The 10 Best Golf Hitting Mats For Your Home Simulator

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Golf practice mats designed for at home can help you improve your golf swing all year round and are a key piece to any golf simulator. In this guide, I’ll show you the best golf hitting mats and what makes them perfect for your at-home full golf simulator setup.

From SigPro to Country Club Elite, hitting mats today feels just like you are hitting off of real grass outside.

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What are the Best Golf Hitting Mats You Can Buy?

  1. Real Feel Golf Mat Country Club Elite (Best Golf Mats You Can Buy Today)
  2. SigPro Softy 4×10 (Best Durability)
  3. Carl’s HotShot Golf Hitting Mat (Highest Quality Mat)
  4. The Fairway Series (Best Versatility)
  5. Fiberbuilt 4×7 Single-Sided Mat (Best for Forgiveness)
  6. Holy Grail Hitting Mat (Most Stable)
  7. EZ Tee Hybrid Hitting Mat (Most Customizable)
  8. TrueStrike Single Golf Mat (Best for Accurate Ball Flight)
  9. GoSports Tri-Turf XL (Best Rough Simulation)
  10. PGM6060 5’x5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat (Budget Option)

Real Feel Golf Mat Country Club Elite (Best Golf Mats You Can Buy Today)

real feel golf country club elite best golf hitting mat

The best entry on our list is the Country Club Elite golf mat by Real Feel Golf. This hitting mat can provide a golfer with a very realistic feel that is more authentic than most golf mats on the market. The turf on this mat is to thank for this, as it produces a realistic feel similar to most courses and driving ranges around.

The material this hitting mat is made of is a strong “long fiber” high-quality material. During our tests we also noticed no green residue on our clubs, which speaks for the material quality.

This also reduces wear and tear on the hitting surface of the mat that you may experience with another golf mat. The long fiber also helps to reduce injury on yourself when striking the mat repeatedly compared to a cheap golf mat.

There are many different size options for this mat in the market. It is available in 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 5′, 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 8′, and 5′ x 10′. The 5′ x 5′ is the smallest I recommend you buy.

Key Features

  • No bouncing problem like other mats

  • Forgiving feel reduces injury risks

  • Ability to accept a real tee (industry pioneers!)

  • Sturdy for long-time use

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

  • Can be used outdoors

What I Like About

One feature I really like about the Reel Feel mat is that you can hit golf balls with real tees. It’s so thick that you can stick a real tee in. When the mat originally came out, this was a true first of its kind. And if you’ve ever played simulator golf, you know this is rare.

Reel Feel sells their mat in a few different sizes so that you pick the right one for your room and setup.

SigPro Softy 4×10 (Best for Durability)

SigPro Softy 4×10 provides a premium surface to practice your swings and shots indoors or in areas where natural grass is not available or accessible. It offers durability and simulates the feel of hitting off natural turf, allowing you to work on your game without damaging the club or the environment.

The SigPro Softy hitting mat is approximately four feet wide and ten feet long. It can accommodate different user needs and available spaces. It’s made of artificial turf and has a thick foam layer for support and cushioning.

The artificial turf is designed to mimic the texture and feel of real grass, providing a realistic hitting experience. The foam layer underneath offers shock absorption, reducing the impact on your hands, wrists, and elbows. SigPro Softy 4×10 features a replaceable hitting strip and a built-in tee holder.

Key Features

  • The foam layer in the mat helps reduce the strain on your body by absorbing the impact of your swing, minimizing the risk of injuries.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Features a replaceable hitting strip

  • Built-in tee holder

What I Like

I recently had the opportunity to try out the SigPro 4×10 Golf Mat, and it exceeded my expectations. This golf mat offers a fantastic practice surface for golfers of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of the SigPro 4×10 Golf Mat is its size. With dimensions of 4 feet by 10 feet, it provides ample space to practice your swing and work on various shots. Whether using a driver, iron, or wedge, this mat offers enough room to hit balls without feeling restricted comfortably.

Click here to view SigPro Softy 4×10

Carl’s HotShot Golf Hitting Mat (Best Quality Golf Hitting Mat)

As an avid golfer, I’ve always looked for high-quality practice equipment, and this hitting mat truly impressed me. The best thing about Carl’s hitting mat is its realistic feel. The turf mimics the fairway, giving me an authentic practice experience right in my backyard.

