Manage Your Golf Game: Short Game Fundamentals

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Playing golf is something more than fun but to be good at a game, you need to be fully aware of the rules and etiquettes.

Play a game with the sportsmanship spirit and the right manners and etiquettes can earn you more reputation than you would receive by merely being a good player.

So, a few things that play a pivotal role in your golf game are sticking by the rules and also the fact that you manage your etiquettes well during a golf game. Let me guide you a little about how golf etiquettes work.

 A rule of thumb is maintaining a safe distance between your group and the group that is ahead of you. So you should never hit too far if there’s a group ahead of you, in case you end up hitting a shot make sure you yell ‘fore’ immediately after that. 

The first fancy and the typically golf-like thing is, having your caddie! Caddies are great jobs for youngsters who are interested in learning golf. It is quite a respectable part-time job if you treat your caddie the right way. And you cannot begin to count advantages on an excellent caddie; first and foremost, they make your day!

They can give you hints and ideas to pay attention to. Caddies who are more experienced can give you a good idea of the correct yardage, or suggestions about the club you should select for the next shot and trust me on this, gentlemen; no one knows the course better than a caddie does. If you make this one investment right, I'm sure you are all set to the win the game. 

To win the golf match, you must intend to get to the course in-time and slightly before that. If you get there a little early, you can practice some warm-up workouts so that you remain fresh and active during the match.

You can start by moving through every object you find in your bag; the short irons and the long, all the woods, just try everything before settling. Your warm-up schedule should be something like hitting few of the soft wedge shots followed by practicing the green and some putts.

chip shot

Now, drilling too hard right before the game can also deaden the energy element and make you lose the game so avoid hitting hundreds of ball right before the game, I promise it is dangerous.

 Before beginning with the game, make sure that you check all the local rules if they are updated anywhere on the scorecards. But keep in mind that any local laws would apply on to that specific golf course.

Another ethical thing to do is to make sure that everyone is okay with the stakes everyone agrees to play a match-play. You should know which player is using which number and what type of ball, for a safe side you should always mark your ball before you start playing. This avoids any confusion as to the ball.

Another thing to remember when playing golf is that you have to play at a given speed. Between shots, you should keep a moderate pace. You can study the direction of the wind and how fast it is to strategize about your next shot, it is always good to anticipate and plan in the light of that anticipation.

When you finally reach the ball, take your time to pick a club. It is better to picture the entire shot in your mind before you hit it and then you can execute the hit. The difference between the time when you select the club and hit a ball should not be more than thirty to forty-five seconds.

If you don't plan on playing your turn, then you may encourage one of your fellow mates to play the turn. Never forget to replace the divots. Replacing the divot becomes nearly impossible when turf explodes on impact. You should kick in the turf around the divot with the toe of your shoe.


Remember to mix in the soil/seed mixture provided in the golf carts into your divot. Whenever it is possible, you should avoid walking at the steeper end of the bunker. Remember to rake the area where you played after you’re done hitting the shot. Also, make sure you leave the rakes inside the container or at the left side. Any indentations or pitch marks must be repaired as soon as you hit the green.

Whenever you’re on the green, you have to make sure that you aren’t stepping onto the putting lines of your fellow players; it is an imaginary tract between a player’s putting position and the hole. If your ball ends up on another player’s line, you can volunteer to mark the ball.

You should also be careful about where you stand; you shouldn’t be standing in a fellow player’s way. Whenever your fellow player is putting, you ought not to make any noise. In the absence of a caddie, you might be asked to hold the flagstick. In such a situation make sure you’re not standing on someone else’s line.

It is an admitted rule that the person who’s standing closest to the hole tends to the flagstick. Whenever you're laying the flagstick down, make sure it is off the green, so you do not end up damaging the green. Once everyone is done with putting out, you are advised to start walking towards the next tee immediately.


You can display your frustration in case your round is not going well, but keep your behavior in check. Yelling is not appropriate or appreciated so be careful about your behavior. You should be able to understand and learn the rules of golf before you head to the course to play the game. Always buy drinks for the caddies when you stop for refreshments, in fact, offer to pay for your fellows as well. 

This has a nice impact. But make sure that whoever did pay already at a turn doesn't end up having to pay in the end as well, balance is important.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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