, then look no further than the FootJoy D.N.A. Helix. Golfers give plenty of reasons why this brand provides comfortable walking and an experience of performance given this specific foot problem. Scroll up for a detailed review.

Which golf shoes have the best arch support?

In general, it's a dangerous game to wear shoes with arch support too frequently. Your feet will get accustomed to the sole stability and lose the walking or running muscles and support structure that led to the foot pain in the first place.

However, there are many situations where arch support in your shoes makes plenty of sense. Golf shoes are a great example, because you usually only wear them walking on the course where your focus is on playing a pain-free round. The best off-the-rack arch support comes in the Bio​​m Hybrid 3 shoe. If your foot pain is considerable though, then getting a custom insole is usually the best route to go if you want the most comfortable golf shoes.

As a compromise between a standard shoe sole and a custom-made insole most golfers recommend an Orthotics insole like the well-regarded Pure Stride Foot Orth​​otics Insole for plenty of comfort for golfers who love walking.

What are best waterproof golf shoes?

Plenty of rounds of golf are played by golfers walking in the morning when the grass of the course is most damp. Unfortunately the feeling of soggy feet is among the most uncomfortable. We know it's a first world problem, but that doesn't make it any better for golfers in the moment.

Therefore, most of the shoes we offer are waterproof, because we believe that's a key part of most great golf shoes. The True Ori​​ginal, Biom Hybrid 3, and Adidas Adize​​ro Sport II all have a waterproof outsole and come highly recommended from our testing team of golfers.

What are the best women's golf shoes?

After going through our article full of tests, reviews, and plenty of analysis, it probably won't come as a surprise that we are big fans of the comfortable Biom Hybrid 3 as the most comfortable golf shoes for women. To be honest, that's the shoe I started to wear myself recently for its comfortable walking and plenty of performance.

You can't go through the whole analysis of performance and design and not get excited yourself. Luckily, this is one of the shoes that also comes with an identical women's version which is comfortable for walking, lightweight, and with an excellent design. Click here and follow the link to lea​​rn more.

Quick Summary of our Top Choices for 2020

Adidas Tech Response Golf ShoesBest Golf Shoe for Walking and Comfortadidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes
FootJoy FlexBest Golf Shoe for Wide FeetFootJoy Flex Golf Shoe
FootJoy D.N.A. HelixBest Golf Shoe for Plantar FasciitisFootJoy D.N.A. Helix
True OriginalBest Golf Shoe for Flat FeetTrue Original golf shoe
Best Golf Shoe for Bunions
Best Golf Shoe for Diabetics
ECCO Biom Hybrid 3Best Golf Shoe for Use with OrthoticsECCO Biom Hybrid 3
Best Golf Shoe with Arch Support
Best Golf Shoe for Pronation
ECCO StreetBest Golf Shoe for a Bad BackECCO Street golf shoe
Adidas Adizero Sport IIBest Golf Shoe for Wet WeatherAdidas Adizero Sport II
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And there you have it, our Ultimate Golf Shoes Buying Guide and our List of Best Golf Shoes for any situation. Which is your favorite shoe for walking, performance, design, comfort, grip/traction, etc?

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