The mat’s durability is also worth mentioning. it’s held up remarkably well, even after many indoor golf rounds. The built-in tee holder is convenient, allowing me to easily switch between different clubs without constantly repositioning my tee. Additionally, the mat’s shock-absorbing design has been great for reducing the impact on my wrists and elbows during practice.

Carl’s makes it easy with a pre-cut, replacement hitting area if you wear out your golf-hitting mats. You can easily replace the hitting area strip instead of replacing the entire mat, which is a significant investment.

The mat comes in three sizes: 4’x5′, 5’x7′, and 4’x9′.

Key Features

  • Incredibly durable
  • Replaceable hitting area
  • 2 inches thick for maximum comfort and easy on your joints
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Ability to use real tees

Click here to buy Carl’s HotShot Hitting Mat.

The Fairway Series (Best for Versatility)

the fairway series best golf hitting mat

If you want to purchase a golf hitting mat for your swing practice but don’t have deep pockets, the Fairway Series golf mat is your pick. The Fairway Series measures 5ft x 5ft, is 1.75 inches thick, and weighs 41 lbs. It has a synthetic turf surface that resembles the texture of grass. It’s designed to be durable and provide a realistic hitting experience.

The Fairway Series has been refined to be a perfect blend of forgiveness, firmness, and grip. I think this mat offers outstanding performance that will last for a long time. It features a combination of tee-line turf and a foam base to prevent any risk of injuries.

Its joint-friendly design ensures a comfortable experience, allowing you to practice easily. This mat also lets you hit off real tees, which is another nice feature.

What I Like

The material used in the construction of this golf mat is top-notch. It features a high-quality synthetic turf that closely replicates the feel of real fairway grass. The turf is soft, durable, and provides excellent shock absorption, ensuring a more forgiving hitting experience.

Additionally, it is designed to withstand frequent use, making it a reliable option for long-term practice sessions.

Click here to view The Fairway Series

Fiberbuilt 4×7 Single-Sided Mat (Best for Forgiveness)

fiberbuilt 4x7 single sided mat

Fiberbuilt is known for producing high-quality golf mats trusted by PGA tour pros and golf enthusiasts. The Fiberbuilt 4×7 Single-Sided Mat is made with a patented fiber system that mimics the feel of real grass. The fibers absorb clubhead shock and minimize strain on your joints.

The mat has a single-sided design, so you can only use one side to hit golf shots. The other side is usually non-hitting and has a different texture or material, such as rubber or foam, to provide stability and prevent slipping. Its size allows for different golf shots, including full swings, chips, and pitches.

One feature that makes this golf hitting map stand out is its realistic feel and performance are similar to hitting off natural grass. The patented fiber system helps simulate the interaction between the clubface and the ball, allowing you to practice your shots with better feedback.

A ball tray is available as an accessory for this golf mat.

Key Features

  • Supports both photometric & doppler based launch monitors

  • Absorbs clubhead shock and reduces strain on joints.

  • Allows tee placement anywhere.

  • Designed for easy maintenance, typically requiring regular brushing or vacuuming to remove debris.

What I Like

I particularly appreciate the attention to detail in the design of this golf mat. The Fiberbuilt 4×7 Single-Sided Mat provides a realistic feel and performance similar to hitting off natural grass. This versatility adds convenience and allows for a more realistic practice session.

Click here to view Fiberbuilt 4×7 Single-Sided Mat

Holy Grail Hitting Mat (Most Stable Hitting Mat)

The Holy Grail hitting mat is another mat that impressed me during use. The hitting surface is very realistic, and it has a 1-inch dense foam base to help reduce the impact on your joints over extended use. It was incredibly comfortable to hit off and allowed me to get maximum clubhead speed on every shot. I also noticed it wasn’t leaving a green mark on my club.

The mat only comes in one size, which could be both positive and negative. The negative is that it limits you to whatever space you plan on using it. The positive is that being 4’x9′ allows for a double-sided stance area for both right-handed and left-handed golfers, as the hitting strip is located right in the middle.

The last thing I like about the Holy Grail hitting mat is how stable you can make it for use. It has four corner 4×4 velcro anchors, allowing maximum stability on concrete and wooden surfaces. You can use the mat outdoors, but you may find it slips or moves throughout your shots due to being unable to anchor to the ground.

I recommend checking out this hitting mat if you have a golf simulator setup.

Key Features

  • Double-sided stance area for both left and right-handed golfers
  • A $179 hitting strip comes included
  • Includes four 4×4 velcro corner anchors for maximum stability
  • 12-month unconditional guarantee for manufacturer defects

Click here to buy The Holy Grail.

