Think and Play Golf Like A Pro: 7 Critical Steps You Must Take To Make It

Are you one of those golfers who sit at home watching the pros play epic shots, or draining long curling putts and think to yourself: ‘man, wish I could play like that?’ Golf demands both, skill and practice and there’s no contesting this fact.

But being an average golf player doesn’t mean you have to stick to your average shots. With some tips and techniques, you can soon be on your way to playing golf like a pro. Interestingly enough, you might notice that often even an average golf player hits a shot that is pro-quality. That moment brings pure bliss to the game. Let me enlighten you with several golf tips that will improve your game significantly

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7 Tips to Think Like a Pro

  • 1. The first pro advice that I would give you is to aim not towards the trouble but away from it. You must be going all ‘duh!' on my right now, but this is what golfers tend to forget. And they tend to forget a lot! Make sure that if your ball has a hazard like a bunker, you aim to avoid it or if there's a hazard on either side of the fairway, you end up shooting in the upward motion instead of just shooting sideways. This one piece of advice would save you from a lot of trouble. If you eliminate the trouble, you can shoot much more freely and ensure an aggressive swing.
  • 2. Golf can end up requiring you to be healthier than you already are, I hope you're aware of that. Hitting a good shot on fairway sometimes requires you to turn your back completely towards the target. You must be thinking why, well, if you after selecting a driver make a full turn in your backswing, so full that your back ends up facing the target. This ensures that you generate a lot of torque and coil as you make the big shoulder move while turning on your hips. It is so far the best technique I have come across to gain a full swing in my shots. Although, you'll need to practice for it, do not just give up if you don't get the best positive results soon.
  • 3. Another helpful tactic is escaping the fairway bunker. If you're stuck in the fairway bunker what helps you get out of the mess, is how you keep your lower body very quiet – in other words, you do not make unnecessary movements at all! It might appear difficult in the beginning, but you have to perfect the shot. You can try this by thinking that you are inside a barrel, and you have to hit the shot without letting your right side bump into the barrel during your backswing. And neither can you let the left side touch your follow-through. Simply put minimum movement, and solid body is what you need to get through with this tactful shot.
  • 4. Did you know that there's this helpful saying, measure twice cut once? I like to stick by such rules because they tend to encompass the centuries-old wisdom of sport.  So just like before you end up cutting a piece of the wood you have to make sure that you have measured it accurately and it is of the right length, you similarly stand and assess your position completely before hitting a shot. You have to weigh every technical detail such as the distance etc. and your angle before choosing a club for the next shot. This tactic helps you get your mind in a focused zone, once you're done assessing all the elements, and you have imagined every possible outcome of playing a specific shot correctly, all you have to do is manifest that shot. So taking in all the risk factors does help a lot with perfecting your shots in the long run.
  • 5. It's a simple mechanism. How high your pitch shot flies determines how far it will roll green after hitting the green and it all depends on how you much yours shafts are leaning at the address. So if you want a high toss, you have got to lean the shaft slightly backward, and if you're aiming for a low toss, you have to move it a little bit forward. The shaft must always point to the center of your body, that is the rule pro golfers tend to stick by. It is important to remember that during the backswing lower body has to remain passive. With a pre-dominate arm swing, you can assemble your hands. The shaft must return the same position from where you started. In the green, if you’re roughly twenty yards away from your desired landing spot this shot could prove to be your best bet.
  • 6. Once again, there are simple rules, kind of like mini divisions in your mind which can help you assess a situation quickly and reduce the risk of the decisions you have to make. Make it your rule of thumb that you should putt when you can putt, chip when you cannot putt and pitch when you cannot chip. The reason is, if your ball is closer to the ground it is much easier to control it. It’s a very reliable mechanism to go about while playing golf. But to make this tactic work, you should be clear on one thing. What you want your landing spot to be is very important in this regard.
  • 7. The last tactic is not related to golf technicalities but rather, a good play. If you want to develop your reputation as a good player, you should consider focusing on your game ethics. Make sure you don't make mistakes on the course like, interrupting or talking to someone during their backswing. Keep your attitude positive towards the game, even after a couple of bad shots. Ultimately it is just a game and you ought to enjoy it. A grumpy player is not welcomed by the court. Practice excessively and with an aim. I'm sure this would lead you to play like a pro in due time.
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I hope you enjoyed this mini guide.

These tips and tricks above can help to keep you from a fate similar to mine, helping to give you the tools you need to get your chip shot down. Now it is time to apply this advice to your golf game and start your journey to a better chip shot, so get out there and practice!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

I’m a golf enthusiast just like you and have been playing the game since I was 12 years old. Although I love watching the PGA Tour and following my favorite stars on tour I’m also fascinated by all of the unique and innovative products that are associated with the game I love. It's my greatest joy to share my fascination with golf gadgets, equipment, training aids, and golf accessories with fellow golf lovers on all levels.


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