The 7 Best Fairway Woods to Try Today [Ranked & Reviewed]

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In this guide, I will show you the best fairway woods that add more distance and reliability to your golf game.

With the popularity of hybrids, the fairway woods often get pushed to the side in today’s golf world. However, on a day when your driver is not your best friend or you have a long approach to a par four, the fairway wood is essential.

Keep reading to find out which fairway wood is the best for your golf game.

What are the Best Fairway Woods in Golf?

ModelCategoryKey FeaturesReview HighlightsAvailable At
TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Fairway WoodBest Overall– 50-Gram Sliding Weight
– Tour-inspired head shape
– New Infinity Carbon Crown
– Best overall fairway wood
– Optimal weight distribution
– Includes technologies for adjustable loft and optimized ball speeds
PGA Tour Superstore
Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway WoodLongest Distance– PWRSHELL Insert and PWR-BRIDGE Weighting
– H.O.T Face Technology
– Tour-inspired profile
– AI-designed face for optimized ball speed
– Higher launch and added stability for control
– Ideal for newer golfers
PGA Tour Superstore
Ping G430 Max Fairway WoodMost Forgiving– Carbonfly Wrap
– Variable face thickness technology
– Tungsten back weight
– Low center of gravity for high launches
– Wide range of loft options
– Excellent for different lies
PGA Tour Superstore
Wilson Dynapower Fairway WoodBest Budget– Dynapower AI Face Technology
– High-MOI Head Design
– Tour-inspired head shape
– Optimized face thickness
– 12 grams of rear weighting
– Great launch and forgiveness
PGA Tour Superstore
TaylorMade Kalea Premier Women’s Fairway WoodBest for Women– Incredibly forgiving and versatile
– Designed for higher launch
– Many designs available
– Engineered for lightweight speed
– Ultra-low center of gravity
– V-Steel technology for less friction
PGA Tour Superstore
Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Fairway WoodBest for Seniors– AI Smart Face Technology
– Carbon Chassis with Weight Redistribution
– Tungsten Speed Cartridge
– Draw-bias design and upright lie angle
– Adjustable features for optimized distance
– Ideal for seniors with slower swing speeds
PGA Tour Superstore
PXG Black Ops Fairway WoodMost Underrated– High-strength carbon fiber crown
– Supported weight structure
– High-speed, squared steel face
– Higher MOI for forgiveness
– Precision Weighting Technology
PXG Website

TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Fairway Wood (Best Overall)

taylormade qi10 best fairway wood

Key Features

  • 50-Gram Sliding Weight
  • The tour-inspired head shape provides versatility and workability
  • New Infinity Crown with enhanced alignment


The TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Fairway Wood is the best fairway wood you can buy today. Its enhanced features make it the best overall fairway wood on the market.

The Qi10 has a new Infinity Carbon Crown and sleek hosel design that work together to lower the center of gravity. This results in optimal weight distribution and longer distance. TaylorMade also included a massive 50-gram sliding weight, allowing users to dial their preferred ball flight.

One of my favorite features on the Qi10 is its slightly compact head, which offers a ton of forgiveness and versatility. The Qi10 Tour Fairway Wood also incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the 4-degree loft sleeve for adjustable loft, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for optimized ball speeds, and Twist Face for straighter shots regardless of the impact point on the face.

Tailored to suit different playing styles, this is the only fairway wood you need to buy. I use it on tee shots, on the fairway during long par 5’s, and in the thick rough.

Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood (Longest Distance)

cobra darkspeed x best fairway wood

Key Features

  • PWRSHELL Insert and PWR-BRIDGE Weighting
  • H.O.T Face Technology
  • The tour-inspired profile helps instill maximum confidence


The Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood is one of Cobra’s new Darkspeed additions, offering speed and forgiveness to provide maximum distance, higher launch, and added stability for control.

This fairway wood features an 8-gram fixed weight at the rear of the sole to give you a higher launch angle. For that reason, I like this fairway wood for newer golfers working on making solid contact.

The Darkspeed X woods feature Cobra’s AI-designed H.O.T. Face, which optimizes ball speed and potential distance. The lightweight carbon crown allows Cobra to add more weight in the places that matter to you.

Overall, the Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood is one of the best options for most distances due to its advanced technologies, forgiveness, and ease of launch.

Ping G430 Max Fairway Wood (Most Forgiving)

ping g430 max best fairway wood

Key Features

  • Carbonfly Wrap
  • Variable face thickness technology
  • Tungsten back weight


The Ping G430 Max Fairway Wood is my favorite forgiving fairway wood. Despite its “MAX” designation, the G430 Max has a moderate and tidy appearance at the address, with a softly triangular shape, a carbon fiber crown, and a simplified alignment aid.

Ping’s G430 series is really easy to hit. The center of gravity is really low, which helps to get the ball up into the air. You won’t see much spin with this club either, which helps you get the longest distance possible.

The G430 MAX fairway woods come in a wide range of loft options. It is excellent for hitting out different lies and provides more versatility than other models. I also really like the sound and feel of this golf club at impact, making it a solid and stable option out on the golf course.

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood (Best Budget)

wilson dynapower best fairway wood

Key Features

  • Dynapower AI Face Technology
  • High-MOI Head Design
  • The tour-inspired head shape offers significant confidence at address


The Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood is one of the best budget fairway woods on the market. This fairway wood showcases impressive technological features, including Dynapower A.I. Technology, which optimizes face thickness for high ball speeds.Most golfers struggle with hitting the ball higher, but this fairway wood helps get a penetrating ball flight with faster ball speeds.