EZ Tee Hybrid Hitting Mat (Most Customizable Hitting Mat)

If you are looking for a well-regarded hitting mat used in retail stores and featured at PGA exhibit events, look no further than the EZ Tee Hybrid hitting mat. This mat is 1 1/8″ thick and allows you to use natural tees to practice with all your clubs.

This hitting mat is easily the most customizable one we have tried. You can order over thirteen different sizes to suit your setup best.

The EZ Tee is made from a non-infilled high-grade polypropylene/nylon blended yarn system, allowing for comfort from extended use and offering a realistic feel on every shot. This mat is used exclusively at PXG retail stores and has also been featured at many PGA exhibit events. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

  • Thirteen different sizes to choose from
  • Ability to use a real tee
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Offers a realistic hitting surface

Click here to buy the EZ Tee Hybrid Mat.

TrueStrike Single Golf Mat (Best for Accurate Ball Flight)

The TrueStrike Single Golf Mat is a high-quality golf practice mat designed to simulate the feel of hitting a ball off a natural fairway. The mat’s hitting surface is made from a combination of high-quality fibers and materials designed to mimic the texture and feel of real fairway turf. This construction allows the golf club to interact with the mat, like hitting off natural grass.

The TrueStrike golf mat measures 2″H x 52″L x 77″W and weighs 112 lbs. This size provides ample space for you to set up and practice comfortably. The mat’s surface consists of a high-density gel-filled divot-simulating section and a fiber-based hitting surface.

The TrueStrike Single Golf Mat has adjustable inserts that allow you to change the mat’s height to simulate different playing conditions. You can adjust the inserts to simulate hitting from the fairway, rough, or even tee shots.

One of the key advantages of this mat is its ability to provide realistic feedback on your shots. The mat’s design reduces the shock and vibration that can occur with traditional golf mats, allowing you to feel the impact more accurately.

Key Features

  • Simulates the feeling of taking a divot on real turf, providing a more realistic practice experience.

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of regular use and is built to last.

  • Reduces shock and minimizes vibration, making it more comfortable and safer to use during practice sessions.

  • Compatible with various golf launch monitors and simulators.

What I Like

One thing I like about this golf hitting mat is the mat’s portability. It offers the convenience of easy transportation and storage. I also like that it provides accurate feedback on the golf ball’s trajectory and strike, helping you analyze your swing and adjust.

Click here to view the TrueStrike Single Golf Mat.

GoSports Tri-Turf XL (Best Rough Simulation)

The GoSports Tri-Turf XL golf hitting mat is a large turf mat with three different playing surfaces, hence the “tri-turf” name. The surfaces include fairway, rough, and tee turf. Each section mimics the different conditions you encounter on a golf course, allowing you to practice shots from various lies.

The Tri-Turf XL is constructed with durable synthetic turf that can withstand regular use. The mat also has rubberized backing to prevent it from slipping during use. You will need to install a hitting mat to stand on around the Tri-Turf, which is the one thing I don’t like.

Key Features

  • The mat features three turf styles: fairway, rough, and tee box

  • The mat is a versatile practice aid for golfers of all skill levels.

  • It is portable and easy to set up.

  • It is designed to handle the impact of golf club strikes while providing a realistic feel.

What I Like

I like that GoSports Tri-Turf XL is constructed to provide a realistic feel when striking the ball. Its generous size, durable construction, and thoughtful design elements offer a realistic experience to refine your swing and improve your overall game.

PGM6060 5′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat (Budget Option)

The PGM6060 5′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat offers a premium practice surface that allows golfers to hone their swings and shots indoors or in places where natural grass isn’t available or accessible.

The PGM6060 Emerald Par hitting mat is a square, measuring five feet on each side. It’s constructed from artificial turf, with a thick foam layer for support and cushioning. PGM6060 5′ x 5′ features a replaceable hitting strip and a built-in tee holder for added convenience.

The foam layer underneath offers shock absorption, significantly reducing the impact on your hands, wrists, and elbows. A rubberized backing ensures the mat stays in place, preventing it from sliding during use.

Key Features

  • The foam layer in the mat helps to minimize the strain on your body by absorbing the impact of your swing, reducing the risk of injuries.

  • Easy to clean and maintain, promising longevity

  • Features a replaceable hitting strip for extended use

  • Built-in tee holder for a versatile practice experience

What I Like About the PGM6060

One of the standout features of the PGM6060 5′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat is its perfect square shape. With dimensions of 5 feet by 5 feet, it provides ample space to practice your swing and work on various shots.

What Is The Best Golf Mat Size?

Choosing the right golf hitting mat size depends on your needs and the environment in which you will practice your golf game. A bigger mat is more comfortable when you use it because you will be standing on the same level as the ball.

Usually, if your space allows at all, we recommend a minimum of 5′ x 5′ hitting mat for one side-did and 10′ x 5′ to accommodate left and right-handed golfers.

If you have a golf simulator in your garage, get a hitting mat the same width as your simulator screen and enclosure.

What Is The Most Durable Mat Made Of?

Most of the best indoor golf mats are made from a rubber-based base layer. They are usually non-skid to prevent the mat from sliding. The top of the mat is a layer of artificial turf.

Three turf materials are safe for your golf clubs:

  • polyethylene

  • polypropylene

  • nylon

Of the 3 types, nylon is the most expensive but durable and has the most grass-like feedback.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Tees And Golf Mat Tees?

Regular tees you use by staking them into the ground. However, this way will not work with most golf mats, the Country Club Real Feel being the exception. If you do stick a traditional tee into your mat, it will probably destroy the rubber base of your mat.

Some golf mats have a built-in stationary tee. Alternatively, rubber golf tees are a great option for a golf mat. You can put it at the top of the mat, and if you want to adjust the ball’s height, you can put a regular tee at the top of the rubber tee.

How Do You Pick the Best Golf Practice Mats?

Choosing the best golf hitting mat involves considering several key criteria:

  1. Material Quality: You want a mat that can withstand repeated hits. Look for durable, high-quality materials that can mimic the feel of real grass.

  2. Size: Depending on your practice area, you’ll want a mat that fits comfortably. Bigger mats can accommodate both right and left-handed golfers and allow for a wider range of shots.

  3. Realism: A good mat should simulate the feel of a real fairway. Some mats even offer different ‘lie’ surfaces to simulate hitting from the rough or sand.

  4. Thickness: Premium mats are thicker, which makes them more durable and provide a more realistic feel. They also protect your clubs from damage upon impact.

  5. Tee Holder: Some mats allow you to insert a real tee, which provides a more authentic experience, especially when practicing drives.

  6. Price: Quality and cost often go hand in hand, but finding a balance is important. Decide what features are most important to you and select a mat that delivers those at a comfortable price.

  7. Feedback: Some mats offer visual feedback, such as marks left on the mat by the club face. This can help you correct your swing path.

Remember, the goal of a golf mat is to replicate the conditions of a real golf course as closely as possible, providing a similar level of resistance and reaction to your golf shots.


Investing in a high-quality golf hitting mat is a surefire way to elevate your practice sessions and bring you one step closer to mastering your swing. The perfect mat can significantly enhance your at-home training experience, closely simulating real-course conditions, and providing essential feedback on your shots.

Some solid choices are available today, including the SigPro, Fairway Series, Fiberbuilt, TrueStrike, the Country Club Elite, and more. Each is a good quality mat that brings something unique to the table, so you can select the one that best aligns with your golf goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Hitting Mats (FAQs)

What should I look for in a good golf hitting mat?

A good golf hitting mat should mimic the feel of real grass, be durable, have good shock absorption, and include features like a replaceable hitting strip and a built-in tee holder.

Are golf hitting mats bad for your clubs?

High-quality golf hitting mats are designed to prevent damage to your clubs, simulating the feel of real turf. However, low-quality mats may cause undue wear and tear.

Do golf hitting mats help improve your game?

Yes, golf hitting mats allow golfers to practice their swing and various shots regardless of the weather or availability of a golf course, which can help improve their game.

What size golf hitting mat should I get?

The size of the golf hitting mat you should get depends on your available space. Standard sizes range from 3′ x 5′ to 5′ x 5′, and larger ones go up to 4′ x 10′. If you have the space, get a golf mat that you can stand on as well to be on the same level as your golf ball.

Can golf hitting mats be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, golf hitting mats are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re typically made with materials that can withstand various weather conditions.

How do I clean and maintain a golf hitting mat?

To clean a golf hitting mat, simply brush off any debris and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Regular brushing keeps the mat’s fibers upright and extends its lifespan.

Can golf hitting mats replicate different course conditions?

Some advanced golf hitting mats, like the GoSports Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat, can replicate different course conditions, offering fairway, rough, and tight lie simulations.

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