The Dynapower has 12 grams of rear weighting to help you get more distance. The advanced tour-inspired head shape and PKR2 face technology ensure faster and more consistent speeds on off-center hits, another reason to check out this club.

While competitively priced, the Dynapower Fairway Wood delivers exceptional launch, forgiveness, and overall playability. If you don’t care too much about what brand you hit, this is the fairway wood for all skill levels.

TaylorMade Kalea Premier Women’s Fairway Wood (Best for Women)

taylormade kalea premier best fairway wood

Key Features

  • Incredibly forgiving and versatile
  • Designed for higher launch
  • Many designs available


The TaylorMade Kalea Premier Women’s Fairway Wood is my pick for the best fairway wood for women. It is engineered for lightweight speed, more control, and maximum forgiveness. Boasting a larger and more forgiving 180cc head with an ultra-low center of gravity works great for female golfers. My wife gets the best launch with this club.

With three high-loft, easy-launch designs, each carrying the same 180cc volume, this fairway wood ensures consistency and forgiveness for golfers. Thanks to its multi-material construction and efficient weight distribution on the sole, it is easy to get faster ball speed.

TaylorMade has added V-Steel technology, which they say reduces friction from the club against the ground. This should maximize your swing speed a little more.

Overall, the Kalea is a standout choice for women who want one of the best fairway woods on the market.

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Fairway Wood (Best for Seniors)

callaway paradym ai smoke max d best fairway wood

Key Features

  • AI Smart Face Technology
  • Carbon Chassis with Weight Redistribution
  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge


The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Fairway Wood is a premium fairway wood designed to address seniors’ challenges on the golf course due to slower swing speeds. Engineered with the AI Smart Face, leveraging 250,000 swing data inputs, this club offers a draw-bias design and a more upright lie angle. This makes it easy to hit far even if you have a slower swing speed.

The adjustable 3W feature allows players to dial in the launch even more, catering to the specific needs of seniors looking for more forgiveness and optimized distance. This fairway wood gets more carry distance with a stainless steel frame that strategically redistributes weight.

Better golfers will want golf clubs with a lower launch and better sweet spot, but the Paradym AI Smoke is great for total distance.

PXG Black Ops Fairway Wood (Most Underrated)

pxg black ops best fairway wood

Key Features

  • High-strength carbon fiber crown
  • The supported weight structure delivers a great sound and feel
  • High-speed, squared steel face


The PXG Black Ops Fairway Wood is my favorite option for the most underrated fairway wood. It features a few innovative design features that enhance performance and playability. When looking at top golf club manufacturers, PXG has never been near the top, but that is soon to change.

Equipped with a new proprietary high-strength steel face material, this fairway wood allows for a 12.5 percent thinner face construction, resulting in increased ball speeds, higher launch, and lower spin. The Black Ops Fairway Wood also boasts a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) than other woods on this list, offering new levels of forgiveness.

The club also features Precision Weighting Technology, providing players with three weight ports to customize the club to fit their specific needs. With its ability to deliver robust and controlled ball flights and softer landings, the PXG Black Ops Fairway Wood is as an underrated option that offers exceptional performance and playability. It is also a bit cheaper than main golf brands, which saves you a bit of money in your wallet.

What Is A Fairway Wood Used For In Golf?

Fairway woods are primarily used for long-distance shots from the fairway. They are easier to hit than long irons because the club head on a fairway wood is larger and heavier.

A good fairway wood can also be effective for tee shots if you aren’t having luck with your driver. The club face is a bit smaller and easier to control. Plus, you still get some of the perks a golf wood offers such as better perimeter weighting and high launch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fairway Woods (FAQs)

How Many Fairway Woods Should I Have In My Golf Bag?

Typically, golfers carry one to three fairway woods, depending on their swing type. Players with a sweeping swing might prefer a 3, 5, and 7 wood, while those who hit down on the ball often opt for just a 3 wood for better control.

Should High Handicappers Use A 3 Wood?

High handicappers should choose a 3 wood with features that enhance forgiveness, such as a larger sweet spot or offset design. It is also a great option to hit on the tee box if you can’t control your driver.

What Is The Difference Between A Low Handicap And High Handicap Fairway Wood?

Fairway woods for low handicappers typically havesmaller heads and lower forgiveness, focusing on precision and distance. In contrast, high handicappers benefit from fairway woods with larger club heads and sweet spots for better launch and ease of use.

How Do I Choose The Right Fairway Wood For My Skill Level?

To optimize distance and control, select a fairway wood with loft, shaft flex, and head size that match your swing speed and skill level.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Multiple Fairway Woods?

Multiple fairway woods provide options for different distances and shot types, allowing greater flexibility on longer courses.

How Does Shaft Flex Impact The Performance Of Fairway Woods

Shaft flex affects the trajectory and accuracy of shots; a correctly matched flex to your swing speed can significantly improve performance.

Can Fairway Woods Replace Long Irons?

Fairway Woods can replace long irons to provide an easier launch and more forgiveness, which is especially beneficial for amateur golfers.

What Are The Latest Technologies In Fairway Wood Design?

Modern fairway woods incorporate adjustable weights, carbon composite crowns, and speed-enhancing face designs to maximize distance and accuracy and reduce spin.

Brittany Olizarowicz
Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt Olizarowicz started playing golf at the age of 7. She played Division 1 College golf at St.Johns University, where she won two tournaments at the collegiate level. After college Britt became a Class A PGA Professional, her love for the game spans almost her entire life. Today Britt loves sharing her knowledge of golf through her writing. She also has two young children to who she is enjoying introducing the game.

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